Mountain Biking Amongst the Trees

The last time I rode my Motobecane 700HT mountain bike was February 9th of this year. Riding it today the trails look a lot different than February. As summer winds down the trails are green, thanks to rain this year. Several places on the trails have been worked on along Woodland Hills Drive south of [...]

Time vs. Temperature

Time ran out to ride this week. The title sounds like a scientific equation while it really was the decision I made to ride today. My normal cutoff is no biking when it is below 60 degrees. With the cold weather this past week I stayed inside off the bike. I wanted to get ride [...]

More Trails and Wind

After two chilly days it decided to warm up today. It was 63 when I started the ride at 1:40 and 64 when I finished at 3:10. While I rode the trails the wind was blowing at 9 mph with 21 mph gusts. Even in the trees I could tell the wind was moving around. [...]

Amongst the Leaves and Trees

Great start to the new year. My wife requested me to ride the trails in Kingwood to stay off the streets in case some late party people are on the road. I rode 17.68 miles on my Motobecane 700HT MTB. This is the first time on the MTB in a long time. I had to [...]