Texas Bicycling News Digest August 12th 2017

Vacation at the station; Kids learn bike safety, more at police event

By Brian Knox | www.wcmessenger.com

One moment, a line of children’s bicycles sat motionless in a row outside of the Decatur Police Department Friday.
A moment later, excited kids were hopping onto them, positioning helmets on their heads.
“This needs to be a little bit tighter,” Lt. Delvon Campbell said to one child while tugging on the straps. “You see how that feels?”
He inspected the other helmets – “Good, good, good,” he said. …

8 AM start: Tour de Southern Walnut Creek Trail

Tuesday, Aug 15, 2017, 8:00 AM

Govalle Park
5200 Bolm Rd. Austin, TX

1 Austin Cyclists Attending

We’re riding out at 8 AM for summer coolness.A moderate C-pace ride (roughly 11 to 14 mph) on The Southern Walnut Creek Trail from the trailhead at Govalle Park to the Abrupt End and return. Round trip is about 20 miles. The trail is paved for the entire distance, with a 1/2 mile hill on the outbound. We’ll regroup at the top of the hill on the ou…

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UPDATED Hike and Bike Trail Improvements Akin Park To Cargill Trailhead


Prebid: 08/15/17 11:00 AM
Solicitation Title: UPDATED Hike and Bike Trail Improvements Akin Park To Cargill Trailhead
Status: bidding Report: 7950854
Country : United States State: TX
Location: North Side of Akin Park At Delwood To the Northeast Side of 4th Street At Cargill Long Park Trailhead Along Oakland Creek
Est. Low Value: $1,850,000 Est. High Value: $1,950,000
Scope: Hike and bike trail improvements, trail includes approximately 5,100 LF of 10-foot wide reinforced concrete, clearing, grubbing, excavation, backfill and compaction for grading, construction of abutments, headwalls, wing walls, safety end treatments, and handrails, pedestrian signals, electrical services, and pavement marking.
Notes: A pre bid meeting will be held on 08/15/17, 11:00 AM at City of Longview Public Works Service Center, 933 Mobile Dr., Longview, TX 75604. …

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