How Low Can That Stuff Get?

One of the things I like to watch when I am biking is the price of gasoline. Earlier this year the prices were moving up but for the last couple of months they have been going down. Each ride I see a new low price. Today on Loop 494 south of New Caney there was [...]

Wardrobe Change Ahead

The days of just reaching into my closet and pulling out the short sleeve jersey are winding down. Today I did just that and I was just fine but the air has a chill in it. Riding into the shade reminded me of the approaching cooler days. I rode to Huffman on the “Atascocita – [...]

Made It to 6004

This ride got an earlier start than usual. I left home at 10:03. Before leaving I was wondering the temperature was going to warm up but it warmed up nicely once the sun was above the trees. The sky was littered with scattered clouds and a ENE wind at 9 mph. As I was warming [...]

Off to Huffman Again

This ride went on the extended version of the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route where I add the northern leg to Smith Road. I biked 33.7 miles and averaged 15.4 mph (15.5 mph until 31.4 miles when I slowed riding on Kingwood streets). I saw two other bicyclists and both were in corners where [...]