Deciding to Ride

I sometimes am faced with the decision of how soon to resume riding after being sick. The sickness began last Friday when my sinus was invaded by something they did not like. My nose started running like Niagara Falls and sneezing 5 or 6 times in a row was common. By Friday night I was [...]

Almost Momentary Muscle Failure

It was a struggle to ride on FM1960 east from Huffman. The wind was trying to push me back to Huffman and my legs were about to let it happen. Building up to that point every direction I rode seemed to be into the wind. On FM1960 the trees were in the distance just before [...]

How Low Can That Stuff Get?

One of the things I like to watch when I am biking is the price of gasoline. Earlier this year the prices were moving up but for the last couple of months they have been going down. Each ride I see a new low price. Today on Loop 494 south of New Caney there was [...]

Wardrobe Change Ahead

The days of just reaching into my closet and pulling out the short sleeve jersey are winding down. Today I did just that and I was just fine but the air has a chill in it. Riding into the shade reminded me of the approaching cooler days. I rode to Huffman on the “Atascocita – [...]