Texas Bicycling Blog and News Digest August 28th

Why hitting a bicyclist can be no worse than a speeding ticket By Field Sutton www.cbs19.tv

TYLER (KYTX) – 42-year-old Kristin Blaise will be facing multiple surgeries for injuries all over her body. She was listed in “fair” condition at a Tyler hospital as of Wednesday afternoon. The accident was attributed to 20-year-old driver [...]

Texas Bicycling News Digest August 27th

The most important tip for DIY bike maintenance Texas Mountain Bike Trails

If you have ever tried to fix your bike yourself or do your own wrenching on your mountain bike then this tip is for you. Be resilient, don’t give up. Working on your own bike isn’t easy. It takes plenty of practice [...]

Texas Bicycle News Digest August 26th

Denton hoping to hire bike czar By Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe www.dentonrc.com

Job among 39 new positions proposed for 2014-15 budget The city of Denton wants to hire a “bike czar.” The new job, officially called bike and pedestrian coordinator, is among the 39 new positions proposed for the city’s 2014-15 budget. The City Council must first [...]

Texas Cycling News Digest August 25th

Cycle Texas Provides Cycling Route Maps www.visitfredericksburgtx.com

Looking to plan a cycling adventure in the Texas Hill Country? Fredericksburg is full of resources to get you where you want to go. Two bicycle shops, Hill Country Bicycle Works and Jack and Adam’s Bicycles of Fredericksburg, have all of the cycling supplies and local insight [...]