When Will the Big Chill End Indoor Bicycling

The cold weather continues keeping me inside on the Cycleops Fluid Trainer today. 47 degrees while I was on the trainer with an overcast sky. The Blue Norcross AL is racking up some miles but not much on the road. I may need to consider a special trainer tire rather than wearing out the Continental Gatorskin on the back tire.

Endurance was the trainer theme today. At the 4 mile point I shift into the 36 x 15 gears and tried to hold the rpms at 89 to 91 until I reached 11 miles where I shifted to a smaller gear to cool down. Around the 9 mile point my legs starting to send messages that this was causing some issues but I pedaled on. This is not as dramatic as intervals but does seem to stress the legs. If I get back on the road I hope this trainer activity helps.

PowerPod and Elemnt computer were friendly today, handing off the information without any extra button pushing.

Weather forecast for Tuesday says a high of 55 which means another day on the trainer. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday look to be in the 70’s before the next cold spell arrives on Saturday.

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