2015 UCI World Championship Road Races

At the end of May my wife and I decided to go to Richmond, VA for the world championship bike races. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity since the last time the races were in the United States was 29 years ago. We combined the drive to Richmond with a visit to my youngest daughter […]

Belterra Romantico Classic – Austin, TX

Team Wooly Mammoth and Holland Racing join forces to bring you the Belterra Romantico Classic on Saturday Feb. 6th. New Course- a 2-mile circuit completely closed to normal automobile traffic. $4,000 CASH, Trophies, Merchandise, Awards Ceremony, Taco Deli, and more. www.belterrarace.com

Race flyer

More information at www.txbra.org


Vuelta a Espana On Local TV

If you need a fix of European grand stage racing the Vuelta is on Houston TV channel KIAH (39-2 digital channel) courtesy of the Universal Sports Cable network I am not sure of the times but you can check their website for a schedule.

I plan on watching many stages. If you are not […]

Austin Bike Culture Calendar Events: 6/11- 6/17/09

from http://austinontwowheels.org/

Here’s a quick run down of recommended events for the coming week from our comprehensive calendar of all cycling events. Thanks to Jason at ATXBS for letting us know about some events we couldn’t find elsewhere. As always, if there is an event you know about that’s not on our calendar contact […]