Texas Bicycling News July 27th

Fall 2015 Tour de Taco preview – El Taxqueño Taqueria (Aug. 23) by wczimm bikefriendlyoc.org

El Taxqueño Taqueria (formerly known as Santiago’s) is now managed by the bike-friendly Monroy family. With previous experience in the kitchen at Bob’s Steak and Chop House and the Tower Club, the Monroy family offers hand-made corn tortillas, a […]

Rear Derailleur Fixed Bike Ride

Yesterday I rested but I worked on the rear derailleur. The shifting from cog 3 to 4, 4 to 5 and 5 to 6 was not working. I needed to shift past the cog I wanted and then back. Looking at the rear derailleur I thought it might be worn out but that was not […]

Texas Bicycling News July 26th

Videos of Texas Trails by spoook forums.mtbr.com

I thought we could use a forum dedicated to only videos of Trails in Texas.The idea is to give your fellow mountain bikers an idea, of which trails they may want to ride when taking a trip. Please advise the name of the trail and general area when […]

Texas Bicycling News July 25th

2015 Texas Independence Ride lobo241us

2015 Gator Ride lobo241us

Bikers contest closing of trails in nature preserve video.statesman.com

How I Fell in Love With Mountain Biking By Cindy Abbott blog.rei.com

A few years back I believed soccer was the most exciting sport in the world. I was immersed in it, with […]