Freshly Waxed Chain, New Bearings, Flatter Elemnt Bike Ride

A freshly waxed chain, new rear wheel bearings and a flatter Wahoo Elemnt could’ve helped me shave a minute per mile off my biking time but alas it didn’t happen as I rode the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route for 37.44 miles. Yesterday while I was forced inside by the rain I took time to wax my chain since it was squeaking some. I prefer waxing to avoid grease marks on my leg and fingers if I need remove the rear wheel. I got the idea to adjust the Elemnt’s bracket from watching the introduction video of the Elemnt Bolt. The new wheel bearings eliminated the 1/8″ side to side movement of the rear wheel and it now spins smoothly as well.

I delayed the start of the bike ride waiting for the temperature to get to 70 so that i wouldn’t wear extra clothing I would regret later in the ride. I still left before noon (11:48) wearing a thermal long sleeve jersey under my University of Cincinnati short sleeve jersey. The 7 mph NW wind had a chill to it from the cool front that passed through after yesterday’s rain. When I got up this morning it was 60 degrees and it took awhile to start warming up. While bicycling west on Gene Campbell Road I could hear the wind whistling through the air vents of my Catlike helmet announcing its presence. The sun went behind the scattered clouds periodically making the wind chill more noticeable.

Tuesday I made the decision to buy the Velocomp Powerpod power meter and it could arrive tomorrow in time to set it up for April bicycling.

Friday’s weather forecast calls for warmer temperatures which is great. I plan on cycling to increase my miles over goal for the month. I am at 643.49 miles after today’s ride, exceeding my 586 mile goal. Last year I biked 722 miles in March which I won’t reach this year. Saturday’s weather should be bicycling friendly but Sunday’s forecast calls for heavy rain. The Bluebonnet Express ride has been rescheduled to April 15th because of the rain threat from Sunday.

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Home weather at the start and airport weather at the finish of the bike ride.

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Ride summary

Texas Bicycling News March 29th 2017

Special Olympics Cycling Competition on Sunday Morning

By: Beau Bagley |

El Paso, TX – Special Olympics Texas (SOTX) – Greater El Paso Area will host its annual Cycling Competition. Ten athletes, ranging from ages 12-27, will compete in time trial events, including: 1K, 5K and 500m races. Awards will be presented after all races.
Cyclists will be riding to qualify for the statewide competition – Summer Games, which will take place May 27 at UT-Arlington.
Volunteers are still needed. Those interested can show up on the day of the event, or call 915.533.8229.
WHEN: Sunday, April 2
9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
· 9:00 a.m. – Opening Ceremony
· 9:30 a.m. – 500m Race
· 9:45 a.m. – 1K Race
· 10:00 a.m. – 5K Race
· Awards will be presented after all races.
WHERE: El Paso Community College – Valle Verde Campus
919 Hunter Dr. (Parking Lot L)

Homeless father gets replacement bike from Lubbock man who describes similar struggle


Knowing firsthand the struggles of rising up through homelessness, Julian DeLeon responded Tuesday after he heard a homeless Lubbock father’s bicycle was stolen while he worked.
Spencer Terry, 30, and …

Police Memorial Ride

by jtlafleur |

I am participating in a one-time police memorial bicycle ride with a group of officers from California. We will ride our bicycles from Dallas to Baton Rouge and will conclude our journey in Washington D.C.
On Friday May 5, 2017 a group of officers from California will arrive in Dallas, TX to lay a Memorial Wreath at El Centro College Friday evening, the site where four Dallas Police Officers and one DART Officer tragically lost their lives.
On Saturday May 6th, at 6:00 A.M. we will begin our journey from Dallas to Baton Rouge, LA. We will arrive in Baton Rouge on May 7th, and will join …

Mountain biking team learns mental toughness, grit and perseverance


Andy Kutach dismissed the cold, rainy day of foul weather recently as “not a big deal” and sent young cyclists on mountain biking trails at Faulkner Park
Going ahead with the ride would help build their mental toughness, grit and perseverance, Kutach said, yet assured them he would not let them ride if there was lightening, tornadoes predicted or other unsafe conditions.
The cyclists – all sixth- through 12th-graders – are members of the Fresh Juniors Mountain Bike Racing Team formed in early January by the …


Georgetown Cyclopaths |

Southern Tier – San Diego to St Augustine March 2017

By Charles Falsetto |

Day 26 Texas D9: Comstock to Bracketville
Wednesday March 29, 2017, 65 miles (105 km) – Total so far: 1,281 miles (2,062 km)
944′ V, 4:42:52, AvgMph 13.7
The cycling was most excellent today with a strong tailwind for almost 60 miles. Weather was cool after the huge storms that passed through the area last night, I’m glad I was in a motel. Tornado warnings but no damage in the area.
Made it to Del Rio 30 miles from the start in 2 hours, a fun ride. Finally caught up with my mail from home and took care of several issues. Traveled on to Bracketville after my second breakfast with an even stronger tailwind. Spending the night in the historic Fort Clark compound.
Somewhere I have lost my very expensive NightRider rechargeable head light and …

City of Texarkana receives two grants from Union Pacific Foundation

TEXARKANA, Tx. – The City of Texarkana, Texas accepted two donations from Union Pacific Railroad’s Foundation for the Texarkana Texas Farmers’ Market and Historical Downtown Bicycle and Pedestrian Tour.
On Wednesday the Foundation donated $6,500 to the City and its downtown partners.
The money will be used to …

Southern Tier 2017

By Alan Young |

Day 31: Alpine – Macdonold Observatory, Fort Davis
Tuesday March 28, 2017, 39 miles (63 km) – Total so far: 1,876 miles (3,018 km)
The first job was to repair a leaking Therma rest, finding the holes is a major problem.
We made our way north on the 118 in glorious weather. At 2 hrs of riding we pull into Fort Davis, a quick snack in a local hostalrie gave us time to relax, I met up with …

Day 32: Macdonold Observatory Fort Davis – Van Horn
Wednesday March 29, 2017, 73 miles (117 km) – Total so far: 1,949 miles (3,136 km)
It is a well known fact we need to pee during the night, at times it can be damnright annoying having to emerge from a tent into the cold night.
This time I was looking forward to it. For at 0430hr I was treated to the most magnificent night sky of the trip, zero light pollution making it all the more amazing, If it wasn’t for the cold I,d of been there until breakfast.
Departing quickly so as to get to a lower altitude, just to get some warmth took longer than expected, flagging down a RV to get water on our way to …

Texas Bicycling from Twitter

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Texas Bicycling News March 28th 2017

Southern Tier 2017

By Alan Young |

Day 30: Lemons Gap – Alpine
Monday March 27, 2017, 50 miles (80 km) – Total so far: 1,837 miles (2,956 km)
A surprise this morning awaited me as I discovered the cable from the Schmidt son 28 dynamo to the ewerk had been chewed off! Nothing left of it! Mice? Who knows, wish he’d taken to the brake cables, would of been cheaper to replace, I,ll not bother to get a repair til I get home. We were at 1250 metre altitude. A cold descent down into Marathon at 5c , we soon warmed up inside at breakfast. The waiter was a kiwi, hope he was not too offended when asked ‘ what part of Australia are you from’?
Not being able to depart before a …

Cycling team’s road to nationals

by Mercy Yermo |

Not many sports involve blood streaming down third degree burns, collapsing on the ground unable to move, and pain so unbearable paramedics have to assist. According to accounting and finance sophomore Joshua Buchel, March 4 turned into a day he will never forget.
“I was in a lot of shock and the adrenaline was rushing through me. I don’t really remember the crash, I hit my …

Homeless man working 2 jobs remains hopeful after thief takes bike donated by Lubbock police


When the Lubbock Police Department Homeless Outreach Team gave 30-year-old Spencer Terry a bike to get to his two jobs, it was supposed to be a hand up.
With the assistance of the H.O.T team and Carpenter’s Church, Terry and his wife Kimberly Phillips have been trying to get on their feet as their 5-year-old son is cared for by his grandparents. …

Police: Andrews woman charged in hit-and-run involving boy on bike

By Adam D. Young |

A woman was arrested Monday after police say she drove away after hitting a 7-year-old boy who was riding a bicycle over the weekend in Andrews.
Margarita Victoria Tobon, 28, was booked into the Ector County Jail in Odessa on a third-degree felony charge of failure to stop and render aid in connection to the crash that happened about 1 p.m. at South Main Street and Avenue E, according to Andrews police. …

Southern Tier – San Diego to St Augustine March 2017

By Charles Falsetto |

Day 25 Texas D8: Langtry to Comstock
Tuesday March 28, 2017, 28 miles (45 km) – Total so far: 1,216 miles (1,957 km)
1366′ V, 3:55:13, AngMph 7.2
We decided to stay in Langtry yesterday due to the heat and free rustic camp at the community center property. We thought dropping off Hwy 90 to Langtry there would be groceries, however nothing is open in Langtry other than the TXDOT rest stop and Judge Roy Bean museum. It was worth the visit to the museum and grounds. The convenience store and motel at hwy 90 and 25 was extremely expensive. The motel from what I heard from those that stayed said it was dirty, bug infested and overpriced.
Spent another sleepless night due to high winds whipping my tent every …

Tennessee Lowriders bent on the USA

By Nelson Quillen |

Marathon to Sanderson and beyond
Tuesday March 28, 2017
Today’s ride was from Marathon to Sanderson and when we arrived we were informed that there was a severe weather front moving in with high winds, rain and hail. We opted to move on down the road to Langtry but when we arrived there the only option was a camper with no water or electricity, so we continued on to Comstock and ran into rain. When we got to Comstock and checked into the motel the storm hit and it poured the rain and marble size hail. It moved through fairly quick but the winds are still picking up and supposed to blow …

Honeoye Riders Pedal the Southern Tier

By jim kersting |

Day 28: Campwood to near Vanderpool ( 45). Three steep climbs on crappy roads
Tuesday March 28, 2017
For a state that leads in petroleum production they have not figured out the portion of ” chips” to “seal”. But least I whine too much we had great weather for climbing three really steep pitches/hills/ mountains, as it was cool, misty, and windy. A bit too much on the fast downhills. Rain jackets came on the downhills and off on the sweaty climbs.
The only hiccup in the day was Jim’s collar on his seat post got butchered up because he had buggered the collar bolt head , which led to trying a hardware store alternative which didn’t work and it ruined the collar threads. At this point two pipe clamps are trying to hold the seat ( saddle for you roadies)at the …

Captains Blog – 3/28/2017 – Specht’s Store makeover

by Sameer Gokhale |

Over the years many of you have stopped by Specht’s store after a days ride and had some food and a cold one. I say many of you and not me since I have been procrastinating a trip there. I drive by almost every Sunday after a game of soccer and tell myself that I should visit this gem someday. Usually it …

Bicyclist killed in South Austin after crash versus vehicle

by Elena Arteaga |

AUSTIN, Texas — A man was killed in South Austin Tuesday night after the bicyclist was hit by a vehicle.
The crash happened at the 1900 block of S 1st Street and W Mary Street. Austin police said they were called out to the crash site at 7:26 p.m.
Austin-Travis County EMS tweeted out …

Family speaks after cyclist hit, killed

By Sophia Beausoleil |

SPRING, Texas – Keri Guillory was known for her big heart, love of God and determination.
The recent bike enthusiast had a goal: To finish the MS 150 bike ride from Houston to Austin, but those dreams came short after died last weekend.
“It’s been tough, but I know she’s in a good place,” explained Cody Eberhardt, Keri’s youngest son. …

Texas Bicycling from Twitter

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Driedaagse De Panne-Koksijde Race Inspired Bike Ride

I almost started the bike ride before 11 AM but I missed it by 2 minutes. In my rush I messed up the started of the bike ride on the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route by going the wrong direction. I recovered and added a mile or so to what I would’ve biked on the usual starting streets. I bicycled 33.22 miles which put me over my March goal of 586 miles. I am up to 606.06 miles with a possible 3 more cycling days to add more miles. Watching the Driedaagse De Panne-Koksijde race on before the ride inspired me to pedal fast. Philippe Gilbert won the first stage, a seasoned pro. I am more than seasoned and not a pro by far.

Great weather for bicycling: scattered clouds and 86 degrees at the 1:22 PM finish. The wind wasn’t so friendly: SE at 18 mph with 28 mph gusts. This explains why it was hard pedaling to the “turn around” point at Old Atascocita Road and FM 2100. March weather continues to be warmer than usual. Rain could arrive tomorrow afternoon so I will need to leave earlier than today; maybe I get out the door before 11 AM.

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Home weather at the start and finish followed by the airport weather at tend of the ride. The last one shows the strong wind.

SportTracks ride summary (click on the image to enlarge it).

ride summary