Last Bike Ride of July

The last ride of July on “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” was a fitting end to the month. I needed to ride 27 miles to reach 900 miles for the month and I biked 31.72 miles raising my total miles for July to 904.84, the second month in a row over 900 miles. (The July […]

A PSI Correlation Bike Ride

There is a correlation between my tire pressure and how fast I can ride. Before leaving (12:34) on the ride I aired up the tires to 110 psi. Rolling down the driveway I could feel the difference in the first 50 feet. Turning the pedals propelled me much easier than before. This was reflected in […]

Mark July’s Goal Complete

I reached my mileage goal for July riding the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route today. The ride was 35.6 miles long raising my July mileage to 839.86 putting me over my 834 mile goal. I got to start earlier than yesterday’s ride leaving home at 10:30 and returning home at 1:34. The next […]

Early and Long Bike Ride

Today was the longest ride of the week at 43.41 miles. I rode the “Kingwood – Hare Cook Road – Kingwood” route to the southeast towards Crosby. I started earlier than the other rides this week at 9:07 and got back home at 12:48. Along the ride I saw 36 other bikers, mostly on FM1960 […]