Reverse Roads and Streets Bike Ride to New Caney

Today’s route was a combination of streets and roads I ride but in a very different order. Sometime in the past I rode part of this route but it has been a long time (prior to the Grand Parkway FM1314 overpass construction) since I biked to Gene Campbell road on FM1314. I had to […]

Broken Window Holds Up Bike Ride to Stroker Road

The first bike ride in May started later than usual when I rolled out the driveway at 2:14. The weather was fantastic after a cool front chased out the rain on Monday. It was 77 degrees when I got back home at 5:38 under a clear blue sky with the N 9 mph breeze […]

Goal Accomplished Bike Ride

A few days ago I thought reaching my mileage goal for April was out of reach. The weather was not really cooperating and yesterday the forecast for today looked bleak. What a difference 24 hours make. The weather forecast was wrong. Although it rained 1.31″ at my house around 8 am by the time […]

Extended Bike Ride to Huffman With Wind Blown Sand

I got a slightly earlier start today leaving home at 11:50. The plan was to ride at least 37 miles and I accomplished that by riding 38.19 miles. I rode the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman Extended” route adding a few streets to “extend” it even further. This put April’s total miles at 751, […]