Police Action on Loop 494 Bike Ride

I never know what will happen on a bike ride. I set out on the “New Caney – Roman Forest – Valley Ranch” route today expecting a typical ride. The weather was great with a clear blue sky, light wind and 65 degrees when I left home at 12:39. I dressed slightly different from […]

No Matter The Temperature Bike Ride

Since my last bike ride was February 1st I decided to ride today no matter what the temperature as long as it wasn’t raining. No rain with the clear blue sky but the wind was stout; WNW at 11.5 mph with 22 mph gusts when I started the ride at 12:01. By the time […]

No Hills But Plenty of Wind Bike Ride

In the coastal plain around Houston mountain and hills do not exist but to make up for it we have wind. Today when I left home at 1:15 the wind was out of the SSW at 12 mph with 17 mph gusts. By the time I returned home the wind shifted to the SSE […]

Finally Some Heat Bike Ride

I was limited on time today so I chose the short route “Kingwood-E Lake Houston Pkwy” riding 24.48 miles to the southeast. I knew I would fight the wind most of the way there and back across Lake Houston. The temperature was 79 when I rolled down the driveway at 12:33. The sky was […]