Video Report Bike Through the Forest and The Hills Bike Ride 1/29/2011

The report I posted yesterday was rather long and I did not have time to edit the video I took. Today I finished the video editing (not that hard with a FlipCam) and posted to

Since I wrote the ride report I found another hole in my rear tire tube from the wire. It seems to have went through the tube two times. I am still not figuring out where this tiny wire comes from along the road. Because the holes are on opposite sides of the tube in the same place I replaced the tube rather than try to patch it.

The weather has been light rain today so no recovery bike ride today.

Koobi PRS Century Saddle First Impressions

I purchased the Koobi PRS Century saddle based on what I saw when I was in Wichita Falls back in August for the Hotter’n Hell 100 bike ride. Koobi was in the Consumer Expo. Many years ago I rode on the first Koobi AU saddle and was pleased with it. I rode that one until the leather cover tore. While the Koobi AU was not what I considered an expensive saddle the Koobi PRS Century is an expensive saddle for me. This is why I only considered buying this saddle after I learned about the 30 return policy.

Opening the box I saw they included extra polyurethane bumpers to adjust the suspension. The instructions were there as well and appear to be detailed enough to make the change easy. So far I have not found no reason to change the bumpers that were installed.

When I ordered the saddle I choose the rail medal (titanium alloy or manganese). There are women’s versions as well. In addition I was asked for my body weight, number of hours cycling per week, primary use of the saddle. These questions direct the suspension bumpers that are installed. My weight is on the edge of one of the selections so I had to decide whether to go above my weight or below. I chose the range where my weight was at the bottom.

Once the order was placed shipment happened very promptly and two days later the USPS delivered the box. Now for the video.

As of October 30th I have about 140 miles on this saddle. I am pleased with the ride and feel and unless something comes up in the next ride or two I will not be exercising the 30 day return policy. The seat is more comfortable than the Douglas one I replaced and I thought it was comfortable. Watch my ride reports for comments as I continue to ride the Koobi PRS Century.

Thule Passage 2 Bike Carrier Unboxing and Installation

In August 2010 I purchased the Thule Passage 2 Bike carrier from The carrier fits on the rear door of my Jeep Grand Cherokee. We were going on an extended driving vacation and there would not be room to put my bike inside. As I was getting ready to test the carrier on our trip to the Hotter’n Hell 100 in Wichita Falls, TX, I thought it would be interesting to video the unboxing and installation. My wife, Hazel Marie, is the camera person.

The first video is the unboxing. I am wearing a jacket with ride patches from the League of American Wheelman that I earned back in the 1980’s. Sorry for the bare feet since I recorded this after my evening bike ride.

After the unboxing, the next day as we were getting ready to leave for the Hotter’n Hell 100 my wife videoed the installation on the rear hatch of our Jeep Grand Cherokee. The video is pretty self explanatory but I was injured during the installation when I pushed one of the carrier arms into its opening. Due to the length of the video there are two parts.

Now for the conclusion of the install. The carrier performed perfectly for the trip to Wichita Falls and the 4,200 mile vacation trip we went on during the month of September. By the end of our vacation I could put the carrier on the Jeep in a matter of minutes. I think taking the front wheel off of the bike was a good idea for traveling purposes.

I would highly recommend this carrier. It fits a large number of vehicles (but not my Jeep Wrangler) and the instruction sheet details the arm settings to fit each vehicle. The price was reasonable at $86. This was what attracted me since the hitch mount ones cost over $200 or more. The mounting straps are long to accommodate the wide variety of vehicles but I figured out how to wrap the excess around the carrier frame so that flapping straps would not mark the Jeep’s paint.

Unboxing the Diadora Speedracer Carbon Shoes

Today I received my order from Bike Nashbar. FedEx had said the scheduled delivery was July 6th so I had not been expecting these to arrive today. I would like to try these out tomorrow but right now the weather is not too promising with 60% chance of rain. On top of that our community 4th of July parade is scheduled for 10:00 AM rain or shine on Saturday. But I can go for ride after the parade if the rain is a no show.

I have tried to buy shoes at the local bike shops but the selection of sizes and brands have not been large enough.