8 Great Mountain Bike Videos

8 Mountain Bike Videos

What a crazy week.

I’m almost done with some cool new tutorials that you are going to love. Unfortunately they aren’t quite ready like I thought they would be.

So today, I will be sharing some of my favorite mountain bike videos and cycling clips on YouTube. And no these do not include any of my own videos, you’ll have to wait for my next post to see that.

Mountain Bike Videos

Starting off. My favorite and perhaps most motivating video for riding.


Next is another one of my favorite videos. The synchronization these 4 riders have is crazy and the videography/soundtrack is terrific.

Not a lot of this style of riding here in Texas, but its still pretty great.


Not enough for you?

How about this absolutely insane downhill run by world champ Danny Hart. Reckless abandon doesn’t even start to describe the way he rides in that mud. At 2 minutes 25 seconds i swear the announcer has a small heart attack!


The worst fall video I have ever seen. Beware of a little strong language if you have kids around.


Get a dose of mountain bike history. Did you know how the sport started?


I think I need one of these helicopters to cover our races here in Texas. Pretty darn cool!

And just wait until 4 minutes and 35 seconds into the video. One of the racers gets mad and throws his bike into a pool of water. HA!


I’m sorry, but I had to share this one. It’s catchy so I apologize in advance for getting the song stuck in your head.


Finally, because any list of any riding is just incomplete without a clip of Danny Macaskill.

I chose to use something other than his infamous Inspired Bicycles video that’s been viewed over 31 milliont times. To see that one, you can click here.

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