Unboxing the Stradalli “RED-PRO RP14″ Carbon Bike

On Tuesday March 11, 2014, I received my highly anticipated new bike from Stradalli Bicycle. After some negotiations I ordered the bike last Wednesday (March 5th). I like the component selections, the size was correct, carbon fiber wheelset and the bold graphics. Much different from my previous bike purchases this bike comes as a kit. […]

Road Bike Back from the Bike Shop

I picked up my Motobecane Le Champion CF road bike from Better Bikes in Atascocita about an hour ago. The mystery tapping sound turned out to be a loose chainwheel side bottom bracket bearing. The mechanic tightened the bottom bracket, greased the bearings and the tapping sound went away. In addition the headset was tightened […]

Golden Cheetah, Open Source Your Data Tracking

On the past Friday I was listening the Cycling 360 podcast. The December 16th episode discussed tracking software. One of the software programs was Golden Cheetah. I have tried several programs and my default program is SportTracks. Golden Cheetah is an open source option that offers a lot of data analysis. I do not have […]

For Sale: Garmin Edge 305 GPS Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 305 GPS-enabled computer for cyclists. I am asking $167.00. This is a used unit (for about 1 year) that has faithfully recorded my riding activity. I have the original box and the manuals. Included are two bike mounts, the USB cable and wall charger, cable ties to mount the brackets. No extra sensors […]