Love Bugs and Dirt on this Bike Ride

Yesterday my wife asked me if I had seen any “love bugs” while I was biking. I told her not yet. Well today I can now answer yes. While I was biking on Gene Campbell Road I encountered about a dozen near the WalMart Distribution Center entrance. I chose the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route today and biked 38.21 miles. This pushed September to 217.68 miles. Year to date I rode 5,884 miles.

The weather was great again today. I started the ride at 10:09 with a partly cloudy sky and 88 degrees. When I finished it was 94 degrees with a south wind at 7 mph. With the beautiful weather I was able to get my overall average speed up to 15.2 mph.

At 11:43 I arrived at the Cumberland Shell station on FM1314 for a rest break. While I was there a young man I met before rode in and we chatted while I was resting. He is from Russia. My Elemnt screen shot and the weather while I was there.

Finishing up my Gatorade I was back on the bike at 12:15 to ride the 14+ miles to end the ride. Across FM1314 Montgomery County workers were digging out the ditch and loading dirt into dump trucks. Got to keep the drainage open for rain. As I rode on the shoulder towards Porter I had to move around the dirt spilled from earlier work. Hopefully the next rain wi;ll wash the shoulder area clean.

With the early start I was in front of the school traffic at all schools. I finished the ride at 1:21.

Not the Only Cyclist on The Bike Route

I tried to to leave on today’s ride before 10 AM but just couldn’t get out the door until 10:01. That’s close enough. I rode the “FM1960 to FM686 – Back Extended” route for a total of 43.34 miles. Within the first 7 miles I saw three other cyclists and later I saw one on the  FM1960 causeway over Lake Houston. I thought that would be it but on the way back home I saw another cyclist riding the opposite direction on the Lake Houston causeway.

The weather was great, almost fall like again. It was 88 degrees at the beginning and 91 when i finished at 1:44. I took advantage of the Vuelta a Espana rest day for the early start time.

I extended the route by adding the Fairlake Drive, Old Atascocita Road and FM2100 roads to the route. Wind wasn’t too bad and I made good time. A short stop at the Shell station at FM686 was the only interruption until I made the usual rest stop at the Huffman Chevron. I got to the Chevron station at 12:19 and left at 12:53. My Elemnt screen on arrival and the weather while I was resting in the shade.

I was hoping to ride at least 43 miles and I made it.

Tomorrow’s weather looks like a repeat of today’s. I plan on biking then.

Early Start Avoided the Rain Bike Ride

After finishing today’s ride (12:22) on the “Oakhurst – Cumberland – Valley Ranch” route by the time I walked from the back door to our master bedroom I could hear rain drops hitting the skylight. Good timing. I punched the ride start button on the Elemnt at 9:55, early for me, on Labor Day. The plan was to ride earlier and get home around 1:00 (or before) and then watch the replay of stage 16 of the Vuelta a Espana. I tried signing into my account at but I can’t access the replay. So much for that plan. An email to support so far as gone unanswered.

Near the end of the ride as I was going east through Woodridge Forest I passed and said hello to another cyclist. I hope he avoided the rain that is falling intermittently at my house.

While I was riding the route the sky was mostly cloudy and the temperature was in the low 90’s. The humidity must’ve been high because my wrist bands were soaked. To keep the ride time as short as possible I stopped at the Porter Stripes just long enough to refill my water bottle with ice and water. The wind was out of the south and didn’t seem to be too much of problem unless I was riding straight into it. Over the ride I got my overall average speed up to 15.0 mph and stayed there until I was back in Kingwood.

When I was back in Kingwood I could see the dark clouds to the south and wondered if I would get home before the rain fell. The weather forecast said the rain was more likely this afternoon but I guess they miss judged that by a couple of hours.

There is a low chance of rain for tomorrow but I plan getting an early start riding since the Vuelta is having a rest day.

Boats and Bikes Bicycle Ride

I kept the ride shorter today but enough to move September’s miles to 101. Biking the “Atascocita – Walden – E. Lake Houston Parkway” route for a total of 27.26 miles was enough to do that. Week to date was 214 miles. The weather was hot at 92 degrees under a mostly cloudy sky and variable 7 mph wind. I wanted to get back home to watch stage 15 of the Vuelta a Espana and later the Houston Astros play the Texas Rangers courtesy of the DVR.

No rest stop today but I did stop long enough on the ride back across Lake Houston to take these pictures of people enjoying the lake while I was on the bike. Labor Day weekend is the wrap up of summer.

I started the ride at 12:04 and finished at 2:01. I didn’t see any other bikers along the ride.

I plan on biking tomorrow and the weather looks favorable.