Texas Bicycling News March 27th 2017

Tennessee Lowriders bent on the USA

By Nelson Quillen | www.crazyguyonabike.com

Marathon TX
Sunday March 26, 2017
I spent the day just prowling around the area in Marathon looking for photo opportunities. I spent some time out in the area of a park that is called the Post. I went early in the morning and in the middle of the day but didn’t have a lot of luck. I went back late and stayed until after dark and did get a few shots. Some of the photos are of my new best friend that is in the back yard where we are staying. We became …

Township supports toll road use for 2018 Ironman bike race

By Catherine Dominguez | www.chron.com

Ironman Texas again is asking the Harris County Toll Road Authority to allow the use of the Hardy Toll Road for the bike portion of the Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas race for 2018.
The Woodlands Township Board of Directors agreed March 22 to send a letter of support to HCTRA for the use of the Hardy Toll Road in 2018.
While HCTRA and Harris County agreed to offer the toll road for the upcoming April 22, 2017, event, the agreement initially was to be just for this year’s event while event organizers worked on other options for the bike race to reduce the impact on …

Southern Tier – San Diego to St Augustine March 2017

By Charles Falsetto | www.crazyguyonabike.com

Day 23 Texas D6: Marathon to Dryden
Sunday March 26, 2017, 75 miles (121 km) – Total so far: 1,148 miles (1,848 km)
879′ V, 5:06:53, AvgMph 14.6 Total miles 75
Departed Marathon around 0830 after a great breakfast provided by my new friend and host Bill Ramey. Thanks again Bill for your very generous hospitality.
It was another cold morning and I didn’t want to get out of my bag, but you have to take advantage of every cool minute of the day. The ride to Dryden was fairly easy due to great shoulder pavement all the way to the Pecos county line where it changed to the dreaded large chip seal surface. The W was most helpful today and the reason we added 25 additional miles to the original destination of Sanderson. I met up with young Phd Sarah again outside of Marathon this morning, she stayed at the Marathon hostel last night and claimed that it was great. We both are camping on …

Day 24 Texas D7: Dryden to Langtry
Monday March 27, 2017, 40 miles (64 km) – Total so far: 1,188 miles (1,912 km)
1171′ V, 3:25:14, AvgMph 11.7
Spent a terrible night in Dryden due to constant loud highway and train noise all night. I finally got out of bed at 0600 cooked breakfast and hit the road as soon as the sun was up.
We Made it to Langtry only to find out there are no services in town. Just before the turnoff to 25 and Langtry there is a CS however hours of operation are not consistent nor guaranteed to be open. I find myself with plenty of water and very little food. I have a soup, small bag of Fritos chips, can of V8 and two hot cocoa. The CS if open is …

Honeoye Riders Pedal the Southern Tier

By jim kersting | www.crazyguyonabike.com

Day 27: Brackettville to Campwood 44 miles ( rough roads again)
Monday March 27, 2017
We left camp around 530 , went to the minimart for breakfast, and rolled out of town into some fog and very damp air. It stayed overcast and cool most of the morning as we rode past game preserves cattle ranches. After about an hour a car pulled up to me rolled his window down and said you need to go back and help Patti her chain broke. You got to be kidding . No sir said the border patrol dude and back I went thinking that no one has ever broken a chain on any touring trip that I’ve gone on and furthermore I don’t have the tool to fix because I never thought to get those kinds of tools from …

No criminal action against driver who t-boned Austin cyclist

Jenni Lee | www.kvue.com

AUSTIN – Tom Carlson doesn’t understand why the driver who t-boned into him when he was riding his bicycle on Sunday, isn’t facing any action from Austin police.
During a routine ride around 10:30 a.m., Carlson said he was stopped at the intersection of 45th Street and Shoal Creek Boulevard in Central Austin. He was headed south on Shoal Creek and …

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88 Degrees March Weather Bike Ride

Yesterday was a rest day but I got back on the bike today and rode the “New Caney – Roman Forest – Valley Ranch” route for a total of 38.43 miles. This puts with 14 miles of reaching my 586 mile goal for March. Weather heated some from Saturday with 88 degrees when I finished at 2:27 while it was 81 at the 11:39 start time. The wind let some too coming in at 6 mph from the south. I breezed while riding north to Roman Forest Blvd. and made the short loop through Tavola before heading into Roman Forest. The small incline on Roman Forest Blvd. after crossing Peach Creek always seem to be harder than it should be as I slowly pedal up. Roman Forest nicely added a wide shoulder on Roman Forest Blvd. east of the creek from what used to be a tight two lanes going each direction. The surface is a nice smooth asphalt except for about 100 ft. of Appian Way riding west for some reason. Maybe they will fix this when the construction finishes on the new Dogwood Elementary school and the buses start rolling.

The bike ride back from Roman Forest was into that light breeze that didn’t feel too light as far as pedaling went. I stopped at Stripes long enough to eat a trail mix bar and drink some water. The shade felt good with the breeze blowing through cooling me off. It was warm enough that wore a short sleeve jersey with sun screen on my arms. An overcast sky kept the sun from full strength but the rays get through anyway.

From Stripes the ride went without any issues as I made it past all three of the schools before dismissal.

With more good weather tomorrow I plan on riding to hit my March goal. The replacement rear wheel bearings should arrive Tuesday as well. This might speed me up 8). I ran across the Velocomp PowerPod and thinking about buying it. At my age I don’t know if it will make any difference but I can collect even more data.

Links to RideWithGPS.com and Strava.com metrics and maps.

Home weather at the start, finish, and airport weather at the finish of the ride.

SportTracks ride summary (click on the image to enlarge it).

Ride summary

Texas Bicycling News March 26th 2017

IDs released on 2 cyclists killed in Waller County

By St. John Barned-Smith | www.chron.com

Keri Guillory, seen here with her two sons and her grandson, was struck and killed in Waller County March 25 while biking on a MS150 training ride

A man accused of fleeing after hitting and killing two bicyclists in Waller County Saturday afternoon has been arrested.
Victor Kevin Tome, 25, was driving north on Buller in Waller County near hundreds of riders participating in a MS150 training ride when police said he hit and killed 48-year-old Keri Blanchard Guillory, who was riding with her husband, 53-year-old Michael Guillory.
About 80 yards later, …

Charges elevated to murder for man who plowed into 2 bicyclists

By John D. Harden | www.chron.com

The charges for a man accused of fleeing after hitting and killing two bicyclists in Waller County Saturday afternoon were elevated to murder, according to court records.
The man, Victor Kevin Tome, also faces additional charges of burglary and aggravated assault that resulted in serious bodily injury.
Tome, 25, was driving north on Buller in Waller County. Nearby, hundreds of bicyclists were participating in a MS150 training …

393 miles. 22hrs 12 min elapsed time. 18mph average speed. With stops, 17.7mph average. 19393 ft climbing. 39 degrees min temp, 97 degrees max. Lots of wind and fresh Texas chip seal. 21hrs 37 min moving time. 35 min off the bike total, 19 of that for a stomach problem around mile 200. Thanks to @traughbernutrion Andrew knew what was wrong, adjusted his nutrition to pull out a negative split in the second half, giving him a 7 minute PR over last year's time of 22 hours 19 min! 3-peat accomplished & crushed! Big thanks to crew members Tice, Kenny, Dex & @healingneptune @hollyammerman & the kids @pureaustin @castellicycling @skinourishment @bradleylhouston @lamanchatexmex @txvwdoctor @trekbikes @rolwheels #ultracycling #txraam17 #ultraracing #isymfs 📷 & post by @kjables1966

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LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour gears up for annual ride


STONEWALL, Texas (KXAN) – Next month, more than one thousand bike riders will get a unique, up-close look at American and Texas history as they take part in the LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour. …

Lakeway trails challenge mountain bikers with steep, technical terrain

By Pam LeBlanc | www.mystatesman.com

High school team, local club ride trails to stay fit, have fun.

I’m chugging my way up a single-track trail, sweat trickling down the small of my back and quads burning like someone stuck a branding iron on them.
This is bliss.
For the last few years, I’ve been hearing about the trail system in Lakeway. Friends have tried to lure me there, but it seemed too far from my home in Allandale. Besides, I thought, I’ve got the Walnut Creek Trail System, …

Houston Bike Plan offers a future with safer city roads

By Colleen Corcoran | www.houstonchronicle.com

Now that City Council has voted to adopt the Houston Bike Plan, the city must quickly and deliberately move forward with the plan’s implementation. My interest is not solely for our community’s collective quality of life. For me, success of the bike plan, and a future with city streets that are safer for people, is deeply personal.
On Feb. 3, my mother, Marjorie Corcoran, was killed on her bike commute to Rice University, …

Cyclists brave elements on 500-mile route to raise money for CHI St. Joseph

By Rebecca Fiedler | www.theeagle.com

The Gran Fondo, benefitting CHI St. Joseph, is not for the faint of heart.
The second annual Gran Fondo event kicked off Friday as 18 local cyclists headed out to bike a 500-mile route looping through southeast Texas. The cyclists are scheduled to return to College Station this evening. Many racers do not pack sleeping or camping gear and ride almost nonstop.
“These are crazy guys and girls,” CHI St. Joseph spokeswoman Mandy Graessle said. “We don’t provide them with any rest stations, water, etc. There are no hotels; the cyclists sleep wherever they stop on the side of the road.”
By Saturday evening, a large number had dropped out, including Bryan police Sgt. Buck Rogers, 52, and two of his …

REI Women’s Only MTB Ride at Jack Brooks Park

Greater Houston Off-Road Biking Association | ghorba.org

Event category: General
Saturday, April 29, 2017 – 9:00am
Calling all Ladies!
REI has booked Jack Brooks Park for a Ladies Only Outdoors Day that will include camping demos, photography classes, above ground tent camping seminars, backpacking classes, and more!
GHORBA Girls will be hosting rides throughout the day at the following times:
9:00am Beginner Ride, 3.5 miles
9:00am Advanced Ride, 6.0 miles
11:30am Beginner Ride, 3.5 miles
11:30 Advanced Ride, 6.0 miles
Participants need to bring their own bike, helmet, and sign a waiver.
So bring a friend or family member and come out for this fun event! For more information or to sign up, please go to: …

San Antonio Celebrates a ‘Sunday Funday’ Filled with Fitness, Community

Hanna Oberhofer | therivardreport.com

Your typical “Sunday Funday” – in its broadest pop culture definition – includes a hip brunch spot, pancakes, mimosas, and discussion of what’s going on around town.
On Sunday, San Antonians traded brunch chairs for bike and cart seats during two beloved and beneficial events: Síclovía, now in its sixth year, opened up a 2.5-mile stretch from the entrance of Southtown to Concepción Park for cyclists, pedestrians, and skaters, while The Official Dignowity Hill Pushcart Derby, back by popular demand after a two-year hiatus, put San Antonians’ creative and …

Cyclists come out in style for San Antonio’s 12th Síclovía

By Silvia Foster-Frau | www.mysanantonio.com

Even during Síclovía, San Antonio’s bike-friendly and car-free biannual event, Sam Lingo’s bicycle stood out.
The 1920’s-style handmade peddle car plodded through the 2.9-mile route Sunday, it’s bright yellow color and vintage appearance gathering gazes of even some of the fastest cyclists.
“These are just my favorite kinds of bikes, especially old English ones,” said Lingo, adding he has more than 50 vintage bikes in his home in …

Grape Creek – San Angelo, Texas

Pedal Pushers | roy-pedalpushers.blogspot.com

March 25, 2017
Grape Creek is a little community just outside of San Angelo. It is one of the favorites of cyclists as it has good roads, few loose dogs, a lot of flat areas, and just enough inclines and rolling hills to keep one interested.

Honeoye Riders Pedal the Southern Tier

By jim kersting | www.crazyguyonabike.com

Day 26: Del Rio to Brackettville (30 bumpy hot uphill miles.. headwinds too)
Sunday March 26, 2017
It was a short ride but it seemed long due to conditions. And not much to look at. Saw hunter activity and signs for ” deer corn” so their must be a spring season for big game. Or maybe private preserves can hunt all year.
Leaving Del Rio we sensed some humidity, and saw lots more green and foliage. We are camped tonite …

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Texas Bicycling News March 25th 2017

Person of interest detained after 2 bicyclists struck, killed in Waller County

By Brandon Walker | www.click2houston.com

WALLER COUNTY – A person of interest was taken into custody Saturday, in connection with a deadly hit-and-run crash in Waller County that killed two bicyclists and injured another, state police and Waller County officials said.
Victor Kevin Tome, 25, is considered a person of interest, according to the Waller County Sheriff’s Office. Officials were unclear as to Tome’s role in the incident, but confirmed a car crashed into a group of bicyclists near the intersection of Buller Road and Muske Road near Brookshire Saturday around noon. …

Suspect in custody after Waller County fatal hit-and-run


BROOKSHIRE, Texas (KTRK) — Two bicyclists were killed and another injured when a driver hit them in Waller County, according to the Department of Public Safety.
The three cyclists were part of a larger group at the intersection of Buller Road and Muske Lane when they were hit just before noon, the Waller County Sherriff’s Office confirmed. …

Clay Walker hosts 5th annual bike ride for MS

By Jake Reiner | www.click2houston.com

HOUSTON – Everyone around the Houston-area knows Clay Walker, the multi-platinum selling country star. How about the multiple sclerosis (MS) advocate?
“When I was first diagnosed (with MS), I was told I’d be in wheelchair in four years and dead in eight,” Walker said, “and here I am out here 21 years later, kicking off a bike ride with my good friend Bruce Culpepper from Shell.”
More News Headlines
Saturday marked the fifth annual Band Against MS …

Ride On: Bike Traffic Lights & the Most Cycling-Friendly Cities


As cities and towns across the country are bolstering their efforts to reduce traffic congestion and pollution by becoming more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly, new initiatives and policies like city-sponsored bikes and protected bike lanes are increasingly becoming a part of a city’s infrastructure. To keep both cyclists safe and motorists safe on their shared roadways, some cities are upping the ante with bike traffic lights.
Austin Introduces Bike Traffic Lights
Austin, Texas will soon begin operating 12 bicycle-specific traffic lights in the downtown area on one of the most popular separated bike lanes in the city. Though bicycle traffic lights are more common overseas, just a handful of U.S. cities have bicycle traffic lights so far, meaning the added traffic lights in Austin will be a model …

Camino Tues/Thurs evening rides

by M_Murphy | www.bikemojo.com

Update – Starting Tues/Thurs, April 4th and 6th, ride times are being pushed back to a 6pm start***
CRCT/CRCC Tues/Thurs rides are here!!!!!
Tues/Thurs – wheels down 6:00 pm – Starting point is the large Gruene parking lot, 6:00 pm fast pace, slower folks sometimes start 5-15 minutes early, may or may not have regroups. Tuesday ride is Hueco Springs to River Road, to Canyon Lake Dam (dam depends on daylight available), Thursday ride is north up Hunter Rd then cutover to the east side of I35, down York Creek, over to …

Brand new Austin Mountain Bike Trails section, powered by MTB Project!!!

By Woody C. Harrison | www.austinridgeriders.com

ARR continues to give Austin mountain bikers the best experience. We’ve completely revamped the trails page with the incredible MTB Project app. Detailed descriptions of the trail from users, terrain and elevation info, and it’s constantly being updated.

Southern Tier At The Speed of Bicycle

By Gary Rapp | www.crazyguyonabike.com

Day 21 Marathon to Langtry Tx
Friday March 24, 2017, 116 miles (187 km) – Total so far: 1,306 miles (2,102 km)
Nice 20 mph tailwind out of Marathon today. Long data in the saddle. Stay behind the community center in Langtry. Open camped with no services.
The town existed because the steam engine train came through here many years ago to reload on water from a well. When the diesel engine was …

Day 22 Langtry to Del Rio, TX
Saturday March 25, 2017, 60 miles (97 km) – Total so far: 1,366 miles (2,198 km)

Tennessee Lowriders bent on the USA

By Nelson Quillen | www.crazyguyonabike.com

Ft Davis to Marathon
Friday March 24, 2017
Today’s ride was in two parts, I drove to Alpine and then rode backwards to meet up with Mark and Michelle. That part of the ride was pleasant but a little cold starting but warmed up fairly quickly. I ended up with 25.05 miles for that section. Part two was after Mark and Michelle dropped off some of their clothes in the truck I drove to Marathon and again starting riding backwards to meet them. There was a slight head wind when I …

Honeoye Riders Pedal the Southern Tier

By jim kersting | www.crazyguyonabike.com

Day 25: Comstock to Del Rio ( 30 miles)
Saturday March 25, 2017
We had an easy 30 mile ride since we had banked 30 the day before. After 20 miles we came to Lake Amistad which is a large reservoir. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amistad_Reservoir
We saw fast and fancy bass boats. Jo attempted to get an answer about ” the wall” from an immigration officer but it was too …

Texas tour

By Liam Healy | www.crazyguyonabike.com

I will drive from Houston to Fort Davis. Along the way, I will stop in Austin to rent a mountain bike and try it for a day on one or more of the trails around Austin, then I will go to Fredericksburg and camp there for a few days while I ride a loops from there. Finally, I will drive to Fort Davis and camp in the Davis Mountains State Park where …

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