Wind Chill Not Enough to Stop This Bike Ride

A cool front moved into southeast Texas overnight lowering the temperature this morning when I got up to 45 degrees. By the time I started the bike ride at 12:16 it was up to 67 degrees but the brisk North wind had a chilling bite to it. So I wore leg warmers, shorts, a thermal long sleeve jersey and a new windbreaker jacket to bicycle 35.1 miles. To be different I chose the “Oakhurst – Cumberland – Valley Ranch” route, same streets and roads but in a different sequence.

Whenever the roads turned to a direction with “north” in it my pedaling and speed dropped. The wind chill was noticeable but I was comfortable. It wasn’t until I turned around at Cumberland that wind stopped slowing me down and became a tailwind. Up to that point my average speed was 13.6 mph but from there I built it up to 14.6 mph at the highest and fell once I was back in Kingwood maneuvering around corners, speed humps and stops signs.

About 2 miles into the ride I stopped to take a picture of a brilliantly colored azalea with my bike but it came out blurry. Maybe too much color and sun. The clouds of yesterday were long gone leaving a clear blue sky.

Finishing the bike ride at 2:51 my legs rejoiced from fighting the wind and my face warmed up without the chilly wind hitting it anymore.

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Attempted Dog Chase Bike Ride

The blue sky left the area today replaced by a mostly cloudy sky but the warm temperature stayed behind. It was 82 degrees when I finished biking the “Atascocita South – Walden – Huffman” route at 2:16. I started bicycling on the ride at 11:47 and rode 33.98 miles. The wind was stronger at 12 mph from the northwest. This probably explains why it took so much effort to maintain 17 to 19 mph speeds going north. Cycling east on FM 1960 over Lake Houston a jogger was going west as we passed and he shouted out to me to enjoy the tailwind as I headed east. The tailwind helped and I improved my average speed on that stretch.

At Huffman I turned west and the wind tried to slow me down as I bicycled on FM 1960. I made across the lake and because the earlier went west of Pinehurst Trail I stayed on FM 1960 to there and then went north rather than the usual route on Atascocita Shores. I like this route because I ride around the small hills. I passed another biker on Pinehurst Trail and we exchanged waves.

There was an attempted dog chase on Aerobic Drive. I say attempted because I saw the dog up ahead in a yard on my right as he ducked behind a car. As I got closer I heard him barking as he came from behind the car running on the concrete driveway. He was a Corky type of dog with short legs and longer body. The legs were spinning but the speed wasn’t there and I rode away from him.

February mileage is up to 426.89 miles. I have the days left to exceed my goal by more than 100 miles.

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Ride Summary

Gorgeous Bike Ride Weather

What a gorgeous bike ride day! The temperature was 80 degrees when I left home at 12:08 to ride the “New Caney – Tavola – Valley Ranch” route. A bright blue sky and light breeze completed the picture perfect weather setting. I almost chose the thermal long sleeve jersey but changed my mind and went with a regular long sleeve jersey under a short sleeve one. The choice proved to be good as I was comfortable whether I rode in the shade or sun.

No other bikers along the route today. No rest stops either. The water in my bottle was cold until I drank the last of it at the end of the bike ride (2:36).

Today’s 34.37 miles boosted my monthly total to 392.91 miles.

Nothing unusual to report during the ride. The new headset bearings makes steering effortless. Soon I will replace the chain and rear cassette, probably at the 20,000 mile point in about 250 miles.

Next bike ride day will be Friday.

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SportTracks Ride Summary

Ride Summary

Other Cyclists and GPS Direction Data Bike Ride

I wanted to start the bike ride earlier than I did but I waited for the fog and clouds to burn off some and raise the temperature from the mid 60’s to the 70’s. The reason was so I wouldn’t need to wear extra clothes. I started bicycling at 12:08 with the sun popping in and out. I chose the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route but added a couple of extra miles at the beginning riding in Elm Grove Village before moving to the usual route. The bike ride totaled 34.54 miles putting me past my 345 mile goal for February at 358.54 miles.

No cycling yesterday due rain until just after noon. The streets and road needed time to drain and dry.

Other bikers were out today along the route. At Fairlake Drive and FM 1960 a biker in a white pickup with a bicycle in the back waved as he waited to pull onto FM 1960; I guess his ride was done. The next bicyclist passed me just west of FM 2100 on Old Atascocita Road; I rode to the east and he rode west. Later I saw him ahead of me as I turned onto W. Lake Houston Parkway stopped at the start of the bridge heading north. I could tell it was him by the bright orange jersey and black cap (no helmet). Two others were on Atascocita Shores Drive while I was on the return to Kingwood.

No rest stops today though the wind was strong enough I thought about taking a rest break.

Saturday morning as I got ready to leave on the ride I noticed my Elemnt computer had an update waiting to be installed. I should’ve waited until after the ride in case something went wrong but I okayed the update. As I rode to the starting point I saw the screen layout had change on my “front” page but it was for the good. The font was larger and there was an empty cell in the lower right corner. Previously the screen was full and if I added another data cell the font would get smaller, not good when biking. For a day or so I thought about what data to put in the empty cell and add “GPS direction”. During today’s ride I looked at the GPS direction probably more than I should’ve but I saw some of the roads/streets headed in a different direction than I thought they did. Also I had a better idea where the wind was coming from. As I get used to the new field on the screen and the streets direction I will probably not look at it as much; I hope.

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Warmer weather is in the forecast for tomorrow (Wednesday) and I plan on bicycling in it.

Today’s weather at the start and finish

SportTracks Ride Summary

Ride Summary