Texas Bicycling Daily News Roundup October 25th

Cranksgiving 6 Hour Benefit Ride @ Pace Bend
Austin Ridge Riders
Saturday, November 26, 2011 – 09:00
We’re back!
Join us at our Fall grassroots ride at beuatiful Pace Bend Park! See how many laps of this amazing trail you can complete in 6 hours. There will be fun and food post ride and everyone raved about the trail and event last year.

Power/Heart Rate Analysis
by Ken        Texas Racing Life
Heart rate is not usually a very good indicator of how you are working on the bike because it is so variable.  The variation comes from the fact that your heart rate depends on many factors of your whole body, including sleep, stress, nutrition, time of day, how hard the effort is, etc.  In other words, there is a lot of variation and error to the heart rate numbers.  My guess is heart rate can be as much as +/- 5%.   This can make HR changes irrelevant…

Ask the Agency – Central Texas Bicycle Infrastructure Update Wed Nov 2nd 6pm
League of Bicycle Voters
——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Ask the Agency – Central Texas Bicycle Infrastructure Update Wed Nov 2nd 6pm
From: Eileen Schaubert
The November Austin Cycling Association meeting gives a chance for cyclists to ask questions and get answers from the agencies that are building the roadways and bikeways in Central Texas. email your questions NOW to vp@austincycling.org so the reps have time to research real answers.

We’ll have representatives from: TXDoT – both the Austin District office and the new Statewide Bike / Pedestrian Coordinator (how do you like the Parmer bike lanes?), …

Bicyclists: Light up when it’s dark!
By Pam LeBlanc        Fit City
I ride my bike a lot early in the morning or after work, when it’s dark outside. That’s why my bike practically bristles with flashing, blinking and solid lights, from tip to tail.

In Austin, cyclists are required by law to use a solid white headlight visible for at least 500 feet. A rear red reflector is also required, but it’s even better to attach a bright red blinkie light in back, too.

Besides my front Nite Rider MiNewt 150 headlight (about $70) and my Planet Bike Super Flash tail light (about…

Tour Das Hugel … A voyage of transformation, and pain
by robdamico        Austin oin Two Wheels
On a blustery cold December morning last year I saddled my bike and headed out into the hills. It was supposed to be the beginning of a transformation, a year-long effort to mold myself into a cyclist that could conquer Austin’s toughest ride—Tour Das Hugel, 108 miles of punishing ascents meandering through the hills west of town. Since I had never ridden more than 30 or so miles—all flat—my thought was that it would truly be life-changing experience.

I rode about 22 miles that day through the frigid swirling winds along one section of the course, and finished only one of the dozen or so climbs that are considered significant—Lost Creek Boulevard. It was the hardest thing I’d…

Rick Ankrum

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