Texas Bicycling News April 20th 2017

Bike Ride to Honor Memory of Cyclists

By Alex Cano | www.kgns.tv


LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) – A group of cyclists are coming together to raise awareness on the dangers many face out in the road.
From exercise to patrolling the streets, many opt to use bicycles as a medium of transportation. This is why the City of Laredo is participating in it’s second annual Ride of Silence event. …

Florida Bound

By Charles Brun | www.crazyguyonabike.com

Day 36: Navasota to Cold Spring Texas
Wednesday April 19, 2017, 77 miles (124 km) – Total so far: 1,969 miles (3,169 km)
Overall today was a good day, other than for the excessive distance I had to ride in order to get to a campsite that was open. In panning this trip I knew I wanted to get to Cold Spring today, but was secretly hoping that the Double Lake Recreation Area site, administered by the United States Forest Service might be after a lengthy renovation, but alas it was still closed. If it had been open the ride would have been 8 miles shorter.
Whenever I get over 70 miles for the day, I typically get to the campsite later than I would like if I am going to wash out clothing or do laundery and still have enough time for it to air dry. Tonite when I got the campsite at 6 pm I quickly stripped off my smelly clothing and through it all in the washing machine before I took a shower. Afterwards I hung it up to dry and fortunately it did, as the temperature outside was high enough, even though the sun was waning.
Knowing that I had a lot of miles to cover I rose at 6 am, and skipped making coffee as I knew that …

Day 37: Cold Spring to Silsbee Texas
Thursday April 20, 2017, 70 miles (113 km) – Total so far: 2,039 miles (3,281 km)
Today was nearly level the entire way. When I checked the elevation gain/loss on the GPS it looks like I only gained something like 50 feet today. That’s certainly not very much for a 70 mile ride! I found myself frequently going along at 14 miles per hour, which is pretty amazing for the amount of gear I have to carry.
For the most part the roads were paved and smooth. Even the shoulder was nice! There was little traffic other than for the flow of logging trucks transporting either small diameter trees most likely for pulp, or larger diameter trees (12″-16″) probably for housing timbers.
I started out later this morning as I needed to repair a couple of punctured inner tubes that I have been carrying. I found that my oldest patch kit was simply not up to the task as the glue was thick and the patches were not sticking.
There are many small ponds along the way as I rode east. Many of them had floating vegetation and a few had water lilies growing in them. Certainly the water quality is not anywhere as good as the temperate lakes I am familiar with in the northern latitudes. Here the soils seem to either clay or sand. None of the rivers had clear looking water, and I never saw anyone swimming in them. I know that there is concern over water moccasin snakes. Also known as cotton-mouths these poisonous vipers are common to the entire southeast. They have large, triangular heads, and can …

Out for her first ride on a geared road bike. #cycling #kids #roadies

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