Better Legs with 85% Humidity Bicycle Ride

Originally I planned on riding south and to the east until around 10 AM it rained about .12″ . I looked at the weather radar and patches of rain covered the area south of where I would ride. So I waited for the streets to dry off some and chose the “Kingwood – SH 242 – Kingwood” route to the north. I left at 1:02 PM which is a winter start time. The sky was overcast from what I could see at home among the trees but some blue was visible to the north. As I rode west to exit Kingwood the sky to the south and west was dark making me wonder if I would get wet before I got back home.

Arriving at the I-69/US59 north bound service road the south 12 mph wind propelled me to the SH 242 turn around point. I could tell my legs and power were much better than yesterday as I kept my speed at 18 to 19 mph. I was concerned about the ride south though. That same wind would try to slow me down. Surprisingly my legs had the energy to not only hold my speed but I improved my overall average speed to 15.3 mph for a segment before settling at 15.2 mph.

The Valero station on Northpark Drive and I-69/US59 offered an opportunity for a short rest and time to return a phone call I got south of FM 1314. My intent was to buy an apple fritter to eat and use the the sugar to energize me for the final stretch to the finish but they didn’t have any. The stop was short and I rode south.

With the rain and overcast sky the temperature was much cooler than normal at 80 degrees but the humidity was strong 85% which explained why I was dripping in perspiration. While I was standing at the Valero station my arms dripped steadily leaving the concrete wet. My concern about rain returned as a few rain drops hit me as I rode toward Kingwood Drive but that was all that fell.

Making my way through the Kings Manor school traffic I rode a shorter way to get into Kingwood. The next challenge was the Bear Branch Elementary school which was about to let out as I biked by. From there it was about a mile to the finish. I stopped the ride at 3;27 PM. The sky was not quite as dark but the weather radar still showed rain activity in the area. I was glad to be home wet from sweat and not from the rain.

With the 32.2 miles for today I need 191 miles to reach the 6,000 YTD total by the end of September. The weather should be dry and warmer tomorrow for bicycling.

Strava Ride Summary (click on the image to go to

Strava Bicycle Ride Summary

Texas Bicycling News Digest September 20th 2017

Relief workers bring joy to Port Arthur kids

Royden Ogletree |

PORT ARTHUR – Preston Mayfield and his girlfriend, Anna Hall, were volunteering with the Cajun Army in Port Arthur when they noticed another need.
“We were cleaning out, and one of the guys that was cleaning out walked by with a little girls bicycle, and you know it was covered in mold and rust and it was ruined and the little girl said ‘man that was my brand new bicycle.’. We had just gotten those before all of this happened,’” said Mayfield, in Texas all the way from Alabama. “And my heart just sank and she …

EB Training Ride #5 – St Eds & Thumper – Saturday Sept 23rd @ 8am

by CBaron |

I will be leading a pre-ride tour of St Eds & Thumper. Meet at the duck pond in the Arboretum at 8 am sharp. From there the group will ride Old Spicewood to St Eds, then back up to Thumper, and then perhaps the route over towards Walnut Creek.
Depending on attendance and pace, the group may even work on some Thumper “best practices”. Please arrive on time and be ready for some steady pedaling. This will be a longer ride with plenty of advanced technical sections – bring a properly functioning bike, water, food and electrolytes!
If you have any questions or comments, please post them up. …

Video: Join Alex’s Million Mile Challenge to fight childhood cancer

By Karin McCay |

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Have you heard of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation?
It’s a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding cures for kids with cancer.
And since September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, that group is asking everyone to go the distance and join Alex’s Million Mile Challenge.
Dr. Patrick Reynolds, director of the Cancer Center at the Texas Tech School of Medicine, says what began as a lemonade stand for a cancer patient, has turned into a national fundraiser that has raised millions for cancer research.
All they ask is that you log the miles you ride a bike, run or walk during September. He explains, …

Government Canyon –(Mountain Bike)

Friday, Sep 29, 2017, 9:15 AM

Government Canyon
12861 Galm Rd San Antonio, TX

2 Mountain Bikers Attending

We are meeting at Government Canyon for a Mountain Bike ride. We will ride the backcountry Joe Johnston Trail.  The trail is intermediate in a few sections.  There is a fee of 6.00 to enter the park unless you have an annual state park pass.Distance will be about 9 to 11 miles.Beginner Speed of 6 to 10 mphRest Breaks: About every 10 to 15 Minute…

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Texas Bicycling from Twitter

Wind vs Legs Bicycle Ride

Sometimes the legs just don’t have the power you want or expect. Today’s bike ride on the “New Caney – Tavola – Valley Ranch” route was one of those rides. Biking north the wind helped enough to make me think the legs were good but the headwind back to the south told the tale. At the turn around my average speed was a respectable 14.6 mph but from there the wind took its toll and by the end of the 33.5 mile ride it settled at 13.8 mph. Even a short stop at the Stripes station didn’t help. At the finish I was wet from perspiration and my legs were done.

I left at 10:49 AM and finished at 1:24 PM and the weather was consistent for the ride with 90 degrees (74% humidity) at the beginning and 91 (63% humidity) at the finish. The sky was mostly cloudy and the wind was from the south at 9 mph. The way my legs felt I thought the wind was stronger than that.

With the ride I need 223 miles to reach my goal for YTD 6,000 miles by the end of September. I am at 499 miles for September.

The weather forecast for Thursday calls for a 80% chance of rain so biking might be dicey.

Strava Ride Summary

Strava Bicycle Ride Summary

Texas Bicycling News Digest September 19th 2017

Video: Local executive paralyzed in bike crash walks with high-tech help

By Julie Hays |

WACO, Texas (KWTX) A Waco business executive, paralyzed from the chest down after a bicycling accident in 2014, took his first public walk this week surrounded by family, friends and co-workers at the company that not only helped support him emotionally over the last three years, but also gave him assistance in purchasing a very expensive device to allow him to walk.
“The first public walk was after nine months after practicing walking,” Doug Rogers said.
“But it still was nerve wracking because you can …

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Inaugural Dallas Bike Ride Happens In November

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Cyclists will soon have a way of exploring Dallas like never before.
Dallas Bike Ride, a 20-mile closed-road recreational bike ride, happens on Saturday, November 4, 2017.
It’s a family-friendly event where participants can ride leisurely and at their own pace.
The ride will take cyclists around the …

ARR and Storm are preparing for fun at FRR.

Austin Ridge Riders |

Sunday October 15, 9-noon.
In order to get ready for the end of season riding at Flat Rock Ranch we will be clearing a couple of Enduro lines. These lines will only be open for riding the last weeknd of the riding season. They only need to be trimmed and mowed. This day will not be needed if we can complete Oct 1st. Sausage and water provided by STORM.…A%22null%22%7D …

Tuesday/Thursday Camino Rides from Gruene – updated start time of 5:30pm

M_Murphy |

Starting on Tuesday, 26 Sept, the Camino ride that leaves the big Gruene parking lot on Tuesdays and Thursdays will slide back to a 5:30pm start due to daylight shortage. Please share the word if you make these rides.

“Houston Floodmageddon!” update

by the sci guy |

so we had 40.5″ of water in the first floor/garage of the house for roughly two weeks. entire downstairs is a total loss.
all 5 of the bikes were in the garage the whole time. They were standing up on their back wheels with the front wheels on a wall hook, so they were submerged in standing water up to about over the seats (maybe <1/2 of the back of the frame?).
all the cassettes and chains are pure rust. the frames are hopefully salvageable – haven’t had a chance to take any of them to a shop because we also lost our only car. we’re borrowing a clunker jeep wrangler from a co-worker but there’s no room for bikes.
Lost all my bike tools, spare parts, etc. my park tool work stand was ok, just had to drain it out lol.

gonna be a while before we’re back rolling. hoping for the best, and that the frames are ok. it sucks not having a car, but it sucks even more not having my bikes as an alternate. and it sucks even more not having a house. …

Texas State Road Race Championships @ Fort Hood

The future of Texas racing looks strong. Introducing the Junior Men’s 15-16 and 17-18 podiums.

Bike me to the moon: Austin’s B-Cycle pedals 2 millionth mile

by Anusha Lalani |

Pedal-happy Austinites have pushed the city’s bike-share program, B-Cycle, past a new milestone, clocking in 2 million miles ridden on the red bikes, which have become fixtures downtown.
How far is 2 million miles? It’s roughly four round trips to the moon, 808 flights between New York and Los Angeles, or more than 76,000 marathons.
“Two million miles is a huge milestone, and …

Leon Creek — Beginner Speed (Mountain Bike)

Sunday, Oct 1, 2017, 9:15 AM

Leon Creek Greenway – Mainland Trailhead
8198 Mainland Drive San Antonio, TX

2 Mountain Bikers Attending

We will begin at the Mainland Trailhead just off of Bandera Road and then follow the Leon Creek Greenway.  This ride will be on mostly dirt trails and some paved areas.  We will meet by the shelter.Distance: About 12 MilesOur speed will range from about 6 to 10 mph.  I adjust the speed to try to keep the group together.Rest Breaks: About every 1…

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Government Canyon (Mountain Bike)

Saturday, Oct 7, 2017, 9:15 AM

Government Canyon
12861 Galm Rd San Antonio, TX

3 Mountain Bikers Attending

We are meeting at Government Canyon for a Mountain Bike ride. We will ride the frontcountry trails.  There is a fee of 6.00 to enter the park unless you have an annual state park pass.Distance will be about 9 to 11 miles.Beginner Speed of 6 to 10 mphAs with any park we mountain bike there are smooth parts and rocky parts and any part that makes …

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(Road Bike) McAllister Park 15 miles

Sunday, Sep 24, 2017, 9:15 AM

McAllister Park
13102 Jones Maltsberger Rd San Antonio, TX

1 Mountain Bikers Attending

It might rain this Saturday/Sunday so I am scheduling a road bike ride on pavement trails because the dirt trails might be muddy.  If you are an absolute beginner mountain biker this might be a good ride to help start developing some leg muscles and endurance.  The pace will be somewhat casual.  Bring a mountain bike or a road bike or whatever you …

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Bike-Sharing Companies Nice For Some, A Nuisance For Others

By Jeff Paul |

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Two months after the City of Dallas gave the approval of bike-sharing companies like LimeBike, Spin Bikes and V Bikes, it’s clear that people are pedaling.
Spend just a few minutes walking around Dallas and people are bound to spot one of the distinctly-colored bikes.
“Ah they’re everywhere,” said Jake Johnson. “Seems like a …

Houston – Post Harvey Bike Trail and Path Status

sephorous |

I didn’t see this discussed elsewhere, but I figured we could use this thread to discuss which paths are passable and the paths which are not. The attached jpg is the path I take to commute to work.
Some questions I had:
– Is George Bush hike and bike trail open?
– Is the Terry Hershey trail underpass going under hwy 6 open?
– Is the Buffalo Bayou trail underpass going under memorial open?
– Is the Terry Hershey Trail open?
– Is the Buffalo Bayou trail underpass going under i-10 open?
Those are the areas of concern for my commute and I haven’t had a chance to go do a drive-by to check. …

Fort Davis Cyclefest

Pedal Pushers |

It was chilly and still a little wet from overnight rains, hence the blurred line-up picture from my shaking. …

Texas Bicycling from Twitter

New Event Added to Calendar