Texas Bicycling Blog and News Roundup for March 15th

Review of the Best Bicycle Tail Lights in 2012
Testing bike lights
Taking some lights out for a test ride at night

Whether you bike to work every day regardless of how dark it is outside, or only let dusk catch you on the occasional evening ride, every cyclist should have lights. They’re required after dark by law in almost all regions, and are a crucial piece of safety equipment even where they’re optional.

Remember that although spending $30-50 on good lights may seem like a lot of money, the medical costs from a single accident would far surpass that initial investment. If you bike at night (or even bike on busy roads during the day – several of…

Solidarity. Not Charity
by katiejo            Austin on Two Wheels
The fog was so thick that if I squinted to look at the street lights in the darkness, I could pretend with minimal imagination that I was in a shire in Ireland. The artificial lights glowed orange and out of the thick humid air, a scattered group of runners appeared. At intervals they would emerge and be re-engulfed by the fog. An optical illusion that had me taking double takes each time I passed a runner, as they disappeared into the haze. As the road rules for running, each runner was heading forward onwards into traffic. At pre-dawn, I was the only traffic on the road, and they were running straight towards me or rather I was riding straight into them.

Despite our mutual surprise to suddenly appear face to foggy face, the surprise was replaced by a sense of solidarity. Biped and bi-pedal solidarity. Together, outdoors, pre-dawn. The will to arise before the sun does and…

We Support Jason Roberts for US Congress
by Christopher Curnutt            Biking in Dallas
In many circles Jason Roberts is simply one of the founding members of Bike Friendly Oak Cliff, but this is only one of his many accomplishments.  It’s true that he helped put casual cycling on the map in Dallas,  Texas (and beyond), and there’s no way to measure how many people he has directly or indirectly inspired to get on their bicycle and/or make their neighborhood and city a more livable, walkable, enjoyable  place to call home.

Where many cycling advocates can sometimes take a shrill and even antagonistic approach, Jason’s style has always been reasoned and methodical.  I’ve learned quite a bit just sitting on the sidelines and watching him work. I could go on and on about his accomplishment and selfless efforts, I’m sure others will do exactly…

Five new events join Fiesta lineup
By Stefanie Arias        www.mysanantonio.com
Fiesta fans can get an early start on the citywide party this year.

Though Fiesta San Antonio 2012 is 34 days away, a new event takes place before the April 19 kickoff. The UTSA Roadrunner Spring Football Fan Fest, a free spring football game at the Alamodome, is set for April 15. (Another early event, the San Antonio Lutheran Coronation, was March 3.) …

…and the Fiesta Wildflower Bike Ride, a multi-route race at Retama Park on April 22. It’s a benefit for Morgan’s Wonderland.

Race co-director Lynda Stewart said 1,500 cyclists are expected to participate.

“Come one, come all,” said co-director Jimmy Britton. “We have something for all ages and skill levels.” …

Cyclists stop off in Elgin during training run

A group of cyclists called the Livestrong Texas 4000 is training for a bike trip to Alaska to raise money for cancer research. They stopped off at Thomas Memorial Park and ate lunch at Meyer’s Smokehouse and BBQ. …

At the Bicycle Cafe, White Rock Lake
by (Chris Mathews)            www.planobicycle.org

Looking for a new breakfast stop on your rides around White Rock Lake?  Then check out the Bicycle Cafe on Northwest Hwy.  But be cautioned: if you are looking for greasy eggs and beer batter biscuits, this is not the place. You will have to ride to the…

Is it all about the bike?
by Shawn            Texas Mountain Bike Trails

You hear mountain bikers on the trail talk all the time about how much faster they would be if they were on a newer, shinier or more expensive bike. One with Sram XX components or the latest Fox fork. They moan and complain about their old bike and blame problems not on themselves, but on the bike. So is it all about the bike? …

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