Ho Ho Ho Riding to Huffman

I wasn’t the only bike rider to think this afternoon was the time to go for a ride. The first two bikers I met were approaching FM1960 on Fairlake Drive as I turned from FM1960 onto Fairlake. Not too much further on Old Atascocita Road I met the next rider as he was going west […]

A Ride to The Post Office and Then on the Trails

Combining business and pleasure is not always possible but I was able to do that on today’s ride. I had a package I needed to take to the post office for my side business. I planned on riding my MTB since the weather warmed up slightly (69 degrees at the start). The route I chose […]

Great Bike Ride to End November

The Houston Chronicle weather guy, Eric Berger, wrote that today would probably be the last chance of reaching 80 degrees this year. I am not sure if it got there officially but in Huffman the sign company’s banner said 82 degrees. This sign has been known to show some fictitious temperature but maybe today it […]

Blown By the Wind Bike Ride

I knew it was going to be windy for today’s ride when I was driving back from the post office and a tree at a corner I stopped at gave a big shower of leaves as the wind raced through the branches. After seeing the large group of riders yesterday I was looking forward to […]