Texas Bicycling News and Blog Digest April 16th

10th Annual Tour de Pink Bike Ride Open for Registration


SOFTLAYER presents the 10th annual Tour de Pink bike ride benefiting Pink Ribbons Project Sunday, September 14 at Prairie View A&M University. Tour de Pink is the first bike ride in Texas to solely benefit breast cancer awareness and education.
“We are thrilled to open tourdepink.org for registration,” Kristi Okwuonu, Pink Ribbons Project Executive Director said. “For 10 years, Tour de Pink has raised lifesaving funds for breast cancer services and provided access to screening, diagnostic services and support for underserved women and men in Houston.”
Routes for all levels ranging from 12 to 100 miles wind through the back roads of Prairie View, Waller, Hempstead, Hockley, and other sites along US 290. Online registration is open for $30 through September 7 at tourdepink.org. Cyclists are required to raise $125 in pledges to support mammograms and follow-up services for underinsured…

Slow but steady

Bicycle Retailer

The latest landmark report from the Alliance for Biking & Walking shows a steady increase in bike commuting nationally.

Trail Steward Positions Available

Austin Ridge Riders

The Austin Ridge Riders has been granted the legal authority by the City of Austin to take over the off-road trail stewardship for the trails at:
Balcones District Park
St Edward’s Greenbelt
Attached is the ARR Trail Steward Guidelines that will give you a good picture as to what would be expected of…

Walnut Wednesday Workday

Austin Ridge Riders

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 – 17:30 – 20:00
ARR is back in the trail work business!  We have our insurance certificates and are getting back to work.
What:  Walnut Wednesday Workday
When:  Wednesday, April 23rd from 5:30PM to 8:00PM
Where:  Meet in the pool parking lot
What will we be doing:  We will be working on a…

Woman convicted of killing Horizon City bicyclist in 2009

By Adriana M. Chávez / El Paso Times

Jurors may determine a punishment Thursday for a woman convicted Wednesday of hitting and killing a bicyclist in 2009.
Araceli Nava, 29, was convicted of manslaughter in the Aug. 29, 2009, death of bicyclist Gustavo Vega, 47. Nava faces two to 20 years in prison but is eligible for probation.
Jurors began deliberating about 2 p.m. Tuesday but were sequestered after deliberating for about three hours. They announced they had…

Council members’ new bicycle task force aims to finish what 2011 bike plan started (and kill Dallas’ helmet law)

By Robert Wilonsky        cityhallblog.dallasnews.com

At 6 this evening a handful of Dallas City Council members and other cycling advocates will meet at Main Street Garden for a short bike ride to Dallas City Hall, where they’ll hold The Official First Meeting of the Dallas Bicycle Task Force. Among those scheduled to attend: council members Philip Kingston, Scott Griggs, Adam Medrano and Lee Kleinman; members of the Bike Friendlies around town; and reps from Downtown Dallas Inc.
The task force was the council members’ idea, born out of frustration with the slow roll-out of the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan, which, after many public hearings, demanded “wide-spread use of bicycles as an accepted and practical form of transportation, recreation and exercise” while calling for “a safe, efficient, connected bikeway system for all of Dallas, used by people of all ages and abilities, including a range of…

Three Guys in West Texas – “Tom’s Ride”

By Richard Cavin – www.crazyguyonabike.com

Introduction: My First Tour – West TX (El Paso, TX to Bracketville, TX)
Saturday March 1, 2014
OK, a little about me. I’m a 60 year old engineer/technology professional. A native Texan that currently lives in deep south Texas, five miles from the border of Mexico.
In 2010 I lost my wife of almost 30 years to heart failure. It was a major event in my life to say the least, may she rest in peace. After about 6 months I realized I needed to find new hobbies other than work to move forward with my life. After trying a few things I “stumbled” into cycling around May 2011. After almost 20,000 miles of cycling I embarked on my first tour….and cycling has been such a blessing for me for numerous reasons.
Even though 95% of my bike miles are on a carbon road bike I’ve been very interested in touring since becoming a warmshowers host (www.warmshowers.com) in 2012 and reading many journals on www.crazyguyonabike.com (CGOAB). Late in 2013 I bought a brand new Surly LHT with disc brakes and some touring gear, after extensive research.
I have a good cycling friend in Houston named Fred. Late in 2013 he invited me on a tour from El Paso, TX to Houston, TX with two other friends. Since I had just ordered my touring bike I accepted the invitation. Those two other friends are Tom and Roy. I like to call this tour “Tom’s Ride” since it was really his passion. Since I am employed spending three full weeks of vacation was not an option; I decided to opt in for only the first week of the tour….thus the El Paso, TX to…

2014 Bent Wheel Bash – Abilene Mountain Bike Race

Turnin’ Cranks

My Cat2 40-44 mountain bike race video from 2014 Bent Wheel Bash in Abilene, Texas.
Race Report: http://www.turnincranks.com/2014/redemption-or-how-abilene-buck-trails-got-their-balls-back/
Finished 4th place
I didn’t get my GoPro mount properly installed so by the end of the race it was just flopping all around my handlebar.
Was a fun race and the Buck Creek Trails are a lot of fun. I was happy the race organizers put more of the technical nature of the trails into the race course. Made for an…

Biking like a woman

by Elly Blue        Taking the Lane

A couple months ago, a man explained to me that he believes in the fashionable biking movement because it allows women to still feel feminine while they ride a bike, thus demolishing one barrier to getting around on two wheels. I’ve heard this from women as well in the past and thought “well, to each their own taste” and moved on. Hearing it from a man caused me to stop and think about that use of the word a bit more critically.
My main thought was—what does it even mean to be feminine on a bicycle?
So I asked Twitter, and a big, sloppy interesting conversation ensued. Sarah Goodyear took it and ran with it, asking a more open-ended question and getting a lot of long form answers, which she’s posted at The Atlantic Cities today.
It’s fascinating to read the responses (the comments are pretty good too). They’re all over the map. The common thread in the responses is pretty clear (though hardly unanimous): Femininity…

A Lot is Riding on it

Dallas Cycling Trail Riders and Weekend Pub Crawlers

Friday, April 18, 2014    4:30 PM
The Lot
7530 East Grand (at Gaston), Dallas, TX (map)
This is a Good Friday ride. If your off work or want to play hookie, come join us for a couple of laps around White Rock lake for the afternoon. We’ll probably break into smaller groups by pace speed.
It is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous weather for the day with little or no wind and…

Pedernales Falls State Park TRAIL BUILD & RIDE!

The Austin Mountain Bikers Meetup Group

Monday, April 21, 2014    8:00 AM
Pedernales Falls State Park
2585 Park Road 6026, Johnson City, TX (map)
meeting/staging area will be on CR 201 just east of the power sub-station where the northern most pipeline corridor (labeled “UTILITY R.O.W” on the map) runs next to CR 201. Parking/meeting/staging area: Lat: Lon: 30.281390,-98.236130
Pedernales Falls State Park TRAIL BUILD & RIDE!
Build and RIDE NEW TRAIL that Austin Ridge Riders is building at the park.
EARN PAYDIRT!  Bring your forms.

Our first BP MS150 – From Houston to Austin to Support the MS Society

the surly biker

So this past weekend was the BP MS150; the largest fund raiser for the MS Society in Texas, and one of the biggest cycling events in the country. It was an amazing and ass-numbing experience. Riding with over 13,000 other riders in part of such a prestigious event was definitely a great feeling. We’re already thinking about next year’s ride.
This was our first huge ride. I’ve done a few smaller sponsored rides in the past few months, but this was the first really large event. I was


pretty sure I was ready, but I know my wife was not. Between moving to Houston and starting her full time job, and finishing her masters thesis, she had little to no time to train like I did. But she’s stubborn and was going to  give it her best; and she did. Aside from not being able to…

Our first BP MS150 – From Houston to Austin to Support the MS Society

the surly biker

So this past weekend was the BP MS150; the largest fund raiser for the MS Society in Texas, and one of the biggest cycling events in the country. It was an amazing and ass-numbing experience. Riding with over 13,000 other riders in part of such a prestigious event was definitely a great feeling. We’re already thinking about next year’s ride.
This was our first huge ride. I’ve done a few smaller sponsored rides in the past few months, but this was the first really large event. I was

pretty sure I was ready, but I know my wife was not. Between moving to Houston and starting her full time job, and finishing her masters thesis, she had little to no time to train like I did. But she’s stubborn and was going to  give it her best; and she did. Aside from not being able to…






















Event Reminders



Didn’t Cross the County Line

Back on the bike today after not riding yesterday due to the cold front. I wanted to add a few of the miles I missed on Monday when I had to cut the ride short because of the incoming weather. Riding to Huffman was the plan but I altered the route by going north on E. Lake Houston Parkway, Smith Road east to FM2100, and north to Huffman-Eastgate Road. Huffman-Eastgate took me to FM1960 at the Liberty County Line. I figured this route would be 34 miles or so. The actual distance was 35.43 miles. I averaged 15.4 mph which was higher than I expected maybe because the SSE wind had a biting chill to it and I wanted to drive up my body heat. Riding this direction is the reverse of how I usually ride. I wondered if this would bring out some dogs that I slide past when I go the usual direction but none of them appeared. As I rode I was thankful for the many streets and roads I ride and the lack of dogs chasing me.

Yesterday the weather was windy with the temperature hovering in the low 60′s in the late afternoon. Today when I first started at 1:05 I wondered if I dressed heavy enough to combat the 65 degrees and biting wind. The cold fronts roll through and go out into the gulf where they hit the wind and then move back ashore to give us another dose. The sky was a little cloudy which did not help me stay warm. I wore shorts, leg warmers, short and long sleeve jerseys and a windbreaker. I did not realize I was perspiring so much until I stopped at the Huffman Chevron and opened my windbreaker to get the snacks. The bottom of my jerseys in the back were dripping wet. When I got home at 3:55 I noticed my gloves were soaked next to the jacket cuffs. Surprisingly my bandana was not wet all over.

I had a small scare riding west over Lake Houston on FM1960. As I neared the west side of the lake I ran over the edge of a rock and the rear tire made a loud crack as it shot the rock away. This made a lot more noise than when I had my pinch flat the other day. This time the noise was all that happened and the tire stayed at full pressure.

April miles are adding up to my 778 mile goal. After today’s ride I am up to 414.56 miles. The week totals 51.45 miles and year to date is 1674 miles.

The weather is slowly recovering from the cold front. Thursday it should be 74 degrees and partly cloudy. Riding should also be in the forecast.

Link to RideWithGPS metrics and map.

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Texas Bicycling Digest of News and Blogs April 15th

Help Bike Austin plan its strategy at May 3-4 summit

By Pam LeBlanc        www.austin360.com

Feel safer pedaling in bike lanes? Wish your favorite restaurant had a bike rack? Want a hand in shaping the future of cycling in Austin?
Bike Austin is hosting a summit May 3-4 to plan its strategy for the next three to five years. The new organization, created by a merger between the Austin Cycling Association and Bike Austin, is dedicated to…

2014 Hillacious Bike Tour

Don Bynum’s Blog

It is always good news when a new organized ride crops up out here in the Texas Hill Country.
The first ever annual Hillacious Bike Tour, seemingly put on and supported by just about every human being in Lampasas County, was held Saturday April 12 and from my perspective it was very successful.
Saturday morning my riding buddy, John Chalmers, stopped by my place and we stuck my Catrike in the bed of his truck beside his new carbon fiber prostate crusher then drove about 40 minutes to the Lampasas Middle School on the South end of town, where the ride was to start.  There were several different length routes to choose from.  John and I considered the 70 miler but in a…

City Cycling/TS101 Classroom

Austin Cycling Association

Riding in traffic is smooth when you’re prepared with the knowledge and skills to avoid potential conflicts.  In the City Cycling/TS101 class, you will learn where to ride safely on the street, how to be visible and predictable to motorists and where to position yourself at intersections.  Even if you are an experienced cyclist, you will be surprised at how much you did not know about safe cycling.  This in-class lecture will cover the following topics:
The Bicycle–Parts
Maintenance Basics
Clothing and Equipment Basics
Bicycle Handling Basics
Your Role in Traffic
Avoiding Crashes
Hazard Avoidance Maneuvers
Riding Enjoyment
All classes are taught by…

Maypearl to Ennis Bike Overnight Bluebonnet Tour

Lone Star Cyclists

Date: Saturday, April 26, 2014 – 8:30am
Sunday, April 27, 2014 – 8:30am
Ever wanted to get on your bike some Saturday and just keep going? Then join us for a Bike Overnight on April 26 and 27 (Saturday and Sunday). We’ll ride 60 miles from Maypearl to Ennis and stay overnight in a hotel. Soft beds, hot showers, room service… well, room service is just a dream, but you get the picture! There are several restaurants to…

Walnut Wednesday Workday

The Austin Mountain Bikers Meetup Group

Wednesday, April 23, 2014    5:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park
12138 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX (map)
ARR is back in the trail work business!  We have our insurance certificates and are getting back to work.
What: Walnut Wednesday Workday
When: Wednesday, April 23rd from 5:30PM to 8:00PM
Where: Meet in the pool parking lot
What will we be doing:  We will be working on…

Nate for the Win!

Diane Goggins,Campaign Owner        fundly.com

Nate Aikele is a competitor in every sense of the word. He works hard, studies hard, rides hard and for sure plays hard. He makes goals and accomplishes them by giving everything he has, and then digging deeper to give even more. He keeps Christ as his rock and has unwavering faith in God. He is an incredible brother, uncle, son, athlete, student and doctor (almost).
On Thursday, April 10th, Nate was participating in a cycling race in Austin, TX called The Driveway Series. The course consisted of a route that had two sharp U-turns right before the finish line. After circling around the course multiple times, he prepared to finish strong with a win. He was out in front of the other cyclists when he looked over his right shoulder to…

Energy Corridor Bike to Work Day


When: May 15, 2014 @ 6:30 am – 7:30 am
Where: Terry Hershey Park Gazebo
15200 Memorial Drive
Houston, TX 77079
Cycling groups now forming at Energy Corridor companies; lunch-and-learns workshops available to provide guidance
14-APR-9-bike-to-work-posterRiding a bike to work can refuel the soul, improve health and reduce traffic. And one way to experience bicycling commuting is The Energy Corridor District’s 10th annual Bike to Work Day Thursday, May 15, when groups and solo riders from all compass points pedal to work into The Energy Corridor.
Amid a sea of colorful bikes and jerseys, the dawn ride ends at the Terry Hershey Park gazebo for a celebration of cycling, with raffle prizes, giveaways, plus food and…

Keep Those Knees In!

Bike Noob

Back when I started riding, I was with a friend who was an experienced biker, taking a few laps on the Veloway. At one point, a young woman passed us, and my friend picked up the pace to stay close to her. This surprised me, because this particular friend isn’t interested in women.
I caught up to him, and he said, “I wanted to see her position on the bike — if she kept her legs in. She does. Looking good.”
“A good rider keeps the knees close to the top tube,” he replied. “Some people ride with their knees sticking out to the sides.”
Uh, guilty as charged. When I walk, my feet splay out a bit. I even have…

Highlights from the 2014 Lancaster Country Ride

Greater Dallas Bicyclists

The Greater Dallas Bicyclists hosted our annual bike rally in Lancaster, TX on April 12, 2014. This year’s Lancaster Country Ride had 1158 registered riders who braved gusty winds on the 23, 42, and 62 mile routes. The 42 and 62 mile routes included Sugar Ridge Road, which is part of the Bluebonnet Trails Festival. The bluebonnets did not disappoint this year. There were masses of them along the roads.
Rally Director Brenda Barnell praised the GDB club member volunteers who worked at the rally. “It truly warms my heart to see so many people (red shirts!) working together to make a huge rally very safe, friendly and fun for so many cyclists! Without each and…

Charter Reserve Stage Race Results

Tyler Bicycle Club

Charter Reserve Stage Race Results spreadsheet

Buck Creek Trails – Not my A game

Turnin’ Crank

Joe’s Austin Rattler Recap

Texas Mountain Bike Trails

We received two Austin Rattler recaps to publish on the website, both with very interesting stories about the event and also some takeaways on what to expect and how to better prepare yourself for a race of this nature. Today we get Joe Tegerdine’s inside scoop on his first experience at Rocky Hill ranch and the great Austin Rattler race.
The Austin Rattler MTB is a 62-mile race organized by Lifetime Fitness and held at the well-known Rocky Hill Ranch in Smithville, TX (about 40 miles east of Austin). It is part of the Leadville Race Series and can earn you a spot in the famous Leadville Trail 100 either through a qualifying time or lottery entry.
Overall, I really enjoyed the race. I have heard a lot about the great riding at Rocky Hill Ranch so it was nice to finally get down there and get a taste of what it has to offer. The course was a 15-mile loop that consisted of about 50% dirt road and 50% single track. I thought is was a bit heavy on the flat single track side, but the more technical riding in the…

Will road biking help your mountain biking skills, speed and overall performance?

by Shawn McAfee        Texas Mountain Bike Trails

That’s the question we are looking at in this week’s Bearded Bike Tip Monday.
You hear this from people all the time that road cycling will help their overall mtb…

April 19th and 20th Rides!

Steiner Ranch Cycling

Last Saturday’s ride had a great turnout.  We had 18 riders and we even had a couple people visiting us from Dallas. About 6 of us did a shorter 38 mile ride and the rest did the Dam Loop.  All in all a great Saturday ride.
Last Sunday we had about 7 people turn out for the ride but I think the turnout was a little low because there was a risk of rain and the ride was competing with the 10/20 run.
Riding Kits should be here soon for those that qualified or bought one.  We will keep you posted and will organize a kit party to hand out our new SUPER HERO kits….  You are guaranteed to ride faster after…

Ouachita Challenge 2014

Neilson Development Racing Team

Last weekend, 4 Devo members made the trip up to Oden, Arkansas to race the Ouachita Challenge. This is a 60 mile mountain bike race covering pavement, gravel roads, and sections of both the Ouachita and Womble trails. The race is characterized by lots of rocks (usually accompanied by lots of flats), and tough climbing.
After the long drive up Saturday morning, we all went out for a preride to check out the trail conditions. We got in some good climbing, as well as some fun descending. Our BMCs were awesome on the…

Risking Rolling My Wheels Over Fort Worth’s Mallard Cove Park’s High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline

Durango Texas

Last night we were warned that the temperature could possibly dip to the freezing zone.
I was under blankets last night for the first time in awhile, but, when I woke up my temperature monitoring devices this morning, I saw that the pre-dawn temperature was several  degrees above freezing.
Yet somehow this morning there appeared to be frost on the roof that I gaze upon during…

Through the Ringer: the Castell Grind


The Castell Grind held earlier this month was billed as a “gravel grinder race in the Texas hill country.” And while not everyone raced the event, some taking the time to enjoy the remarkable scenery and peaceful dirt lanes, there were those riders that decided to test their mettle over either the 100k (62 mile) or 50k (31 mile) courses. Regardless of planned pace, everyone there was unsure of what to expect, even if they had the experience of the Holey Roller under their belt.
The appeal of a gravel grinder is that there’s a little something for everyone. For those that want to get after it a bit, it’s a race, while for others it’s a ride. For racers, it eschews the formalities of a sanctioned event, with a “winner take all” approach for the men’s and women’s fields (there are no categories or age groups). For riders it presents unique challenges in that courses are generally unmarked and there are…

SAPD Bike Patrol plays crucial role during Fiesta


New Events Added to Texbiker.net Calendar


I got a laugh from the video with Lance changing a tube.

Event Reminders

Texas Cycling News and Blog Digest April 14th

Ride Report: BP MS150 Houston to Austin

by dstrong            www.bikeforums.net

Does anyone even do ride reports anymore??? Well, here’s one.
This ride has been on my “cycling bucket list” since I started road biking almost 8 years ago. This year I finally committed to doing it and had a friend of mine hook me up with a solid team out of Houston, Team Fugro (an energy industry company…I still don’t know what they do).
What a nice way to spend a weekend! The support staff for the team was fantastic and eliminated all the concerns I had from a logistics standpoint.
I began packing Thursday afternoon after working out a packing list over the last month. There were a few last minute changes due to the weather forecast (all “cold weather gear” was eliminated, as was the rain jacket) but the list performed well. This is what I ended up with:
Click image for larger version.  Name: Packed and ready to go.jpg  Views: 5  Size: 65.9 KB  ID: 374665
The big purple bag was my “Overnight in La Grange bag” and went straight on to the team truck when I arrived in Houston. The other two bags went with me to my hotel, about 1/2 mile from the Omni (main event hotel).
My daughter took me to downtown Austin Friday morning around 11:30 to catch an MS150 bus to the Omni. My bike was put on a…

National Bike Month

The League of American Bicyclists

May is National Bike Month, sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists and celebrated in communities from coast to coast. Established in 1956, National Bike Month is a chance to showcase the many benefits of bicycling — and encourage more folks to giving biking a try.
Whether you bike to work or school; ride to save money or time; pump those pedals to preserve your health or the environment; or simply to explore your community, National Bike Month is an opportunity to…

Tuesday: Intermediate/Advanc­ed Mountain Bike Ride at the Ant Hills

Houston Cycling Club

Tuesday, April 22, 2014    6:15 PM
15200 Memorial Dr, Houston, Te (map)
Look for group and ask if it’s us! call me, Jeff @ [masked] if you have any questions or are going to be late.
This will be a medium to fast pace ride through the Ant Hills of Hershey Park! Bring WATER, spare tube/tire, snacks, etc…Helmets required. Call if you are going to be late so…

Anthills Trail Work Party


Event category: General
Trail: The Anthills (Terry Hershey Park)
Saturday, April 19, 2014 – 8:30am
It is spring again and everything is growing so it is time for a bit of trail trimming! Items on the agenda for Saturday include trimming the trails, removing a couple of downed trees and putting some more armoring on the trail near the Dairy Ashford bridge. We will meet up at the Dairy Ashford parking lot (SE corner of Dairy Ashford and Buffalo Bayou). The work party will start at 8:30 am. This is a good time to earn some PayDirt hours. Please bring your favorite gloves, water and your loppers. Please…

Redemption, or how Abilene Buck Trails Got Their xxxx Back

Turnin’ Cranks

After my displeasure with the route decision for the course last year, I had all but written off making the trip up to Abilene this year. After hearing they had added some technical sections back to the route, I decided to make the trip up.
Assuming some of the good techy stuff had indeed been added back to the course, making it less of a hammerfest and more of a balanced trail, I figured I would have a decent shot at a strong finish. Abilene is typically a lighter raced venue so with the lower numbers, and a course that favored my style, I knew I could have a good result with a smooth ride. Who knows, maybe a top 5 would be in the cards?
I drove up to my Dad’s on Friday which is just an hour or so away. On Saturday I drove over to the venue to check out the course, planning to pay particular attention to the trail on any…

Carrollton Cycling

Downtown Carrollton ride will start Saturday April 18th at 8:00 am

Registration Available Now: BikeTexas KidsKup at DORBA Prayer Mountain Pedal


Saturday, April 26
Big Cedar Wilderness Trails, Dallas, TX (map)
Save time on site – pre-register below!
Directions & Parking:
From I-20:
Exit Mountain Creek Pkwy
Travel South, then turn left on Wheatland. Turn left on Christie Lane, then right on Isom Lane. Turn left to enter parking area.
Registration is at 12 and racing is at 2. …

See cycling differently on April 25 and 26


Friday April 25 BikeHouston kicks off its Membership drive with the unique BLINK event in downtown Houston. Gather at OKRA around 6.30 pm to learn all about making music with your bike. For more details, information and tickets go to our Facebookpage or the Event Calendar.
Children cycle too
Saturday April 26 BikeHouston shows cycling is great fun for the whole family. Come at 9 am to…

Prosecutors: Driver had been drunk, using phone before hitting bicyclist in Lower Valley

By Adriana M. Chávez / El Paso Times

Prosecutors allege Araceli Nava was impaired, distracted before 2009 accident
State prosecutors allege a 29-year-old woman was drunk, tired, lost and using her cellphone when she fatally struck a bicyclist nearly five years ago in the Lower Valley.
Defense attorneys for Araceli Nava, who is charged with intoxicated manslaughter and manslaughter, argued prosecutors can’t prove that intoxication alone caused the death of Gustavo Vega, 47.
Nava’s trial began with opening statements Monday morning in the 346th District Court. If convicted of intoxicated manslaughter or manslaughter, Nava faces two to 20 years in prison.
During opening statements, Assistant District Attorney Curtis Cox told jurors Vega was an avid…

Bike ride

Katy Bicycle fun riders

Sunday, April 27, 2014    9:30 AM
George Bush Park
20710 Westheimer Parkway, Katy, TX (map)
Meet at the large parking lot, by the soccer fields.
We will ride in the park. 6 or so miles!

Senor Chachos Lunch Ride

Dallas Cycling Trail Riders and Weekend Pub Crawlers

Saturday, April 19, 2014    10:00 AM
Senor Chachetes (formerly Senor Chachos and Luna De Noche)
7602 N Jupiter Rd, Garland, TX 75044, Garland, TX (map)
Ask for CW Karstens
I was interested in the Ozona Lunch Ride but, there was more interest than comfort will allow.  I would like to lead this comparable ride starting and ending at Senor Chachetes on April 19th.  Meet time is 10:00am and launch time is 10:15am.
We will ride from Senor Chachetes to the corner of Coit and Campbell (UTD) and back again, 16 mile ride.  We will traverse the Sherrill Park Golf Course Public Trail, Lookout Park, Spring Creek Natural Area and the Renner Bike Trail.  Come back to…

MIT maps Austin bike wrecks, worst routes

by KATIE FRIEL / Culture Map        khou.com

When many of us think of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we imagine rooms filled with smart students, brilliant janitors who solve complex math equations in secret, and research done by the world’s leading minds. You Are Here, a project from the Social Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab, is taking those brilliant minds and matching them with artists and designers to turn data into visual illustrations of a city’s culture.
Every day for the next year, the folks behind You Are Here will create one interactive map of a city that they’ve either lived in, or simply just love. According to the website, the team is primarily focused on creative and…

Weekend Warriors: Train like Olympians


More and more Americans are on a quest to get fit—biking, running, swimming, and even competing in marathons and triathlons. But more often than not, most weekend warriors don’t know the limits of their abilities.   Now, there is a new program that can get them the same advice and workouts as professional athletes.
25-year-old Julian Kyer is a serious cyclist who wants to constantly test his limits.
“I’m competitive about it,” Kyer told Ivanhoe.
Now, with the help of a program at the university of Colorado’s Health and Wellness Center, Kyer undergoes a…

Race timed by john.gonzales’s iPad

San Angelo Bicycle Association

Thursday, April 10, 2014 6:39 PM (GMT-5)
I don’t think the road TT results from last Thursday ever got posted. Here they are …. little slower than normal but it was an UGLY wind day.

This Weekend Rides:

San Antonio Ccycling Club

Saturday, April 19th,
Bill Miller Ride
9:00 AM
Today’s ride will be a 28 mile loop and includes the very hilly and challenging Hwy 211. Note: Hwy 211 is not suitable for beginners.. Maps will be available for those riding on their own. Map W2. Lunch at Bill Miller’s. Ride Leader for the 28 mile loop, Jim 210-845-7660. Guests riders are welcome.
Sunday, April 20th,
Kirby Ride from Lupitas, 26 or 36 miles.
9:00 AM
Meet in parking lot next to Lupitas Mexican Café for an easy 26 or 36 mile moderate paced group ride. Map # E1. This ride has rolling to medium hills, but suitable for intermediate riders. Shorter route available. Ride Leader: Vern, 210-275-5637.
Directions: Take IH 10 East to Loop 410. Left (North) on 410 to FM 78 Exit. Right on FM 78 (Old Seguin Rd) for about 1 mile. Lupitas is on right hand side, beyond DQ, and next to the Bank.

Tyler Grit and Glide

Tyler Bicycle Club

The Second Annual Tyler Grit and Glide, a dual cycling event.
Benefiting ForTheSilent.org
Date & Location: October 26, 2014 at Faulkner Park, Tyler, TX.
Registration on BikeReg
Race Description: Race 2 stages, mountain and road bikes, All for one combined time. To help victims of human trafficking.
From the imagination Rico Vazquez, In partnership with the Tyler Bicycle Club, Elite Bicycles and Simpsons Adventure Sports, comes a dual cycling event. Designed to bring the sport of mountain and road biking in one combined and timed event. Faulkner park offers technical hard packed really fast, 6.5mile single track and a great closed loop 2 mile road course with challenging climbs and quick downhillsprints. Beginner friendly yet plenty of challenge for those who can push the pace. This ids the site for the annual 4 hour race also. Dual cycle competitors will have the option of entering either the Expert class( 2 tail laps and 20 mile road course) or Novice class( 1 trail lap and 10 mile road course). There is also 2nd option to compete in the solo class (only one course and style of riding) for those who do not have both…

Mt. Selman four mile Time Trial Results April 10th

Tyler Bicycle Club

Results ETT/TBC 4mi TT, April 10, 2014
In order of finish
1. Seth Cooke 6:25.43, 37.42 mph av.
2. Chuck Lafferty 6:40.92, 36.00 mph av.
3. Nathan Lesniewski, 6:49.71, 35.21mph av.
4. Clay Emge, 7:01.44, 34.22mph av.
5. Michael Rodriguez, 7:05.15, 33.89mph av.
6. Will Hughes, 7:13.93, 33.28mph av. ….


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