FM1485 Construction – Chip’n Seal

After watching the La Fleche Wallone race from Europe I got an earlier start biking. My first attempt to leave was at 10:25 but about 500 feet into the ride I realized I left my cell phone at home so I circled back to get it. The purpose of today’s ride was to check out [...]

Law Enforcement Officer Day

Today’s route was a lengthened version of my typical Atascocita – Walden – Huffman ride. I tacked on the extra miles by riding east of Huffman on FM1960 to the Liberty County line. At the turn around point I then came back on Huffman-Eastgate past the Hargrave HS to FM2100 then south to FM1960. The [...]

Strange Piece of Metal

I went back to Splendora today turning east of US59 versus west on Saturday. I went back and forth on whether to go to Splendora first and return through Roman Forest or go through Roman Forest first and come back on the south bound US59 service road. I finally decided to ride to Splendora because [...]

Tour de High Schools

Splendora was in my ride plans today. I went back and forth on which route to ride that included Splendora. I finally decided to ride to Splendora on US59 north and then take FM2090 west to Grangerland. The goal was to get close to 50 miles and I was successful hitting 50.51 miles. The average [...]