Park Tools on How-To: Wrap bike handlebars

Back on July 10th, 2008, I had a post on how to put bar tape on your handlebars. Today I was reading Make Magazine online and they linked to another version of instructions from Park Tools. They have pictures and step-by-step instructions. One thing they show is wearing surgical gloves which I have never […]

Facebook Helps Retrieve A Stolen Bike

My favorite source of biking articles, The Wall Street Journal, (laugh, laugh) has an online article about how social media help people find lost bikes. According to this article, Heather McKibbon used Facebook to track down her stolen Cannondale, contact the police and setup a sting operation to trap the thief.

Several organizations that […]

Pedal Pushers on Fixing A Flat

Roy and Christine write a long post on fixing flats.


“Back when I was a kid, bicycles had big tires and tubes. Flats from goat heads were so frequent that to save money, we would just use a tire patch on the tube. Take the wheel off with a pair of pliers, use […]

Carbon and Aluminum are Not Best Buds

I was reading Leonard Zinn’s tech column at today where several riders were asking how to get a frozen seatpost out of their frame. It seems the carbon seatpost had a galvanic reaction with the aluminum frame or lug and started to melt together. The chemistry causes these two materials to bond to […]