Queasy Stomach on the Way to Splendora Bike Ride

I tried to leave before 10 am but due to fixing problems with paying bills I didn’t start until 10:30. Needing 41 miles to reach 500 for the month I selected the “Kingwood – East River Dr – Kingwood” route to the north past Splendora. I ended up biking 41.1 miles, just enough to hit 500 for the month so far.

As expected weather for the ride was warm but not blazing hot, saved that for later today. It was 88 at the start and 91 when I finished at 1:58 pm. Mostly cloudy sky with some sun which probably accounts for the slightly lower temperature. The calm wind meant I had to provide the cooling action by moving through the air. Speaking of air, I aired up the tires (110 psi) before the bike ride and could feel the difference when I rode over a large crack or bump plus the rolling resistance was lower.

On the ride north as I approached Splendora my stomach started to feel queasy. Not sure what the problem was but I kept riding to East River Drive and then made the u-turn back to the south. I drank water and that seemed to help some. I stopped at the Valero station at SH 242 and I-69/US59 for a short rest, refilled my water bottle after I figured out the fancy drink machine and drank more water. My stomach calmed down a little more and I headed south.

The next stop was at the Valero station at Northpark Drive and I-69/US59. I refilled my water bottle and sat outside cooling some. Then I remembered the Clif bar I brought with and ate it. This helped my stomach a lot and I was okay the rest of the bike ride. Upset stomach does not help the bike ride. This is the first time I had this problem in several years. Maybe I should have ate more before the ride?

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Rick Ankrum

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