Service Road Pinch

No bike riding yesterday (Sunday) due to 1.17″ of rain from the mid-morning to mid-afternoon. I took the day off as a rest day. Today is Labor Day (or Lazy Day in the cartoon Blondie). My wife and I will going to the movie this afternoon so I needed to start riding a little earlier. [...]

What A Difference A Week Makes

Today’s ride was 40.65 miles compared to last Saturday’s 74.4 miles at the Hotter’N Hell 100. The temperature here was a lot lower too ranging from 83 at the start (11:01) and 88 at the finish (2:16). Hello Fall? I averaged 16.2 mph on the Stroker Road – Huffman route. Even with the late start [...]

Temperature Lightens Up Some

Mid-afternoon rides this time of the year usually means the hottest time of the day but not for today’s ride. I left home at 2:04 with the sky showing layers of clouds with blue showing through in places. The temperature was 88 degrees. With the later start I switched from the Atascocita – Walden – [...]

Biking in the Heat of August

New Caney and Gene Campbell Road were the focus for the ride today. I left after watching stage 5 of the Vuelta a Espana at 11:22. they were racing in 34C temperatures and it was about that here. The sky had scattered clouds as I rode out with 92 degrees all the way. It was [...]