Texas Bicycling Blog and News Roundup for December 17th

thy neighbor’s bike » Sunday RIDE
by liebo
This is a 25-30 mile ride over typical Central Texas terrain. If this is consistent with your riding experience, or is perhaps slightly more challenging than what you’re accustomed to, you should have no problem going the distance. …

Austin Bike Culture Calendar Events: 12/17- 12/23/09
This week’s calendar round up is short as we head into the Christmas holiday next week. The Thursday Night Social Ride will be a special one this week lead by the bike gang the SkelliCyclists and will then take a hiatus next week (Social Cycling ATX’s Monday Heavy Metal Ride will also be off for the rest of the year.) For those wanting to improve their wrenching skills, Bicycle Sport Shop will be having another Wheel Truing 101 class on Saturday. …

Fat Cyclist » Blog Archive » Riding With the Shack, Part III …
by fatty
This is also the video where Johan Bruyneel and I present the giant checks for LiveStrong and World Bicycle Relief. If you missed the first installment of this series, check it out here. The Ride Begins. I always experience an odd moment at the …

Life With Abigail and Joseph: I Am Riding a Bicycle to Austin
by Buckykatt
I am going to ride my bicycle from my apartment here in Houston to the state capital in Austin. No, I am not insane, nor have I become some eccentric guy with nothing better to do. I am doing this for a good cause. I am riding in the BP MS150 ride ..

Gravel Grinder News: Race Discussion: January Events
by Guitar Ted
Red River Riot, St Jo Texas, January 23rd: This event, in its first year is looking at doing a little more than 100 miles as a “challenge ride”. In fact, the site specifically says it isn’t a race, but says a clock will be running for those so inclined.

Starting at a right properly Texas named site called the “Breaks at Bar H mountain bike ranch”, this event will have a basic two loop type course of out and back dirt roads, back roads, and as little pavement as possible with a short single track section in the middle thrown in for good measure. …

How to build an advocay organization for bicycling, trails, and …
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So, you want to improve conditions for bicycling where you live? You want more respect from motorist while on the road?

If you answered yes to either question, you should be thinking about getting organized – just as farmers, lawyers, and hunters have done to promote their interests. Why not bicyclists?

Organizing for political power is a time-honored technique capable of creating real change. It is the first, essential step for participating in the political process – and the rewards can be dramatic. Even before ISTEA was passed, the fledgling texas Bicycle Coalition (TBC) persuaded the Texas Department of Highways and Public Transportation to hire a full-time bicycle coordinator and to designate bicycle contacts in each one of their 24 district offices. …

The New Me: 2009 in review – july through december
by Chrissy
August I’ve always been a fan of August, even though Texas makes it hard to love this particular month.This year, Amy and I launched the Morning Glory Yoga Studios’ Literary Reading Series (still trying to come up with a better name for … I rode in the Pineywoods Purgatory and achieved a new record distance for cycling – 72 miles! Two weekends later, I broke yet another record by competing in my first half marathon. In non-exercise news, I decided to forgo NaNoWriMo for …

Crooked Creek Cycle Park, Atwell, Texas –
Associated Content – associatedcontent.com
Crooked Creek Cycle Park, located at 4730 T.K. Parkway, Axtell, Texas, is only 15 minutes North East of Waco, Texas. This park is a private park that is only open to the public certain days of each month and is only open to motorcycles, all terrain vehicles or atvs, mountain bikes or horses. There is no side-by-side off highway vehicles or ohvs as well as dune buggies or automobiles allowed on the track or on any of the trails. …

Rick Ankrum

In 1999 I had a burning desire to create a web site focused on Texas bicycling. Over the years this web site has existed many people have visited. As I think of information I need to bicycle I add them to the web site.

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