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State wide trail maps for google earth
by 2000Z3M            forums.mtbr.com
I am starting to map out San Angelo state park. I will be making a shape file that can be loaded into google earth for anyone to use and see where the trails are. It will take time as I have to ride all of the trails, , about 60 miles. I want to have a massive file for all of use to use.

I am using the app my tracks from google for this. If you want to help out thank you. Right now I am looking for a place to load the file for all to use. …

Fairdale Weekender Review

Fairdale is a young company headquartered in Austin, TX. The driving force behind Fairdale is Taj Mihelich, a former world-champion BMX rider, artist and musician. In 1998 Taj co-founded the BMX company Terrible One, which helped him gain considerable insight into the business side of the bike industry. Fairdale is also in cahoots with Odyssey BMX, which lends manufacturing and engineering expertise to Mihelich’s vision.

To many people who ride fixed or singlespeed bikes, the Weekender’s name makes perfect sense. After commuting all week on just one gear, it’s nice to have a few gears for…

West Texas Championship Series MTB Race 3
West Texas Cycling Association
Date: October 7, 2012
Location: Amarillo, TX
Contact: Team Kordestani
Details: West Texas Championship Series Race 3: Thin Mint Challende @ Girl Scout Camp

Upcoming Rides and Events
San Antonio Wheelmen
Saturday, October 6:  Big Joshua Creek Ride
Sunday, October 7:  Helotes-Castroville Ride
Saturday, October 13:  Woman Hollering Creek Ride
Sunday,  October 14:  Rebecca’s Mirror Ride

Texas Cup Action — State Road Race
Great job to those who braved the weather on Saturday at the State R/R on Ft Hood; some had a blast, some felt a blast, but everyone gave it their all…a special congrats to the ’12 State Champs!

The Anthills at Terry Hershey Park

“The Anthills” at Terry Hershey Park are more than nine miles of single dirt track that feature lots of ups and downs, roller-coaster-style (how the trail got its name), with some portions skirting the banks of Buffalo Bayou. It’s considered an intermediate trail, though some hills are bigger than others. Since it’s a bit farther out, it’s often less crowded than Memorial Park, plus there are paved trails nearby in case you get tired or want a change of scenery.

Bike Race Boosts Central Texas Economy

FORT HOOD (September 30, 2012)–One of the biggest bicycle races in the state wrapped up this weekend in Central Texas. This year’s Texas State Championship Road Race had a 15% increase in participants. Despite some heavy rain this weekend, the state race on Fort Hood had more than 800 participants, which is the most in the past four years.

Race organizers say the race brings in more than just participants around the state. With the increase of participants, comes increased…

USA Elite Track Nationals Day Three
1st October 2012: It was a thrilling day of racing on Sunday as the 2012 USA Cycling Elite Track National Championships concluded at the VELO Sports Center in Carson. …. Rothe Training: Zachary Kovalcik (Portland, OR) and Stefan Rothe (Austin, TX) …

Bicycle Summit with TxDOT, October 30
Submitted by Ken Graham                Old Tascosa Cycling Club
Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has requested a bicycle summit which Share the ROAD! will host on October 30 (Tuesday) at Coffee Memorial Blood Center (7500 Wallace Blvd). The meeting will begin with coffee and desserts at 6:30 pm followed by a Q&A session.

TxDOT has requested questions be emailed directly to Tracy Tellman (tracy.tellman@txdot.gov) by October 16.

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