Texas Bicycling Blog and News Roundup for September 26th

Spinlister Peer-to-Peer Bike Rental Goes Nationwide
Beginning today, Spinlister is rolling out nationwide, facilitating peer-to-peer bicycle rental for travelers and short-term visitors beyond the New York City and San Francisco test markets it launched in earlier this year. Similar in concept to Airbnb, Spinlister is way for visitors to find two wheeled rentals from fellow cyclists, bringing in a few extra dollars for your unused bike and hooking up a traveler with a bike more suited to…

Cyclesomatic 2012: Cargo Bike Build Workshop, October 13th – 14th
Bike Friendly Oak Cliff

Tom LaBonty, from Portland, Oregon, is not your typical bicycle manufacturer.  He’s not a trained mechanic, but he is truly skilled at his craft.  He builds Dutch style cargo bikes for people around the country interested in using them for fun, like his beer bike, or for replacing their car or truck to use for errands around town.  We reached out to him after seeing this documentary (trailer) at a Dinner and Bikes event in Ft. Worth a few months back.  Seems he had been thinking about doing a workshop already, yet he had no idea his first wouldn’t be in one of…

The North Face honors Austin retailer
by Steve Frothingham
LAS VEGAS, NV (BRAIN)—Bicycle Sports Shop of Austin, Texas, was honored at Interbike last week with The North Face Never Stop Exploring Award, which recognizes specialty dealers for strengthening their communities by encouraging outdoor exploration.

The award was originally developed in 2010 to recognize specialty running dealers, but this year was expanded to honor retailers in specialty outdoor (at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market), bike (at Interbike), running (at The Running Event) and winter sports (at…

El Paso cyclists go from spin to streets
By Victor R. Martinez \ EL PASO TIMES

Sitting in their spin class almost three years ago, cousins Manuel Valadez and Alberto Salazar knew there had to be more to their cardiovascular workout.

“We were doing those spinning classes for about a year,” Valadez said. “My cousin and I wanted to do something more exciting, so he said, ‘Let’s just order some bikes.’ We didn’t know anything about cycling. In fact, the first time we went out, we got…

I hear the steel wheels calling
By: Mauricio Cuellar            www.alicetx.com
I’ve been reading a lot about bicycles lately.

I came to the subject after watching a documentary on youtube about bike messengers. These men and women ride through major cities all day long, carrying packages and documents to law offices, businesses and government entities. I’m not sure how many miles they cover in one day, but with 20 to 30 stops on average, stretched over anywhere from 8 to 12 hours, I’m sure they are putting the durability of their bikes to the test.

These aren’t the “Tour de France” racing bikes you see on TV. These companies take all kinds. Mountain bikes, touring bikes, fixed speed and multi-speed bikes. Even large utility bikes with baskets or containers attached were shown whizzing between…

Recreational Sports Calendar & Sign-up Sheet – Sept. 26, 2012
San Antonio Express-News
Bicycling: Today, 8 a.m., Wheelers Senior Ride, 30 miles, Floore’s Country Store, Helotes. 210-643-0314.

Running: Today, 6:15 p.m., SARR Wednesday Night Zoo Run, Brackenridge Park. 210-286-6291.

Bicycling: Saturday, 7:30 a.m., eRock the Ride Bike Tour, JW Marriott SA Hill Country Resort and Spa, erocktheride.com

Bicycling: Saturday, 8 a.m., Our Lady of Perpetual…

Car hits child on bike – but – Insurance company GEICO denies claim!
by WB admin            The Wheel Brothers – Cycling in Texas
Every once in a while you run across the story that leaves you shaking your head.

This craziness is happening to Brady, a fellow cyclist who happens to be a father, locally in the DFW metroplex.  We contacted GEICO through 4 different channels (including Facebook and social media) for comment and to get their side of the story but so far just crickets…

As soon as they respond I will update this post but remember, as of now we only have one side of the story.

For now, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure you share it with your friends.

Let’s help get this resolved!!!!

This story is reprinted here with permission from Brady’s Blog:
Car Hits Child on Bike, GEICO Denies Claim!
By Brady Polansky
Picture this in your mind… A backpack-clad child is riding his bike to school on a designated “Safe Routes to School” multi-purpose trail on school property.  He notices a car pull up to a stop sign, which intersects the trail. …

Rocky Hill Ranch 2nd Annual Fofenique Poker Ride and Chili Cook-Off
by soccerdude                forums.mtbr.com
Rocky Hill Ranch manager Greg Maxwell recently found out his lovely daughter Jordan has Systimic Lupus as well as Juvenile Arthritis so they’re dedicating the 2nd annual Fofenique Poker Ride and Chili Cookoff towards raising funds for the Lupus Foundation of America and other children who may not have the resources they need to deal with the disease.

Registration is $30 per person, kids 14 and under are free. Fee includes day use for Saturday and Sunday, one night camping, parking, the Chili Cook-Off and 1 free drink. There is no entry fee for the Poker Ride or the Chili cook-off. Please come out out and enter your…

PEDERNALES FALLS!! womp womp lol.
GreyNinja137            forums.mtbr.com
soo i went out to this park over the weekend and was a bit let down on the trail side of things. the upper part of the park (across the river) was rather tame. it had it’s challenges but they were rather minor to be honest. the hiking/climbing was too much for the actual riding parts. i may be new to this, but i still say OP has the upper hand as far as these two trails go. also there was way too much sand on this trail. not dirt but actual sand. like beach sand.

as for the camping aspect, that was pretty fresh. it got waaay colder than expected tho lol. if you havent ever been here and plan on camping, watch out after sundown–SPIDERS COME OUT!! in full force, daddy long legs EVERYWHERE. kinda cool but kinda…

DATES Events
Dallas Area Tandem Enthusiasts
October 7th @ 8:30 AM

Clarksville Tandem Rally
October 12th – October 14th

DATES New Member Ride
October 21st @ 10:00 AM

DATES Halloween Ride
October 27th – October 28th

DATES Business Meeting
November 4th @ 5:30 PM

Southwest Tandem Rally
April 26-28, 2013

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