5 Sets of Flashing Lights and Sirens

I biked to the southeast today on the “Huffman – Atascocita – Walden” route. The weather started out cloudy but as I rode the clouds spread out some but not until I got a few rain drops when I went past the Kingwood library. I was hoping it wouldn’t last and it didn’t. The temperature […]

Garmin 510 Working – Happy Biker Today

This morning it looked like biking would not happen today but by 10:30 the rain stopped and the clouds started to clear out. By 1:45 when I rolled out the driveway the streets were dry and you had to hunt for puddles to even know it rained. Other parts of Houston probably got more rain […]

What Happened to My Garmin 510?

Rolling out the driveway around a very big pile of mulch I stopped for traffic and to start my Garmin 510. When I glanced at the 510 I didn’t notice that the profiles had changed. I turned left and rode about 100 feet and stopped because the sensors were not registering on the 510. That […]

Slow Moving Construction Hems Biking In

After biking two days to the southeast today I went to the north and northwest as far as the Grand Parkway construction would allow. I rode what I call the “Oakhurst – Cumberland – Valley Ranch” route. I took a look at the Grand Parkway FM1314 overpass and can report not much has happened since […]