One More Bike Ride Before the Cold Hits Again

The weather held up for today’s ride. I was able to leave earlier (11:21) than yesterday. It was 78 at the start and 82 at the end. This won’t last long with the next cold front supposed to arrive around sunset today. I rode the Atascocita – Walden – Huffman route but added the miles […]

Weather Breaks and I Ride the Bike

The weather finally broke in my favor today. My wife and I had to drive to The Woodlands around noon and as we were driving the clouds started to break up and the temperature was in the low 70’s. While my wife was shopping in Sam Moon’s I walked over to the Bike Lane shop […]

Wading Through Rain and Grime to Bike Ride

I tried several times today to ride before I finally got a break in the rain and took off at 1:17 PM. Earlier every time I would start to get ready it would rain. I watched the weather radar and the rain clouds would part and then come back over Kingwood. Around 12:30 I could […]

Humble Lions Club Bike Ride

When I left home at 7 AM the temperature on my home weather station showed 38 degrees. This is way below my bike tolerance level. I paid the $40 and knew it would warm up as the ride moved along though. The ride was scheduled to start at 8 AM but when I went inside […]