Fry Your Chain to Get Rid of the Grease

Many years ago I read about waxing your bike chain. Since that time I always wax my chains instead of using grease or oil. There are several advantages to do this the main one being no more grimy grease marks on your legs when you rub against your bike chain by accident. Also when […] Event Calendar and Google Calendar

If you use Google calendar or any other calendar that can subscribe to iCal feeds you can add the Event Calendar to your calendar. The instructions vary but in Google Calendar paste this iCal link in the left hand space “Add a friend’s calendar”.

With this link you will see the upcoming […]

2009 Riding Statistics

2009 was the best year for my total miles. Previously the best was 5131 in 2008. This year:

Total miles = 5225.74

Total riding hours = 355:41

Average pace = 4:04 min/mile

Average speed = 14.7

Total calories burned = 154,957

Miles by month chart

Average Distance per ride by month

Average […]

The Ride of Your Life

This week I was listening to my favorite bicycling podcast, The Fredcast, and David Bernstein interviewed David Rowe, the author of the ebook Ride of Your Life. I was intrigued by the interview where the author asks the question, Why do you ride? According to Mr. Rowe there are a mountain of books on […]