Rain Recovery Underway

A change in direction on today’s ride. I rode to the northwest on the “Oakhurst – Cumberland – Valley Ranch” route. As I traveled the roads I could see some leftovers of the rain earlier this week and yesterday. Debris hung around the culverts under driveways and side streets. There were a few places water drained from the land along side the roads but not enough to cause any problems other than my moving to the center to avoid it.

I didn’t ride yesterday due to rain until noon. Just what we needed.

Compared to the last few days the weather warmed up (92 degrees at home when I finished) and the sky cleared off with far more blue than clouds. Humidity was 60% which meant lots of perspiration whenever I stopped for more than 30 seconds. The only stop was at the Valley Ranch Texaco on the US59 service road. I refilled the water bottle and ate a fruit bar. It was a quick stop. I dried some of the sweat which quickly reappeared as soon as I was back biking. The wind was from the SSE at 6 mph which helped to dry up the sweat as long as I was moving.

Grand Parkway construction on FM1314 still needs to install the beams over FM1314. The road shoulders are not open limiting my ride to the east of the construction. Rain has not been kind to construction. Tuesday evening my wife and  I went to KFC for dinner. Next door is a Taco Bell under construction. It has rained so much the contractor has a tent over the building footprint trying to keep it dry enough to work. The plumbing and electrical is laid out on the ground but no concrete poured yet. Some of the forms are in place. Outside of the tent is a giant mud pit.

I am making progress on recovering the lost miles from earlier in the year. This week I biked 101.25 miles (3 days), 502 miles this month (14 rides) and 2171 miles (64 rides) this year. Today’s ride was 32.75 miles at a 14.9 mph average speed. I had the average speed up to 15.2 mph but it fell back riding home through Kingwood.

Last night my daughter and son-in-law flew in from New York City. I bought a MTB (Motobecane 300HT) for my son-in-law to ride while he is here. We will assemble it later today and probably take a test ride.

Weather for tomorrow looks favorable for biking. 85 degrees and overcast but no rain to speak of. It should continue to dry out.

Texas Bicycling News Digest May 27th

Deep in the Heart of Texas ( The Panhandle That Is)

by Matthew Lerner        mattcyclingtrip2015.blogspot.com

Tuesday May 26th , Tucumcari NM to Dalhart TX, 96 miles
Fair to say today was not anyone’s favorite ride.  Although the temperature was moderate we rode into a headwind the entire day.  Even utilizing a pace line (when cyclists line up in a straight line for drafting purposes) with 7 or 8 experienced riders for most of the ride, my group only averaged 13 miles per hour, which made for a long day.  And the scenery for the most part was monotonous. Everyone is pretty wiped out from the past two days.
However we did reach a major milestone, crossing the Texas State line.  We will only be in Texas one night as we transverse its northern Panhandle.  Dalhart  is historically a Dust Bowl town.  A few miles outside …

Palo Alto Battlefield Trail

by Ray Garza            rgvcycling.com

This Memorial Day I spent the morning in the city of Brownsville. I knew of a trail that runs from the Gladys Porter Zoo up to the Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic park and I’ve been looking for some time to take my bike and go cycling it. This holiday was a great opportunity to hit both parks with a bike ride in between. Early Monday morning, I loaded up the bike and took off on my hour drive to the other side of the Rio Grande Valley.
I got to the zoo early and found good parking in the gated area. With my bike locked up on the bike carrier, I took off to explore the zoo. The day was overcast so that helped keep the temperatures down a bit. I spent the morning walking around the zoo snapping photos and …

Ride Interview – Collin Classic – McKinney, Texas


If you’re looking to participate in a great ride supporting an even better cause, consider joining City House’s Collin Classic on June 13th. All profits of the ride and bike raffle go to children in need in Northern Texas. We got in touch with Rob Scichili, who’s leading the event. Check out the interview below for all the details.
The Collin Classic Bike Rally has something for everyone – from the serious cyclist to the weekend rider. We even have a Family Fun Route! With complimentary steak burgers from Texas Land & Cattle at the finish line and Crazy Water to rehydrate along the ride, and so much more. Starbucks will get you fired up with some coffee prior to the start. Chose a route from 21 to 63 miles.
Why join your ride?
All of us at the Collin Classic pride ourselves with running a top-notch ride, with convenient parking and a very good route, no matter what distance you choose. Plus all of the proceeds benefit local homeless and abused children. Come ride with …

Memorial to Downtown Market Square Houston and Back MTB Guided Tour

Saturday, Aug 29, 2015, 8:45 AM

Memorial Park
N Picnic Ln Houston, TX

13 Houston Cycling Members Attending

“Memorial to Downtown Market Square Houston and Back MTB Guided Tour”If you’re wondering what to do about that Mountain or Hybrid Bicycle hanging up in the garage, Come out and enjoy the scenic routes to downtown Houston Market Area from Memorial Park.This bike tour will pass through some of our most fascinating and historic places with lush and …

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It Is Possible To Run And Bike In The Heat And Humidity

By Hernán Rozemberg        www.sacurrent.com

Are you someone who, given a choice, would much rather prefer to be outside rather than remain cooped up indoors?
Kinda tough to remain active in the killer San Antonio heat and humidity, though.
So no one would likely blame you for deciding that perhaps you need to take a hiatus from outdoor activity during the summer, even basic and fun stuff like running and biking.
But you don’t need to be a hardcore competitive athlete who trains year-round — no matter the weather — to remain active and retain fitness.
Bottom line: Just accept the reality. The heat and humidity are here to stay; they ain’t going anywhere.
So work with what you’ve got, rather than try to fight it or, even worse, throwing in the towel and …

Four U.S. cities are racing to open the country’s first protected intersection

Michael Andersen, Green Lane Project staff writer        www.peopleforbikes.org

A protected intersection under construction at Manor and Tilley in Austin, fall 2014. Photo: City of Austin.
Sometimes, change builds up for years. And sometimes, it bursts.
Fifteen months after American bikeway designer Nick Falbo coined the phrase “protected intersection” to refer to a Dutch-style intersection between two streets with protected bike lanes, the concept hasn’t just ricocheted around the Internet — it’s been approved by four different cities.
The cities of Austin, Salt Lake City, Davis and Boston are now in a four-way race to create the first working protected intersection in the …

Former Kingwood resident spreads cancer awareness in the community

By Melanie Feuk        www.yourhoustonnews.com

Although University of Texas at Austin student, Jeffery Saeling cannot participate in the 2015 Texas 4000 bike ride for cancer, he is determined to do his part raising awareness for the cause.
“The Texas 4000 is a pretty novel idea,” said Saeling. “It’s a bike ride from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska for cancer awareness.”
On Saturday, May 30, bikers will embark on a 70 day ride from Texas to Alaska, logging more than 4,000 miles. The team will divide into three groups, taking routes through the Sierra, Rockies and Ozarks, later …

1st Annual Full Moon ride, picnic & music!

Tuesday, Jun 2, 2015, 5:30 PM

13 Members Attending

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Honey Tour

Pedal Pushers        roy-pedalpushers.blogspot.com

Three of us from San Angelo, Christine Jones, Brian Backlund, and I, traveled to Burleson, a nice city just below Fort Worth.
Line up for an 8 a.m. start.
It wasn’t really that cold, Christine just likes to play it safe. Among other things the jacket is water proof and rain (thunder storms) is in the forecast. …

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Texas Bicycling News Digest May 26th

BUZZlive – BikeTheBricks – GoVision


2015 Bike The Bricks race in McKinney Texas!



» Men     » Men Cat 2
» Men Cat 3     » Men Cat 4
» Men Cat 5     » Men Juniors 10-14 Junior
» Men Juniors 9-18 Junior     » Men Masters 40+
» Men Masters 50+     » Men Pro/Cat 1
» Women Cat 3     » Women Juniors 10-14 Junior
» Women Pro/Cat 1/2

FREE CLINIC May 28th Brake, Derailleur and Gear

Thursday, May 28, 2015, 6:00 PM

Performance Bicycle
7549 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX

1 Cycling Enthusiasts Attending

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2015 Bicycles Plus GSTz Criterium Results • May 24 2015


» Men Juniors Open Cat 4/5     » Men Masters 35+ Cat 4/5
» Men Masters 40+ Cat 1/2/3/4     » Men Masters 50+ Cat 1/2/3/4
» Men Open Cat 3     » Men Open Cat 4
» Men Open Cat 4/5     » Men Open P/1/2
» Women Juniors Open P/1/2/3/4     » Women Open P/1/2/3/4

Gary Glickman Memorial Criterium Texas Age Based C Results • May 23 2015


» Men 19-22 Cat 1/2/3/4     » Men 23-29 Cat 1/2/3/4
» Men 30-34 Cat 1/2/3/4     » Men 35-39 Cat 1/2/3/4
» Men Junior 10-14     » Men Junior 15-18
» Men Master 35+ Cat 4/5     » Men Master 40+
» Men Master 50+     » Men Master 60+
» Women 19-22 Cat 1/2/3/4     » Women 23-29 Cat 1/2/3/4
» Women 30-34 Cat 1/2/3/4     » Women 35-39 Cat 1/2/3/4
» Women Junior 10-14     » Women Junior 15-18
» Women Master 40+

FREE CLINIC May 28th Brake, Derailleur and Gear

Thursday, May 28, 2015, 6:00 PM

Performance Bicycle
4750 Fm 1960 Rd W Houston, TX

1 Bicycle Enthusiasts Attending

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Bike the Bricks 2015 40+


PROPS to Allen for bouncing back from this crash (pun intended):
…and WINNING the State Championship crit the next morning. That’s like double digits on the jerseys I think.
BTW that’s him in the black/green kit on the right that endos into the rider that caused the crash.

Flash Flood Update


Due to today’s flooding (Tuesday 5/26/15), the funeral of David Rosenfeld and Mayor Cornett’s Talk have been postponed. More info below.
Today’s funeral for cyclist David Rosenfeld has been postponed to tomorrow, Wednesday, at 10:30 am.  Location will be Congregation Beth Yeshurun (4525 Beechnut St, Houston, TX 77096).

Following the funeral, BikeHouston Executive Director, Michael Payne, will lead a ride to Bellaire City Hall where he will present the Mayor with our Goal Zero Fatalities campaign and ask they they partner with us to reduce crashes and fatalities.

Texas 4000 bike event


The Texas 4000 ATLAS Ride cycling event will stop in Lampasas on Saturday. The charity bike ride benefits cancer research/treatment. A post-ride festival will take place at Texas Legato Winery and will include barbecue, music and more.
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Biking through Houston

Caleb Can

Its a short one but has some great shots in it! sorry for running behind lately had a crazy busy weekend! but awesome things coming up!

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All Those Weather Alerts!

The Houston northeast area mostly missed the heavy rain storms yesterday evening starting around 9:30. That didn’t stop my Garmin Edge 510 from pestering me with 7 weather alerts about flood warnings every 1/2 mile or so while riding. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to turn them off until I stopped at the Huffman Chevron for a rest stop at the 24.5 mile mark. I looked in every setting on the 510 but couldn’t find it so I Goggled it and found out it was a setting in the app on my phone. Once I turned it off I rode in peace from Huffman to home. We did get 3.15″ of rain last night but this is about half what west and southwest Houston got. During the storm the radar was bright yellow and orange as the storm moved through. I saw pictures of flooding on Twitter and it didn’t look good.

I was getting ready to ride this morning when our electricity went off about 10:40. I had an errand to run west of home about a mile and the electricity was on there. I wasn’t sure what caused it since the weather not quite so severe here. I was going back and forth on which route to ride: go north or go east. I decided on “Huffman – Liberty County Line” route after my wife reminded me of the low areas to the north. After waiting for the electricity to come on I gave up and left at 11:46. The wind was kicking up which probably caused the electricity outage. As i was riding through the residential streets to exit Kingwood I was on the greenbelt trail along Kingwood Drive east of Kingwood High School. Ahead I saw the utility crews blocking the right hand lane and as I got closer there was new pole with new hardware laying on the ground. A big boom truck looked like it was getting positioned to set this new pole. Just before I got to this spot I noticed there were no cars in the high school parking lot. Electricity must’ve been out there too because school has several more days. I rode under the boom truck past the pole to continue the ride.

Every body of water I crossed or went beside was higher than it was yesterday. This was triggering all of the notifications on the 510 making it difficult to concentrate on biking.

Crossing Lake Houston on FM1960 the wind was stiff. I could see the higher water. There is section of ground about half way across with trees and bushes when the water is normal. Only the tops of the trees barely showed above the water. The boat pier at the Cedar Landing Restaurant on the east shore had waves breaking over what wasn’t already submerged. Water was not that far below the edge of the restaurant building.

No water issues on the route itself. The road was clear and dry. East of Huffman on FM1960 the ditches were full and running in places. If the water were higher by a foot or two it would be to the shoulder of FM1960. When I left home I thought of riding on Huffman – Eastgate back to Huffman when I reached the Liberty County line but I changed my mind when I remembered it was low and prone to flooding.

The wind and constant notifications made it difficult to ride above 17 to 18 mph and my average speed showed it. Checking the weather at the end I saw the wind was from the SSE at 15 mph with 22 mph gusts. That explains fighting the bike as I rode west over Lake Houston. Whenever a gust came the deep section rims wanted to move the bike to the right. It was a relief to leave FM1960 and go north towards home.