Texas Bicycling Blog and News Roundup for February 8th

Pedal Thru the Pine coming March 3rd.
Austin Cycling Association
Pedal Thru the Pines, a fund raiser for the Family Crisis Center in Bastrop, is coming up on, March 3, 2012. Because of the wild fires and the recent floods that damaged park roads there have been significant changes to the routes. In order to provide an event with the quality and safety that participants have come to expect from Pedal Thru the Pines and the Crisis Center, this…

5 Minute Break: Bicycle Wheel Production Line
by Squirrel            Bike Magazine

Ever wonder where your wheels came from? This video is informative, fascinating and funny.

Not From Around Here
by Steve A            DFW Point-to-Point
It seems that, lately, I’ve forgotten some of the endearing features of Texas. Today, I got reminded that this place really IS “Like a whole ‘nother country!” And I also got reminded that I will never actually BE a Texan. Not even if I try REAL hard.

It started this morning. On the ride in to work, as usual, I saw nobody on a bike. However, between 6:30 and my arrival at work just a smidge after 7, I was waved to by a guy, in the dark who was walking his dog, another man who was simply standing on his porch, and by three other people including a school crossing guard. It is not…

Bike Poncho
by Darryl        lovingthebike.com

Does your bike spend a lot of time being stored outside or subject to potentially harmful conditions? Hopefully not, but if so then a Bike Poncho™ can help you (and your bike) out.  It’s designed to protect your bike while parked on work/campus, traveling on the back of your bike rack, or while being stored outside at home (heaven forbid). …

Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug
by katiejo            Austin on Two Wheels

I can hear the characteristic ding-ding of the train bell announcing its approach.The sound of the bell has become white noise as it rolls through my neighborhood a couple dozen times a day. This morning it’s a siren in my head. I am less than a half mile away and I can see the dual engines pulling into the MLK station. The westward traffic is stopped at the railroad crossing, and I feel a stroke of luck as the east ward traffic is clear. I pedal…

Quakertown Park to get new paved paths
by bikedenton

At last night’s city council meeting, the Consent Agenda (a bunch of stuff that passes with one vote, without discussion) included an item for “Pedestrian Trails and Sidewalk Improvements at the City of Denton Quakertown Park.” For $145,776, the city awarded a construction company contract to pour in this new network of concrete paths to connect all those formerly disparate parts of Quakertown Park. Currently, there is no paved path to…

Wheels That Heal by Toni Youngblood
by Toni Youngblood            Biking in Dallas
Something remarkable happened last Sunday in Deep Ellum… The cycling community  in Dallas rallied around one of its own and raised over $3,300 to benefit Misty “Liberty Kat” Green, an Oak Cliff woman who was seriously injured on a special edition “Tits Tuesday” ride 12/31.  Between internet efforts and one helluva party, the contributions totaled over $4,700! …

by Sully        Colonel’s Blog

Tired of laying expensive bicycles against each other when you’re traveling? Check out this custom made birch hardwood bike carrier, complete with alloy bike tite fork fasteners, non skid rubber foot pads and marine grade varnish coating, includes custom Colonel’s Bicycles logo. No more rattling noises, scratched frames or bent spokes, everything is organized and packed tight! This is the first prototype pictured here and it worked perfect in…

The meeting has passed but the information is of interest.

Save Anthills Update – Meeting Tonight!
by Veljko Roskar          GHORBA
The first Charting Buffalo meeting is tonight. Please make plans to attend and read this handout.

It is from 6-8 p.m. at the Tracy Gee Community Center. 3599 Westcenter. Parking and access may be tough, but don’t give up.

Our key position is on the Clodine Waterhole and diverting the water from the Clodine Ditch (and I-10 ditch) currently dumping into BB. It is not a wholesale attack on the plan or some of their ideas—just there are viable alternatives to deforesting the south side of the bayou that still accomplish the goal of reducing floods east of…

The Sufferfest – Hardcore Bike Training
by Shawn            Texas Mountain Bike Trails
Today I want to share one of the premier training products that I have come across. I talked not too long ago about how to keep up your training during the winter, and one of the best ways to do that is to use an indoor trainer or spin bike. …

2012 Alsatian Country Omnium MP12 Pt1
by Ken            Texas Racing Life

Author hurting in the race of truth. Photo by Robert. Check out his Smugmug by clicking on photo

After my spectacular results (for me) last weekend, I was dying to get back on the bike for another weekend of racing.  I was once again hoping for glory.  I always have daydreams of brilliant attacks and sprints during this “season of hope,” where I romantically win races by minutes against the toughest competition and my name is…

2012 Alsatian Country Part 2
by Ken            Texas Racing Life
This is Part 2 of the 2012 Alsatian Country Omnium Race Report. You can find part 1 here!

Thanks to Robert for the great pictures of the races.  For more pictures of the races click here to go to Robert’s Smugmug. Buy some photos if you find some you like!

Road Race
A new course for all the racers, the course was laid out like a lollipop, with and looong out, 3 loops around  bumpy farm roads, and a loooong back.  There was quite a bit of wind and short hills.  With the gameplan to again be aggressive, I first attacked about 10 minutes in, this time at a much more sustainable pace than…

Rick Ankrum

In 1999 I had a burning desire to create a web site focused on Texas bicycling. Over the years this web site has existed many people have visited. As I think of information I need to bicycle I add them to the web site.

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