RainX Better Than Sunscreen Bike Ride

RainX would have been better than the sunscreen I put on. I delayed starting the bike ride to allow the rain clouds on the radar to move away from where the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman Extended” route for the ride traveled. Just before I started at 12:01 a few rain drops fell at home. Later as I rode south on Pinehurst Trail a few more drops hit me but not enough to get me wetter than the perspiration did. I could some dark clouds to the south but I hoped they would move away like the others did.

After that rain incident all went well. I took a break at the Huffman Chevron about 21.8 miles into the ride. As I sat there I could some dark clouds to the west but I thought they were beyond where I would be biking later in the ride. A 20 minute rest and I got back on the bike to complete what would be a 35.12 mile ride.

Biking north on FM 2100 I made the turn on Smith Road to get back to FM 1960. The wind was helpful until I made the left turn onto E. Lake Houston Parkway where in became a headwind. Back on FM 1960 bicycling west across the lake I made good time. So far the rain stayed away. On Atascocita Shores Drive I started to feel a few rain drops but as I rode along it picked up making the street wet and me too. The last 7 miles of the ride was in the rain. Mostly it was light until I got close to the finish when it rained a little harder. By the time I finished at 2:51 I was soaked.

Maybe the next ride will be drier. Yesterday rain fell until mid-afternoon so I didn’t bike.

Link to Strava.com and RideWithGPS.com

Strava Extended Statistics
Strava Extended Statistics

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