Another Dead Battery Slows Indoor Trainer Bike Ride

Finally the sun shine arrived but temperatures are well below my outdoor bicycling threshold of 60 degrees. It was 28 degrees when I made it to the breakfast area around 7:15 AM. By the time I got ready to ride the Cycleops Fluid Trainer after 10 AM it warmed up to the lower 40’s. I need to ride outdoors to see if I can still balance the bike!

Speed sensor battery problems continued this morning. I thought I was okay when I spun the rear wheel and saw the little blue LED flashing but by the time I got on the bike the sensor stopped. To complicate the matter the Elemnt computer did a firmware update too. I removed the speed sensor to check the battery. Yesterday I drove to Humble to the Batteries Plus store to buy a battery tester and more 2032 batteries. I figured their batteries would be fresh. I got Duracell and Rayovac and the tester.

Taking the battery out of the speed sensor and checked it with battery tester. It indicated the battery needed to be replaced, too weak. This was a battery that had only been used once during yesterday’s workout. I decided to use a Duracell 2032 and checked it with the tester, it showed a strong “good”. I put it in the sensor and the sensor back on the rear hub. It was flashing a strong blue.

Now after the firmware update the PowerPod sensor connected to the Elemnt but the speed and cadence would not. After trying several ideas I turned the Elemnt off. I had rode 1.52 miles while trying to get all of the sensors talking but the PowerPod and speed sensors did not look like the data had recorded so I deleted the ride and started over. Now all of the sensors connected after a delay while my phone and the Elemnt paired. I was ready for the workout. From there the workout went as planned.

More cold weather on Sunday so an indoor workout is probably the only option.

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