Gunshots on Atascocita Shores Bike Ride

Driving to church this morning around 8:30 the probability of bicycling today did not look real good. The streets were wet and a mist was collecting on my windshield. After not riding for three days the weather warmed up today so I wanted to ride if possible. By the time church and Sunday school was over the low clouds had lifted and the sky was brighter without the sun actually not being blocked by clouds. There were a few sprinkles on the way home but not enough to deter me from biking. I decided the bike ride would be the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route and left home at 12:33 on what would end up a 32.14 mile long bicycle adventure. The weather at the start and 2:58 PM finish.

The wind tried to slow me down as it came from the south at 10 mph with some 16 mph gusts. I rode slowly to get my legs loose and my right cafe had a cramp every time I stood on the pedals. After a few miles the cramp went away or I didn’t stand up as much.

Three other bicyclists crossed my route during the ride. The first was early in the ride on Woodbridge Drive and the other two on the way back from Huffman. I guess I wasn’t the only person not wrapped up in the Super Bowl pre-game shows and festivities.

Other than the weather the ride went as planned until I was moving from Shoregrove Drive back onto Atascocita Shores Drive. As I paused at the intersection to check for traffic I heard a gun shot from across the street and a few seconds later another one. Not sure what was going on I rode west on Atascocita Shores and then Kings River Drive. I attempted to look behind the houses as I turned but could not see anything. Those houses line the golf course at that point. From then on I watched for any police or other officers but none appeared. I heard the shots at 2:23 and at 2:46 I stopped at the Houston Police Kingwood substation to tell them what I heard. The officer said that location was Harris County Precinct 4 territory and that I could call them or he would send them a message. I opted for him sending them a message. From there I rode a couple of miles to finish the bike ride.

The weather forecast calls for more warm weather (70’s to 80’s) next week so more biking should take place. I registered for the Humble Lions Bike Ride on February 11th with a slight chance of rain and a high of 78 degrees, much warmer than last year.

Links to and 134.57 miles this week and 67.51 miles for February. My mileage goal for the month is 345 miles.

Ride Summary

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