Pleasantly Refreshing Weather Bike Ride

Pleasantly refreshing weather made for fantastic biking today. The “cold” front passing through yesterday lowered the temperature and the humidity today. I started biking at 11:13 at 83 degrees and 48% humidity. I am not sure how long this will last but I enjoyed it while riding the “Kingwood – Hare Cook Road – Kingwood” […]

Racing the Rain and Wind

Before I started today’s ride I looked at the weather radar for possible rain. The forecast was for a cold front to pass through later this afternoon. There was a glob of rain storms to the north Livingston and I figured they would move to the east like they do many times. I put on […]

Schools Start and Traffic Does Too!

Another long ride today on the “FM1960 to FM686 – Back” route to the east leaving home at 11:33. The late start was due to watching stage 3 of the Vuelta a Espana on EuroSport. I rode 42.68 miles with a maximum average speed of 15.4 mph. The average speed was up and down depending […]

Seven Weeks in a Row

A recovery ride today after 49+ miles yesterday. I rode the “Atascocita – Huffman” route for a total of 29.34 miles. I started off easy but I was riding well so I upped the pace some and built my average speed up to 15.4 mph at the break at the Huffman Chevron. The ride was […]