What’s Turning the Spokes on the Net October 17th

Michelle is not based in Texas but since the news flow is non-existent tonight I thought Michelle’s post would be inspiring. She rode a recumbent bike from Everett, Washington, to Williamsburg, Virginia, starting July 9, 2009.

Magnolia Randonneur: Mountain Biking!!!!
by Michelle
For the past 3 or so years, I have played around with the idea of mountain biking. I would never commit to it nor was I total convinced that I would want to do it as I always had a big road biking goal looming in the near future. For the first time I don’t have a major road cycling goal, so now is the time to give mountain biking a try. If I break my arm, then, oh well, I break my arm. It wouldn’t mess up any major …. Comfort Texas. Comfort Texas San Antonio Trip 2008 …

I told you the news was slow tonight but this is interesting.

History of the CamelBak – High on Mountain Biking
by Rip3d
An avid cyclist living in the scorching heat of central Texas, Chuck Hunter staggered into a bike shop in 1997 and says he succumbed to a “cute” saleswoman’s pitch. He left wearing a water-filled backpack with a tube extending to his …

Rick Ankrum

In 1999 I had a burning desire to create a web site focused on Texas bicycling. Over the years this web site has existed many people have visited. As I think of information I need to bicycle I add them to the web site.

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