Longing For 80 Degrees Biking Indoors

Glad I skipped registering for the Humble Lions Club Bike ride yesterday (Saturday). It rained up until 11 am or so and then scattered rain during the afternoon. I was lazy and didn’t use the trainer then but today I got on the Cycleops Fluid Trainer with my Blue Norcross AL bike. Outside it was a frosty 41 degrees while I worked up a sweat inside.

Intervals was the workout flavor for today, eight of them. I peaked using the 36 x 12 gear combination. Sometime during the workout the PowerPod recorded max watts of 2100. My legs felt like that at time but I think it might be in error. The PowerPod connected to the Elemnt with a little button pushing after initially not being cooperative.

To combat the cool breeze from the fan I wore a long sleeve jersey which also held the sweat from dripping on the bike and floor.

Checking what I did on this date last year: 80 degrees while riding the Humble Lions Club Bike Ride 55 miles. Big difference in the weather. To make myself feel worse the weather in Key West, FL is 80 degrees today. Maybe warmer weather will arrive and I get to bike outside.

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