Pre-Thanksgiving Day Bike Ride

Back on the bike today after taking several days off. I should have biked yesterday if I wanted warmer temperature but the overcast sky just didn’t draw me out but otoday’s clear blue sky did. It was cooler than I prefer but with a long sleeve thermal jersey, windbreaker jacket, leg warmers and shorts I was prepared and comfortable. The wind had a chill in it with 66 degrees at the 11:54 AM start. Wind was from the north at 12 mph. For some variety I rode the Blue Norcross AL bike. While the bike is heavier than the Stradalli the pedals turn so effortlessly.

I wanted to ride at least once before Thanksgiving to prepare for all of the food.

Now that my November goal has been exceeded and I am in good shape for the year’s goal as well I didn’t feel the need to ride too far so I chose the “Atascocita – Walden” route for a total of 23.8 miles. With the shorter distance no rest stop was necessary.

Nothing out of the ordinary during the ride but I did experience some car driver friendliness at a couple of 4 way stops when they waved me to go even though they had the right of way.

Finishing the ride at 1:43 PM the temperature had improved to 68 but the wind still had a bite to it especially in the shade. By Friday it should be back in the 70’s and be more to my liking.

Reached November Mileage Goal Despite Strong Winds Bike Ride

With only 24 miles left to reach my goal for November I set out on the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman Extended” route at 9:59 AM. I rode 32.9 miles moving November to 369 miles. YTD 2017 I stand at 7,189 miles, leaving 241 miles for my stretch goal of 7,430 miles.

The expected cool front had not arrived when I started with the temperature at 77 degrees, 83% humidity under an overcast sky. The wind was moving around but I didn’t think it was too bad at the start but as the ride progressed I began to realize the wind was going to be challenge when I rode to the west. When I finished the ride at 12:26 PM and checked the weather on my phone I understood why it was so hard pedaling west over Lake Houston on the FM 1960 causeway; wind from the west at 17 mph with 28 mph gusts. At times on the causeway I slowed to 11 mph when the wind kicked up. Passing traffic wasn’t much help since the wind was parallel to them. Also the temperature had warmed up to 82 at the end of the bike ride. Maybe this front will lower the humidity some.

With the wind and overcast sky I decided to wear the long sleeve, short sleeve jersey combination and bike shorts. I probably could’ve made it without the long sleeves but it was comfortable.

I didn’t expect to see other cyclists with the start time but I saw three on the Lake Houston causeway riding west while I went east. Not long after that two more appeared around the railroad tracks on Old Atascocita Road coming to me.

Update: I forgot about the dog chase when I made the right turn from W. Lake Houston Parkway at Kings Harbor onto Magnolia Cove Drive. Passing the parking garage entrance a big white dog came towards me growling and barking in hot pursuit of me. I yelled at him but it didn’t slow him and I picked up my speed pulling away from him. After a couple hundred feet he gave up and I let out a sigh of relief. This was my sprint work for the ride!

The reason I biked the extended version of the Huffman route was to go by the Huffman post office to mail a couple of envelopes. I got there before the Saturday pickup cutoff time but I was surprised they weren’t open like the Kingwood Post Office is on Saturday.

Biking along W. Lake Houston Parkway back in Kingwood I passed Tailwind Bicycles and they had an “Open for Business” sign up with several cars parked out front. Fitting name with today’s strong wind.

Good bike ride but I was glad to not battle the wind anymore. With the cool front dropping the temperature the next couple of days I will probably rest and stay inside.

Bike Ride to Atascocita – Walden

Another short bike ride today, 24.4 miles on the “Atascocita – Walden” route. This leaves 24 miles to reach my 360 mile goal for November. I am enjoying the warm November weather that will probably get much cooler on Sunday. When I started at 12:39 PM it was 78 (75% humidity) and at the 2:27 PM finish it moved up a couple of degrees (71% humidity). The high humidity made the air heavy but warm. I decided to wear a short sleeve jersey and for the first couple of miles I was feeling some chill but then the body heat kicked in and I didn’t notice it anymore.

I continue to fine tune the TV antenna and will work on it some after I finish writing. The antenna has a rotor on it but no instructions on what happens when I push the remote buttons. This wouldn’t be so bad if I could watch the antenna move when I press a button but I have to walk inside, push the button and then go back outside to see what happened.

No events on today’s bike ride, just pedaling. With the shorter distance no rest stop was needed.

Plan on biking Friday.

Silver Car Upside Down Bike Ride

I got a later start on today’s bike ride because I was finishing up installing a new outdoor TV antenna to improve our reception. Last week I disconnected our satellite service to become a cord cutter. Starting at 12:29 PM the sky was overcast to mostly cloudy, 76 degrees (74% humidity) with a light 4 mph breeze. The routes was “Kingwood – FM1485 – Kingwood” for a total of 28.3 miles. I only need 48 miles to reach the 360 mile goal for November and 298 miles to reach 7,430 miles for the year.

My wardrobe choice was a long sleeve and short sleeve jersey over bike shorts. I probably could’ve not worn the long sleeve jersey as the temperature warmed to 80 degrees by the time I finished at 2:30 PM but some times the wind was chilly and I prefer hot to cold.

Sadly as I rode north on the I-69/US59 service road there were lots of flashing lights as I approached the FM 1314 exit from the freeway. When I got there a silver car was upside down in the grass between the service road and the freeway. Two DPS troopers were at the back of the car looking at stuff from the car. I didn’t see an ambulance so no idea what happened to the person(s) inside. By the time I returned on the south bound service road there was no sign of the accident. I said a prayer for the people involved.

With the light wind and moderate weather I built my average speed up to 15.2 mph for a short period before getting back to Kingwood and slowing down. Average power was 88 watts but I got up to 95 watts average at one point. Sometimes when the wind is helping watts is not very meaningful.

Warm weather will stick around through Saturday and I plan on biking. Sunday a cold front should arrive and biking will slow way down.