Free Ice Cream Cone and Donkeys Bike Ride

First day of spring rolled in with fantastic weather and the offer of a free Dairy Queen ice cream cone. I forgot about the cone offer when I selected the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman Extended” route but as I neared the DQ on E. Lake Houston Parkway (23 mile point in the bike ride) I rode in and got a free ice cream cone. I needed the break and the sugar to help me finish the ride. The ride totaled 33.63 miles, not a real long ride, but the 9 mph SW wind and 18 mph gusts took a toll on my pedaling energy. Standing in the shade at Dairy Queen I cooled down and my legs recovered somewhat. Other people came to the DQ for free cones too while I was eating mine. I believe they do this each year on the first day of spring. Where I grew up the Dairy Queens (2 in my city) closed for the winter and opened around then.

Even with the fantastic weather I decided to wear a long sleeve jersey under my short sleeve jersey. Most of the ride this was not too hot but when I was working hard riding into the wind my body heat produced some sweat that then evaporated when I turned out of the wind cooling me off quickly and leaving a slight chill.

I am up to 60% of my March mileage goal (351.2 miles out of 586 miles). Year to date I am up to 1258.9 miles.

A few other cyclists were out today along the route. School is back from spring break and the school buses are rolling.

As I crossed the railroad tracks on Old Atascocita Road I glanced to my left and saw several cattle and donkeys. Turning around I rolled my bike to the gate and took these pictures.

I thought I might scare them away but the donkey looking at me moved closer to the gate while one of the cows moved away. I have seen these donkeys other times in another pasture closer to FM 2100. Not sure why the gate is painted purple.

More great weather tomorrow (Tuesday) and I plan on bicycling in it.

Links to and metrics and maps.

Home weather at the start and finish followed by the airport weather at the end of the ride.

SportTracks Ride Summary (click on the image to enlarge it)

Ride summary

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