Last Bike Ride for June

A plain Jane ride to wrap up June’s bike rides on the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route. I was surprised to see another biker as I rode through Sherwood Trails Village in Kingwood. I don’t remember seeing another biker there. Later I saw several other bikers in Kingwood and Atascocita. The weather was […]

A Strong Chain Link Fence Bike Ride

Recently James Webster sent me a video link of his ride in Patton Village and Roman Forest. This reminded me of a route I haven’t rode since August 18th 2014. My route travels on Tram Road near the east end of Roman Forest. The last time I rode that street I had a problem […]

Uninterrupted Pavement on “FM1960 to FM686 – Back” Bike Ride

15 riding days in a row. Today the route was “FM1960 to FM686 – Back” for a total of 41.59 miles. I got started at 10:24, early for a week day and I was back home at 2:06. The weather was hot, the humidity around 50% (low for Houston) and the wind was calm. […]

Oakhurst – Valley Ranch Bike Ride

Today wraps up the week with a bike ride every day. This is 14 consecutive biking days. I went on a shorter route today, “Oakhurst – Valley Ranch”, for a total of 30.23 miles. This put my June total at 775 miles, 200 short of my goal. There are 3 more biking days this […]