More Construction Bike Ride

After a rapidly passing “cool” front last night today’s weather was superb for a bike ride. I selected the “New Caney – Tavola – Valley Ranch” route heading north. This was challenging at time with the wind out of the west at 16 mph and 23 mph gusts. I biked 34.6 miles moving May to a total of 208 miles leaving 92 miles to reach my goal.

The PowerPod worked perfectly on the bike ride reporting the watts like it knew what I was doing.

When I exited Tavola onto Roman Forest Blvd. I saw the the new convenience store was open so I rode under the pump canopy to respond to a text message my wife sent. As I did that I saw a Roman Forest police cruiser a couple of pumps away. I moved over to that pump to ask the officer if he knew what all of the earthwork was for behind the station. He replied that it is a new Woodbranch neighborhood. With the Grand Parkway now open housing construction and commercial buildings are popping up all around. I can remember when I lived in New Caney in the 1970’s and 1980’s construction was rare. At some point this will affect biking but I am not sure in what way.

The partly cloudy sky meant the sunshine helped to offset the coolness in the strong wind. I made a wise choice to wear a long sleeve jersey. It was 77 degrees when I started the ride at 11:12 and 84 when I finished at 1:46.

No biking tomorrow but Friday looks favorable.

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Texas Bicycling News May 23rd 2017

61-year-old bicyclist killed in East Side hit-and-run

By Caleb Downs |

A bicyclist was killed early Tuesday after a hit-and-run accident in the East Side.
Police say the victim, 61-year-old Santiago Castillo, was struck by the suspect vehicle around midnight in the 500 block of Denver Boulevard. …

KTMPO Improving Bike System in Central Texas

TEMPLE- The Killeen Temple Metropolitan Planning Organization has declared the month of May, National Bike Month. With that being said, they are working on improving the bike system in Central Texas. The organization has received a number of comments from the community stressing the need for more bike trails that …

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32,000+ Watts? Not on This Bike Ride

Today is the first bike ride since we returned from Florida. Yesterday it rained until late afternoon keeping me off the bike. That gave me time to install some new sensors and waxed the chain on my Blue Norcross AL bike and put the repaired PowerPod back on the Stradalli Red Pro 14 bike. I am not sure what Velocomp fixed in the PowerPod but my Elemnt computer saw it when I started the bike ride at 11:16 AM. But the PowerPod would display power on the Elemnt screen. I stopped to be sure it was paired and even removed the sensor from the Elemnt and added it back in. Still no power readings. After doing that a couple of times I held the PowerPod start button long enough to begin the sample ride process. After it counted up to 100 the watts showed on the Elemnt screen. Now I was a happy biker. I did need to edit the power readings using the Golden Cheetah program because there was a spike showing over 32000 watts right after the PowerPod completed the setup calculation.

I didn’t notice any changes while we were in Florida as I biked the the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route for a total of 33.46 miles. My goal for May is a lowly 300 miles and I am at 173.45 miles with today’s bike ride.

The weather was pleasant during the bike ride. when I got up this morning it was a cool 67 degrees. By the time I started bicycling it was 77 and at the end of the ride (1:49 PM) it had warmed up to 84 degrees. A partly cloudy sky and light 7 mph breeze meant I did not sweat too much though after not riding for many days I needed to lose a few pounds. Later today or tonight a “cool” front may arrive dropping the overnight temperature into the upper 50’s, cool for this time in May. By the time I bike tomorrow it should be in the 70’s.

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Strava Extended Statistics


Texas Bicycling News May 22nd 2017

Race Report: 2017 Dirty Fury Stage Rush, Jacksboro, Texas

by Adrienne Taren |

If you’re familiar with events like Red River Riot, Hell of the North, and Texas Chainring Massacre, then you’re familiar with The Spinistry (whether you know it or not). With the Dirty Fury Stage Rush, they prove that they take their slogan “long, hard & dirty” seriously – this 3-day stage gravel grinder in Jacksboro, Texas features routes of 84 miles on Friday, 110 on Saturday, and 105 on Sunday. Of course, there are shorter options of 40-60ish miles for …

TWHS and UT grad Sajatovic biking over 4,000 miles for cancer research

By Kelly Schafler |

Nick Sajatovic never was much of a cyclist when he lived in The Woodlands – even with the abundance of bike trails. While he considered himself an athlete, Sajatovic joked that he didn’t own anything nicer than a “Walmart bike” in high school.
After graduating from The Woodlands High School in 2013, Sajatovic embarked on his academic career at The University of Texas in Austin to achieve supply chain management and geography degrees. It was during the fall of his freshman year that he learned about an exclusive …

Texas brothers take on epic bike journey for a great cause

Three Texas brothers are coming together for the ride of a lifetime with the goal of helping two important causes and you can follow their journey here on
Bobby, Raleigh and Dennis Jenkins, of ABC Home & Commercial Services, will be riding across the country on their bicycles to raise awareness and funds for ‘A Child’s Hope’ and ‘Moss Pieratt Foundation’.
‘A Child’s Hope’ works to create homes for lost and abandoned children in Haiti and ‘Moss Pieratt Foundation’ helps raise awareness and funds for …

Day 29: Abilene, TX to Rising Star, TX

Bike Across America 2017 |

Coleman wanted to ride with me and he brought some of his Hardin-Simmons University students who will be participating in his Mexico to Canada tour this summer. It was a joy to have more people to ride with, and much thanks to Colby for being an excellent support vehicle too. …

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