Tour de High Schools

Splendora was in my ride plans today. I went back and forth on which route to ride that included Splendora. I finally decided to ride to Splendora on US59 north and then take FM2090 west to Grangerland. The goal was to get close to 50 miles and I was successful hitting 50.51 miles. The average [...]

Slow Tumble

A couple of days ago I was wondering to myself, when will I have my first crash on the Stradalli? Well I don’t have to wonder any more. About 4 miles into the ride today as I rode beside Kingwood Dr. on the trail I approached two teenagers from the back. As I got closer [...]

Completed Monday’s Route

After cutting Monday’s route short I decided today I would give the route another try and complete it. The route rotation leaned to a northerly ride and the route fit in. I rode through Oakhurst, out to Cumberland Blvd. on FM1314 and then back to Valley Ranch Parkway where I stopped at the Stripes station [...]

Didn’t Cross the County Line

Back on the bike today after not riding yesterday due to the cold front. I wanted to add a few of the miles I missed on Monday when I had to cut the ride short because of the incoming weather. Riding to Huffman was the plan but I altered the route by going north on [...]