Last Swim at the Village Pools Bike Ride

A change of pace on today’s ride. I rode my Motobecane 700HT on the Kingwood greenbelt trails. The trails I chose took me by most of the Kingwood village pools where a few people were getting the last swim in before they close for the season. I rode 20.38 miles among trees with darting squirrels […]

Lots of Shade on the Trails

A change of pace with today’s ride. For the first time since the 3rd of June I rode my Motobecane 700HT MTB on the Kingwood greenbelt trails. It was different riding in shade most of the time. Amongst the trees the wind isn’t moving as much but the shade offsets that. Without any rain to […]

Two Goal Bike Ride

Today’s ride had two goals: register for tomorrow’s Humble Lions Club ride at Bike Werks in Kingwood and get my leg muscles warmed up for tomorrow’s ride. It was a little chilly and since I was staying in Kingwood I rode my Motobecane 700HT MTB. I rode 13.08 miles which is the long way to […]

Breaking the Ice Bike Ride

Mike and Frank on the TV show American Pickers talk about breaking the ice. I broke the ice today with the first ride of 2015. I was watching the temperature around noontime as it slowly moved to 60 degrees. I was determined to ride today with cold weather supposed to arrive tomorrow and stay with […]