Cold Weather, Dead Battery Cycleops Fluid Trainer Bike Workout

After taking several days off due a sinus problem I got back on the bike and rode indoors on the new Cycleops Fluid Trainer. It is much quieter than the windtrainer version. Smoother too!

I lowered the workout intensity since this is the first workout after the sinus problems. Checking I found numerous workouts that I may give a shot at in a couple of days.

Outside it was a cool 40 degrees when I started and a balmy 44 when I stopped about 55 minutes later. I continue to have battery problems with the Wahoo Speed sensor. I changed the 2032 battery out to get it working so I used 4 batteries in 5 workouts. Not sure what the problem is. I need a battery tester. Once the battery was in all of the sensors were happy and data flowed.

The cold front will hang around until the first of the week and then another could arrive. I hope January can get above 60 degrees.

SportTracks Indoor Workout Summary

SportTracks Indoor Bicycling Workout Summary

Rick Ankrum

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