March Wraps Up, Bring on April

The weather lion did not appear on the last bike ride in March. The say goes for March weather “in like a lion and out like a lamb” or the reverse, “in like a lamb and out like a lion.” The weather was great with partly cloudy sky, 84 degrees (home weather station) and a light wind. When I was getting ready to leave on the ride the weather at IAH airport showed some hefty wind from the WSW at 13 mph and 20 mph gusts but this let up by the time I got home.

Weather when I stopped at the Huffman Chevron

Weather when I stopped at the Huffman Chevron

My legs did better today thanks to some Advil and not riding quite as far or over a tall railroad overpass. I rode the usual “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route leaving home at 11:49 and returning at 2:26. I saw two other bicyclists on the west side of Lake Houston on FM1960. They were going west and I was going east. Riding east over Lake Houston was one of the sections I was able to ride at 20+ mph. the rest of the ride I always seemed to be struggling into the wind. I rode 32.6 miles with an overall average speed of 14.8 mph. I slowly built my average speed up to 15.0 mph until I got back into Kingwood. By the 30 mile point it started to go down from all of the starts and stops.

March has been my most active month so far this year. Biking 17 days out of 31 I rode a total of 575.42 miles, averaging 33.85 miles per ride. With today’s ride I made it over the 1,000 miles mark for the year at 1010 miles. I rode 31 days this year so far, for an average of 32.58 miles per ride. Now that I am getting some consistent biking in I hope to get conditioning to the point I was last year. When the yard work lets up I can go for some longer rides too.

April 1st weather looks iffy with 50% chance of rain mid-afternoon. I hope to ride before it arrives.

Texas Bicycling News Digest March 30th

Siclovia draws crowds to Southtown

by Elda Silva

There’s fun galore all along 2.7-mile route
A sailboat inspired vehicle made its way down St. Mary’s St. during Siclovia, a bi-annual outdoor event put on by the YMCA and other sponsors to promote outdoor recreational activities like bike-riding and rollerblading in San Antonio, Tx. on Saturday, March 28, 2015.
As temperatures climbed Sunday afternoon, Janie and Chris Riojas took refuge under a shady tree in Roosevelt Park while a steady stream of kids and adults walked, jogged, biked and skated past on the street nearby.
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GO for a Mountain Bike Ride

Sunday, Apr 5, 2015, 9:00 AM

Collins Park
6727 Cypresswood Drive Spring, TX

1 Bicycle Enthusiasts Attending

Join us every Sunday at Collins Park for a 1hour and a half (approx) ride for beginners and intermediate riders.Ride is 10 milesWe will be on the Cypresswood Trail “Collins Park” – the ride will leave from the parking lot just behind/adjacent to the skate park.Any questions please call us at the store:[masked]Bring a helmet, water bottle, …

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North Texas Mountain Biking

by DFWPiper

Riding at Rowlett Creek Preserve and Squabble Creek in North Texas. Music by Sleeping Bag. …

Travel Rides: Austin

by AaronOnABike

I took a little trip down to Austin, Texas and made sure to get on a bike. We visited a local coffee shop, saw live music, and rented bicycles to see the river trail.

mountain bike wipeout

by Luis Salazar

Mountain biking and road biking in San Antonio TX. O.P Schnabel park and Scenic loop in one day

Concrete Trail Along Trinity River

Bid Date & Time: 04/02/15 2:00 PM
Prebid: 03/24/15 10:00 AM
Solicitation Title: Concrete Trail Along Trinity River
Owner Solic Number: 15-048    Status: bidding    Report: 6200454
Country :United States     State: TX    County: Tarrant
Location: Fort Worth
Set Aside Types: Other Setaside
Scope: Construct approximately 27,000 SF of unbeamed trail at two different locations. The first section is approximately 1,720′ and will need to be 11′ wide. The second section is approximately 750′ and will need to be 11 feet wide.
Notes: A non-mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on March 24, 2014, 10:00 AM CST TRWD purchasing conference room, 600 East Northside drive, Fort Worth, TX, 76106. Deadline for questions: March 27, 2015. Diverse business project goal 20%. Submit request for alternate items not in strict compliance with the bidding documents no later than ten (10) days prior to bid due date. Requests shall be submitted via email
Plans: From CivCast USA/Amtek Information Service, Inc.PO Box 692303, 4001 Sherwood Lane, Houston, Texas 77092, Ph: 713-956-0100. See attached file.
Bond: 2% bid bond
Update Notes: Q&A attached
Owner Type: Public …

The Driveway 03-26-15


Ride along with Elbowz Racing at the Driveway

Breathing In, Breathing Out

Bike Noob

After battling bronchitis for three weeks, a tentative ride on the bike was very welcome. I didn’t go very far or very long — I just wanted to see if I was ready to come back. I think I am.

It didn’t take long into my ride before I became aware of something I don’t think about during my “normal” rides: breathing. My lungs have been so congested these past few weeks that I haven’t been able to take in a deep breath without bursting into a coughing fit. But this time, I could.
My throat was still a bit raw, …

DATES Tax Relief Ride – Round the Lake

Dallas Area Tandem Enthusiasts

When: Apr 15, 2015 06:15 PM
Where: Lake House White Rock Bar & Grill – Dallas
Will you be needing relief from your tax grief? Join us for an evening ride around White Rock. We’ll saddle up at the Lake House and ride two clockwise loops around the lake. If you’re late, start counterclockwise and we’ll meet along the way. This will be a social ride, so no team will be left behind.
After the ride, please join us at the Lake House for drinks and dinner. (Team with the biggest refund buys?) See link below for driving directions, menu, etc.

Ride Start: Lake House Bar & Grill, 7510 E Northwest Highway (at Lawther, behind Dallas Bike Works)
Meet Time: 6:00 PM
Ride Time:  6:15 PM
Ride Leaders:  Ernie & Regina Coose
Distance: Two loops around White Rock Lake with NW Hwy extension = 22 miles …

Fun pics from Sunday’s Blue Mug Ride

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Up and Over the Railroad Tracks

It has been many years since my last ride east of the railroad tracks to Dayton. I couldn’t remember how far it was to Dayton and today was an exploratory ride to see how far it was. I rode over the railroad overpass and on to FM686. This was 20 miles from home and I decided this was far enough on this ride. I believe it is about 6 more miles to Dayton ans my legs were not up to adding 12 miles at this point. I made a wise decision because riding back back home on FM1960 from there the wind and tired legs made it a slow ride. The ride totaled 38.18 miles and it felt like 30 of them was into the wind. Riding east on FM1960 at the the top of the railroad overpass the wind buffeted me and the bike and later on when I returned going west I got it again. Throw in 3 or 4 miles of chip’n seal surface on the shoulder and it was a bumpy ride. The chip’n seal began at the Liberty County line going east. It lasted to the newer surface for the railroad overpass. The east bound shoulder was rougher than the west bound due to the businesses on that side. Lots of loose gravel and other stuff.

I slowly made my way back to Huffman from FM686 and took a rest break. I was hoping my legs would recover some and they did but the wind did not let up. After a couple of snacks and some sport drink I took off on the last 11 miles. Getting up from my seat on the curb under the gas pump canopy at the Huffman Chevron took some extra effort since I was enjoying the sun and the rest. I was hanging in there with the wind coming from my left side. As I reached the beginning of the causeway over Lake Houston the wind seemed stronger but it was probably the lack of anything to break the wind. About 2/3 of the way across the lake I saw another biker stopped working on his rear tire. I stopped to see if he needed any help. He thanked me and said he was okay. Restarting slowly I headed to Atascocita Shores Drive and a right turn that hopefully would put the wind (variable at 6 mph with 16 mph gusts) at my back. From there to home the wind was not so bad as I rode between houses and some trees.

My average speed was pretty low overall at 14.5 mph. At one point as I approached the FM686 turnaround it was up to 15.0 mph.

Partly cloudy skies and 86 degrees made for good riding although when the sun went behind the clouds I was glad I wore a long sleeve jersey.

Weather at the FM686 turnaround

Weather at the FM686 turnaround

Texas Biking News March 29th

Out in the west Texas town of El Paso

Riding with Heyoka

Today’s ride was nice and easy until the end. I started out kind of late, about 8:30. But I had another falling out with my GPS and it sent me looping around Las Cruces looking for the start of the route, so it ended up being 9:00 before I hit the correct route. The weather was cool this morning. It warmed up quickly and the roads were all rural farmland so the ride was pleasant. When I got to Vinton, TX the route went on a great bike greenway that ran along the dry Rio Grande. I made it to El Paso right around 2 pm and then had another 5 miles to go to make it to the bike shop. I think they must have …

HBC Brenham Ride

Houston Bicycle Club

April 18        8:00 AM
Distances 33(B), 40(B), 50(C), 59(C) miles
Varying hills, some require low gears. Quite a nice ride, particularly in the spring when the wildflowers are blooming. Stores at Long Point and Burton. In Brenham, stop at Must Be Heaven (113 W. Alamo) for Blue Bell .

Team McAllen Individual Time Trial Series – Time Trial #1 RESULTS


Memorial to Downtown Market Square Houston and Back MTB Guided Tour

Saturday, Apr 25, 2015, 9:00 AM

Memorial Park
N Picnic Ln Houston, TX

8 Houston Cycling Members Attending

“Memorial to Downtown Market Square Houston and Back MTB Guided Tour”If you’re wondering what to do about that Mountain or Hybrid Bicycle hanging up in the garage, Come out and enjoy the scenic routes to downtown Houston Market Area from Memorial Park.This bike tour will pass through some of our most fascinating and historic places with lush and…

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Tour de Cypresswood Saturday Ride

Saturday, Apr 4, 2015, 9:00 AM

Cypresswood Bike Path
1/2 Block East of Cypress Wood Crossing Blvd. Cypress, TX

5 Houston Cycling Members Attending

Tour de Cypresswood Saturday RideCome out and enjoy the trails of Cypresswood with us.Something to think about:• ” First of all, do not hang your bike up on hooks out of reach. This will make it difficult to take down and maybe an excuse not to ride’.• Second, ” Have your gear in a easy to carry tub or container in your car”.• Third, ” Use a v…

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Cyclists riding to raise awareness of the “silent killer”

By Phil Prazan

AUSTIN (KXAN) – The American Cancer Society estimates more than 20,000 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year and 14,000 others will die. It’s called the “silent killer” because often, doctors find no trace of the cancer until it’s well advanced.
More than 100 Texans joined together Sunday for something that looked like a normal cycling class. However, the event was much more than that. Participants hope to teach us a thing or to about ovarian cancer — something that’s dented the lives of most people on these bikes.
Diagnosed in 2010, Julie Shrell survived ovarian cancer. She hopes to raise both money for research and …

Crowds take over Westheimer as Sunday Streets returns to Houston

By Karen Chen

As the sun claimed high noon, police officers ushered the last few cars off lower Westheimer with whistles and stern fingers. A gang on wheels took their place – biking, roller-blading and scootering through Montrose, crisscrossing the yellow and dotted lines. Pedestrians eyed the empty road suspiciously before straying off the sidewalk onto the thoroughfare.
“We’re walking in the middle of the street!” a boy shouted to his parents, his voice ringing with the unmistakable glee of rebellion.
Discovering the city
Westheimer, so often a tad too narrow and busy experienced from the inside of trucks and cars, was closed between Taft and …

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