Freshly Waxed Chain, New Bearings, Flatter Elemnt Bike Ride

A freshly waxed chain, new rear wheel bearings and a flatter Wahoo Elemnt could’ve helped me shave a minute per mile off my biking time but alas it didn’t happen as I rode the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route for 37.44 miles. Yesterday while I was forced inside by the rain I took time to wax my chain since it was squeaking some. I prefer waxing to avoid grease marks on my leg and fingers if I need remove the rear wheel. I got the idea to adjust the Elemnt’s bracket from watching the introduction video of the Elemnt Bolt. The new wheel bearings eliminated the 1/8″ side to side movement of the rear wheel and it now spins smoothly as well.

I delayed the start of the bike ride waiting for the temperature to get to 70 so that i wouldn’t wear extra clothing I would regret later in the ride. I still left before noon (11:48) wearing a thermal long sleeve jersey under my University of Cincinnati short sleeve jersey. The 7 mph NW wind had a chill to it from the cool front that passed through after yesterday’s rain. When I got up this morning it was 60 degrees and it took awhile to start warming up. While bicycling west on Gene Campbell Road I could hear the wind whistling through the air vents of my Catlike helmet announcing its presence. The sun went behind the scattered clouds periodically making the wind chill more noticeable.

Tuesday I made the decision to buy the Velocomp Powerpod power meter and it could arrive tomorrow in time to set it up for April bicycling.

Friday’s weather forecast calls for warmer temperatures which is great. I plan on cycling to increase my miles over goal for the month. I am at 643.49 miles after today’s ride, exceeding my 586 mile goal. Last year I biked 722 miles in March which I won’t reach this year. Saturday’s weather should be bicycling friendly but Sunday’s forecast calls for heavy rain. The Bluebonnet Express ride has been rescheduled to April 15th because of the rain threat from Sunday.

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Home weather at the start and airport weather at the finish of the bike ride.

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Driedaagse De Panne-Koksijde Race Inspired Bike Ride

I almost started the bike ride before 11 AM but I missed it by 2 minutes. In my rush I messed up the started of the bike ride on the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route by going the wrong direction. I recovered and added a mile or so to what I would’ve biked on the usual starting streets. I bicycled 33.22 miles which put me over my March goal of 586 miles. I am up to 606.06 miles with a possible 3 more cycling days to add more miles. Watching the Driedaagse De Panne-Koksijde race on before the ride inspired me to pedal fast. Philippe Gilbert won the first stage, a seasoned pro. I am more than seasoned and not a pro by far.

Great weather for bicycling: scattered clouds and 86 degrees at the 1:22 PM finish. The wind wasn’t so friendly: SE at 18 mph with 28 mph gusts. This explains why it was hard pedaling to the “turn around” point at Old Atascocita Road and FM 2100. March weather continues to be warmer than usual. Rain could arrive tomorrow afternoon so I will need to leave earlier than today; maybe I get out the door before 11 AM.

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Home weather at the start and finish followed by the airport weather at tend of the ride. The last one shows the strong wind.

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ride summary


88 Degrees March Weather Bike Ride

Yesterday was a rest day but I got back on the bike today and rode the “New Caney – Roman Forest – Valley Ranch” route for a total of 38.43 miles. This puts with 14 miles of reaching my 586 mile goal for March. Weather heated some from Saturday with 88 degrees when I finished at 2:27 while it was 81 at the 11:39 start time. The wind let some too coming in at 6 mph from the south. I breezed while riding north to Roman Forest Blvd. and made the short loop through Tavola before heading into Roman Forest. The small incline on Roman Forest Blvd. after crossing Peach Creek always seem to be harder than it should be as I slowly pedal up. Roman Forest nicely added a wide shoulder on Roman Forest Blvd. east of the creek from what used to be a tight two lanes going each direction. The surface is a nice smooth asphalt except for about 100 ft. of Appian Way riding west for some reason. Maybe they will fix this when the construction finishes on the new Dogwood Elementary school and the buses start rolling.

The bike ride back from Roman Forest was into that light breeze that didn’t feel too light as far as pedaling went. I stopped at Stripes long enough to eat a trail mix bar and drink some water. The shade felt good with the breeze blowing through cooling me off. It was warm enough that wore a short sleeve jersey with sun screen on my arms. An overcast sky kept the sun from full strength but the rays get through anyway.

From Stripes the ride went without any issues as I made it past all three of the schools before dismissal.

With more good weather tomorrow I plan on riding to hit my March goal. The replacement rear wheel bearings should arrive Tuesday as well. This might speed me up 8). I ran across the Velocomp PowerPod and thinking about buying it. At my age I don’t know if it will make any difference but I can collect even more data.

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Home weather at the start, finish, and airport weather at the finish of the ride.

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Ride summary

Wildflowers and Horses Bike Ride

The rain front passed through late last night and before sunrise this morning leaving damp streets until the sun came up and dried them out. With such beautiful weather I had to bicycle and choose the “SR242 – Old Houston Rd – FM1314” route. The last time I biked this route was August 24th 2016 riding about 3 miles more than today’s 42.38 miles. The bright blue sky was great and the wind was light at 6 mph from the SW most of the time. It was a little cool when I started at 12:22 (I got a late start from watching the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya on EuroSport) so I wore a long sleeve jersey under a University of Cincinnati Bearcat short sleeve jersey. The cool wind made the jersey choice a wise one.

Wildflowers are starting to bloom and while biking on SH 242 about 1/2 mile east of FM 1485 I stopped to take these pictures. Lots of horses grazing. I don’t think I noticed this many before at this pasture.

At the Chevron station at FM 1485 and SH 242 I made a quick stop to refill my waterbottle and pressed on to Old Houston Road. Up to that point biking on SH 242 was into the wind which slowed me down from the pace I set bicycling north along US59/I-69. Once I was riding on Old Houston Road the wind helped me get my speed back up all of the way to the finish (3:24 pm). With the help of the wind my average speed went up to 15 mph until I got back on the US59 south bound service road at the Mallard Creek apartments.

With today’s miles I am within 52 miles of reaching my 586 mile goal for March. With the weather forecast calling for more like today I should be back on the road.

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Home weather at the start and airport weather at the finish.

SportTracks Ride Summary (click on the image to enlarge it).

Ride Summary