High Water on Kingwood – Hare Cook Road – Kingwood Bike Ride

After not being on the bike Thursday and Friday due to heavy rain in our area I was able to to ride today. I chose a longer route, “Kingwood – Hare Cook Road – Kingwood”, to make up some of the miles I missed finishing with 46.19 miles. I left home at 12:06 and […]

Roman Forest Loop and Edge 520 Misbehavior Bike Ride

After watching stage 17 of the Giro d’Italia this morning I thought I should ride to Rome. Well actually I rode the “New Caney – Roman Forest Loop – Valley Ranch” route where the city of Roman Forest has many streets named after places in Rome and Italy. I left home at 12:08 riding […]

Stayed the Course on Stroker Road – Huffman Bike Ride

Last Saturday I made a route change on the road choosing to not ride the “Stroker Road – Huffman” route. Today I rode that route for a total of 42.1 miles. Saturday I made the change because it looked like rain over the route. Today the sky was overcast but not particularly threatening but […]

Splendora – Valley Ranch – Oakhurst with Some Wind Bike Ride

I took Sunday off to spend time with my wife who is recovering from her recent cancer treatment. With no Giro d’Italia today (it is a rest day) I was able to start a little earlier than usual turning the pedals at 11:43. I headed north to ride the “Splendora – Valley Ranch – […]