Florescent Rims With A Pearl Coat

After a trip to the Medical Center my wife and I stopped at Carls Jr. at Kingwood for lunch. The inside was like a freezer. When we finished we walked outside and just stood there for several minutes to thaw out. That is unusual for my wife who likes it cool. This set the scene [...]

Tight Squeeze Around a Truck

Back biking today after taking Tuesday off to go to Galveston with my wife for a date. Had a great time there and it was hot. Today is a little cooler as a summer “cool” wave has moved into the area. I got started at 9:38 headed to the Liberty County line east of Huffman. [...]

11 Miles Into the Wind

I wanted to leave before 9 AM this morning to get a jump on the heat but I couldn’t get out the door and down the driveway until 9:30. By then it was already 83 degrees. The weather was great for biking with scattered clouds and a light breeze.

This needed to be a longer [...]

A Lot of Dirt Moving Around

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