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Unboxing the Stradalli “RED-PRO RP14″ Carbon Bike

On Tuesday March 11, 2014, I received my highly anticipated new bike from Stradalli Bicycle. After some negotiations I ordered the bike last Wednesday (March 5th). I like the component selections, the size was correct, carbon fiber wheelset and the bold graphics. Much different from my previous bike purchases this bike comes as a kit. I will assemble the bike. The unboxing illustrates the many pieces that it takes for a complete bike. While I have worked on my bikes for many years and removed and installed about every part it will be interesting to see how I assemble the bike.

Thanks to my wife, Hazel Marie, for filming the clips for this video project.

The next videos will show me putting all of the pieces on the bike frame.

Road Bike Back from the Bike Shop

I picked up my Motobecane Le Champion CF road bike from Better Bikes in Atascocita about an hour ago. The mystery tapping sound turned out to be a loose chainwheel side bottom bracket bearing. The mechanic tightened the bottom bracket, greased the bearings and the tapping sound went away. In addition the headset was tightened and the cadence/mileage sensor for my Garmin Edge 500 also got snugged up. Now if the rain leaves the area tomorrow I plan on riding to see how these adjustments work out. Today’s riding plans washed out with rain in the morning and afternoon. The afternoon rain included some pea sized hail.

Golden Cheetah, Open Source Your Data Tracking

On the past Friday I was listening the Cycling 360 podcast. The December 16th episode discussed tracking software. One of the software programs was Golden Cheetah. I have tried several programs and my default program is SportTracks. Golden Cheetah is an open source option that offers a lot of data analysis. I do not have one but if you have a power meter instrument on your bike this program can cut and slice the data in about every way you can imagine. The gallery below shows some of the sample data from my December 18th bike ride.

For Sale: Garmin Edge 305 GPS Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 305 GPS-enabled computer for cyclists. I am asking $167.00. This is a used unit (for about 1 year) that has faithfully recorded my riding activity. I have the original box and the manuals. Included are two bike mounts, the USB cable and wall charger, cable ties to mount the brackets. No extra sensors are included. I use this almost every day with both the Garmin Connect website and the SportTracks training program. Some features of the Garmin Edge 305: auto lap by location or distance, auto pause, calories burned, alerts for speed, distance, time, cadence. You can purchase the GS-10 speed/cadence sensor on for about $38.00. I can accept Paypal.

I am selling this because I have purchased a Garmin Edge 500.