Texas Bicycling Daily News Roundup for November 8th

The First Bicycle Museum in Texas is Coming to Houston
On Sunday, November 13, the newly formed Houston Bicycle Museum organization will host a fundraising event, “It’s all about the bike…!” featuring a classic bicycle exhibit, $500 raffle, educational talks and live music, from 1 to 5 p.m., at Houston Garden Center Hermann Park.

The Houston Bicycle Museum (HBM), which will be the first physical museum of its kind in Texas, is launching its new not-for-profit venture in Houston on Sunday, November 13 with a fundraising event called, “It’s all about the bike…!”

Sunday’s free family event will occur from 1 to 5 p.m., at the Houston Garden Center in Hermann Park, 1500 Hermann Drive, Houston, TX 77004. The public is invited to attend. …

Heart of Texas Rally
Bryan Ball, the force behind Bent Rider Online, will be our guest at the 2012 HOT. Bryan is one of the foremost experts on recumbent cycles in the country, and he will  partner with Mike for the Saturday afternoon presentation. Have your questions ready!!! We are thrilled Bryan will be joining us at the HOT!

New stats on bicycling’s benefits
Biking is pretty freaking awesome. Odds are you agree with this statement. Besides the fact that it’s fun, why is it awesome? Well, it’s good for our economy, environment, and health. It creates jobs and reduces healthcare costs. It makes us happy and enriches our communities. If you ride a bike, the myriad benefits are hard to ignore.

But for those naysayers out there who haven’t ridden a bike since they were kids, the benefits of bicycling aren’t so obvious. In lieu of the actual experience of riding, we have to encourage them with facts and statistics that…

Das Hugel … My ride is done, big ride is on for Saturday
by robdamico        Austin on Two Wheels
This is the fourth part of Rob D’Amico’s series looking at Tour Das Hugel and his attempt to do the 2011 ride. (Part I. and Part II and Part III) He also hosted a fundraiser that let readers donate a set amount for each mile he completed, with all proceeds going to local bike nonprofits. You can still donate here.

Finished. On Saturday I rode the whole Hugel, some 108 miles. I actually had completed the second loop of the course (70 miles) the weekend before, so I was optimistic about completing, but it ended up being tougher than I expected. Here’s a brief account. …

Missoni bicycle for Target update via The Plano Cyclist
by Christopher Curnutt            Biking in Dallas

Missoni for Target bicycle. photo by Justin Husman

We discussed the Missoni for Target bicycle and it’s zany trademark zig-zag pattern here. In the comments of that post Justin Husman, local blogger and genuinely nice guy, offered to help assemble a local Missoni that came in a box.  So Claire asked for his assistance which he has now given.  Her bike is assembled and back in…

Dapper Commuter
by UrbanPedal        Dallas Cycle Chic

I saw the most well-dressed stylish man bicycle-commuting to work downtown yesterday.

Yes, he’s from Dallas, and yes he’ll be at the tweed ride Sunday, though he confessed it seemed a bit silly to go hang out with people who go out of their way, for one day, to dress like he does… but there’s Cliff Fest! …

A new concept in parking: Bike corrals
By Pam LeBlanc            Fit City

One of my pet peeves as a cyclist is riding to a shop or restaurant only to discover there’s no place to park my bike.

When it happens, I make a point of mentioning it to a manager. (Hello Maudie’s on Lake Austin Boulevard — please get a bike rack!)…

Building a City Bike
by Justin        The Plano Cyclist
I told you before I was building my old Suteki up to sell; I have a frame with a good bottom bracket, a set of wheels, and a lot of parts, so I decided to make a city six speed.

Here are some photos of the completed bike. It does have new cables and housing all the way around, but otherwise it is all stuff sourced from my parts box. I plan to put a rear rack on it as well, but didn’t have any clamps small enough in stock, so I’ll pick some up today. I am trying to decide wether to put fenders on it, but I may leave that up to the new owner – I’ve got some nice SKS fenders that were on this bike before, but I think I want to…

EZ Riding on Woodlands Bike Success
By TOM ZIZKA        www.myfoxhouston.com
HOUSTON – The American Federation of Bicyclists recently designated The Woodlands, Texas as one of three ‘bicycle friendly’ communities in Texas.

The honor gives The Woodlands 4 years to peddle its bicycle-friendly quality of life, and a local entrepreneur is trying to capitalize on the bragging rights.

Robert Solana’s business ECO EZ-Riders is a fleet of electric bicycles that he rents for use around the…

Local bike shop, radio station team up to build bikes for underprivileged children
By Rachel Thompson            www.dailytexanonline.com

On the morning of Dec. 16, 750 underprivileged Texas children will head out to a parking lot full of bicycles, knowing that one of those bikes will be theirs to take home.

Local Austin bike shop Mellow Johnny’s works with Mix 94.7 and the station’s JB and Sandy Morning Show to sponsor Bikes for Kids, now in its 16th year. The project uses individual donations and the work of dedicated volunteers to…

San Marcos man barbecues on his bicycle
By Roy Bragg        www.mysanantonio.com

SAN MARCOS — Life on the streets can be hard, but thanks to Scott Mitchell, at least there’s free barbecue on Sunday.

Five years ago, the nature photographer and custom frame maker took a Murray Monterey tandem bicycle, replaced the second seat with a small Weber grill, added a few other amenities, such as a cutting board on the sissy seat, and created a mobile…

918XC.com, Hammerhead Bikes Merge
TULSA, OK (BRAIN)—918XC.com, a Tulsa, Oklahoma, bicycle shop and e-commerce site specializing in 29er mountain bikes, has entered into a merger agreement with Austin, Texas, retailer Hammerhead Bikes.

The merged company will take on the name Hammerheadbikes.com and will be headquartered in Tulsa. Hammerhead Bikes, founded in 2001 as a high-end bike shop serving the Austin off-road market, closed its storefront in mid-October and is in the midst of transferring its inventory to 918XC’s Tulsa store. Hammerhead…

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