What makes a good trail?

What Makes A Good Trail?

I’ve been thinking a lot about which trails here in Dallas-Fort Worth would make my top 5 trails list. The big question in my head, what makes a good trail.

You’re probably already thinking of your top 5 in your head, I’m sure everyone has at least 2 of the same ones in mind.

The reason that I keep diliberating back and forth is because there is so much variety here in DFW, and in all of Texas really.

What is the criteria that you make your picks based on? 

Would you base your top trails on the fact that they are the most scenic? What about the most technical, or most climbing. What about the trails with the best flow or maybe even just simple convenience to where you live.

There are so many different things you could list as being the reason you chose a particular trail. It makes the question so much more difficult.

If you were going to pick your top 5 trails, what criteria would you use to choose?

I would for you to share your thoughts with the world on what makes a good trail.

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.


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