Texas Bicycling News Digest August 11th 2017

For the Cyclist: Tackling North Texas’ Hotter’N Hell Hundred

By James Martin | texashillcountry.com

Unsurprisingly, the sport of cycling in Texas, as with other sports, is extreme and requires true grit. Cycling in Texas takes riders all over the state and immerses them into some harsh environments. Texas’s famous race, the Hotter’N Hell Hundred, takes cyclist through grueling, dry terrain around the Wichita Falls area of North Texas. Though not as long as the …

Little Devoted to Houston Bike Plan in $495 Million Bond Package

By Meagan Flynn | www.houstonpress.com

Houston cyclists had something to celebrate back in March, when City Council voted to adopt the Houston Bike Plan. It marked the first time in more than two decades that the city planned to comprehensively upgrade its crumbling biking infrastructure, which was last fully revamped in the early 1990s. The lanes had become full of potholes and debris. The stripes were only barely visible on some …

Monthly Women’s Ride

Bicycles Plus | www.facebook.com

Bid on Community Park Hike & Bike Trail in Princeton


Prebid: 08/31/17 10:00 AM Prebid Mandatory: yes
Solicitation Title: Community Park Hike & Bike Trail
Status: bidding
Report: 7973174
Country : United States State: TX County: Collin Location: Princeton
Scope: Construction of approx. 4,137 LF of 8′ wide reinforced concrete trail in community park, 786 Cy of excavation, 33096 SF of Furnish and Install 6″ Reinforced Concrete Trail, 767 CY of Prepare 6″ of Subgrade, 62 LF of Furnish and Install 15″ Reinforced Concrete Pipe, 4 ea of Furnish and Install Single-Barrel Sloped Headwall for 15″Reinforced Concrete Pipe, see attached file.
Notes: Written question deadline: 09/07/17 by 5:00 PM. A mandatory …

Bid on City of Boerne Trail System Expansion Project in Boerne


UPDATED City of Boerne Trail System Expansion Project
Prebid: 08/01/17 2:00 PM
Solicitation Title: UPDATED City of Boerne Trail System Expansion Project
Owner Solic Number: 0915-11-033 Status: bidding Report: 7938371
Country : United States State: TX County: Kendall Location: Boerne
Est. Low Value: $2,500,000 Est. High Value: $2,500,000
Set Aside Types: MBE/DBE (Minority / Disadvantaged)
Scope: Trail system expansion project. Work includes approx 1,839 CY roadway excavation; 22,975 SY soil retention blankets; 363 LF of 24″ drill shaft;903 SF retaining wall; 8 LF of 8′ x 3′ concrete box culvert; 102 LF of RC pipe (arch); 1 EA adjusting manholes; 8,523 SY of 5″ concrete sidewalk; 500 LF of 1″ PVC conduit; 50 LF of 2″ PVC conduit; see …

Mansfield Trail Connection to City Spine Trail project


Along the Trinity River, a biking trail comes dangerously close to sliding into the water

Robert Wilonsky | www.dallasnews.com

At the moment, the Trinity Skyline Trail is the most significant amenity that runs along the Trinity River near downtown Dallas. And a piece of that trail looks like it’s in danger of sliding into the river.
City officials said Friday they’re aware of the erosion imperiling the trail beneath the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Repairs, in fact, are scheduled to …

Texas Bicycling from Twitter

New Event Added to Texbiker.net Calendar

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