Texas Bicycling Daily News Roundup for September 3rd

Bike Crash Phone App

A lawyer in Brooklyn has created an app that lets cyclists involved in collisions quickly gather the necessary information needed to support them in a court case. The app contains recording features that allow the user to film the scene, take witness accounts, quickly sketch the…

GHORBA Beginner Only Group Ride – Timberlane Trails
by soccerdude            forums.mtbr.com
Are you new to mountain biking? Whether you’re just starting out or have been riding for a few months here’s an opportunity for you to ride with a group perfectly suited just for you. Our experienced ride leaders will guide you around the trails at a pace that’s comfortable to you and we’ll even give you a few pointers if you so choose. GHORBA president Bill Rustam will be there to lead a group as well as be available to answer any questions you have about GHORBA and our current and upcoming projects. Join us on Saturday, September 8th at 9:00am and let us show you what Timberlane Trails has to offer!

Timberlane Trails is a perfect place for the beginner mountain biker to gain experience on real singletrack that has enough thrills to keep things interesting but won’t throw you for a curve. Located on the north side of town next door to the Mercer Arboretum, Timberlane Trails has over 2 miles of well shaded and scenic hardpack track with very minimal elevation gain. It’s perfect for working on your bike…

A jock moving to Houston
by Lanky_Stu            forums.mtbr.com
Hello everyone,
At the end of October I’m moving to Houston for work, still don’t where I’ll be staying, however I know I will want to continue enjoying mtbing!

I ride downhill, xc and road… Just a bit of everything I guess.

From the googling I’ve been doing so far, it looks like dh in Texas in pretty much non existent sadly, angel fire resort in new Mexico being the nearest for proper gravity riding.

Howevere there seems to be plenty of trails all over Houston to keep me on the xc bike.

I’d like to meet some people who could show me what the Houston area has to offer and generally just looking for riding buddies. I’m not…

September 8 Club Ride @ Lake Georgetown
Austin Ridge Riders
What:  Saturday, September  8, 9:00 a.m. Group Ride
Where: Lake George Town Trail
Meet Up Location:  Tejas Park
Join us next Saturday at Lake Georgetown for a fun day of riding and socializing. The ladies of Ride Like AGirl will be joining us and we expect a good turn-out. ARR will host a post-ride lunch and everyone is encouraged to bring something to share (fruit, sweets, salads, side dishes, chips and dips, etc.)As always, we will break into group based on skill level and how long on participants want to ride. “No Drop” policy always in effect.
Fun facts:
Meet at Tejas Part at Lake Georgetown at 9:00 am.
Beginner and advanced terrain and rides.
Park inside the gate or just outside on the county road.  CARPOOL if you can!
We are serving up fajitas and fixings for lunch about 12:30. …

National Public Lands Day is Saturday September 29
by Il Pirate        Austin Ridge Riders

National Public Lands Day is the nation’s largest hands-on volunteer effort to improve and enhance the public lands American’s enjoy. Several projects are planned for the Austin area.  Love your parks, preserves and trails? This is a great opportunity to show it. Interested persons are encouraged to register for events using the following link:  http://www.publiclandsday.org/

Two excited events are being hosted by our great friends at REI. One project is located north in Williamson County and the other at the Greenbelt. More information is below and you can use the link to the REI website for even more details. http://www.rei.com/stores/austin-gateway.html

Southwest Williamson County Regional Park National Public Lands Day Project  – 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Join REI, Discover Green and WILCO for a family friendly, National Public Lands Day volunteer trail maintenance and trash pickup project at Southwest Williamson County Regional Park in Leander. REI will be partnering with Williamson County…

“Can’t stop; don’t want to.”
by bikedenton

Happy Labor Day!
Seeing as its my first post go-around, I thought I might begin with a lighter fluff piece.

The cinema lured me out with “Premium Rush”, the tale of a no-holds bar NYC bicycle messenger named Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who receives a package that sets him out on a perilous ride. Wilee is meant to represent the most stereotypical of fixed-gear riders; “Brakes are death. Pedestrians can get you killed. Taxis are a menace. Can’t stop; don’t want to.” make up his credo. His persona makes up the typically likable…

Summer Is Ending – Time To Enroll In Class
by dickdavid            Bike Friendly Richardson
Safety is one of our biggest concerns for cyclists in Richardson. Along with having better awareness, better designed infrastructure and safer routes one of the best things that will keep cyclists safe on the road is being better educated. Whether you are new to cycling around town or a seasoned commuter, there is always something new to be learned with a good bicycle safety course.

Fortunately for us, there are some really good options near by. I am the recent graduate of both the the League of American Bicyclists, Traffic Skills 101 course (hosted by BikeDFW) and Cycling Savvy DFW‘s bicycle…

Labor Day On Allen Lane
by Roy and Christine        Pedal Pushers

On Labor Day a group of us met at Christoval for a ride on Allen Lane. Pictured are Rick Ogan, David Busker, Dan Willson, Eddie Trevino, Loyd Evans, Brian Backlund, George, and Dorothy Langdon. Unable to be seen include Christine Jones, Liz Rappe, Stephen Langdon, John Dampier, and Tate Drysdale. …

Dove Season 2012 – Precautions on the bike
by sooner1            Shawnee Trail Cycling Club
“Private tracts used for hunting doves must be at least 10 acres, must be at least 1,000 feet from schools, hospitals, and day care facilities and must be at least 600 feet from residential housing and multi-family residential subdivision property lines. The new rules were approved by the state legislature in 2009 after several close calls and complaints from several cities, including Frisco.”

Another year, another Dove season is upon us.  And, yes this is my annual “cautionary tale” for cyclists in the area.  Although one might think the rules above would preclude a lot of hunting in the area, Frisco is only about 45% built out with a lot of open land.  Couple that with the fact that we are fortunate to have easy access to routes that are mostly out in the country, and this becomes the time for cyclists to be very aware of their…

Camp Eagle MTB Results
by League Director            Texas High School Cycling League

We had a great day of racing at Camp Eagle on Sunday, September 2nd to kick off the South Series competition of our 2012 scholastic mountain biking season.  We had 25 student-athletes compete in our high school series with another 5 in our special exhibition U-12 category.  Racers represented many schools from all across the state and beyond.  Camp Eagle marked the first time international riders competed in the Texas High School Cycling League when two boys from the FORMUS Secondary school in Monterrey Mexico competed in…

Feature: Introducing Texas Bicycle Clubs
The Angelina Bicycle Club
By Amber Barnett
Every few weeks we are introducing you to different cycling clubs from around the great state of Texas.

This week it we interviewed John Jones from the Angelina Bicycle club in Lufkin, Texas. John is an avid biker that enjoys taking his 4 year old granddaughter on bikes rides with him and fixes up bikes for other people who can’t afford it, as he enjoys seeing people get into the sport and enjoy it.

Paying it forward one bike at a time!

Angelina Bicycle Club
1. Who founded the Angelina Bicycle Club and how did it come to life?
The Angelina Bicycle club was founded by William aka ‘Wheel’ and Debbie Crawford in the mid-90s. They were avid tandem riders that wanted to promote social group activities. When the club first started there was a large…



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