Texas Bicycling Blog and News Digest August 28th

Why hitting a bicyclist can be no worse than a speeding ticket

By Field Sutton        www.cbs19.tv

TYLER (KYTX) – 42-year-old Kristin Blaise will be facing multiple surgeries for injuries all over her body. She was listed in “fair” condition at a Tyler hospital as of Wednesday afternoon.
The accident was attributed to 20-year-old driver Devin Hunter’s distraction courtesy of a cell phone.
Flashing lights at dusk on Old Jacksonville Highway Tuesday signaled that one cyclist was down and many more were down in spirit.
“We were about the third on the scene and as soon as we…

Bike Ride

Sunday, Aug 31, 2014, 8:30 AM

George bush park
Highway 6 and Briar Forest Dr. Houston , TX

1 Katy bicyclist fun riders Attending

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Wednesday Night Ride

Wednesday, Sep 3, 2014, 5:15 PM

Rio Plaza, 6205 Upper Valley Road
at Artcraft (parking lot next to Little Caesars_ El Paso, TX

1 Cyclists Attending

These are leaderless rides of 17-22 miles leaving from Rio Plaza, 6205 Upper Valley Rd (at Artcraft). The most popular route is a 19-mile loop to Gadsden H.S. Riders begin 5:15-6:00 p.m. this time of year.Optional dinner afterward at Hello Pizza, 1071 Country Club (River Run Plaza).

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Wednesday Walnut Creek Social – NEW TIME 7:30pm

Wednesday, Sep 3, 2014, 7:30 PM

Location details are available to members only.

3 Mountain Bikers Attending

We will be meeting at 7:15 pm to air up, tune and hit the Walnut Creek trail wheels down at 7:30 pm for a 10 to 12 mile circuit, this will be an Advanced Beginner ride for folks who want to ride Walnut at a group pace and we will do a varying loop of the trails.HELMETS AND LIGHTS ARE REQUIRED, NO HELMET NO LIGHTS NO RIDE!This is for your safety a…

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Six photos show how much a quick protected lane can add to a bigger project

Michael Andersen, Green Lane Project staff writer        www.peopleforbikes.org

Here are a few images from Austin bikeway engineer Nathan Wilkes that show how several thousand dollars of posts and paint can bring a new million-dollar bridge from good to great.
The bicycle and pedestrian bridge over Little Walnut Creek, visible in the top right background above, officially opened Monday after 17 years of planning and debate. It created a direct link between Hart Elementary School and the residential neighborhood to the north — but the link also required…

Rolling My Wheels In Fort Worth’s Gateway Park Anticipating A Sickening Email From Elsie Hotpepper

Durango Texas

Rain is predicted to precipitate tomorrow. Precipitation predictions usually don’t precipitate, but I had myself such a mighty fine time mountain biking in Fort Worth’s Gateway Park on Tuesday that I decided to do so again today, in advance of the possible arrival of mud.
That is not my usual Gateway Park photo op location you see my shady handlebars looking at. This location is a short distance up stream from…

Walk, Roll, and Ride: Guide to Using Public Transportation


Many students will return to biking and walking for transportation when they start college. One form of active transportation that may be new to students, though, is using the local public transportation system to get around. For students and non-students alike, using a city bus or train for the first time can be an intimidating hurdle. Our communications staffer Susan Wilcox, who rides both a bike and a bus for transportation, wrote a guide a few years ago for people who are new to riding buses. This article is an updated version of that guide. …

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Temperature Lightens Up Some

Mid-afternoon rides this time of the year usually means the hottest time of  the day but not for today’s ride. I left home at 2:04 with the sky showing layers of clouds with blue showing through in places. The temperature was 88 degrees. With the later start I switched from the Atascocita – Walden – Huffman route to the slightly shorter Atascocita – Huffman one. I biked 30.02 miles averaging 15.3 mph. Riding to the south and east meant I was going into the wind (SE 12 mph) until I turned left onto FM2100 from Old Atascocita Road. I was able to make up some of the slower riding speed from that point to home. Even with the lower temperature my wrist bands were still soaked when I stopped in Huffman.

My usual rest stop at the Huffman Chevron dried me out with the wind flowing smoothly under the canopy. Not much went on while I was there. I did notice a man driving a Porsche Cayenne Turbo stop for gas. I don’t know how much this car cost but it was interesting seeing him pull out a rather old flip phone to talk on while filling up. Leaving the station I rode west with the help of a nice tailwind getting up to 21+ mph.

Later as I rode north on W. Lake Houston Parkway over the river I saw another biker riding the opposite direction on the trail to my right. He was decked out in a full kit but I could see it long enough to identify it.

My August mileage moved up to 927.94 miles positioning me to beat my previous monthly high if the rain cooperates. Friday, Saturday and Sunday weather shows 50% or higher chance of rain for some of each day. This week’s mileage is 131.8 and year to date I stand at 5140 miles.

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Texas Bicycling News Digest August 27th

The most important tip for DIY bike maintenance

Texas Mountain Bike Trails

If you have ever tried to fix your bike yourself or do your own wrenching on your mountain bike then this tip is for you.
Be resilient, don’t give up.
Working on your own bike isn’t easy. It takes plenty of practice and a lifetime of learning to master some of the techniques required for bicycle maintenance. Take it on…

Kristin Blaise Injured in Bicycle Accident on Old Jacksonville Highway in Tyler, Texas

By Michael Grossman        www.injuryblawg.com

Tyler, TX — An accident between an SUV and a bicyclist sent a woman to the hospital in Tyler, Texas, on Tuesday, August 26, 2014. The accident took place in the 7500 block of Old Jacksonville Highway, around 8:15 in the evening.
Police say that Devin Hunter was driving an SUV northbound along Old Jacksonville when he came upon a group 7-10 bikers. Attempting to drive around them, he wasn’t able to…

City Park Slow Pace Intermediate-Level Ride

Tuesday, Sep 2, 2014, 6:00 PM

City Park – Emma Long Motorcycle Trails
7548 Oak Shores Dr Austin, TX

1 Mountain Bikers Attending

For those who haven’t ridden City Park, it is definitely not a beginner-friendly trail.  It was originally designed for off-road motorcycles, so it basically goes straight up the bluff, then straight down, then straight up again many times over the course of 6-7 miles.  Most of the obstacles take the form of ledges about a foot high (often in seque…

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Beginner/Intermediate Group (B/IG) Rides

Tuesday, Sep 2, 2014, 5:45 PM

River Run Plaza
1071 Country Club Rd El Paso, TX

2 Cyclists Attending

The El Paso Bicycle Club’s Beginner/Intermediate Group (B/IG)  training program for beginning and intermediate riders runs Tuesday evenings through early September at River Run Plaza, 1071 Country Club (one block east of Upper Valley Rd.). Riding groups are paced for beginner, beginner/intermediate and intermediate riders. Helmets required. More in…

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Tom Neagli Named 2014 Kloster Honoree


Local Cycling Leader to be Honored at 11th Annual Conquer the Coast
(Corpus Christi, TX) – Organizers of Conquer the Coastannounced today that local Corpus Christi cycling leader Tom Neaglihas been named the 2014 Donny Kloster Memorial Award honoree.  The recognition, started in 2012,is given to honor the former Corpus Christi cycling icon.
Neagli was among six finalists, including local cycling enthusiasts Glenn Goldapp, Gerardo Gomez and Peter Staneland, Corpus Christi city councilman Mark Scott,and long-time Conquer the Coast steering…

Saturday August 30th [Cuernavaca] and August 31st [Coffee Shop / Babes] Rides!


TOUR DE CURE – Saturday September 13, 2014 Remember to join our Tour de Cure team at http://main.diabetes.org/goto/TeamBeef
1400 MILES – Saturday September 13, 2014  Choose between the 14, 25, 45 or 75-mile options for the 1400 Miles Community Ride in Austin. No matter how far you ride, you’ll be greeted at the finish line with great craft beer, food and music! You can learn more at www.1400miles.com
360 & Cuernavaca Ride – Saturday August 30th at 7:30am at Cups & Cones
This Saturday the Steiner Ranch Cycling Club we will be doing a fun ride on the newly paved road out towards Lakeway.  We will head out Bee Caves and then onto 360 South for a bit.  We will cross over after a few miles and then head back and then back on Bee Caves but we will drop down Cuernavaca and do the loop and climb back out and then back onto…

Event Insurance

Team San Angelo

Liability insurance for an event can be a significant expense when organizing a cycling race, fun run
However, given today’s lawsuit-crazy society and the city, county or state insurance requirements for most events, liability insurance is something that must always be considered part of an race’s budget.
It’s a necessary expense and something that will help protect you, your organization and the owner of the race venue in the unfortunate case that an accident occurs during an event.
John Seaton, Risk Manager for the City of San Angelo, says that the city requires race organizers to submit a certificate of insurance with their event application showing a minimum liability insurance coverage of $1,000,000 general aggregate.
“We also ask that the City of San Angelo be included as an additional insured on…


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Biking in the Heat of August

New Caney and Gene Campbell Road were the focus for the ride today. I left after watching stage 5 of the Vuelta a Espana at 11:22. they were racing in 34C temperatures and it was about that here. The sky had scattered clouds as I rode out with 92 degrees all the way. It was hot but dry enough to evaporate almost all of the sweat I generated. The wind moved around some but was usually from the NE at 14 mph with 17 mph gusts. The route was 36.33 miles long and I averaged 15.4 mph. I increased August miles to 897.92. Not too many more to set a new high for a month this year.

During my rest stop at Stripes at the 25 mile mark it was pleasant sitting in the shade under the pump canopy. The breeze dried me off pretty quickly while I ate and drank some Gatorade. No other bikers today. The Camelbak water bottle does a great job keeping the water cold. I had to cut back on the ice because it didn’t melt and I would drink all of the water and only have ice left.

Back home by 2:22 the temperature was still 92.

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