Short Sleeve Jersey Bike Ride Day

A beautiful short sleeve jersey bike ride day around the Kingwood area. The route selection today put me on the “Oakhurst – Cumberland – Valley Ranch” streets and roads. A partly cloudy, mid 80’s temperature and a 6 mph SW breeze made for an enjoy able bike ride totaling 32.56 miles. My legs were not fully recovered from the 40+ miles on yesterday’s ride but it wasn’t too tough.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened on the ride although some of the streets and roads look different when I bicycle them in the opposite direction. I did see a few “casual” bicyclists at the beginning and end of the ride.

I ended up biking 180.84 miles this week, making up some of the miles lost due to weather and other activities. For March I stand at 317.56 miles (54% of my goal). With 11 potential bike ride days left this month I think my 586 mile goal is in sight. Riding 9 different days put the average ride at 35.28 miles. If I average the miles I will need to ride about 8 times to reach my goal.

Spring arrives tomorrow and the weather looks very spring-like for most of the week. Cycling will be on my agenda.

Links to and maps and metrics.

Home Weather at the start and finish of the bike ride.

SportTracks Ride Summary (click on the image to enlarge it).

ride summary

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