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Texas Bicycling Blog and News Roundup for October 9th

Six reasons to give cyclocross a try
People for Bikes Blog
Cyclocross is something of a bicycling niche in the U.S. In cyclocross, riders use modified road bicycles to race around grass and dirt courses for 30 minutes to an hour. Its roots are in European winters, when road-racing pros needed a way to stay competitively fit during the cold months. At first glance it seems odd—grown men and women dismounting their bikes and bounding over wooden planks like show horses—but it’s on the way to becoming one of the most visible and valuable types of bike racing.

While cyclocross is less famous in the U.S. than its road and mountain bicycling siblings, it is seeing a rapid growth thanks to these six characteristics:

1) It’s family friendly. You often see entire families at the race. With amenities like kick-bike races and bouncy castles for little kids, it’s easy to keep the brood entertained while mom and dad race (usually at separate times, …

Council Set to Pass Safe Passing Ordinance
Bike Friendly Oak Cliff

The video above was posted to the Dallas Morning News city hall blog, and shows the head cam and audio of a bicyclist riding and describing how to ride in the new shared bicycle lanes in downtown.

Furthermore, Dallas is set to pass its first ever safe passing ordinance at tomorrow’s city council meeting.  It means that motor vehicles must “vacate the lane occupied by a vulnerable road user when passing, and reenter the lane occupied by the vulnerable road user only after passing at a safe distance” …

Review: Stan’s Raven 700 x 35 cyclocross tubeless tire
by Lars                    Texas Cyclist
2012 is my second season of cyclocross racing. I first discovered cyclocross just last fall, when I borrowed a low end Specialized cx bike, finished in the back third of the pack, and loved every minute of it. Within a few weeks, I went out and bought an Orbea cyclocross bike, reviewed here.

That bike came with stock Vittoria cx clincher tires. I promptly blew out a sidewall on the front Vittoria in a race when I hit a root, riding through a muddy ditch. I replaced it with a Grifo Challenge clincher in the front, which is a…

Mamma Jamma fund-raising bike ride set for Oct. 27
By Pam LeBlanc            Fit City
Hundreds of cyclists will chug up and down hills and past fields of late-blooming flowers later this month, when the fourth annual Mamma Jamma Ride gets under way.

The ride, a fund-raiser to support services for Central Texans fighting breast cancer, started in 2009. Since then it’s raised more than $1.4 million for 10 local non-profit agencies. This year’s goal is to add another $500,000.

After all, one out of every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. …

Cyclist finds beauty, camaraderie in Far West Texas ride
by Ed Todd            www.mywesttexas.com
FORT DAVIS — The truism ascribed to Albert Einstein, the revered physicist-thinker and bicyclist, applies to cyclists who show up for the seasonal Fort Davis Cyclefest.

“Life is like riding a bicycle,” the scientist attested. “To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Margaret O’Kelley, a phenomenal West Texas bicyclist and mentor, became a stellar cyclist by happenstance and progression beginning at age 45 seven years ago in El Paso, her hometown.

Much of her life is dedicated to…

UTSA Students Riding Bikes For 24 Hours
www.foxsanantonio.com        Video
Would you be able to ride a bicycle for 24 hours straight? Some UTSA students are doing that by partaking in a 24 hour bike-a-thon. Fox News First’s Sylvia Rincon was on the campus Tuesday morning where a fundraiser to help people with disabilities was being held.

Ransom Canyon Bike/Run to Raise Money for Burn Patients
By: John Pekowski            kfyo.com
Texas Tech wants you to get in shape and contribute to a worthy cause. It’s not too late to sign up for a 5K run or bike ride (25 miles or 50 miles) scheduled for 8am at Ranson Canyon on Saturday, Oct. 13th.

The event, called the PT (physical therapy) Classic, occurs annually, and coincides with National Physical Therapy Month. Proceeds go to the UMC Hamar Burn Center to assist in the funding of burn compression garments.

Those who register early online will receive a $5 discount. Students receive $5 off registration with a student ID. On-site registration will be available from…

Cycling The Globe: Austin Texas
by Rudy Pospisil        blogs.theprovince.com
I have not written in a few days. That because I am currently crossing western Texas and for hundreds of miles between towns there is absolutely nothing. I met a cyclist yesterday coming the other way and he looked like he had just finished a tour of duty in Vietnam. He said he had been in a hurricane, extreme thunderstorms and told me I ain’t seen nothin yet! I’m real glad I met him so inspirational. I mean out here there is NOTHING. No ranches , no houses, no trailers,no campsites, no water, no bike…

Spooky Bike Party in Fort Worth
by Chris Mathews        Plano Bicycle Association
All are invited to join the mayor of Ft. Worth for a bike party on October 26.  For details contact Andrew Hoodwin or MaryAnn Means.

New Team
by Ken            Texas Racing Life
The time has flown by since I moved from Austin to Houston about 2.5 years ago. I still remember my first couple of Memorial Park Crits in the summer of 2010. I met a great group of people that wore a strange name on their butts: Shama Cycles. I remember going to the Tour of Austin that year, loving meeting and hanging out with the team. Phil was always a great friend and mentor as I worked my way up. The team was always small, but Shama Cycles supported the racers.

Shama Cycles remains the only bike shop I frequent, the best shop in Houston. I enjoy watching so many beautiful masterpieces (the bikes, just to be clear ) coming and going through the doors. The people have been…

Outlaw Trail Cycling Tour
by WB admin            The Wheel Brothers – Cycling in Texas
Date: Saturday, October 13, 2012
Event: Outlaw Trail Cycling Tour 2012
Route Distances: 10 mile, 25 mile, 40 mile, 50 mile, 63 mile, and 100 mile

About the Ride: Each year, the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department hosts the Outlaw Trail 100 bike tour featuring 10 mile, 25 mile, 40 mile, 50 mile, 63 mile, and 100 mile loop courses on county roads through historic Williamson County.

Outlaw Trail isn’t competitive; it is an opportunity to join cyclists from across Texas for a ride across Williamson County. There are rest stops set up along the trail for cyclists to grab some snacks or a drink. Riders can ride at…

Texas Bicycling Blog and News Roundup for October 3rd

Fort Worth Trail work day – Gateway Park 10/6/2012 – 9am
by beechnut            forums.mtbr.com
Meet at the Phase 1 trailhead (by the softball fields).

We’ll be re-routing a low spot at the end of the oxbow and building a landbridge to mitigate flood conditions.

There will be an additional wildflower and seedball planting activity.

Lunch and drinks will be provided.

Fort Worth Bicycling Association Paceline Newsletter
Our most recent Paceline (the club’s online newsletter) was added 10-3-12 and is available below. Archives are available in the Members Area.

Cyclocross Madness! by Raul Bonifacio
by Raul Bonifacio            Biking in Dallas

Whether racing, touring, or just tooling around on two wheels, Raul Bonifacio has been a fixture in the Dallas cycle world for years now.  Keep tabs on more of his shennanigans at Pedallas. – Chris
Cyclocross Madness!   by Raul Bonifacio
You would never think that twenty minutes plus three laps is all you need to push yourself to the limit. Imagine yourself riding on a course that is half a mile, that might include sand, mud, hills, stairs, barriers and even creek crossings. The sound of music blasting and the motivating sounds of cowbells and cheering keeps cyclocross…

CU Makes the Switch to AM
by Ray Garza            Ciclistas Urbanos
Fall season is upon us and CU has made the switch to AM rides. That means getting up early to cycle out to our destinations in cooler fall weather. What about the night rides? Don’t despair, we will still have a monthly night rides for those that like cruz’n by moonlight. The group will gather early Saturday morning and take off at 8am. Check the Events Calendar for location and destination details.

This weeks ride takes us to Palmfest 2012 held at the McAllen Convention center at the corner of Ware Rd and Expressway 83. We expect some good Fajita’s from the Fajita Cook-off, paddle boats for the reflecting pool, live…

Cycling Around The Globe: The Rio Grande
The Province>Blogs >Sports Sports

I am at the state line of Texas and New Mexico after rattling off 88 miles (140 km). I have covered 700 miles (1000 km) so far. So you get the picture Iam cycling across the US on my global trek….. blah blah blah. Talking about my miles bike and biking is likely getting boring for non-cyclists.The most interesting part of the journey is not only the people one meets but wildlife I am coming across outback on the lonely less traveled roads. Being a true Canadian Im actually used to bears, raccoons, coyotes etc  but the…

Athlete Profile-Jenna Emerick
by Shelby Sementelli        hilltopviewsonline.com

Last fall, senior Jenna Emerick started mountain and road cycling because of her twin sister, who cycles at Texas State University. She wanted to bring the sport to St. Edward’s University and start cycling competitively. With the help of Student Life and Andy Lemons, the director of Campus Recreation, Emerick re-founded the cycling club on campus as a group for students to cycle socially and competitively. Until this weekend, Emerick was the only member to compete through the South Central Collegiate Cycling Conference, but competitive membership tripled this past weekend in the University of Texas at Austin Mountain Bike Weekend 2012 at Flat Rock Ranch in…

Recreational Sports Calendar & Sign-up Sheet – Oct. 3, 2012
San Antonio Express-News
…Bicycling: Saturday, 8 a.m., Big Joshua Creek Ride, 29, 39 and 54 miles, across street from PoPo’s Restaurant, Welfare. 210-771-1354. …

Texas Bicycling Daily News Roundup for September 9th

San Antonio Rider On Northwest Trails
by jasmorg1075            forums.mtbr.com
I’ve been meaning to post these for a long time. Work took me to Seattle for two weeks and I stayed the weekend to do some mountain biking. I rented a bike from Kirkland Bicycles, they were very helpful and great guys. I rented a Santa Cruz Nickel, not my typical bike but I was excited to ride trails out near Mt. Rainier.

I ended up picking Black Diamond, WA, which used to be an old coal mining town. They had a great map and lots of trails with different types of terrain. Enjoy the pics. …

AAAaaahhh, Finally some cooler weather !
by Ted_R            forums.mtbr.com
I knew a cool front was coming through San Antonio today so I waited till around 10:30 am to hit the trail and rode till about 12:30.

For the first time in a long time I came back in dry clothes. …

Ctx riders!!
by EmbraceTheHate            forums.mtbr.com
Hey guys just got into the sport. I ride by myself since I have no friends that do. I live in kyle, looking to meet some guys to show me around. I tried the Barton creek green belt today. Trail is poorly marked and its a little advanced for me. I went walnut creek and was blasting down there single track loved it!!

Anyways if you don’t mind taking a slow poke pm me and we can meet up somewhere. …

Great time at Lake Georgetown!
by LeeC            Austin Ridge Riders
The Goodwater Trail proved friendly and fun for all riders!  From middle schoolers to retires, from beginner to expert, all seemed to have a good time.  The weather was fantastic.  No conflicts with the
dove hunters.

Jeff did a super job on the fajitas and several folks contributed with great sides.  Mark went out on an afternoon ride, so Jason, Jeff, Todd, Roddy and I held down the beer cooler…

Koble Rides Away
Corinth Cycling

The Adam Bomb was dropped on the P 1-2 field in Farmer’s Branch on Saturday afternoon as Adam Koble attacked out of a small break and soloed his way to the victory.   Congratulations to Koble and all the Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental racing team who competed this weekend.  Complete results can be found at…

Violet Crown Weekly Rides
The Bagel Ride – Saturdays
Einstein Bros. Bagels at 12400 N. IH-35,  7:45am roll-out.

Check the VC Yahoo Email Group on Fridays for changes.
3-5 hours. Routes decided at the start. Ride FAQ

The Freewheeling Ride – Sundays
Freewheeling Bicycles, 2401 San Gabriel St., 8:00am roll-out.
Check the VC Yahoo Email Group on Fridays for changes. Ride FAQ

Violet Crown group rides are open to members and non-members.

FUn, and tiring, ride today!
by Don Bynum
I joined 2 fellow geezers, Doug Miller and Don Senzig today to do some cycling. At age 68 I was “the kid” in the group!

We did a counterclockwise loop across some very hilly hill country between Spicewood (we started/ended at Opie’s BBQ… good thing we ended there!) and Round Mountain for a total of 40.40 miles that burned 2,623 calories while ascending a total of 2,103 feet (I SAID it was hilly!) with one ascent involving a 25% grade (ooowwwww!) My MaxHR was 152 with an average of 122.

We earned that BBQ! Peggy met us at Opie’s and joined in the scarfing of nourishment.

Most of the Blanco County portion of the county roads involved indicated that the road department plans on winning the “sorriest rough big grained chip-seal in Texas award.”  Their county roads are just awful because they use the roughest chip-seal they can find. Its so rough the cow chips disappear between the rocks in the chipseal. It may be imported from Oklahoma it is so bad! (hush, Okie cousins, just hush!) There was one short, new looking, stretch that was just plain wonderful.  I suspect some poor Blanco County Roads Department guy is having to buy the beers for the next two years to make up for doing one so well.  Blanco County is also leading in the “crappiest cattle guards” competition, followed closely by Llano County.

Grumping about the stupid choice of road materials in Blanco County and the perverse selection of cattleguard components aside, we still had a great ride through beautiful country with challenging, very manly, terrain to be conquered! Gonna grin for a couple of days from this ride.  With cooler em,ps we will find some new challenges to joust!

Texas Bicycling Blog and News Roundup for March 10th

Colnago Demos to be at 5th Annual LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour!
Colnago will be bringing demo bikes to the LBJ Ranch, in conjunction with the 5th Annual LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour coming up March 24. The event routes kick off at 9:00 AM, and the demos will be there during the day. Ranch gates open to vehicular traffic at 7:00 AM.  This “get up close and personal” opportunity with new bike models is presented courtesy of one of Colnago’s newest retailers, and a major sponsor of the LBJ 100 – Ride Away Bicycles – with three shops in San Antonio.
Come on out to the event, talk to Ride Away, check out a Colnago, and feel that awesome handling ability on those gorgeous Texas hills.

LAB 4th St/I-35 Underpass Mural
The Ghisallo Foundation is a small Austin, TX based 501(c)(3) non-profit born out of the desire to improve cycling in Central Texas and a love of bike racing. Created to unify multiple bicycle based projects under one parent organization, we work to enhance cycling and expand the cycling community through project based initiatives.

Sunday Roll Ride
The Ride Spotlight for March is the Sunday Roll. This is your opportunity to “Explore Dallas”. The route changes weekly. The Sunday Roll might cruise bridge demolition along 635. The Roll might “roll” down to view the new Calatrava Bridge. The Ride Leader might take us down to the Dallas Farmers Market for ice cream…or on a tour of various bike trails. We’ve also been
known to “roll” over to Oak Cliff and do a few hills!

This ride is not for beginners. No drops are intended, but you need to be able to keep a 15-16 mph flat cruising pace (thus the 2+ rating) to keep the group together, and to do some optional hills.

Inspired by Hurst
by Steve A        DFW Point-to-Point
Sometimes, it can get discouraging to be a member of a vanishingly small minority such as a cycling commuter. If I believe the US Census, we’re about 1 in a thousand amongst road commuters. We see dangers thoughtlessly placed in our paths simply because people don’t think about the one in a thousand very much, though children also ride bikes to school. One such case was noted a bit over a week ago. Here.

I was reminded yesterday that most people really WANT to do the right thing and when something is brought to their attention, they will do so. I received the following email at work yesterday. Now you understand the title of this post. Now, we won’t read of a child crippled someday by a dangerous grate, nor will we have some…

Pro Cyclocross Rumors & Rumblings Week of March 9th, 2012
Kat Statman weighs in with his latest Cyclocross Rumors & Rumblings, an opinionated round-up of the recent week’s happenings in the world of cyclocross in his
by Kat Statman            www.cxmagazine.com

This week we have some really great off-season news for you: Bart Wellens has been cleared of suspicions of doping on two counts; Katie Compton makes a quick transition and grabs a podium in Texas; Adam Myerson walked off a plane and won an early season bike race; Colnago with a disc brake road bike, are things in the works for a ’cross racer for next year? Amy Dombroski has been up to some off-season antics, and Tim Johnson starts training in anticipation of his Ride on Washington. …

Spring fitness calendar packed with runs, rides and more
You noticed it last time you headed outside, didn’t you? That warm, spring-has-arrived feeling that makes you want to hop on a bike, jump in a lake or lace up your sneakers.

A slew of fitness events has arrived right along with the warm air. Here are some of the highlights: …

Texas A&M Race Report
by Mitchell Sides            utexascycling.org

Last weekend was Tunis-Roubaix put on by Texas A&M, and it was also the first SCCCCCCCCC collegiate cycling conference competition compendium of the year! It also happened to be my first collegiate race weekend. Aside from one little problem and one other not so little problem, it was fantastic!! Collegiate race weekends, for the uninitiated, include 3 races: a road race, a time trial (or team time trial), and a criterium. Each road race is generally between 30 and…

Texas Hell Week (Bicycle Tour)
Date: 3/10/2012 TO 3/17/2012
Event Description: Daily 40, 70 and 100 mile bicycle tours for all skill levels around Fredericksburg and the Texas Hill Country. Headquarters at the Sunset Inn, 900 S. Adams. For registration and more information, please call (806) 499-3210 or visit  www.hellweek.com

Hill Country State Natural Area Mountain Bike Trail
Bandera, Texas
Description: These are multi-use trails. Lots of single- & double-track, you will encounter some hikers and horses, but very few bikers. Most of the trails seem to be built for horseback so you will find many challenges, but overall, most of this trail system is very rideable. Beautiful Hill Country scenery in a pristine setting. The 5369.8-acre site was acquired by gift and purchase in 1976 and was opened to the public in 1984. The bulk of…

Power Team Coaching
Day one of a 1.5 day clinic was just as expected, Awesome! It is very rewarding to work with a divers group of coaches for any teaching day because we all have a story to tell and some tell your own story better. That is what makes for a GREAT learning environment.
OK but what the heck is with the weather. Forecast for today was spot on. Rain midday throughout the evening. We did not to let a little rain stand in our way to skills teaching and learning. Cool morning and a few sprinkles was good  and manageable. The morning session was built on skills we knew and a reformation of those skills so we…