Gorgeous Bike Ride Weather

What a gorgeous bike ride day! The temperature was 80 degrees when I left home at 12:08 to ride the “New Caney – Tavola – Valley Ranch” route. A bright blue sky and light breeze completed the picture perfect weather setting. I almost chose the thermal long sleeve jersey but changed my mind and went with a regular long sleeve jersey under a short sleeve one. The choice proved to be good as I was comfortable whether I rode in the shade or sun.

No other bikers along the route today. No rest stops either. The water in my bottle was cold until I drank the last of it at the end of the bike ride (2:36).

Today’s 34.37 miles boosted my monthly total to 392.91 miles.

Nothing unusual to report during the ride. The new headset bearings makes steering effortless. Soon I will replace the chain and rear cassette, probably at the 20,000 mile point in about 250 miles.

Next bike ride day will be Friday.

Links to RideWithGPS.com and Strava.com.

Weather at the airport at the start and finish followed by my home weather at the finish

SportTracks Ride Summary

Ride Summary

Texas Bicycling News February 21st 2017

’Eyesore’ no more: Safety, beauty goals of nearly $3M project to transform 19th near Texas Tech

By MATT DOTRAY | lubbockonline.com

The drive along 19th Street is probably where most people get a glimpse of Texas Tech.
It’s a nice view of the campus, but with its bare dirt median, it’s not much to look at if a driver looks straight ahead.
The street doesn’t look like the frontage road near a major university, local and state leaders acknowledge, but Texas Tech is partnering with the Texas Department of Transportation and the City of Lubbock to change that with a …

Midland bicyclist in critical condition following collision


A Midland bicyclist was in critical condition Tuesday following a collision with a GMC Sierra on the service road of east Highway 191 where he was thrown and landed on a barbed wire fence.
Fidel Rubalcaba, Sr., 47, was taken to Midland Memorial Hospital following the …

Construction of Craig Ranch Pkwy Hike and Bike Trail


Bid Date & Time: 03/09/17 1:00 PM Prebid: 02/28/17 2:00 PM
Solicitation Title: Construction of Craig Ranch Pkwy Hike and Bike Trail
Owner Solic Number: 17-26CC, PK4413
Status: bidding Report: 7586012
Country : United States State: TX County: Collin Location: McKinney
Scope: Construction of pkwy hike and bike trail.
Notes: A non-mandatory per-bid conference is scheduled for 2:00 PM on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, at the office of the City Purchasing Department, 1550-D South College, McKinney Texas 75069.
Plans: From Designer. See attached file.
Owner Type: Public
Buyer: McKinney, City of – Purchasing Department

This season, take part in America’s bike racing tradition


The crit: It’s the iconic American bike race. With an hour or less of racing that features fast corners and punchy straight-aways, the fast pace and non-stop action makes the criterium arguably the most exciting event for a racer. But it’s not just racers that love a good crit. A series of short laps around a closed course provides the constant action necessary for a …

Cycling in the Americas

By Sam Burchell | www.crazyguyonabike.com

Day 39: Eagle Pass, TX to Catarina, TX
Sunday February 19, 2017, 54 miles (87 km) – Total so far: 1,926 miles (3,100 km)
I woke up to see that the sky had turned cloudy. The forecast was for storms tonight so that was no great surprise. I packed up and left the ranch without incident.
This road again had a number of picnic areas so I stopped frequently. As I mentioned yesterday I don’t want to arrive ahead of my tyres so I enjoyed the rests. …

Day 40: Catarina, TX to Encinal, TX
Monday February 20, 2017, 63 miles (101 km) – Total so far: 1,989 miles (3,201 km)
When I woke, I found my rear tyre was flat. The last few punctures have been by glass in the front tyre, and took a while to find. The cause of this puncture was more obvious, an inch-long thorn that still protruded from the tyre. …

Ever Get Buzzed by a Car While Riding Your Bike?

BikeHouston | bikehouston.org

Ever get buzzed by a car while riding your bike? Want to do something about it?
Kinder Institute needs cyclists to record these near-misses. We want to see what routes are safer and which places are more dangerous. This information can be used to make Houston streets safer for all people riding bikes.
We need bike riders to report their daily trips for one week between March 4 and 10. The trips …

Easy Street Recumbents to host bike rally this weekend

Pam LeBlanc | fitness.blog.austin360.com

Rather sit back when you ride a bike?
An Austin bike shop that sells recumbent bicycles – two or three-wheeled bikes on which the rider leans back in a supportive seat with his or her legs extended in front to pedal – will host a celebration this weekend.
The Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally 2017 will include the …

2017 Zombie Goat Enduro – “Canyon” Stage 1

by TC | www.turnincranks.com

Riding a brand spanking new Pivot Switchblade from Cycle Progression in Austin, Texas. It took me a few runs to get in the groove with the new bike, and moved from 9th after Day 1 to 6th at …

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Other Cyclists and GPS Direction Data Bike Ride

I wanted to start the bike ride earlier than I did but I waited for the fog and clouds to burn off some and raise the temperature from the mid 60’s to the 70’s. The reason was so I wouldn’t need to wear extra clothes. I started bicycling at 12:08 with the sun popping in and out. I chose the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route but added a couple of extra miles at the beginning riding in Elm Grove Village before moving to the usual route. The bike ride totaled 34.54 miles putting me past my 345 mile goal for February at 358.54 miles.

No cycling yesterday due rain until just after noon. The streets and road needed time to drain and dry.

Other bikers were out today along the route. At Fairlake Drive and FM 1960 a biker in a white pickup with a bicycle in the back waved as he waited to pull onto FM 1960; I guess his ride was done. The next bicyclist passed me just west of FM 2100 on Old Atascocita Road; I rode to the east and he rode west. Later I saw him ahead of me as I turned onto W. Lake Houston Parkway stopped at the start of the bridge heading north. I could tell it was him by the bright orange jersey and black cap (no helmet). Two others were on Atascocita Shores Drive while I was on the return to Kingwood.

No rest stops today though the wind was strong enough I thought about taking a rest break.

Saturday morning as I got ready to leave on the ride I noticed my Elemnt computer had an update waiting to be installed. I should’ve waited until after the ride in case something went wrong but I okayed the update. As I rode to the starting point I saw the screen layout had change on my “front” page but it was for the good. The font was larger and there was an empty cell in the lower right corner. Previously the screen was full and if I added another data cell the font would get smaller, not good when biking. For a day or so I thought about what data to put in the empty cell and add “GPS direction”. During today’s ride I looked at the GPS direction probably more than I should’ve but I saw some of the roads/streets headed in a different direction than I thought they did. Also I had a better idea where the wind was coming from. As I get used to the new field on the screen and the streets direction I will probably not look at it as much; I hope.

Links to RideWithGPS.com and Strava.com.

Warmer weather is in the forecast for tomorrow (Wednesday) and I plan on bicycling in it.

Today’s weather at the start and finish

SportTracks Ride Summary

Ride Summary

Texas Bicycling News February 20th 2017

🧀in yesterday

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Broke away with @nadiamobee today and we finished 1st and 2nd 💖 but maybe we can work on our podium pictures #stoked

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Making the Break – Episode 6 : 2017 Fayetteville Classic

Justin Stanley | www.youtube.com

2017 Fayetteville Classic – La Finale

Justin Stanley | www.youtube.com

Texas bicyclist killed in Sunday morning collision


A 51-year-old bicyclist from Houston was killed Sunday morning when she was hit by a car, according to a Florida Highway Patrol news release.
FHP reported that Katherine Macon Bryant was riding her beach bike on County Road 386 near the intersection with …

Simply on a Bike: the Southern Tier

By David Dalley | www.crazyguyonabike.com

Las Cruces to Fabens
Monday February 20, 2017, 80 miles (129 km) – Total so far: 999 miles (1,608 km)
Texas! We’ll be in this one for a good long while. Riding out of Las Cruces was uneventful and soon I was back in the rural desert southwest. The temperature was warming and the sun and air were crystal clear. A nice mild tail wind came along to keep me moving. Never thought there were so many pecan trees. Ran into the Canadians and chatted for a while. They took the alternate route, bypassing Emory pass and Hatch and looked great.
Coming into El Paso there’s a nice bike path that …

Texas bicyclist and dog pedal thousands of miles to support rescue animals

by Ciara Rouege | cw39.com

KINGWOOD, Texas — We’re fresh out of Forrest Gump references, but even the classic movie would do little to describe the cross-country pilgrimage of an adorable dog with a cause and dog’s best friend.
Bixby, a 6-year-old border collie mix, has been traveling across the nation on a bicycle pedaled by 38-year-old Mike Minnick as a part of a grassroots campaign to support …

Texas Bicycling from Twitter