The Tyler Bicycle Club Works at Faulkner Park


by Malena Olges

The Tyler Bicycle Club is on the path to completing a proposed 5-mile multi-use mountain biking trail at Faulkner Park to be built almost entirely by volunteers.

In August, the City of Tyler signed a memorandum of agreement to allow the bicycle club to build the trail using Faulkner Park land as well as City of Tyler Water Utilities Department land. Volunteers with the project said it will be similar to the trail system at Tyler State Park, which is used for hiking and mountain biking.

4 comments to The Tyler Bicycle Club Works at Faulkner Park

  • Cindee Tinnen

    I am so excited about this new trail, that is awesome. Is this for Mountain and rode bike’s?
    Last summer I went to Seattle area and rode there bike trail systm is unbelievable.
    If we could get just 1/3rd of it I’d be very happy.

  • Cindee Tinnen

    Sorry missed the end of the story, it is only for mountain bikes. Most of the trails I rode in Seattle area were for rode bike’s but people were riding both. I did my first 50 mile ride there called the Seattle Century I hope to do the 100 mile this summer.

  • I believe this is more for mountain bikes.

  • Cindee

    Yes, I found that out from Simpson.

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