Texas Bicycling News Digest May 10th

Video: Birth of an American Cargo Bike by Matthew bike4heck.com

This is a longer video than I usually post but it’s totally worth a 20 minute watch. Liz Canning, a friend of Bike4Heck did a great job on this video segment. I was not a co-producer in this project but I’m apart of the […]

Texas Bicycling News Digest April 20th

Start warming up for the National Bike Challenge www.peopleforbikes.org

PeopleForBikes would like to officially welcome everyone to the 2015 National Bike Challenge! We’re partnering with Kimberly-Clark to grow this year’s Challenge, building on the momentum last year’s Challenge established. The goal for 2015 is to reach at least …

South Texas BMX gives […]

Texas Bicycling News Digest March 23rd

Door Zone Warning Bike Noob

Last week, when I went for a ride against my better judgment and wound up aggravating my bronchitis, I was cruising through a new housing development that still has some construction going on. I saw one of the workers shoulder some tools and head toward the street, so […]

Texas Bicycling News Digest February 9th

Pedaling the Prairie Photos the sci guy www.bikeforums.net

Some pic from yesterday’s Pedaling the Prairie, up in Hempstead. I did the 45 mile route, the wife did the 24. Weather was gorgeous. Had a great time.

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