San Antonio Recreation Rides

Recreational sports – June 24, 2009 by San Antonio Express – San Antonio,TX,USA Bicycling: Saturday, 8 a.m., Cibolo Ride, 20, 27, 39, 51, 66 and 71 miles, city hall, Cibolo. (210) 884-9470.

Bicycling: Saturday, 8 a.m., Stay-Together Ride at the Cibolo Ride, 27 and 39 miles, city hall, Cibolo. (361) 701-5369.

Bicycling: Sunday, 8 […]

Austin Bike Culture Calendar Events: 6/11- 6/17/09


Here’s a quick run down of recommended events for the coming week from our comprehensive calendar of all cycling events. Thanks to Jason at ATXBS for letting us know about some events we couldn’t find elsewhere. As always, if there is an event you know about that’s not on our calendar contact […]

San Antonio Recreational sports calendar

Bicycling: Saturday, 8 a.m., Bullis Park Ride, 21, 34, 48 and 66 miles, Bullis County Park. (210) 884-9470.

Bicycling: Sunday, 8 a.m., Castroville Ride, 11, 25 and 40 miles, park-and-ride off highway 90 by Sammy’s Restaurant in Castroville.830-931-9744

Bicycling: June 13, 8 a.m., Boerne Ride, 25 to 70 miles, city hall, Boerne. (830) 931-9744.


February Ride Report

The goal for February was to be 20% over my February average mile. Well I rode 348 miles which is 39% over the 249 average. Thanks to temperatures above the norm and little to no rain I was able to go on two organized rides (Puddles for Duck and Humble Lions Club) plus ride […]