Texas Bicycling News Digest March 17th

Living Local: A bike-centric guide to Austin, Texas

by Stephen Krcmar        www.grindtv.com

Custom bike-frame builder Lauren Trout provides the two-wheel lowdown on ATX

Last August, Lauren Trout left her home of many years, Boston, to return to Texas. The bike messenger turned custom bicycle-frame builder had lived and worked all over the U.S., delivering packages by bike in cities like Houston, San Francisco, Denver, and Washington, D.C., while competing in courier competitions in urban centers like Seattle; Montreal; New York City; Columbus, Ohio; Portland, Oregon; and Richmond, Virginia, before returning to her home state.
A native of Houston, the owner of Saila Bikes headed back west to escape Boston winters, the fast pace of the East Coast, and to set up shop in a place that doesn’t have the bazillion custom builders that …

Bicycle Safety Awareness Media Campaign


Bid Date & Time: 04/22/15 2:00 PM
Prebid: 03/24/15 10:00 AM
Solicitation Title: Bicycle Safety Awareness Media Campaign
Status: bidding    Report: 6193087
Country :United States     State: TX    County: Bexar
Location: San Antonio
Scope: Bicycle safety awareness media campaign.
Notes: Written question deadline: 03/31/15 by 2:00 PM. Pre-bid meeting will be held on 03/24/15 @ 10:00 AM at The City of San Antonio, Finance Department, Purchasing Division, Large Conference Room, 111 Soledad, 11th Floor, San Antonio, Texas 78205.
Plans: From Owner. See attached file.
Owner Type: Public
Buyer: San Antonio, City of – Purchasing & General Services
Address: PO Box 839966 City Hall Annex, 131 West Nueva
City: San Antonio    State: TX    Zip/Postal Code: 78283-3966
TEL: 210-207-7260    FAX: 210-207-7270
Website: http://www.sanantonio.gov/pgs/ …

Riding Brevets: Part 1, Texas

On Bicycles, and…. what else is there?        djconnel.blogspot.com

This year I decided to dip my toes in the brevet pool.
Back now further in time than seems real, in the late 1990’s I began a Hill Country Randonneurs brevet series hosted by Russell Hahn and John Fusselman out of Austin Texas. I didn’t ride these bacause of embracing any sort of randonneuring culture. It was more an interest in the ultra culture, a culture I’d experienced with Nick Gerlach’s excellent Texas Hell Week, which I first attended in 1997 when I was at Stanford, then later on a more limited basis when I lived in Austin from late 1997 to 2000.
In California, we had our double centuries: fully supported 200 mile events where all you had to do was carry two water bottles and enough food for at most 40 miles. Davis Double, for example, had 11 rest stops, more than one every 20 miles. That could easily be ridden skipping every other rest stop with …

RGV provides biking opportunity in Mission

JOSE RODRIGUEZ | SPECIAL TO THE MONITOR        discovermission.com

There is nothing “mountain” about the Valley, and bicycling has little fanfare along the border.
But mountain biking in the Rio Grande Valley is growing, thanks to the Mission Hike and Bike Trails. The park boasts an extensive series of narrow paths carved into dense woodland, and for the adventurous it offers miles of startlingly good fun.
The trails can get technical and you’re going to need appropriate gear. Get a good bike, but don’t spend a fortune. Instead, spend time searching for the best balance between cost and performance. When I first set out, I asked a knowledgeable friend for help choosing something from the local department store.
He said sarcastically that any cheap bike would do but added that I made sure I had dental insurance because when it …

MS150 Training, Week 8 – A Ride of My Own

The Surly Biker        thesurlybiker.wordpress.com

So, the Ready2Roll Training ride was all the way out in Fayetteville, TX, this past Saturday, and I just didn’t have the heart to get up at about 5am and drive an hour and a half out there to begin around 7:30am. Instead, I decided to hit the pavement around here like usual and bang out as many miles as I could. Unfortunately, about 18 miles in, I got foiled by the park being flooded – you’ll see in the pics below. So, I turned around, and did some other stuff around the neighborhood and still managed to get in almost 40 miles.
Nothing special to share, just some interesting pics of the flooding from …

Pedal Through The Pines

Pedal Pushers        roy-pedalpushers.blogspot.com

Pedal Thru The Pines
March 14, 2015
Smithville, Texas
Smithville is a small town just outside of Bastrop which is near Austin. “Pedal Thru the Pines” has been starting from the Smithville Park for several years now. We used to pedal through the pines until a wild fire swept through miles of ranchland and decimated the forest of unusually isolated stands of loblolly pines. The ride, however, is still one of our favorites, and we try to attend each year. They have 24, 40, and 70 mile rides. This year we chose the 40 mile ride. …

Where do people get hurt on the #TheDrag you ask? [PICS]

Austin On A Bike        austinonabike.com

Last year, the city began taking a serious looking at improving the hairy situation we Austinites fondly refer to as The Drag. The “Guadalupe Corridor Improvement Program” began in 2014 “to identify and recommend short to long-term transportation improvements to enhance mobility, safety, and quality of life along the Guadalupe Street Corridor.” Now, the results are being released and we have some fun maps to look at in the meantime. We all love maps, right?
There are a plethora of items to dig through on the city’s page, including the survey results which we briefly reviewed earlier this week in our post “Survey confirms what I already knew as a cyclist: The Drag still sucks”. Before moving on, I’d like to note that the conversation is not over and there is still time to give your own feedback on what should come next to the Drag. There’s a comment hotline for public input – (512) 676-5488 – and they are using the hashtag #TheDrag on Facebook and Twitter (as you can …

Spring Fever – Sulphur Springs, TX March 14


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Texas Bicycling News March 1st

COMMENTARY: Bicycle safety and awareness in the RGV

RICHARD CAVIN | GUEST COLUMNIST        www.themonitor.com

Remember when you were young and full of energy? Maybe you are still full of energy, and although a lot of us are not young anymore, we’re still young at heart.
Remember riding your bicycle when the world was not so crazy, hurried and complex? Some of us remember those times fondly. Recall the tassels on the bike handlebars and baseball cards put in tire spokes (to make motor sounds) that were connected to the fork via mom’s clothespins? We put our favorite stickers on the bicycle frame. And we lived on our bikes!
Yes, those were the days when life seemed much simpler and less hurried.
As the years passed, advancements in technology and …

Texas Bicycle and Beer Expo 2015, 10/31 – 11/1


2015 Exhibitors
Stay tuned for information on registering as an Exhibitor for the 2015 Texas Bicycle and Beer Expo!
Exhibitor Categories
Our exposition will offer the best in regional exhibitors from the following categories:  Custom Bicycle Frame Builders, Bicycle Manufacturers, Apparel and Accessory makers, Tools and Components, Local Bicycle Advocates and Bicycle Shops, Touring and Adventure, Media, Transportation, Race Promotion, Lifestyle, and Craft Breweries.  …

Texas A&M Cycling Team

We’ve experienced significant growth this season! Treated everyone to a cold and wet race weekend at Texas State University. Lots of good racing and lots of good company!

Day 3: In a Silent Way

by Beth        www.brothersbikeride.com

I’m a day behind. We apologize for any inconvenience.
I worked for about five hours on Friday but didn’t finish the thing I’d really wanted to finish, so I left the hotel in a BAD MOOD.
On my way out of town I had to make a hairy left turn onto a busy street. After waiting a while I finally saw an opening and started creeping into the lane of oncoming traffic; I just needed the traffic on my right to pass, and in seconds it would. But suddenly a car coming from the right turned left onto my street, taking my turning window. Meanwhile, a semi truck was bearing down on me from my left, and I didn’t have time to accelerate quickly enough to clear it. So I backed up to avoid death. But it was scary and did not improve my mood!
The drive was neither here nor there for me; it was too crowded to achieve the sense of oneness with the world I’ve found on previous trips, and I was pretty distracted thinking about work. I contemplated moving to …

Austin on a Bike’s Alternative Bike Routes: The Southern Hippie Highway

Austin on a Bike        austinonabike.com

Whenever I see a cyclist start cranking uphill on South First, I cringe.
There’s just no good reason, pretty much ever, to ride a bicycle (especially southbound) on South First Street.
But, once upon a time, I was brutally unaware of this fact too, and thus after a decade of finding better ways to go, I present to you the inaugural post in a series I’ll call “Austin on a Bike Guide to Alternate Bike Routes (or How to Try to Stay Alive on a Bike in Austin)“. Each post, which I’ll attempt to deliver you each weekend, assumes you know some of the very basic connectors downtown (stick with 2nd, 3rd and 4th for crosstown) and that you’re painfully aware of the Hike and Bike trail, the Boardwalk and the Pedestrian Bridge, but need to know the best way to actually go somewhere beyond downtown on a bike.
These routes will take you along some of the most basic north-south corridors in town without sticking you on too many (if any) busy major roads where you need to take a lane amongst traffic. If you’re new here, trust me, these are the ways you need to know.
For each of these routes, you can …

BikeHouston’s monthly newsletter Spoke&Word #12 is out


BikeHouston presents its latest newsletter Spoke&Word #12 with a list of the events BikeHouston will be part of the coming month, please consider signing up to help with BikeValet, Outreach, leading a ride, or when and where your district holds its Capital Improvement Plan meeting so you can attend and speak up for cyclist’s wishes and rights.
If you want to receive the newsletter, send an email to newsletter@bikehouston.org with your full name, address and phone number or sign up as a member and support BikeHouston’s mission to make Houston a more bicycle friendly city.
You can read the whole newsletter by …

Solo bicycle trip to San Antonio to benefit local Planned Parenthood

CHRISTINA R. GARZA | STAFF WRITER        www.themonitor.com

Seventy-six-year-old Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky left Brownsville early Thursday morning to embark on a 300 mile solo bicycle trip to San Antonio, aptly called “The Spirit of ‘76” to raise money for Planned Parenthood of South Texas.
Novogrodsky and his wife Ruth Wagner were spurred into action to support the health care provider when state funding was cut. Both Novogrodsky and Wagner became alarmed at the long-term effects lack of affordable health care and family planning could have on …

Tacos at Rudy’s II

Hill Country Randonneurs

Start Date and TIme: 5/16/2015 at 7:00am.
Starting location: CVS Pharmacy, Parmer ln at Avery Ranch, Cedar Park, TX 78613
This is a hilly course through some of the most popular cycling roads in Austin. It is a modified “Dam Loop”. You are never very far from a place to stop a grab food or drink.
If you want more information or to notify me …

Pace Bend, Rain, Elevated

Michell Sides        mitchellsides.wordpress.com

I knew going into Pace Bend that we were going to be ready to roll, but it’s kind of an odd course in that you never really know how it could go.  It was also cold and lightly drizzling, and I perhaps underdressed with only a SanRemo and Aeroshell for warmth.  I made it through, only cold once when we slowed up a bit.  I’ve been told the early breaks rarely succeed, but with the depth on Elevate, we really wanted to be part of anything that had a legitimate gap.  So, the team meeting had us, or me at least, pretty hyped on this one.  Get in the moves, follow everything, then deliver Zach to midway up the hill sprint  if it’s all together.  We don’t care what happens, as long as someone in the Elevate kit gets the win.  We will only work with absolute numbers.  Another team has …

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Texas Bicycling Daily News Roundup January 18th

Tyler woman on bicycle seriously injured after being hit by an SUV
By Marshall Stephens
TYLER, TX (KLTV) – The Tyler Police Department says Petra Spence of Tyler was hit by an SUV Friday while riding her bike Friday afternoon.
Spence was taken to East Texas Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.
Officers say Spence was peddling eastbound on East Second Street. She…

Children learn bicycle safety
By TY JOHNSON The Brownsville Herald

Christmas brought a trio of bicycles to the Flores family in Brownsville, meaning Karolina, 8, Sophia, 4 and Cris, 2, began spending a lot of time riding up and down the family’s driveway.
In the weeks that followed, Mario Flores helped his oldest daughter to ride her new bike without training wheels, and he said the experience was just as special as it’s made out to be in…

Corinth Cycling Upcoming Rides

Shades of Green
An Old Guy On Two Wheels
This is the name of a regular program on the local community radio station, KOOP.  I’ve listened to the station quite a lot but never listened to the show.  I was interested in this particular episode because of the topic and the guests.
Elliott, executive director of Austin BCycle (our brand new bike share) is also the frame maker that built my custom road bike.  Sarah and Claudia, from Yellow Bike Project, are fellow shop coordinators and volunteers.
This was a well done interview.  I thought everyone involved did a…



Texas Bicycling Daily News Roundup

Single Ring Drivetrain Conversion
by John            www.austinbike.com

This one was a long time coming.  I rarely ever used my granny gear, but liked to have it around “just in case.”  I had plenty of chain drops and had added the Bionicon C-Guide to help eliminate that (it did), but I am generally one for simplicity and the single ring systems with a narrow-wide chainring that doesn’t drop your chain was becoming appealing.

This is the story of how I converted my bike, and it is easy enough that anyone should experiment on…

I have some thoughts about this from my recent collision. It is easy to be lulled into a sense of safety but it only takes one mistake to yank you back to the reality that riding a bicycle in traffic is dangerous.

How Safe Is Cycling? It’s Hard to Say
By GINA KOLATA            well.blogs.nytimes.com

Until his bike slid out of control while he was going 35 miles an hour downhill around a sharp turn, Dr. Harold Schwartz thought cycling accidents were something that happened to other people. Now, after recovering from a fractured pelvis, Dr. Schwartz, 65, the vice president for behavioral health at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut, has changed his mind.

“No one is immune,” he said in an interview. Like many avid cyclists, he is convinced that it is not if you crash. It’s when.

But Rob Coppolillo, 43, who was an elite level amateur bicycle racer for 10 years, led cycling tours in Italy and regularly rides in his…

HBC Hempstead Melon Trail Ride
Houston Bicycle Club
Saturday 11/02/13     8:00am
Distances: 23(C), 37(C), 41(C), 50(C) miles
Meandering flat to rolling country roads, some long grades, little traffic but for State Highway 6. Few stores! Produce stands outside Hempstead.

Sixth Floor Museum & JFK Ride on October 26th
What: Sixth Floor Museum/JFK Ride
When: 9 AM, Saturday October 26, 2013
Where: Meet at Preston and Forest

Ken Wilson will be leading a unique ride to explore the history surrounding the Kennedy assassination 50 years ago.

We’ll ride down to the 6th floor museum and go through it. It costs $16 for admission. We will need to bring bike locks to secure our bikes while we’re in the museum. Our route will go down Main Street to follow the JFK motorcade route.

After the museum, I propose a ride to see the Kennedy sites. Those that do not want to do the Kennedy ride part can go back to the ride start on their own from the museum. The rest will go to the building where Oswald was shot, to Oswalds’ boarding house, to the…

Halloween Ride on October 29th
Mark your calendars for the Annual GDB Halloween Ride

What: Halloween Skeleton Ride
When: October 29th at 7pm
Where: Café Express, 5600 W. Lovers Lane

Please Note: This ride will take the place of the Tuesday Evening Lake Ride that normally leaves from Forest and 75.

Here’s the plan: Ride Leader Ken will lead us thru the Park Cities area to take in local decorations. It’s called the Skeleton Ride for a reason: In the past, the club had skeleton costumes (home-made) and make-up.Don’t have a skeleton costume? No worries! Half of the riders don’t have skeleton costumes! Riders are encouraged to decorate their bikes and ride in costume – any costume! Use…

Fox issues voluntary recall on certain 2013 forks
Submitted by AdamNewman            www.dirtragmag.com

Got this note today from Fox about certain 2013 Evolution-series forks. According to the recall notice, some 32 and 34 series forks the damper cylinder / damper assembly can overextend, possibly allowing the wheel to detach from the bike. Not good. Fox says there has been one recorded instance of this happening, and they’re looking to make things right with their customers. The full notice is below. To see if your fork is affected by the recall, visit this website Fox has set up.

Voluntary Recall of Certain Model Year 2013 32 and 34 Evolution Series forks with 120mm – 160mm of travel with an open cartridge damper

FOX has initiated a voluntary recall of certain model year 2013 Evolution Series forks manufactured between March 1, 2012 and November 30, 2012. Consumers should stop using the recalled product immediately unless otherwise instructed. …

Miguel wins Most Crashes in a Season

Miguel is a beast on the bike. Pure power and he can hammer it down! That power comes at a cost though!


Race Preview – Spooky CX – October 26-27, 2013
joeyTWOwheels        texascx.com
If one were to go looking for zombies, something tells me you’d find them near the Chaos Worldwide headquarters. So it’s fairly apropos that we point our carbon wheelsets to the Big D this upcoming weekend.

We’re back for yet another year of Spooky CX with veteran promoter Zac Lytle, who gives us the top-level input on our return to the…

Foot Down Sunday!
by sooner1        Shawnee Trail Cycling Club

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when we took our Sunday “Recovery” Ride east through McKinney, Fairview and Lucas. Ride everyone’s favorite hills east on Virginia, taking you through old downtown McKinney, around the airport and points south. This route reminds you its not all about how fast you go – but don’t you fret – your legs’ll still feel it at the end…

The last time we did this route, our Sunday ride was larger than usual for the time – only a single group with 18 on that day.  How times have changed.  We will have…

2013/07/11 Club Meeting
Hill Country Bicycle Touring Club
November 12, 2013 6:30pm
Joe’s Crab Shack
4711 North West Loop 410

Seen at the Nasher Sculpture Center 10 Year Anniversary and Bike Rack Coming Out Party
by Christopher Curnutt            www.bikingindallas.com

Festive and colorful are two words that come to mind when describing the 10 year anniversary shindig at the Nasher Sculpture Center.   I don’t know if I’ve ever seen more people wandering about taking photos and I was certainly one of them.

This was also the “coming out” party for the two newly installed bike racks, one set on each end of the building.  By the time I got there the bike racks were filling up so I was not able to get a clean shot of the racks alone.  They are are an array of of stainless steel circles that you simply lock your bike onto…

Imagine Austin Speaker Series: Get on Your Bike and Ride!
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 – 5:30pm

Feature Speakers:
Jon Orcutt | New York
Jon is the New York City Department of Transportation Policy Director. He has contributed to transportation policy in New York for nearly twenty years and helped to establish New York’s bike share program.

Roger Geller | Portland
Under Roger’s leadership as the Bicycle Coordinator for the City of Portland, Portland was the first big city in the nation to earn a platinum designation from the League of American Bicyclists.

Nathan Roseberry | Chicago
Nathan is the Senior Bikeway Engineer with the Chicago Department of Transportation. In the past two years, Chicago has installed over 50 miles of buffered bicycle lanes and cycle tracks.

November 12, 2013 | 5:30-8:30 P.M. | Free | Light Refreshments Served
St. David’s Episcopal Church – 301 E. 8th St., Austin
5:30-6:00 Registration, Refreshments, Open House
6:00-7:30 Speaker Presentations and Q&A
7:30-8:30 Interactive Open House on Bicycle Plan
Bike parking available in St. David’s garage. Street parking is available without cost after 6 P.M.

Learn more on the Imagine Austin “Compact and Connected” Speakers Series website or download the event flyer (PDF).
RSVP on Facebook.

New Event Added to the Texbiker.net Calendar