Texas Bicycling News December 20th

2014 A Productive Year in Cycling

by Ray Garza            rgvcycling.com

Well it’s Friday evening and it is the start of the Christmas Holiday break. This gives me an opportunity to reflect on cycling adventures that I’ve had this year. While my cycling has slowed in December with more indoor trainer intervals, I still have time to get out there and ride on the streets. That I will do but let me ponder what I’ve done this year.
I’ve done a lot less of the charity rides this year. I’m not sure as to why but I haven’t. I usually end up doing my own ride that day or the following day for free! Then again the charity loses out on my $35. Sometimes I have paid for the event but fail to show up. In that case I don’t feel so bad about it.
Before I got off of Facebook, I used it to create cycling events for group rides West of Mission. These are routes that cyclist generally don’t take for some reason. To me, they …

Last-minute gift ideas for athletes on your list

by Bill Cullins        www.gosanangelo.com

There are only five more shopping days until Christmas, and you’re still unsure of what to get for the athletes on your list.
Don’t despair — just give those athletes socks.
Depending on their sport and the “style rules” your athletes adhere to, you can select from tall socks, short socks, bright colored socks, compression socks, wicking socks, windproof socks or socks that carry a printed message such as ‘dopers suck.’
Selecting workout socks was easier back in the day — you just went to Target, Kmart or Sears and picked up a six-pack of white “athletic” tube socks. Today’s athletes are a little more choosy about what covers their foot, so you have to match the sock with the sport and the …

Moderate Paced Hills Ride in Plano

Dallas Cycling Trail Riders and Weekend Pub Crawlers

Wednesday, December 24, 2014    12:00 PM
Arbor Hills Nature Preserve
6701 W Parker Rd Plano TX 75093
Plano, TX 75093
Let’s get some hills in before we indulge in all those holiday treats. We will do Windhaven loops from Arbor Hills nature preserve. If there is a mountain biker who wants to lead a couple laps of the trail while I lead the roadies let me know and I w…

Moderate Paced Ride at White Rock

Dallas Cycling Trail Riders and Weekend Pub Crawlers

Saturday, December 27, 2014    10:30 AM
Dallas Bike Works
4875 W Lawther Dr
Dallas, TX 75214
This will be a ride at the same time as the Get to Know You ride but for those of us in the cardio group. The slower group is starting at 11:00, so we will start at 10:30, do two laps and join everyone for dinner/drinks at the Lake House afterwards. …

Flat Creek Open Saturday January 3rd

by John        www.austinbike.com

Start off the new year right with a spin around Flat Creek.  This month’s opening will be on Saturday, January 3rd. As always there will be a waiver to sign and the entry fee is $10, but whenever it is a chance to ride at this gem, you should take advantage of it. Probably a little …

Deer Park Rotary to host 2015 edition of Texas Independence Bicycle Tour


After a six-week drought, January brings Houston’s cycling community multiple opportunities to get seat time as the ride calendar starts filling out. Whether you’ve resolved to cycle more in 2015, are training for April’s 2015 BP MS150 or both, it’s always fun to share the road with other two-wheelers – not to mention somewhat safer. Beginning in mid-January, such opportunities will become more numerous. For Saturday, January 17, 2015, that means the Texas Independence Bicycle Tour, an annual event arranged by the Deer Park Rotary Club.
Registered cyclists may choose from three courses – 30, 48 and 62 miles – all starting out from the south campus of Deer Park HS, 710 West San Augustine, Deer Park. Rollout begins at 7:30 a.m. The courses all wind through the San Jacinto Battleground area and …

Waco CX Highlander Race

By Jorge R Martinez        www.facebook.com

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Texas Bicycling News December 19th

Pedal forward


A ghost bike stands near the location where bike rider Chelsea Norman lost her life at Waugh and West Gray on Thursday, Jan. 23, 2014, in Houston. There have been 23 bike riders killed after being struck by a vehicle in the past 5 years. ( Mayra Beltran / Houston Chronicle )
The 15-year prison sentence handed last week to Margaret Mayer for her part in the death of bicyclist Chelsea Norman was not and should not be the final chapter in a story that scarred a city and irreparably changed the lives of at least two families.
To continue reading this story, you will need to be a digital subscriber to HoustonChronicle.com.

Even Texas princesses love Strider Bike

by Heather Buen        dallassinglemom.com

Trying to find a way to teach my children how to ride a bike has always been a bigger effort for a single parent than it needed to be. I know nothing about bikes and I often wondered if I was putting it together correctly or if I knew how to properly teach my children to ride a bike. Along came our friends at Strider Bike who gave us a complimentary Strider Bike Sport to try out. …

Home Is Where The Bike Is 2

By Sue Gray        www.crazyguyonabike.com

Final Report: West Texas wrap-up
Thursday December 18, 2014
When I first started writing about this journey, I didn’t capitalize “west” when referring to the location, because I thought it was just an adjective. Now I realize there is actually a place called West Texas, with its own identity apart from greater Texas.

It’s a real place.
West Texas is a place full of myth and reality, death and rebirth, grand vistas and small details, rough roads and smooth ones. It’s a place peopled with cowboys and Indians, hunters and hipsters, old-timers and newcomers, conservatives and liberals, and at certain times of year…bicycle adventurers.
For most cycle-tourists, West Texas is just part of their longer Southern Tier route from California to Florida or vice versa. Only rarely does anyone take on this section of the ST by itself, and there’s good reason for that. Because of its long stretches without services, it is often met with trepidation and seen as something to …

Christmas Came Early for Milam Elementary, Students Receive 30 Free Bikes from Academy

By: Tashara Parker        www.kagstv.com

BRYAN, Texas – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at one school in Bryan.
Today, 30 students from Milam Elementary received free bikes.
KAGS HD News takes a look at why the College Station Academy store wanted to spread a little holiday cheer.
The sound of an early Christmas rang true at Milam elementary school said Holly Scott, Principal at Milam Elementary.
“By keeping their perfect attendance, they have an opportunity to be in this drawing for a new bicycle,” Scott said.
And the elves delivering these free bikes didn’t look anything like …

Texas A&M student survives hit from 102-car freight train

By ANDREA SALAZAR        www.theeagle.com

A 19-year-old Texas A&M student was in critical condition Thursday after getting hit by a 102-car freight train late Wednesday.
College Station police said the man had been riding his bicycle south along Wellborn Road, dismounted near the intersection of University Drive and walked west over the railroad tracks. He tried to head back east across the track as a southbound Union Pacific train approached the University Drive overpass, striking the man and pinning him on the tracks, according to police.
When emergency crews arrived just before 11 p.m., the student was conscious and breathing beneath the train, police said.
He was taken to …

BP MS150 sets spring calendar, recommends training rides for 2015 event


Well, it’s almost that time of year again: the 2015 edition of the BP MS150 (Houston to Austin over two days) is just a few calendar pages away: can you see April 18-19 from your front porch? Now that the holiday dead season is over, it time to get the bike out of the garage and back on the roads to build those all-important butt calluses. So here’s a list of organized rides leading up to the April event, should help you do just that. Happy cycling! (Note: a ride name in italics isn’t an officially-designated MS150 recommended training ride). …

Mom says daughter hurt when car hit her while riding her bike

By Annie Cosby        setexasrecord.com

A Jefferson County woman is suing over claims her daughter, a minor, was struck by a car while riding her bike.
BikeWreckTanika Ford, individually and as next friend of Theresa Barnes, a minor, filed a lawsuit Oct. 8 in Jefferson County District Court against Heather L. Cope, citing negligence.
According to the complaint, Barnes was riding her bicycle east on the sidewalk of Helena Avenue on May 16, when Cope drove her vehicle out of the parking lot of a gas station at the corner of Helena Avenue and …

EP Cyclists

El Paso Cyclists

As another great year comes to a end, what better way to close it then with a century!!!!!!
For some it will be your first, for others too many to count, as a personal challenge it is always a accomplishment for any one. Join us on the End of the Year Century be miles or kilometers let’s make it happen!!!!
More information coming soon!!!! ~ Luis Bustamante

TRP Winter Criteriums • Dec 13 2014 Results


• Men Cat 3/4/5     • Men Cat 4/5
• Men Pro/ Cat 1/2/3     • Men Pro/ Cat 1/2/3/4

Saturday 12/20 [Triple Bs] & Sunday 12/31 [Coffee Shop] Rides!

by Dante        steinerranchcycling.com

Triple Bs – Saturday December 20th at 8:30am at Cups & Cones
This Saturday will be our triumphant return to those lovely ladies referred to as the Triple Bs!
As always there will be an A Group that will average 18 – 20 mph over the entire ride and there will be a B Group that will average 15 – 17 mph. Both groups don’t have designated sweepers so you should have a certain level of fitness to keep up with the respective group.
COFFEE SHOP RIDE – Sunday December 21st at 8:30am at Cups & Cones
Join us this Sunday for the SRC Coffee Shop Ride! This is for those wanting to explore options outside of …

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Texas Bicycling News Digest December 18th

7,500-mile ride for the love of animals


Mike Minnick has wanderlust. In a big way.
The 38-year-old Oklahoma native rode his cargo bike into Petaluma last week with his dog, Bixby, in a crate on the back. They were feted by the locals, as they have been in the dozens of towns they’ve visited during a cross-country bicycle trek that began more than a year and 7,500 miles ago.
While the shear breadth of the trip — which has taken them from the easternmost tip of Maine to Florida, across the south to Texas, north to Colorado and Montana and then to the Pacific Northwest and down to California — is remarkable, Minnick’s personal journey might be even more remarkable.
Before he got on his bike for a test ride — 600 miles from Galveston, Texas to a family reunion in Texarcana, Ark. — Minnick hadn’t ridden a bicycle since his childhood, was badly out of shape and …

iCan Bike™


Each summer, DSPNT partners with iCan Shine to host a bicycle camp. iCan Bike teaches individuals with Down syndrome and other differing abilities to ride a standard two wheel bicycle and become life-long, independent riders. This achievement creates a gateway of …

Bullis County Park Ride

Hill Country Bicycle Touring Club

Saturday December 27th,  Ride starts at 8:30 a.m..  Meet at Bullis County Park on Old Blanco Road.  The route goes 34 miles with a 24 mile option through northern Bexar County hill country.  This is an intermediate level ride with rolling hills through the picturesque hill country. Click link to http://www.mysanantoniolawyer.com/bicycle.htm  Directions:  This ride starts at Bullis County Park, which is on Blanco, north of 1604 (see map link below).  The park is on Blanco Road, 7.7 miles north of N. Texas 1604 W.  If you …

Dec 18 (Day 252) – Hunkering down


I apologize if yesterday’s post sounded overly pessimistic. Part of that was clearly a reaction to the crappy weather that I am currently experiencing. I know I have no control over it and that there’s really nothing I can do about it. Even knowing this, it still bothers me. I don’t like being limited by my circumstances. I like feeling that I am my only limit. That way I can push myself to the maximum level. Right now, there’s no point in doing that given the circumstances, and this is a crappy feeling for me. I don’t relax well, and I don’t like sitting still. Sure a bit of rest won’t hurt me, but neither will it help the bird total. I have many times been called psychotic for my unyielding desire to persevere and achieve. I know it sometimes drives those close to me crazy, particularly my mom. It’s just the way I am. As I will discuss much more in …

Deception – Swag Rock Huck Video

by hunrugger        forums.mtbr.com

Tough to hit it fast and smooth since the approach above was pretty slick today. You can see my rear end slide out actually.

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Texas Bicycling Updates December 17th

Tour de Lites delights Pearland residents

By Stacey Glaesmann        www.yourhoustonnews.com

Keep Pearland Beautiful hosted the 21st Annual Tour de Lites Family Bicycle Ride on Saturday (Dec. 13) as part of the holiday activities in Pearland.
Over 140 participants enjoyed the leisurely bicycle and hayride through the Green Tee subdivision to view the Christmas lights.
The ride also included a bicycle raffle, won by a local Pearland resident, and a contest for the …

ARR Volunteer Call: Kid Trips @ Colorado Bend State Park

Saturday, Jan 10, 2015, 8:30 AM

Colorado Bend State Park (follow signs out of Bend, TX)
Colorado Bend State Park, TX

3 Mountain Bikers Attending

The Austin Ridge Riders has a Volunteer Opportunity for you with Kid Trips and the Girl Scouts of America @ Colorado Bend State Park!Do you love mountain biking, riding new trails, and helping to introduce our sport to a new generation of riders? Here is your chance to volunteer to help  out on an ARR Kid Trips outing.Kid Trips is a focus of the …

Check out this Meetup →

Race Preview – Quest CX Challenge – 12.20-21.14

by joeyTWOwheels        texascx.com

Just a few weekends left, and local promoter Rolando Roman wants you to keep your form. The final race of the ATXCXCup is upon us, as are the last opportunities to toe the line in 2014.
Let’s get into it.
Say, Ro, how would you describe the terrain at the Quest Park?
This is a new venue; Quest ATX is a new cable assist water ski and wake board park in Austin TX. It is private property with ½ mile of the course covered with elevation change, a fast grass section, a twisty tree section, barriers, double pit and a …

Austin Elects Several Bike-Friendly Council Members


The campaigning is done, the votes are counted, and Austin’s new 10-1 City Council is ready to take their seats in January. BikeTexas congratulates all the new council members on their successful run for office. We are very excited that many pro-bike candidates are now on the council, including those we endorsed in districts 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7. We are also convinced that current CM Tovo and Mayor-Elect Adler will be great for biking and walking based on their campaigns, their comments, and …

Happy (Late) 5th Birthday, Bike Friendly Richardson

Bike Friendly Richardson

When we started Bike Friendly Richardson, in December 2009, our original goal was to follow in the footsteps of Bike Friendly Oak Cliff. Although our core beliefs are still the same, over the last 5 years, our focus has evolved to better fit the needs of the cycling community in Richardson.
We are a group of bicycle advocates promoting the continued creation of better cycling facilities and improved infrastructure in Richardson. Our main focus is on education and increasing the ridership of those wanting to ride for transportation and pleasure over sport.
Our mission: …