Texas Bicycling News October 21st 2016

TxA Bicycle Tours


Experience San Antonio Architecture with the Tour Des Monuments. A TxA architectural bicycle tour with three route options. nRegistration proceeds …

Brays Bayou Greenway Trail Detour


Between Brompton Rd. and Buffalo Speedway
October 2016 to spring 2017

Due to ongoing channel widening by Harris County Flood Control District, a trail detour is in place along the north side of Brays Bayou Greenway from Brompton Rd. to Buffalo Speedway. The trail will be removed while …

Jack Brooks bike trail Sunday anti football group ride


Event category: Rides
Jack Brooks park trailhead
United States
See map: Google Maps (link is external)
Sunday, October 23, 2016 – 4:00pm

Man Killed in Beaumont, TX, Bicycle Accident on College Street


Beaumont, TX — October 21, 2016, a man was riding a bicycle on College Street when a vehicle struck him, inflicting injuries which ended up being fatal.
Beaumont authorities report that the accident occurred in the early morning hours near the intersection of College Street and Montrose Avenue.
Their reports indicate that the man, said to be in his 60s, was in the westbound lanes of College Street on a bicycle. At some point, he was knocked onto the …

As the sun begins to set earlier, night safety becomes more important



It’s that time of the year again — time for the “be seen if you want to be safe” safety sermon.
As of Oct. 22, the sun comes up at 7:50 a.m. and goes down at 7:02 p.m.
Those of you who bike, run or walk before heading to school or work or after getting home in the evening will soon be putting in some miles when it’s dark or almost so.
The amount of daylight in the evening will also decrease significantly again …

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Not Quite Magnetic Enough Bike Ride

I delayed the bike ride today waiting for the temperature to get to 70. About 11:30 it made and I got ready to roll. Pressing the Elemnt start button at 11:59 I began the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route but with a different first 3 miles. I still biked 33.6 miles today even with the altered route. After Wednesday’s meeting with the City of Houston engineers to test traffic signal sensors I added a magnet to my front wheel to see if that trips the sensors.

Wheel magnet

I rode to the spot where we tested the sensors on Wednesday to see if the magnet helped. I tried to be the only one at the intersection but a car pulled up behind me on the north side of Northpark Drive at Woodridge Forest and may have tripped that signal. Riding across the west bound lanes I rode over the sensor and pulled up to the light at the east bound lanes of Northpark. Looking behind I saw a pickup truck in the left turn lane waiting for the light to change. Then the light changed for me to cross. I don’t know if the magnet did it or the truck so not much help there.

The next traffic light was at FM1960 and Pinehurst Trail. I tied to be the only one there but a couple of vehicles arrived and tripped the signal. Again no conclusion there. After that all the traffic signals had other vehicles besides me so no way to tell. I will leave the magnet on the wheel for a few rides and see if I find any lights that trip.

Yesterday afternoon a cool front passed through and lowered the temperature. When i checked this morning it was 57 degrees around 8:30. I knew it take awhile to warm up and decided to wear a long sleeve jersey in addition to a short sleeve one. At the beginning of the ride I thought I needed a jacket but waited for the exercise to warm me. After the first turn right I tugged the zippers of both jerseys closer to the top and waited for the route to leave the predominately shady areas. The wind was brisk from the north at 12 mph which didn’t help but I figured the extra effort to ride in the wind meant exerting more energy and warming up sooner.

I made my along the route with intermittent places where the wind helped and then slowed me. Arriving at the Huffman Chevron I didn’t buy the blue Powerade since I wasn’t hot and had not drank much water from my water bottle. Normally I sit in the shade but today the spot was in the sun because the breeze was chilly. I didn’t want to stay too long because I would cool down too much. My Elemnt screen when I arrived and the weather while I ate a Kashi Trail Mix bar and a small package of animal crackers.

Refilling my water bottle I got ready to leave and clipped in at 1:59 to finish the ride back to Kingwood. Earlier when I passed Kingwood High School a lot of cars were lined up to pickup the students so I figured an early dismissal and light traffic when I came back to cross Kingwood Drive. That was the case but I crossed at the signal at Kingwood Drive and W. Lake Houston Parkway. I stayed on the greenbelt/sidewalk after crossing Kingwood Drive and saw the progress on the new HEB Grocery store that opens October 26th. It looks like they have work left so everything may not be finished when they open.

I stopped the Elemnt computer at 2:50 to end the ride. The temperature improved to 76 degrees by then but the long sleeve jersey still felt nice when I walked in the shade to put my bike away. The temperature will increase gradually over the next few days to the mid 80’s, more to my liking.

With today’s bike ride I reached 98% of my mileage goal for October, leaving about 12 miles to ride. I plan on biking tomorrow so I should pass the goal but I may need to wait for the warmer part of the day to arrive. While I wait I will watch the Abu Dhabi Tour on www.cycling.tv like I did this morning. I started watching this morning as the pack was sprinting the last 1.9K.

Texas Bicycling News October 20th 2016

Austin’s cycling infrastructure still needs work

By Laura Hallas


A few days ago I was checking out at the Central Market on North Lamar Boulevard when a man dressed in a bike jersey and shorts turned in my direction. Nice, he said, noticing my helmet. Its terrible out there, he cautioned, nodding towards the street outside. Good luck.
I would need it.
A visitor to Austin might assume that we are an …

Memorial Park – Work Party


Event category: General
Trail: Memorial Park
Saturday, October 29, 2016 – 8:00am
Work Party – Saturday, October 29 – 8am-12pm
Meet at the Rugby Field parking lot.
https://goo.gl/maps/eEnK7g8Dq1u (link is external)
If you do not see anyone at the parking lot by 8:15am then please meet us at the work location which will be at the larger bridge on the Orange Trail.
We will be repairing the bridge on the Orange Trail. We have some on site …

2nd Ward – A Bicycle Opera: Ride a Sonic Bike, Hear Crazy Amazing Sounds

By Steve Jansen


The Kaffe Matthews-produced bicycle opera in 2014 the first of its kind in Houston that allowed folks to ride sonic bicycles that create path-dependent musical compositions via speakers, a digitally programmed score, a computer and GPS receiver coaxed some interesting responses from participants.
Some comments in the guestbook included: …

Weekly Rides

Shawnee Trail Cycling Club


7:30am TRec, Hangover, Recovery
6:30pm FIT
6:30pm D.R.o.P.
6:30pm Cranky Tuesday
6:30pm Wednesday Night Special
6:30pm Thursday Night Rider
7:30am Express
7:30am CPS B & C
7:30am CPS C Extended
7:30am Bridge
7:30am 3 Cities Novice
Wimps and Weenies
FREE Group Riding Class …

Southern Tier Part II

By Ann Metcalfe


Punkin to Thicket, Texas: Steaming Ride through the Big Thicket
Wednesday October 19, 2016, 51 miles (82 km) – Total so far: 258 miles (415 km)
We woke up at 5 am to dense fog, so heavy all of our gear was damp. The clubhouse was our retreat to dry out and pack, which was so welcome. Again, we had it all to ourselves.
We are battling both bugs and sun. It is too hot to zip the tent fully closed, so we load up on bug dope at night and hope for the best. Mac and I are both sporting polka-dot ankles from the bites. Sleeping in a two-man tent when it only cools down to around 75 makes for a hot night’s sleep – we wake up stickier than when we went to sleep. I am still nursing my leaky sleeping pad, so that means blowing it up every 3 hours or I am flat on the ground. We pick up the replacement in Merryville, Louisana on Saturday morning, after which I hope to sleep all night long!
Just as we hit the road this morning, I disturbed a huge nasty wasp who bit me hard on the finger when I swatted him away from my head. I ran back into the clubhouse to escape the brute, who appeared to be regrouping for another assault, leaving Mac to wonder what happened. It hurt badly for several hours, but …

Thicket to Silisbee, Texas: Whataburger!
Thursday October 20, 2016, 30 miles (48 km) – Total so far: 288 miles (463 km)
Awakened at 5 by lightning in the sky to the east. No thunder, just a light show, but it was fun to watch.
After downing canned Starbucks mochas and half a sweet roll each, we packed up the tent and at daybreak (around 7:30 is safe enough to ride) pedaled a flat, straight 14 miles accompanied by constant logging trucks, over to Honey Island, which reportedly had a restaurant. It actually now has two restaurants, because Cynthia Pittman opened up a little deli, store, and grill on the west end of the small town. We rolled up and she was smoking a cigarette on her front porch, and said, sure she could cook us some food even though she didn’t officially open until …

Bike Austin to host pedal to the polls event Oct. 27

Pam LeBlanc


Want to pedal to the polls?
Bike Austin officials will lead a parade of bicyclists on a mile-long ride to an early voting site where they will cast ballots on Oct. 27.
The group will meet at 7:45 a.m. at the Bike Austin offices, 1000 Brazos Street, for coffee and breakfast tacos. From there, they’ll bike to City Hall at 301 W. Second Street.
“I think it’ll be a fun thing to do to encourage people to come out, ride a bike and show power in numbers,” says Mercedes Feris, executive director of Bike Austin. “It shows that people do ride bikes. It shows we have …

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Texas Bicycling News October 19th 2016

Bike to the Beach


Houston Ride
We are creating a community of cyclists, autism advocates, fitnhowess junkies, and beach lovers to make an impact in Houston and cycle for the 1 in 68 diagnosed with autism.
Saturday, October 22, 2016
Start Time: 6:00 AM
Start: 100+ Mile ride: Judson Robinson, Jr. Community Center, Houston, TX [Map]
Finish: Beach Park #2, Galveston, TX
In 2016, Bike to the Beach is hosting its first Charity ride in the Lone Star State. On October 22, 2016, we are biking from Houston to Galveston, TX to raise funds and awareness for autism.
Bike to the Beach is here to empower our community to achieve their goals, surpass their personal challenges, and to raise funds for autism awareness. We are inviting riders who are interested in joining us as we pioneer a new ride. B2B is looking for experienced riders, as we will not provide our usual …

2016 Enchilada Buffet – Saturday, October 22nd


Fill your plate with Austin trail goodness!
The Enchilada Buffet is the annual measuring stick for Austin mountain biking. The EB is a self supported ride covering five local trails and ~85 miles of awesome Austin biking badassness.
Enchilada Buffet 2016 – October 22, 2016
[Rain Dates:October 29, 2016 – November 5, 2016]
Start Time: 6:30AM Rollout
Where: Walnut Creek Parking Lot
You will want to get to the Walnut parking lot early because it will fill up, plus we will have some race details to go over. There isn’t an entry fee because this IS NOT a Race it’s just a great RIDE with great people through some great trails. In the event …

Real Talk Review | Kask Protone Helmet



Video: Jack Brooks MTB Trails south of Houston



I moved to the Houston area back in July and sold my SC Heckler before coming here, thinking I’d have no need for a 6″ bike in Houston. Shortly after moving I was pleasantly surprised to find out about a local trail system at Jack Brooks Park in Hitchcock. I ended up ordering myself a 2017 Whyte 905 and so far have ridden the Jack Brooks trails 5 times.
If you hit all the loops the total distance is just shy of 6 miles without having to repeat any 2 sections twice. That 6 miles will definitely test your endurance though. There are no long climbs or descents, however there are a ton of …

About 1,000 Longview residents walk, bike to work

By Jimmy Isaac


This time of year, when Dewayne Wages hops on his bicycle and rides to his job each morning, the sun barely peeks over the eastern horizon.
His commute takes him about a half hour from his home near Pinecrest Country Club to the city’s public works complex, where he works in the sanitation department.
It’s a distance of nearly eight miles using …

Bike share service seeks funds to set wheels in motion

By Samantha Douty


As bike share programs become a national trend for cities and colleges, UTA officials look to bring opportunity and mobility to campus.
Bike share programs have cruised onto college campuses such as UT-Dallas, UT-Austin and UT-San Antonio. UTA officials sent out requests for bike share sponsorships in June in an effort to bring the program to campus.
Other campuses require students to have a bike share app to reserve a bicycle. The student enters in the bike’s code into the app, uses the bike for as long as they need, then they return the bike to any of several …

Trek and Specialized re-price some 2017 bikes

by Marc Sani


The 2017 season has hardly begun and the industry’s two biggest suppliers — Trek and Specialized — are already re-pricing their bicycles. Specialized prices went up; Trek’s prices went down.
Bicycle Sport Shop’s Hill Abell, who sells both Trek and Specialized bikes, said the pricing changes are modest. “So the playing field is basically back to level as it has been for a decade leading into this model year,” he said in an email.
Specialized, in a letter sent to its dealers, said it will increase wholesale and retail prices across 55 models effective Nov. 1. Most of the …

Southern Tier Part II

By Ann Metcalfe


Navasota to Punkin: Early start to beat the heat, missed turns
Tuesday October 18, 2016, 55 miles (89 km) – Total so far: 207 miles (333 km)
Yesterday was a needed quiet day of rest for us: fine-tuning little annoyances on the bikes, working, laundry, and resting up for the next week. Bikers: don’t bother with any of the restaurants around the Best Western in Navasota except for Erick’s Mexican Restaurant. We had a fantastic meal here, quick and tons of food for a reasonable price.
We were packed and ready to roll this morning by sunrise, 7:30. At breakfast in the hotel lobby we met a trio of men from Florida, Don, Matt, and John, who are doing centuries every day across the country! They passed us in a blur along the road (see picture), but we got a nice shot of them in the breakfast room. They left San Diego in late September, and even supported with no gear, making 100 miles through the desert that time of year is brutal. Matt said the plastic on his arm skins melted in the heat.
We flew along this morning, with a …

This weekend’s rides: Tour das Hugel Recon (@Nelo’s)! Red Horn!

by Thomas


NOTE: remember to save the date and RSVP to our upcoming party on November 6! RSVP here: http://evite.me/ZKFEx1QdWV
Saturday SRC is co-hosting a recon/training ride for the upcoming Tour das Hugel. You don’t have to be doing the actual TdH to do this ride, so come regardless. The ride has been advertised to several ride groups around Austin and will hopefully have a respectable turnout. The route is only about 50 miles (https://www.strava.com/routes/6755415) which will visit some of the highlights of the TdH in a friendly format (likely several different …

Ladies Ride Updates



Since Daylight Savings Time change is Nov 6th, we will be riding through Nov 1st.
Our ‘Call it a Wrap’ party will change to November 15th at 6 PM at my place.
The Halloween Contest on for October 25th so start thinking about a bike friendly costume you could wear.
With it getting dark sooner, please arrive on time. We will leave promptly at 6:15 pm. If you are running late, feel free to park at the …

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