Wind, Sensors, Factory Reset Bike Ride

I thought I would never reach SH 242 with the N 22 mph (27 mph gusts) wind hitting me. Pedaling in a lower gear than usual I put my head down and pushed forward. At each traffic light I thought I might get a break but today I got all green lights. Once I made the left turn at SH 242 the strong headwind turned into a strong tailwind. To add a little distance to the ride I rode west on SH 242 to Speed Street and then back to the south bound service road. The “Kingwood – SH 242 – Kingwood” ride totaled 32.6 miles bring the week so far to 99.9 miles. If I had known I would .1 of mile short an extra street or two could’ve been added.

While biking north the speed was around 12 to 14 mph but cycling south I hit 23+ mph several times and the pedaling effort was much less. The wind is from the tropical depression to the east of Houston pumping lots of wind but no rain so far. When I started at 11:23 the temperature was 93 and by the end it moved up to 95. The cloudy sky didn’t let the sun through but I perspired heavily though the humidity was only 52%. I finished the ride at 1:48 and was relieved the rain stayed away with some dark clouds to the east.

At the beginning of the ride my PowerPod refused to connect with my Elemnt computer. When I checked the sensors connection I saw the speed sensor also wasn’t connected. That isn’t too bad with the GPS tracking speed too. After several tries I gave up on the power readings and waited until after the ride to mess with it. In the process I had removed the power sensor and speed sensor from the Elemnt connections.

Back home I tried to pair the PowerPod and speed sensors again but no luck. I changed the battery in the speed sensor but still no connection. In desperation I did a factory reset on the Elemnt, wrong decision, and tried again. Now all of my screens reverted to the factory settings and I will need to make changes to get back to mine. In the future no factory reset. I will connect the PowerPod to the software program to see if I can get it working.

Not sure what the weather will be like tomorrow but if it doesn’t rain I plan on biking.

Strava Extended Statistics

Strava Extend Statistics

Summer Arrives, Time for a Bike Ride

The first day of summer arrives today and I decided to go for a bike ride. The mind was willing but the legs had trouble with the NE wind at 13 mph and 19 mph gusts. The wind is a sign of  tropical storm Cindy lurking in the Gulf of Mexico trying to make up its mind whether to come ashore on the upper Texas Gulf Coast or Louisiana. We might get a lot of rain or not much depending on the storm’s location on Thursday and Friday. I will take rest days if it does rain. My legs are tired and I believe I am over “training”.

Biking the “Atascocita – Huffman – Walden” route I rode 33.1 miles. The route reverses portions of the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route I ride and the reversed portion put me into a headwind for the first 18 miles. I stopped at the 18.5 mile point at the Huffman Chevron for a quick water bottle and ice refill. Normally this leaves 11+ miles to the end of the ride but with the reversed route there were 14+ miles to the end. From the Chevron station many of those miles were with a tailwind where I got my speed up to 18 mph or more. But the last 4 miles my legs slowed and the energy faded. I was glad to finish at 2:00 PM after starting at 11:22 AM.

There were lots of clouds in the sky but not enough to hold the heat back. During the ride the temperature ranged from 93 to 95.

I saw two other cyclists; one early in the ride and the other less than 2 miles from the end.

If I ride around the same time tomorrow the weather should be like today with rain possibly later in the evening.

Strava Extended Statistics

Strava Extended Statistics

Another Jeep Wrangler Encounter Bike Ride

A new week and I hit the road on my Stradalli Red Pro 14 bike. I rode the “New Caney – Tavola – Valley Ranch” route for a total of 34.1 miles. Now that I am within 254 miles of hitting the June mileage goal this week’s bike rides will be in the 30 mile range. With today’s ride I am 220 miles away from the goal. I started a little later at 11:42 and finished at 2:15 pm. No bike races to watch this week so the rides should start earlier than recent ones getting out and back before the temperature soars. The temperature range today was 91 to 93 with partly cloudy sky and a light 3 mph breeze.

The new Primal Wear Lucent Black Label jersey was perfect and wicked away the moisture as I rode. This is the last of the new jerseys I bought last week.

Hanging on the refrigerator is not the most picturesque view though.

I stopped at the Stripes station at FM 1314 and Valley Ranch Parkway. As I was getting ready to walk inside to refill my water bottle a Jeep Wrangler wheeled by catching my eye. This time I thought to take a picture.

The red rims and fender outlines set off the black paint. There is a snorkel on the passenger “A” pillar in case this beauty goes underwater.

I stopped just a few minutes and was back on the bike to finish the ride through Briar Tree, Oakhurst and Kings Manor before entering Kingwood proper.

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The Great Cleat Exchange Bike Ride

A couple of days ago as I was biking I had this idea about the cleats on the Shimano shoes I was wearing. Why not exchange the cleats to get extra life out of them? I usually put my right foot down whenever I stop and the cleat gets beat from the concrete and asphalt. So before today’s ride I exchanged the cleats. Here is what they look like after the exchange.

In the top down view the cleat at the top is now on the right shoe and the worn cleat is on the left shoe. The side view has the left shoe at the top and the right shoe at the bottom. The right shoe cleat looks new from the side. Now I don’t have to spend $20 so soon.

In a bid to get to 200+ miles for the week I rode the “Atascocita – Walden” route for a total of 22.4 miles pushing the week to 210 miles. I am at 546 miles for June with 256 left to reach my goal.

I changed the route up some by mixing up the sequence by riding Atascocita Shores Drive first and then through Walden.

Starting the ride at 12:14 put me in the “heat” of the day; 94 degrees when I finished bicycling at 1:59 pm. The Mostly cloudy sky held the sun back some and the SE 10 mph breeze didn’t slow me down too much. Riding my Blue Norcross AL bike was nice.

More great weather tomorrow so the road beckons me to bicycle.

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