Texas Bicycling Daily News Roundup for September 9th

San Antonio Rider On Northwest Trails
by jasmorg1075            forums.mtbr.com
I’ve been meaning to post these for a long time. Work took me to Seattle for two weeks and I stayed the weekend to do some mountain biking. I rented a bike from Kirkland Bicycles, they were very helpful and great guys. I rented a Santa Cruz Nickel, not my typical bike but I was excited to ride trails out near Mt. Rainier.

I ended up picking Black Diamond, WA, which used to be an old coal mining town. They had a great map and lots of trails with different types of terrain. Enjoy the pics. …

AAAaaahhh, Finally some cooler weather !
by Ted_R            forums.mtbr.com
I knew a cool front was coming through San Antonio today so I waited till around 10:30 am to hit the trail and rode till about 12:30.

For the first time in a long time I came back in dry clothes. …

Ctx riders!!
by EmbraceTheHate            forums.mtbr.com
Hey guys just got into the sport. I ride by myself since I have no friends that do. I live in kyle, looking to meet some guys to show me around. I tried the Barton creek green belt today. Trail is poorly marked and its a little advanced for me. I went walnut creek and was blasting down there single track loved it!!

Anyways if you don’t mind taking a slow poke pm me and we can meet up somewhere. …

Great time at Lake Georgetown!
by LeeC            Austin Ridge Riders
The Goodwater Trail proved friendly and fun for all riders!  From middle schoolers to retires, from beginner to expert, all seemed to have a good time.  The weather was fantastic.  No conflicts with the
dove hunters.

Jeff did a super job on the fajitas and several folks contributed with great sides.  Mark went out on an afternoon ride, so Jason, Jeff, Todd, Roddy and I held down the beer cooler…

Koble Rides Away
Corinth Cycling

The Adam Bomb was dropped on the P 1-2 field in Farmer’s Branch on Saturday afternoon as Adam Koble attacked out of a small break and soloed his way to the victory.   Congratulations to Koble and all the Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental racing team who competed this weekend.  Complete results can be found at…

Violet Crown Weekly Rides
The Bagel Ride – Saturdays
Einstein Bros. Bagels at 12400 N. IH-35,  7:45am roll-out.

Check the VC Yahoo Email Group on Fridays for changes.
3-5 hours. Routes decided at the start. Ride FAQ

The Freewheeling Ride – Sundays
Freewheeling Bicycles, 2401 San Gabriel St., 8:00am roll-out.
Check the VC Yahoo Email Group on Fridays for changes. Ride FAQ

Violet Crown group rides are open to members and non-members.

FUn, and tiring, ride today!
by Don Bynum
I joined 2 fellow geezers, Doug Miller and Don Senzig today to do some cycling. At age 68 I was “the kid” in the group!

We did a counterclockwise loop across some very hilly hill country between Spicewood (we started/ended at Opie’s BBQ… good thing we ended there!) and Round Mountain for a total of 40.40 miles that burned 2,623 calories while ascending a total of 2,103 feet (I SAID it was hilly!) with one ascent involving a 25% grade (ooowwwww!) My MaxHR was 152 with an average of 122.

We earned that BBQ! Peggy met us at Opie’s and joined in the scarfing of nourishment.

Most of the Blanco County portion of the county roads involved indicated that the road department plans on winning the “sorriest rough big grained chip-seal in Texas award.”  Their county roads are just awful because they use the roughest chip-seal they can find. Its so rough the cow chips disappear between the rocks in the chipseal. It may be imported from Oklahoma it is so bad! (hush, Okie cousins, just hush!) There was one short, new looking, stretch that was just plain wonderful.  I suspect some poor Blanco County Roads Department guy is having to buy the beers for the next two years to make up for doing one so well.  Blanco County is also leading in the “crappiest cattle guards” competition, followed closely by Llano County.

Grumping about the stupid choice of road materials in Blanco County and the perverse selection of cattleguard components aside, we still had a great ride through beautiful country with challenging, very manly, terrain to be conquered! Gonna grin for a couple of days from this ride.  With cooler em,ps we will find some new challenges to joust!

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