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Walker: My old Schwinn and I will eschew the ride today

by Lynn Walker        www.timesrecordnews.com

WICHITA FALLS, Texas – I will not be riding this morning. Although my black Schwinn and I were one with the wind when I was a kid, I have not been on a bicycle in forty years. I admire people my age who do ride. I admire them from the stands.
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Competition hot at HHH Criterium

by Christopher Collins        www.timesrecordnews.com

WICHITA FALLS, Texas – Round and round they raced Friday evening in the Hotter’N Hell Hundred Criterium, where an Austin man won first place and narrowly beat a racer he considers to be one of the best in cycling.
Michael Sheehan, 25, of Elbowz Racing, took top honors in the 70-rider race that serves as an appetizer to Saturday’s endurance rides.
He stood triumphantly on his bike’s pedals as he crossed the finish line — in his …

Penuela makes most of travels for HHH win

by Jonathan Hull        www.timesrecordnews.com

Diana Penuela traveled a long way to compete in the Hotter’N Hell 100.
She’s making the most of her trip.
Penuela, a native of Colombia, picked up her second win in as many days Saturday, claiming the Women’s Open 100k title with a time of 2:58:54. This after she won Friday’s criterium race, giving her an opportunity to make a clean sweep of all three Women’s Open races when she competes in Sunday’s crit.
“It’s really good,” Penuela said with …

Colin Strickland leads Elbowz to second crown

by Jonathan Hull        www.timesrecordnews.com

Elbowz Racing Team has only one ultimate goal at each race it attends — get one of their members on the top spot of the podium.
Elbowz Racing is 2 for 2 at the Hotter‘N Hell after Colin Strickland won the Men’s Pro 1-2 100-mile race. Strickland’s victory comes on the heels of his teammate Michael Sheehan winning Friday’s criterium race.
Strickland finished the 100-mile course in 4:00:2 — a hundredth of a …

Friday Night Beginner Ride and Reunion – Brushy Creek

Friday, Sep 4, 2015, 6:00 PM

Brushy Creek Sports Park
2310 Brushy Creek Road Cedar Park, TX

2 Mountain Bikers Attending

Hey folks,We will start out on a short little track that is very smooth and easy. (a slight step up from Lady Bird Lake paths) If the group is up to the challenge, we can take on some additional trails with minor climbs and some rougher sections.Pace is as slow as the slowest rider.The terrain can vary from very basic paths to more advanced rock…

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Hotter N Hell 100 Saturday Endurance Ride

The start was different this year. I was in the 100 mile Hopefuls south of 5th Street. The pickup and trailer holding us back waited until the groups in front of us reached the start line before letting us go. Once that happened I clipped in and didn’t stop pedaling like previous years where the groups would bog down at the bridge. I started rolling around 7:25. No fly over this year either. The weather at the start was fantastic from these photo screenshots.

This has to be the most talkative HH100 ride I can remember. In the first few miles Bill Watt rode up beside me and asked if I was Texbiker. I said yes and we started talking for the next 3 or 4 miles. He is a regular reader of Texbiker.net and recognized me from the Texbiker.net jersey i was wearing. After Bill and I separated another rider pulled up on my right and said he overheard some of our conversation and we started talking. I didn’t get his name but he is from Austin and this is his first century. I stopped at the 1st rest stop to take some pictures and he rode on.

After leaving that rest stop I noticed a group of cyclists wearing a Mello Velo Cycling Team jersey and I asked a man where they were from. He said Little Rock. We talked about biking there and the hills west of Little Rock versus the flat lands to the east. Later I saw two women from the team stopped on the side of the road.

I stopped at the second rest stop to take pictures and then left. On the road I caught up with a rider I saw earlier. He wore an Ohio State University jersey with one of those school banners that attach to a car window on his back. I rode up beside him and we talked about the OSU football season and the University of Cincinnati football team. He was from Akron, Ohio and moved to Texas 38 years ago. I told him I was from Zanesville and got here in 1971. We parted on a hill and I headed to the 100K turn to start the 100 mile section. Next stop was Electra where I took a potty break, filled my water bottle and ate some cookies. After leaving another rider came beside on the right and said Stradalli bikes weren’t very good. When I looked over at him I saw he was on an all black Stradalli and we laughed. We talked about the bikes for a mile and then he fell back and I moved forward. Later I saw him again and I told him the same thing and we both laughed again.

Between the 3rd rest stop and the 4th one a man from Kansas city came up to me and asked how to say the name of my bike. I told him and he said he not seen one before. He left home Thursday evening to start the 500 mile drive to Wichita Falls. He camped the first night on the way here. We chatted for several miles before we separated.

It was silent for awhile until I got to the rest area just before Hell’s Gate when I stopped to take pictures. A man pulled up beside me and we started talking. He had a crash earlier when he reached for his water bottle and went over the handlebars. Up until then he had been riding at his best and felt sure he could do the 100 mile route. Now his knee was hurting and numb. I said he should go to first aid but he said t wasn’t bad enough. He was waiting for Hell’s Gate to open. I said he didn’t have to wait because that was the route I was taking. He decided to wait and was still there as I rode away.

From there I took Pete’s Shortcut (75 mile route). Normally riding south along I-44 the wind is in my face but today the wind was from the north and the tailwind made for a fast ride to the next rest stop. I took a break to eat some more cookies, fill my bottle and drink some sport drink. Thankfully all of the rest stops had red sport drink instead of the not very good tasty lemon-lime. After resting a few minutes I was back on the road.

I always look forward to the route through Shepphard Air Force Base. This year the street we normally enter on was under construction so we took a detour and this added a mile or so to the ride. I stopped at the rest stop to call my wife to set up our meeting time at the finish and took another potty break before getting back on the bike for the last 5 miles to the finish. I got there about 1:20. the weather was still nice.

Sadly I saw two events where a rider or more were injured. The first was around 15 miles with an ambulance and two other emergency vehicles assisting. The next was around 49 miles when I came to a place with a biker down in the middle of the road and several other bikers gathered around him. He looked in pain as he moved on the road.

Hotter N Hell Hundred Expo and Criterium Friday

We arrived at the MPEC area around 5:00 on Friday. Searching for a parking space is as challenging as the Saturday endurance ride. We finally tracked down a spot where the occupier was leaving and pulled in as close as we could to the oversize pickup truck in front of us that wasn’t parked too well. Walking to the MPEC building it started to sprinkle a few drops but nothing serious. Once we were inside the hallways were busy and at times difficult to navigate but the signs pointed the way to registration. I preregistered and it was a breeze. After getting number 4465 we went to pickup my rider packet in the main hall. I was behind another person and then I got the bag including the T-shirt.

Leaving that line I walked through official store but didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without. From there we entered into the Expo maze. Below is pictures from the Expo and the women’s criterium race. Click on the image to go to Flickr to see the album.

2015 Hotter N Hell 100

Texas Bicycling News August 28th

Approaching 1000 miles on my new bike

by Ray Garza        rgvcycling.com

Just a quick note that I’m approaching 1000 miles on my new bike, a 2015 Specialized Roubaix SL4 Di. Aside from flats it has been a good ride. I’ll be finishing up a posting with updated information once I hit 1k miles this weekend, if all goes well. knowing me it’ll probably take another two weeks to do the actual write up.

HHH: Bike Business



Thousands of bikers are coming to Wichita Falls for the annual Hotter N’ Hell Hundred. The event brings in not only thousands of people, but millions of dollars into the Wichita Falls economy.
One of the biggest benefactors of the bike race is the various sporting goods stores across town. Bike Stop is a bike specific store that said the HHH helps bring in nearly two to three times more in profits than what’s made during …

Flat Creek Public Ride – Sat, Sep 5 – and call for volunteers!

by TAF        www.bikemojo.com

Developments are afoot at the Ranch. A handful of interested parties have been working with Child Inc to develop ways to help Flat Creek Ranch fund its own maintenance and operations. Other than more frequent public rides when possible, Child Inc have decided to build a self-funded pavilion on the property (right at the trailhead), which will be used for future outdoor events – and which will in turn raise money to keep the place afloat.
So after the next public ride on Sep 5, Rick is hoping that some …

Transporting Bicycles

Pit’s Fritztown News        pitsfritztownnews.wordpress.com

With this post I’m about a week late, because first of all I couldn’t finish it in time before leaving for Port Isabel, and then because our motel, the La Quinta on South Padre Island had an awfully slow WiFi – you could almost see every single byte squeezing itself through – and there Ethernet (cable) didn’t work at all. So I decided not to post anything from there. Which makes for a lot of catching-up I’ll have to do in the next few days. …

Streetwise Cycling Workshop


Go by bike!
Ride safely, legally and confidently in traffic.
Streetwise Cycling Workshops will show
you how!
This course includes:
Classroom traffic theory and essential bike maintenance and repair that includes hands-on practice fixing a flat
Bike handling skill development that includes graduated exercises in a safe, low stress environment to improve rider safety and efficiency
Urban bike ride where you will experience a variety of road conditions that allow you to apply the skills and knowledge garnered from the classroom and skills development modules
The workshop includes lunch on Saturday, basic bicycle fit, bicycle safety inspection and minor adjustments.
Class room size is limited to allow individual attention so reserve a spot today!
The course is taught by League Cycling Instructors (LCI’s) certified by the League of American Bicyclists
Next Available Class:
Saturday, September 19th, 9am to 6pm
Location : Voigt Community Center, 700 El Portal, Hollywood Park, TX, 78232
Cost : $40.00 (discounted rate, normally $65)
Lunch is provided

Tour de Valley to begin UTRGV’s ‘Best Week Ever’

by Frank Garza        www.themonitor.com

Two groups of cyclists will depart from Brownsville and Edinburg and meet in Harlingen on Sunday to promote the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.
The organized participation in the Tour de Valley bike ride is just one of many events in what UTRGV is calling the “Best Week Ever.”
“It was a really exciting thing for the campus to come together with the community in planning this inaugural event,” said Rebecca Gadsom, UTRGV interim associate vice president for student life and dean of students. “There was overwhelming interest in it.”
Two hundred cyclists will be representing …

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