Shanren Bike Light and Computer

GearBest: Online Shopping – Best Gear at Best Prices contacted me to review some products. One product that interested me was the Raptor Bike Light and Computer. This computer combines a bright 2 LED light with a large screen wireless bike computer. The combination light and computer means only one item mounts on […]

Changed Bike Tires While It Rained

On my last ride yesterday I got over the mileage point where I planned to change tires. The front tire has 6044 miles and the rear tire has 5044 miles. I don’t want to chance a failure away from home and i think I got my money ‘s worth out of these. Originally I […]

Desperate to Ride My Bike So I Changed Bar Plugs

I must be desperate to do something with my bike. The cold weather has kept me inside and off the roads. A while back I noticed the left plastic handlebar plug had lost the chrome finish as they are prone to do. These are the ones that come with many tape kits. I thought […]

Unboxing the Stradalli “RED-PRO RP14” Carbon Bike

On Tuesday March 11, 2014, I received my highly anticipated new bike from Stradalli Bicycle. After some negotiations I ordered the bike last Wednesday (March 5th). I like the component selections, the size was correct, carbon fiber wheelset and the bold graphics. Much different from my previous bike purchases this bike comes as a […]