Rain Stopped Sun Out Bike Ride

The weekend of rain ended and I got back on the bike today to ride the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route for a total of 30.71 miles. The weather was friendly with mostly clear sky and 68 degrees. I bundled up with leg warmers, long sleeve jersey and windbreaker jacket. The jersey was a new thermal one from voler.com. I almost added a short sleeve jersey but decided it was not needed. That was a good decision and at the end of the ride my jacket was wet from sweat. The ride started at 12:29 after the early morning clouds lifted and finished at 2:42.

The wind wasn’t too strong today from the NW at 8 mph. It wasn’t much of a problem until I rode north west of Lake Houston through Atascocita and Kingwood. Riding across Lake Houston the wind was much cooler from the cool water.

I saw another biker while I was riding east over Lake Houston. I glanced to my left and briefly saw him through the traffic and didn’t wave.

Over the weekend I added a goal plugin to the desktop version of SportTracks program. This is the screenshot of the data.


With this plugin I can stop using Garmin Connect, the only online program I use that allows goals. This should simplify recording rides.

Tomorrow’s weather should repeat today but Thursday another cold front arrives. I plan on biking tomorrow. James Webster asked me if I was interested in gravel biking Friday or Saturday. I said yes but if the temperature is 50 or below I may change my mind.

Link to RideWithGPS.com ride data and map.


Plywood and Wind Huffman Bike Ride

I probably overdressed for today’s bike ride on the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route. I decided to wear a long sleeve jersey under a short sleeve one because I thought the stiff wind might still have some chill in it from the cool front that visit us over the weekend and Monday. It was 80 degrees when I started the bike ride at 12:30 and stayed that way until the finish at 2:45. I biked 31.32 miles pushing my year to date biking to 7,174 miles.

The wind registered from the south at 20 mph with 24 mph gusts and at times it required extra effort to ride. I thought the trips over Lake Houston would be challenging but the wind wasn’t coming from the direction that causes a problem and the traffic broke up the gusts.

I wasn’t planning on stopping at the Huffman Chevron until I was at the railroad tracks waiting for the light to change on FM2100 and then I decided to stop long enough to take a screenshot of the weather since the wind was so strong.

Huffman Weather

As I rode into the station and under the pump canopy I saw the front of the store that used to be double doors was covered with plywood.

Plywood store front

I went inside and asked what happened. The ladies said late Saturday night a “smash and grab” drove a truck into the door/windows and tried to pull the ATM machine away but failed. The graveyard shift employee was scared but the intruders didn’t appear to know she was there. No one was hurt but it left this mess. When I got home and told my wife she remembered reading about this happening but the location didn’t ring a bell when she read it.

Leaving the Chevron station I rode west with the wind helping to improve my overall average speed to 15.1 mph. I felt the wind change as I turned right onto Atascocita Shores Drive moving from my left to behind me. I sped towards Kingwood and the end of the bike ride. Crossing Kingwood Drive took longer than I expected with school out.

The weather continues to stay warm with some rain in the forecast for late tonight and maybe early Wednesday. My next bike ride will probably be on Friday.


I Fought the Wind Bike Ride

I fought the wind at times while biking on the “Atascocita South – Walden – Huffman” route. Whenever I rode south the wind tried to push me around and at times I almost thought it won. This route generally goes south and then east before turning back to the west and north. Before I left on the bike ride my wife asked if I was going to ride because the wind was moving the trees around. I didn’t think it was that strong but when I got to Huffman I made a quick stop at the Chevron station to look at the weather on my phone. This is what I saw.

Huffman Weather

Those 24 mph gusts almost seemed regular. It wasn’t until I rode west over Lake Houston that I felt the full blast of the 24 mph gusts. Before that I rode in and out of wind break things like trees and buildings. The ride east over Lake Houston wasn’t into the wind and it actually helped me.

The bike ride started at 11:52 with a partly cloudy sky and 81 degrees. I took advantage of the heat and wore a short sleeve jersey which probably will not be advisable tomorrow if I were to ride.

Nothing unusual about today’s ride other than the wind. I finished at 2:12 avoiding any school traffic.

Strava Statistics


83 Degree Short Sleeve Jersey Bike Ride

A great short sleeve jersey bike ride day on the “New Caney – Tavola – Valley Ranch” cycling route. I left the long sleeve jersey at home and didn’t miss it on today’s bike ride. The clear blue sky, 83 degree temperature and SSW 9 mph breeze combined to make this an abnormal November bicycling day. I didn’t bike on this date last year probably because the weather was not near today’s.

Making good time and feeling strong I skipped the rest break when I came to the Stripes station on FM1314 and Valley Ranch Parkway. I stopped for the traffic light to change and then rode across FM1314. This came at the 22.1 mile point of what ended up as a 33.24 mile long bike ride around 1:31 PM. The ride began at 11:51 and finished at 2:08. It didn’t take very long to ride from the Stripes station to the end. I usually allow 45 minutes for the last 11 miles but today I kept my overall average speed at 15.5 mph for about 10 miles until I rode into Kingwood when it slowly declined.

No other bicyclists along the route today. They missed the beautiful weather but they probably have to work.

One more day before the forecasted “cold” front arrives on Friday. Tomorrow should be a repeat of today. Today’s weather at the end of the ride.

Weather conditions