Oakhurst Cobbles Jarring Bike Ride

Today’s bike ride followed the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route for a total of 36.82 miles. I rode my bike, the Blue Norcross AL, to get familiar with it and to see if anything needs to be adjusted. I heard a clicking from the bottom bracket area sometimes when I pedaled hard and I suspect the bottom bracket needs to be tightened. I will drop the bike off and Bike Werks in Kingwood later today for them to check it out. It is nice to have two bikes when one needs to go to the shop; no break in bicycling.

I noticed an old problem with the Garmin speed sensor that I moved from my Motobecane 700HT MTB. When cars pass by in the lane beside me the speed jumps around on the Elemnt computer. I was hoping this went away but now I might consider getting Wahoo speed and cadence sensors. What holds me back is the Android version of the Wahoo Utility app to update the sensors’ firmware does not work. Supposedly the iPhone version works but I don’t have an iPhone. Decisions, decisions!!

Weather during the ride warmed up from yesterday with 83 degrees at the 2:15 PM finish. The wind came out of the south at 10 mph with 20 mph gusts. Riding into the wind required extra effort. I sit a little higher off the ground on the Blue Norcross AL form the Stradalli which might factor into battling the wind.

With today’s ride I am closing in on my April mileage goal of 772 miles at 678.28 miles, 94 miles away. If the weather doesn’t cause a problem I should hit my goal.

Nothing out of the ordinary about today’s ride. Biking on 700 x 32 semi-knobby cyclocross tires is different from the Continental GatorSkin almost smooth tires on my Stradalli bike. Riding over the bricks/cobbles exiting Oakhurst was jarring on the Blue Norcross AL compared to the Stradalli carbon frame ride. I might get a headache unless I lower the Blue’s tire pressure a few PSI. This brings back memories of the Cannondale 600 I used to ride many years ago.

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Strava Extended Statistics

Strava Extended Statistics
Strava Extended Statistics

Interesting Strava graph comparing previous years activity up to April 25th

Strava Year Progressions Graph

Dried Out From Rain Bike Ride

It was much drier today while I rode the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route for 36.18 miles. I encountered a few sprinkles while riding on FM 1314 but they didn’t last long. If it wasn’t for the one or two drops that landed in the helmet vents hitting my head I don’t think I would’ve really noticed the rain. The temperature was in the upper 70’s but I dressed for the lower 70’s at the beginning of the ride (11:26) with a long sleeve jersey under a short sleeve one. At times I was just right and others a little warm but on average comfortable.

I am starting to notice more wildflowers blooming along the road. Some I can identify and others not. Along with the wildflowers the “love bugs” occasionally appeared as I rode mostly on FM 1314.

Even though the last two days have generated many miles biking the SportTracks goal plugin shows that I am on schedule to meet both my monthly goal (772 miles) and yearly goal (6800 miles). If the rain will let up I plan on bicycling tomorrow too. The chance of rain is low but after I finished today’s bike ride a few scattered rain clouds moved through.

Due to the somewhat early start and finish times I avoided the school traffic.

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Freshly Waxed Chain, New Bearings, Flatter Elemnt Bike Ride

A freshly waxed chain, new rear wheel bearings and a flatter Wahoo Elemnt could’ve helped me shave a minute per mile off my biking time but alas it didn’t happen as I rode the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route for 37.44 miles. Yesterday while I was forced inside by the rain I took time to wax my chain since it was squeaking some. I prefer waxing to avoid grease marks on my leg and fingers if I need remove the rear wheel. I got the idea to adjust the Elemnt’s bracket from watching the introduction video of the Elemnt Bolt. The new wheel bearings eliminated the 1/8″ side to side movement of the rear wheel and it now spins smoothly as well.

I delayed the start of the bike ride waiting for the temperature to get to 70 so that i wouldn’t wear extra clothing I would regret later in the ride. I still left before noon (11:48) wearing a thermal long sleeve jersey under my University of Cincinnati short sleeve jersey. The 7 mph NW wind had a chill to it from the cool front that passed through after yesterday’s rain. When I got up this morning it was 60 degrees and it took awhile to start warming up. While bicycling west on Gene Campbell Road I could hear the wind whistling through the air vents of my Catlike helmet announcing its presence. The sun went behind the scattered clouds periodically making the wind chill more noticeable.

Tuesday I made the decision to buy the Velocomp Powerpod power meter and it could arrive tomorrow in time to set it up for April bicycling.

Friday’s weather forecast calls for warmer temperatures which is great. I plan on cycling to increase my miles over goal for the month. I am at 643.49 miles after today’s ride, exceeding my 586 mile goal. Last year I biked 722 miles in March which I won’t reach this year. Saturday’s weather should be bicycling friendly but Sunday’s forecast calls for heavy rain. The Bluebonnet Express ride has been rescheduled to April 15th because of the rain threat from Sunday.

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Home weather at the start and airport weather at the finish of the bike ride.

SportTracks Ride Summary (click the image to enlarge it).

Ride summary

Warmer Weather, Less Clothing Bike Ride

A couple of days can make a difference in march weather. Last bike ride I bundled up but today shorts, long sleeve jersey (non-thermal one) and a short sleeve jersey were all I needed. Setting out on the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route at 12:34 under a mostly cloudy sky the light wind was friendly since it was from the south. The speed was good bicycling north along US59/I-69 helped by the wind. I knew I would pay a price once the route turned back to the south so I built up my average speed to 15.2 mph but once I was cycling on FM 1314 to the southeast the average speed was tougher to hold there. Slowly it dropped and ended up at 14.4 mph at the end of the 37.34 mile long ride.

As I got ready to to ride I noticed my red gloves were showing the effect of the sun with some of the red now a shade of pink. I retired those gloves and opened the gloves that my daughter and son-in-law gave me for Christmas. The new gloves don’t have as much red on them plus it is silk screened instead dyed fabric. Maybe these will survive the Texas summer sun and heat.

I made progress on reaching my March mileage goal with 244.49 miles or 42% of the 586 mile goal.

The late ride start was because I watched the Handzame Classic on EuroSport and it didn’t finish until after 11 AM. The winner was 1/3 my age or less.

No rest stop during the bike ride since it wasn’t too hot and I had the energy if not the power to bicycle into the 8 mph head wind. I planned on watching the NCAA tournament game between SMU and USC thinking it didn’t start until 3:10 but when I finished the ride at 3:13 and turned on the TV they were into the second half. I watched it until the end when SMU missed a shot with a few seconds left and lost 66 to 65. Tomorrow the Milano-Sanremo race is on and I will wait to ride after it is over.

Links to RideWithGPS.com and Strava.com metrics and maps.

Home weather at the start and airport weather at the finish of the bike ride.

SportTracks Ride Summary (click on the image to enlarge it)

Ride Summary