Texas Bicycling News Digest February 12th 2018

Video: Bi-national bike share will have riders crossing international border

By Ray Bogan | www.foxnews.com

Around the world, cities have embraced bike-sharing programs such as Citibike, Zagster and BCycle as an alternative way to commute. But a new idea in west Texas will allow riders to go country to country.

El Paso, Texas city planners are developing a bike share with Juarez, Mexico. The bikes would be stationed near downtown El Paso, where over 13,000 people cross the border everyday. …

Sixth company hopes to join the Dallas bike share battle

By: FOX4News.com Staff | www.fox4news.com

A sixth bike share company may be coming to Dallas.

Dallas already has 20,000 colorful bicycles scattered about the city, mostly in downtown and nearby neighborhoods. At least one Dallas council member says it’s too many.

The city manager said in a memo late Friday that the city has received 200 complaints just in the past three weeks. It’s evidence that the hands-off approach to regulating bike share in Dallas has problems.

Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway says it was a mistake to open bike share up to any company with …

Free bikes help refugees settle in Houston

Author: Ron Trevino | www.khou.com

“Transportation is one of the big issues facing refugees when they arrive in Houston, they’re expected to go to work almost immediately.” …

With help, MPO produces bike safety video

By RICK KELLEY | www.valleymorningstar.com

HARLINGEN — The road is meant to be shared.

A new public service announcement created by the Harlingen-San Benito Metropolitan Planning Organization is the first phase of a push to make streets safer for non-motorized traffic such as bicyclists and pedestrians. …

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