Mellow Temperature Blue Norcross AL Bike Ride

Nothing out of the ordinary on today’s bike ride. Even the temperature mellowed out a few degrees coming in at 90 when I finished the ride at 1:55 pm. Biking 23.1 miles along the “Atascocita – Walden” route pushed the week’s total to 208.79 miles which got me to what I was shooting for. For July I am at 459 miles versus the 800 mile goal.With 15 potential biking days left I think the goal is doable and could exceed it. I biked 6 days out of 7 this week.

I rode my Blue Norcross AL bike which requires more effort than the Stradalli due to weight and slightly different gearing. Airing the tires to 60 psi before starting at 12:08 reduced the effort some and I could feel the difference whenever I rode over a bump in the pavement. No PowerPod readings with the Blue Norcross AL bike since I don’t have a mount installed.

Part of the route I rode the reverse direction along Kings River Drive, Atascocita Shores Drive and into Walden. No other cyclists spotted along the route.

More good biking weather on tap for Monday and with the TdF rest day I can start early.

Rick Ankrum

In 1999 I had a burning desire to create a web site focused on Texas bicycling. Over the years this web site has existed many people have visited. As I think of information I need to bicycle I add them to the web site.

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