Wading Through Rain and Grime to Bike Ride

I tried several times today to ride before I finally got a break in the rain and took off at 1:17 PM. Earlier every time I would start to get ready it would rain. I watched the weather radar and the rain clouds would part and then come back over Kingwood. Around 12:30 I could […]

Humble Lions Club Bike Ride

When I left home at 7 AM the temperature on my home weather station showed 38 degrees. This is way below my bike tolerance level. I paid the $40 and knew it would warm up as the ride moved along though. The ride was scheduled to start at 8 AM but when I went inside […]

Two Goal Bike Ride

Today’s ride had two goals: register for tomorrow’s Humble Lions Club ride at Bike Werks in Kingwood and get my leg muscles warmed up for tomorrow’s ride. It was a little chilly and since I was staying in Kingwood I rode my Motobecane 700HT MTB. I rode 13.08 miles which is the long way to […]

Sore Muscles Recovery Bike Ride

Last night after eating dinner I started to get up from my chair and my leg muscles let me I had overworked them biking. This morning when I got up the soreness was still there but at least I could move around without constant pain. At first I thought biking today might be a bad […]