17 Mph Wind on a Longer Bike Ride

I altered the “New Caney – FM1485 E – Huffman” route to be the “Roman Forest – FM1485 E – Huffman” on today’s ride. Instead of turning east on FM1485 at Loop 494 I continued biking to Roman Forest Blvd. and then turned right going on Roman Forest Blvd to Appian Way and then Galaxy […]

Heat Index Blows Past 100 Bike Ride

I was sitting at the Huffman Chevron cooling off from riding 22.8 miles on the “Atascocita South – Walden – Huffman” route up to this point. After eating a Kashi Trail Mix bar I pulled out my phone to take a screen shot of the Huffman weather conditions and check email. As I was looking […]

Up and Over the Hill Twice Bike Ride

Today I rode the “FM1960 to FM686 – Back” route. The weather was hot (97 at my home weather station) and the wind was from the SSE at 13 mph under a mostly cloudy sky. With the wind it didn’t feel that hot probably because the humidity was 52% instead of the 70%+ for the […]

Completed Yesterday’s Rained Out Bike Ride

After getting rained out yesterday I was able to ride the “Stroker Road – Huffman” route today without any rain though with the 72% humidity I was as wet as if I was biking in the rain. The 41.94 mile ride got an earlier than normal start with my leaving home at 9:43 and returning […]