Facebook Helps Retrieve A Stolen Bike

My favorite source of biking articles, The Wall Street Journal, (laugh, laugh) has an online article about how social media help people find lost bikes. According to this article, Heather McKibbon used Facebook to track down her stolen Cannondale, contact the police and setup a sting operation to trap the thief.

Several organizations that help owners track down their stolen bikes have come to the forefront. If your bike is stolen you might want to enlist your Twitter followers to help apprehend the crook.

Link to the Wall Street Journal article APB to the Web: Find My Bike!

Rick Ankrum

In 1999 I had a burning desire to create a web site focused on Texas bicycling. Over the years this web site has existed many people have visited. As I think of information I need to bicycle I add them to the web site.

2 thoughts to “Facebook Helps Retrieve A Stolen Bike”

  1. Twitter may be fine & all. I use it, Lance uses it. But for down & dirty bike thief tracking I would like to humbly suggest that the proactive use of a free Bike Registry service cannot be beat! That is registry along w/ TAG’n of you bike before it rides off by itself. Hell even the Israeli police agreed. After looking at every approach currently used (Twitter, RFID, old fashioned, etc) they cloned our Texas developed DNA based system for use in Tel Aviv.

  2. I agree. Dropping a business card down the seat tube and writing down the serial number works pretty good. Also you have to report it stolen quickly. Better yet is not making it too easy to get stolen.

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