Skipped the Rain Got Wind Instead

No on today’s ride on the “Walden – Stroker Road – Huffman” route. The temperature was 86 degrees when I left home at 11:46 and the mostly cloudy sky did not have any dark ones that I could see. I saw one other biker on FM1960 crossing Lake Houston. He was going west and I […]

Riding in the Wet

Yesterday I wasn’t motivated to ride and did some chores around home. It was a good thing because I would’ve got caught in the rain. Today I decided to try riding the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route again. The last time I tried I turned back when a rain storm moved in from […]

Never Been Done Before (By Me)

I never rode 1005 miles in a month until now!! At the beginning of August I thought it would be a big deal to reach my 956 mile goal but as the month came to a close I rode the Hotter N Hell 100 for 76.27 miles and that put me within 28 miles of […]

Hotter N Hell 100 Saturday Endurance Ride

The start was different this year. I was in the 100 mile Hopefuls south of 5th Street. The pickup and trailer holding us back waited until the groups in front of us reached the start line before letting us go. Once that happened I clipped in and didn’t stop pedaling like previous years where the […]