9AM Start on Kingwood – Hare Cook Road – Kingwood Bike Ride

Out the door and push the ride start button by 9 AM. That was my goal for today’s ride. I made it by a few seconds with the 8:59 start time to ride the “Kingwood – Hare Cook Road – Kingwood” route. I figured with the early start (early for me) there would be […]

New Caney – Tavola – Valley Ranch Bike Ride

I almost started biking before 10 AM but I was 9 minutes too late. Tomorrow I am planning on starting by 9 AM. This early for me unless it is an organized ride.

Last night I when I took the garbage out I checked the tires (an obsession I guess) and found the rear […]

New Sensor Battery May Park Community Center – Huffman Bike Ride

The ride started earlier today leaving home at 10:38 but it was still hot (90 degrees). The scattered clouds and light wind made for great biking weather. I waffled on what route to take until just before I started finally choosing the “May Park Community Center – Huffman” route over a shorter route in […]

110 PSI Makes A Difference on New Caney – Gene Campbell Road Bike ride

Apparently my finger squeeze tire pressure test is not very accurate. Before today’s I ride I went out to the garage to crush some aluminum cans and then check the tires on the Stradalli. I squeezed them and the tires felt solid but I planned on airing them up. I put the airhose on […]