Last Bike Ride for June

A plain Jane ride to wrap up June’s bike rides on the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route. I was surprised to see another biker as I rode through Sherwood Trails Village in Kingwood. I don’t remember seeing another biker there. Later I saw several other bikers in Kingwood and Atascocita. The weather was a little milder than yesterday thanks to the rain. As I started the ride at 10:32 moving through the air felt cooling even without any perspiration flowing yet. It was 86 degrees under scattered clouds with 76% humidity. The wind was barely moving until I started to ride into it. I rode some different streets and directions while I was still in Kingwood to add some mileage to the ride. The ended up being 33.9 miles long. I thought I added enough extra streets as I neared home to get over 34 miles but I miscalculated.

Nothing unusual along today’s route. I made the typical rest stop at the Huffman Chevron arriving there at 12:08. I took these pictures of the Elemnt screens when I arrived there.

It looked like the breeze was not going to blow through the pump canopy area when I prepared to sit down but then it slowly start moving starting to dry up some of the sweat. I used a lot of paper towels drying my wrist bands and soaking up the beads of sweat on my arms. The newspaper I sat on absorbed some of the moisture from my shorts. When I got ready to leave and picked the newspaper up it was heavier. The 32 oz. PowerAde and snack bars helped recharge me for the 11+ mile ride to home. I got back on the bike around 12:47 and rolled out to FM1960.

The ride back home generally was into the light wind but I still managed to improve the overall average speed. I was back home at 1:37 ready to enjoy the A/C.

My next biking day will be Friday.

Recapping June’s bike activity;

  • 24 riding days
  • average ride was 37.25 miles
  • 975 mile goal, rode 894 miles, 94% of my goal
  • 4,035 miles YTD, 59% of my goal for the year

6-29-2016 June to Date

Inside Texas Bicycling June 28th 2016

Buda Bike Company foundation has been poured. #bikecommunity #bikeshop #thankful

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‘I’m not just going to the Tour to be pack fodder,’ says Craddock

By Cycling News

The 24-year-old from Texas will get his chance this week when Cannondale Pro Cycling lines up in Manche with the best of the best at the 103rd Tour. Craddock will be riding in support of Pierre Rolland’s general classification ambitions, but the team made it clear when it announced the full roster today that Craddock will look for chances to ride for himself. …

Catching up with local Michael Tatalovich on his 4,000-mile cycling journey

Rosalie Spear

Four thousand miles on a two-wheeled, man-powered vehicle. Through harsh desert climates, beautiful, scenic forests and some of the worldӳ top tourist cities, local Michael Tatalovich and 66 other cyclists are having the experience of a lifetime, riding about 80 miles per day to fight a disease that has touched most of our livesأancer. …

New trails added to Trail Status


Hello my friends! For those who use Trail Status, I’ve added another few trails into the mix (Millican Reserve, Lake Bryan West).
If you don’t have Trail Status, it’s an app to receive alerts when conditions change at your favorite trails. Just create an account, star the trails you …

Final Houston Bike Plan Report Released!

On June 20 the Final Houston Bike Plan Report was released and presented to City Council’s Transportation Technology and Infrastructure (TTI) Committee.
During the public comment period ending April 11, the Bike Plan team received 245 comments on the interactive map, 1,240 survey responses, and over 100 written and emailed comments. The final Plan responded to these comments by including an additional 133 miles of proposed bikeway facilities throughout Houston, additional pilot project examples located throughout the City, a bayou access plan, guidance on neighborhood bike planning, and new and revised key recommendations. …

Texarkana hopes bikes will bring people downtown

By KSLA Staff

TEXARKANA, TX (KSLA) – Texarkana, Texas, officials hope viewing their city from the vantage of a bicycle seat will bring more people – particularly visitors – back downtown.
“We want to bring the residents of Texarkana back to the downtown area. We wanted to promote tourism and show what downtown is really about,” city spokesman Heath Coston said. …

Another one bites the dust. FM 428 Denton to Aubrey being chipsealed.


Went out for my morning ride to find a good chunk of the road already ruined with trucks and signage up on the entirety of the road all the way to Aubrey. I called a few offices this morning to ask why they were chipsealing the damn shoulder as they usually do the main center of the road and left the nice concrete shoulder alone. But no more. They said it would be done by the end of today. Gee, thanks.
It isn’t the worst chip seal I’ve ever ridden, but it’s not the beautiful concrete shoulder it was previously. Just thought I would post it up here as I know several clubs in the North Texas area usually roll through there. About 10 miles of beautiful road ruined.

Ride Interview ֠Peach Pedal ֠Parker County

By Jennifer Jones

With events for riders of any experience, novice, to seasoned, what could make Peach Pedal Ride better? Oh, thatӳ rightŠPEACHES!

Speaking with ride coordinator, Susan Sodek, of United Way Parker County, she could not talk enough about the Parker County peaches! This event is unique in the fact that is was added many years to an already great event, the Peach Festival in Parker County. One bonus to the beautiful scenery on the ride is the opportunity to enjoy plump, juicy peaches at the …

Tour de Southern Walnut Creek Trail

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2016, 8:00 AM

Govalle Park
5200 Bolm Rd. Austin, TX

2 Austin Cyclists Attending

Start Time is 8 AM!A D-pace ride (roughly 11 to 13 mph) on The Southern Walnut Creek Trail from the trailhead at Govalle Park up to the Abrupt End at Lindell Lane just north of Decker Lake.  Round trip is about 20 miles.  The trail is paved for the entire distance,with a 1/2 mile hill on the outbound.  We’ll regroup periodically on the outbound an…

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Adventure 1

By Jazael Martinez

Day 40: Good Bye Laredo
Monday May 16, 2016, 70 km (43 miles) – Total so far: 2,115 km (1,314 miles)
Monday monday, after a weekend of mostly rest… it did oddly feel like a monday. Time again to get back to the road, and back to adventure.
I set off right before checkout time at 11 am. Before hitting the real road, the highway that is, I wanted to go to the downtown area and check it out. Also, food… always food. For a moment I thought about crossing the border into Nuevo Laredo, but decided that it’d take too much time to do that and get back to highway 83 at a reasonable time to make any …

Texas Bicycling from Twitter

New Events Added to Calendar

A Strong Chain Link Fence Bike Ride

Recently James Webster sent me a video link of his ride in Patton Village and Roman Forest. This reminded me of a route I haven’t rode since August 18th 2014. My route travels on Tram Road near the east end of Roman Forest. The last time I rode that street I had a problem with dogs so I crossed it off my list for awhile. James said he didn’t have any dog chases on Tram Road though he did run into that problem on side streets in Patton Village. I checked the route map in SportTracks and laid it out in my mind as I was getting ready to leave. I changed a couple of streets but stuck to the majority of the route. Back in 2014 the Grand Parkway construction meant riding north and south of Community Drive required some detours. Now that the construction no causes that problem I could ride the I-69/US59 south bound service road all the way from Splendora to Kingwood Drive without detouring.

I was out the door and started riding at 10:30. The weather was hot, the sky was partly cloudy and the wind was light from the NE. My home weather station just before I started.

6-28-2016 Home Weather Start 1022AM

After leaving Kingwood through Woodridge Forest I stayed on Loop 494 to Roman Forest Blvd. I stayed on Roman Forest Blvd. until I took the loop through Tavola and then followed Roman Forest Blvd. to Tram Road. I stopped at Tram Road and took these photos as an excuse to rest for a couple of minuted before riding north on Tram Road.

From the faded sign and the signs nailed to the tree you can deduce that this is not a high rent district. In the second photo in the upper left is a tiny portion of the front tire of a Ford dually pickup that pulled over when I stopped to take these pictures. I am not sure why they stopped but when I got back on my bike they drove on. Tram Road was not without dogs. As I neared the entrance to Rio Vista, the faded big sign’s subject, 3 very large Great Danes spotted and came running from the house to the road barking furiously. Fortunately for me there was a strong chainlink fence between me and them. They continued to bark and run the fence line until I was out of sight. That was the only dogs on Tram Road.

FM2090 west to Splendora curves several times with tree limbs stretching out over the road. I appreciated the shade to cool off. In Splendora I stopped at the Chevron station to refill my water bottle for the ride south. I stayed a few minutes to enjoy the shade and mop up the sweat with some paper towels. Back on the bike the NE wind helped me ride south improving my average speed. The long stretches of road without stop lights helped. At FM1314 I stopped at the Star Express Exxon to refill my water bottle again. I was feeling strong enough to not take my usual rest break and I was inspired more when I looked to the north and saw the dark sky. The rain in the forecast was coming my way. I quickly ate a Clif bar for energy to ride fast for the 9 miles home. For the first couple of miles I was in the shade from the coming dark clouds but by the time I reached Northpark Drive I was back in the sun. This didn’t last long though. At Kingwood Drive I made the u-turn and rode north to go through Kings Manor into Kingwood. The dark clouds gained on me as I rode east. About a mile from home I felt the first rain drops after hearing some distant thunder. I stopped the ride at 1:26 with rain falling on me. I walked the bike to the garage, wiped it off and went inside as a light rain fell. Maybe if I had skipped the Clif bar in Porter I might have made it home before the rain caught me.

The ride totaled 39.49 miles. This brought my YTD miles to 4001. I am still going to be short of my June mileage goal but I am up 856 miles.

Tomorrow’s weather has a low chance of rain so I should ride.

Texas Bicycling News June 27th 2016

Vietnam veteran cycling from TX to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness

by Mike Mohundro

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) – One man has dedicated his life in trying to get 74 Vietnam veterans’ names put on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C.
Del Francis, a 74-year-old Vietnam veteran who is in the midst of cycling his way from Sulphur Springs, Texas to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness for these 74 men who sacrificed their lives, was making his way through the Heartland on Sunday, June 26.
“It’s very, very rare that we find somebody that is opposed to it,” Francis said. “Almost everybody said ‘well why wouldn’t they be.’ Families of these men drove clear across the …

Spring 2016 Class of Collegiate Academic All-Stars

USA Cycling is pleased to announce the Spring 2016 class of Collegiate Academic All-Stars! The Spring 2016
class of students contains 53 athletes all of whom competed at a USA Cycling National Championships while
maintaining a high academic standard.
Katherine Shields, Spring 2016 Academic All-Star wins the women’s DII crit at road nationals. …

… Road
Bill Ash ֠Midwestern State University
Drew Baldwin ֠Milligan College
Joshua Buchel ֠Midwestern State University …

Austin-based indoor cycling studio opens Woodlands location

Jack Witthaus

Another cycling studio is gearing up for its opening this week in Houston.
Ride Indoor Cycling plans to open its new gym in The WoodlandsҠHughes Landing on June 27, according to a release. The company announced plans in April to open its second Houston-area location this summer. …

4th of July Early Morning Ride

Monday, Jul 4, 2016, 6:30 AM

Ascent Fitness
1911 W Alabama St Houston, TX

3 Cyclists Attending

TBD.  Will do a short morning ride up TC Jester trail

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Advanced Beginner ride @ Walnut Creek 6:15 PM

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2016, 6:15 PM

Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park
12138 North Lamar Boulevard Austin, TX

2 Mountain Bikers Attending

Helmet,. eye protection and water required. 8-10 miles at Walnut Creek. As drive at.6 wheels down at 6:15 pm.Unsanctioned ride. Ride at your own risk.

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Critical Mass Houston

Friday, Jul 29, 2016, 6:30 PM

Market Square Park
301 Milam Street Houston, TX

2 Houston Cycling Members Attending

The Houston Critical Mass is a bicycling event held on the last Friday of every month. We meet up at Market Square Park in downtown Houston around 6:30pm.Go to the Critical Mass Houston website to get all the ride info.  This is a must before you ride.  Lots of good info about the ride. Mass Houst…

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Georgetown Cyclopaths

Short Rides Long Rides
Day Date Time Meet at Miles Map Miles Map

Saturday 7/2/2016 8:00 AM Catholic Church in Andice 33 miles A7 44 miles A8
Sunday 7/3/2016 9:00 AM Berry Springs Park 32 miles B25 43 miles B50

Saturday 7/9/2016 8:00 AM Bertram Elementary School 43 miles BE1
Sunday 7/10/2016 9:00 AM Berry Springs Park 33 miles B27 46 miles B16

Saturday 7/16/2016 8:00 AM Dale’s Essenhaus Restaurant in Walburg 32 miles WA11 46 miles WA12
Sunday 7/17/2016 9:00 AM Berry Springs Park 32 miles B39 42 miles B8

Saturday 7/23/2016 8:00 AM Union State Bank in Florence 34 miles F2 43 miles F3
Sunday 7/24/2016 9:00 AM Berry Springs Park 32 miles B60 38 miles B67

Driver Collides with Boy on Bike Crossing Bell Street

By Brandy Ramirez

A boy, approximately 10 to 12 years of age, went to the hospital this evening after a driver collided with his bike as he crossed Bell Street. …

Kids are stars of Red, White and Rockin’

By Brian Hernalsteen

Mansfield is adding something new to this year’s Fourth of July celebration, and it will combine three favorite summer outdoor activities for the kids.
On Saturday, Mansfield will host its inaugural Red, White and Rockin’ Kids Triathlon for ages 6 to 15.
The event will host the normal three events for a triathlon; swimming, biking and running, but will feature a shorter course to give kids the chance to complete their first …

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