Point-to-Point Bike Ride With Drama

Today’s ride was a rare point to point route. I cannot remember the last time I rode a point to point route. One that comes to mind was back in the 1990’s when I biked from Kingwood to Corrigan to visit my in-laws. My wife drove there and I drove back. Today the route […]

Almost Reached My Mileage Goal Bike Ride

I biked the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route again today and this time I stopped and took pictures of the turtles on the log and they are really on my phone.

Turtles on a log

Several of them dove into the water as I unclipped from the pedals. I was far enough […]

Big Bug Smack Bike Ride

Another hot day of biking. I did start a little earlier than yesterday as I punched the start button on the Elemnt at 10:15. As I rode around Kingwood preparing to exit I felt a coolness whenever I rode in the shade. I knew this wouldn’t last long though as I headed to I-69/US59 […]

Turtles On A Log Bike Ride

Summer 2016 is one third over and the daily weather forecast keeps showing hot and dry. I got a late start today beginning the ride at 11:29 with the temperature in the mid 90’s under scattered clouds and a light breeze. Pushing toward my 765 mile goal for July I picked the “Stroker Road […]