Grand Parkway Work Moves South

Another day in the saddle riding to the north on the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route. I have biked 9 days in a row and kind of feel like the TdF bikers. Obviously I don’t ride the distances or mountains they do but the days in a row can affect the body. I have been experiencing some tired and sore leg muscles. Before leaving on the ride I took some ibuprofen and the muscles were not so tired and sore while I rode. I was thinking today might have to be an easy day but I was able to average 15.8 mph over the 34.29 mile long route. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

This route gets me around the Grand Parkway construction at Community Drive by staying on Loop 494. Traffic wasn’t too bad on Loop 494 and the other roads. Riding in the middle of the day on Wednesday probably helps to avoid some traffic. I have noticed some work to the north of FM1314 just west of Cumberland Drive. Today there was a big logging truck coming from the work site loaded with big old trees. The work is clearing the right of way for the Grand Parkway. At some point the construction will reach FM1314 and an overpass should go up. Hopefully this doesn’t disrupt my route too much.

The weather was hot today. When I stopped at Stripes on FM1314 around 12:40 it was 92 according to the app on my phone. I had biked a little over 23 miles up to there. I took a half hour break to cool down to eat a couple of Kashi trailmix bars and drink some cold Powerade. The perspiration was heavy and the Greensheet I sat on was wet when it came time to leave. I watched today’s TdF stage before leaving on the ride at 11:05. I got back home at 1:59.

The mileage progress to date:

  • 115.4 miles this week
  • 608.99 miles for the month (107 miles to reach July’s goal)
  • 3984 miles for the year

Links to Garmin Connect and RideWithGPS.

Tomorrow the forecast calls for 95 degrees, clear and 20% chance of rain. I should be able to ride with that weather.

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Texas Bicycling News Digest July 22nd

Annual Tour de Goatneck bike race set for Saturday

By Nicole Luna

Event attracts out-of-towners
As cyclists at the Tour de France finish their race, cyclists from all over Texas will compete in Tour de Goatneck.
The 27th annual Goatneck Bike Ride begins at 6 a.m. Saturday with registration at Cleburne High School. The race benefits local nonprofits such as the Children’s Advocacy Center, Family Crisis Center, East Cleburne Community Center and more.
“Last year we gave away $27,000 in donations to many local charities,” said Jennifer Jones, one of the rider’s organizers. “We don’t really set a goal but every year the amount…

Munson: Texas mayor serious about biking for public health

by Kyle Munson

TERRIL, Ia. — Y’all may not believe this, but I’m willing to bet that the mayor of Fort Worth, Texas, puts most RAGBRAI riders to shame in terms of pace and fitness.
Mayor Betsy Price, 64, downplayed her Lone Star grit Monday as I huffed and puffed behind her and her carbon-framed Cervélo bike into Terril early in the second leg of the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa.
“It just happens to feel really good this morning,” she claimed.
She also runs half-marathons.
And what about Monday’s heat index that was predicted to…


Ride Interview – Miles 4 Marce – College Station, Texas

Why join your ride?
Have you ever cycled a course raced by Cale Yarborough and A.J Foyt? Miles 4 Marce is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Held at the Texas World Speedway, it is the best Texas cycling venue for 2014! Perfect for first timers, experienced riders, and those training for longer rides like the Hotter N Hell. No cars, traffic, construction, or stop signs on the three mile loop keeps you rolling at top speeds, but always close to restrooms, food, and great bike support.
How long has your ride been around?
This is the inaugural year for Miles 4 Marce, and likely the last time this venue will…


Rapha Women’s 100K Bicycle Challenge

by De Mis Ojos / Nicole Ortega

75+ Austin lady cyclists of all ages joined thousands around the world to promote solidarity and the love of long distance riding. With freshly pumped tires and the route mapped, together we pushed off from Cycleast Bike shop to embark on a central Texas spin. Our halfway point/waterstop was full of healthy fuels to keep us on the path to completion. Women of all ages pushed hard and finished the…


Bicyclist visiting from China struck and killed by pickup in Plano

By Valerie Wigglesworth

A bicyclist from China who was visiting relatives was killed on Friday after being struck by a pickup truck in Plano, police reported Tuesday.
Plano police responded to the intersection of Alma Drive and West Spring Creek Parkway at about 4:45 p.m. Friday. Investigators said a pickup traveling southbound attempted to…


Getting Hot

Bike Noob

We’ve had a real break so far this summer. It wasn’t until last week that we had our first 100 degree (38C) days of the season. We had enough rain in June that the grass in my yard is uniformly green.
These conditions are markedly different from the summers we’ve had around here in recent years. The worst was the summer of 2011, when we hit 100 nearly every day for three months straight.
The problem is, the severe drought conditions that began that year have never abated. We’re still in extreme to exceptional drought conditions. But riding has been great.
We decided to add some miles to our usual B ride, and go south to 5-Mile Dam. That’s a county park on the north edge of San Marcos, about 28 miles south of Austin. We knew the heat would be a…

Escaping The Humidity Via Bike Enabled Wind Chilling In Arlington’s Interlochen

Durango Texas

I was unable to get humidity relief via the swimming method this morning because the pool is getting a shock treatment. It takes about a day for the pool to get over being shocked.
To get myself some outdoor wind chilling I used the rolling my wheels method.
That’s bike wheels, not motorized vehicle wheels with windows down and A/C at full blast.
The wind is cooling whilst pedaling, til one stops for a…

Monday Night Social Ride and Picnic Fun

Brazos Valley Cyclists

Thanks to Karen and Klayton for organizing, and for everyone who came out last night. We had a good time at my final Monday Social Ride and the picnic afterwards.

City OK’s plans for new hike and bike trail

By Manuella Libardi

Runners, walkers and bicyclists will soon have the option to go from the Gulf Terrace Hike and Bike trail behind West Brook High School onto a new trail linking Major Drive to Dowlen Road along Folsom Drive’s south side.
The trail isn’t a straight line between the two thoroughfares. Folsom runs 1.3 miles between Dowlen and Major.
Beaumont council members on Tuesday approved construction for the new 2.44 miles trail, which will curve around…

DORBA Dirt Day – RCP

Sunday, Aug 3, 2014, 8:30 AM

Rowlett Creek Preserve
2525 Castle Rd

16 Members Attending

The next D3 will be at Rowlett Creek Preserve in Garland on August 3rd at 8:30 a.m.All skills levels and ages welcome to this family friendly event to check out one of our longer trails at over 16 miles long and built on a staked loop system. For full description of the trail go to: there between 8:15 to 8:45 to …

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Kaylee’s Kid’s Day

Sunday, Jul 27, 2014, 9:00 AM

Frisco NW Community Park Trail
1506 Gloryview Road

4 Members Attending

Join DORBA and Cadence Cyclery for a kids mountain biking day!Grab your kiddos and your bikes for a fun filled morning including a kids clinic, ride, and picnic.We are trying to beat the heat but be sure and bring plenty of hydration and sunscreen as well as folding chairs and a side or dessert to share to go along with the hamburgers & hot dogs …

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Bicycle brunch ride from La Madeleine SMU area.

Saturday, Aug 16, 2014, 8:30 AM

La Madeline
3072 Mockingbird Lane

10 Members Attending

Hello group will be leading and easy paced brunch ride starting and finishing at La Madeline near SMU. Start at 8:30 am and ride a through the Park cities Estates touring the homes. Hope to finish around 10:00am ish”. Have brunch at La Madeline afterwards.                                                                                           Dis…

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Hot and Cold Ride

Thursday, Jul 24, 2014, 6:30 PM

Dallas Bike Works
4875 W Lawther Dr

7 Members Attending

Hot ride and cold drinks – twice around the lake at a moderately quick pace followed by cold drinks at The Lakehouse.

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New Event Added to Calendar


Stroker Road and the Grass Farms

I biked the “Stroker Road – Huffman” route with the intent to get close to 40 miles in. I ended up riding 40.84 miles averaging 16.0 mph. In addition to the miles I also wanted to check out the road work Harris County Precinct 2 did on Old Atascocita Road. These pictures show the work:

Looking from FM2100 east it appears the road was resurfaced shoulder to shoulder but about a mile or so east of FM2100 the resurface work was only about 4 feet wide from each shoulder with some areas both shoulders and others only one shoulder. Riding west on Old Atascocita the repairs fixed the road to a smooth ride from the dips and bumps from before. The east bound lane appeared to get less repairs and another ride will check that out.

Before I got to Old Atascocita Road I was on Ramsey Road which splits a number of grass farms. I noticed several sections of grass gone and the recent rains and heat probably caused the grass to grow. The way Saint Augustine grass is harvested is to skim the grass and roots from the dirt. Over time the land gets lower and lower requiring dirt to be added or grass not grown. One farmer had his tractor mowing some high grass in a field beside a house. I wonder if it will be baled for use.

Weather was hot with 87 degrees when I left home at 10:58 and 93 as I rolled back into the driveway at 2:14. The humidity has still not let up. When I stopped at the Huffman Chevron before I went inside I sat down with a bunch of paper towels to dry off some. The perspiration did not cooperate though until I got a cold drink, ate and sat there for 20 minutes or so. There was a light breeze under the gas pump canopy which helped to cool me down some. I did see one other biker on Fairlake Drive as I was going south.

Mileage standings:

  • 81.11 miles this week
  • 574.69 miles for July (141 miles left to reach July’s goal)
  • 3949 miles for the year

Links to Garmin Connect and RideWithGPS.

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7-22-2014 ...
7-22-2014 ...
7-22-2014 ...
7-22-2014 ...
7-22-2014 ...
7-22-2014 ...
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Texas Bicycle News Digest July 21st

Bicycle Sport Shop Presents AUSTIN BIKENADO

Bicycle Sport Shop

This ride is not for the faint of heart.
It will be hot.  You’ll have to navigate the route between all three Bicycle Sport Shop locations using nothing but a turn-by-turn.  Printed.  On paper.  (Unless you are smart enough to have a Garmin in which case you’ll use that.)  And who you ride with and how fast you go is up to only one person.  You.  Oh, and did we mention that there will be no signage cluttering up the roads and providing entertainment for young juveniles who like to use it as room décor?  And no SAG wagons to pick…

Friday Night Beginner Ride – Bull Creek Trails

Friday, Jul 25, 2014, 6:00 PM

Bull Creek
Old Spicewood Springs Rd

5 Mountain Bikers Attending

Hey folks,We will start out on a short little track that is very smooth and easy. (a slight step up from Lady Bird Lake paths) If the group is up to the challenge, we can take on some additional trails with minor climbs and some rougher sections.I am recovering from a broken leg, so pace is going to be slow.We will be riding some of the paths ne…

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The Call of the Wild

by: Omar C. Garcia

Walking into my garage can be hazardous, not because there is anything dangerous out there but because that is where I keep all of my outdoor gear. Often all it takes to get me thinking about outdoor adventures is a glance at the gear in my garage — the canoe suspended from the ceiling or my mountain bike or my backpacking and camping gear. One look at this stuff and I can hear the call of the wild as clearly as Buck did in Jack London’s novel by the same name.
While I certainly enjoy big adventures like the Texas Water Safari or hiking the Lone Star Hiking Trail through the Sam Houston National Forest, I also enjoy the not so big adventures. These shorter and affordable adventures are the bread and butter that feed my hunger for getting outdoors. Whether it’s a quick trip to a nearby…

Cactus and Crude makes trek through Big Spring

Cactus and Crude cyclists make their way through Big Spring Saturday to complete the first leg of the 150-mile route. They ended their 75.1 mile trek at SouthWest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf and continued on their way to Post Sunday. The annual event raises…

City of Austin Urban Trails Program Open House!

by djcurtin

The City of Austin Urban Trails Program is currently analyzing the feasibility of a portion of the Violet Crown Trail though Sunset Valley/Eastern Oak Hill Area.  We would like your feedback on the proposed alignment of the trail. Together with the Hill Country Conservancy and the Oak Hills Trails Association, the Urban Trails Program staff hope to receive input from area residents, property owners, cyclists, pedestrians, and other stakeholders to plan, design, and build a…

Cypresswood Work Party

STS Prep WORK PARTY – SAT July 26th. This is our last weekend to clean up before the race on AUGUST 2nd. 8 am -12 noon. Lunch on GHORBA afterwards.
Mainly looking to trim new growth/raking on Sidewinder, Black Diamond, Rim Loop and on the North side of the Bamboo. We also need to see if there is enough room to run two lanes of traffic back to the park along where they are doing the pipeline work.If it is too tight the…

The 3 Musketeers Ride

Lone Star Cyclists

Pace: Touring with a Fast Pace Option (Touring is a varied pace with frequent stops averaging 12-15 mph)
Date: Saturday, July 26, 2014 – 7:30am
Location: Lake Ridge Elementary School, 1020 Lake Ridge Parkway, Cedar Hill

Upcoming Rides and Events at a Glance

Corpus Christi Cycling Club

August 9 – Beeville Stingers Goliad Ride
August 11 – Fleet Feet Bike Swap
August 16 – Lake Mathis Ride
August 23 – Hotter than Hell
September 13 – Lavernia Wild West Hammerfest
September 20 – Conquer the Coast
September 21 – CTC Criterium
October 11-12 – Valero Ride to River MS 150
November 8 – Tour de Gruene
November 11 – Warriors on Wheels
December 6 – Silent Auction


Event Reminders