Train, Warm Weather Bike Ride

Before starting today’s bike ride I saw some comments on about Northpark Drive and a train stopped. I wasn’t sure I should bike the route I planned but I decided to go ahead and ride the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route. When I got to the railroad crossing on Knox Road the train was gone so no problem. Later when I returned to Kings Manor no sign of any train mishap there.

After running a couple of errands I got started on the ride at 11:10 AM. The temperature was 75 with some sunshine. I almost opted for a short sleeve jersey only but sanity prevailed and I wore a long sleeve one and a short sleeve jersey. As long as I was in the sun I was just right but riding in the shade I was glad I wore the long sleeves.

After not biking on Sunday my legs were rested and I set a solid pace. The NE 6 mph wind wasn’t an issue either. I slowly built my overall aver speed up to 15.4 mph and held it there for several miles starting on Gene Campbell Blvd., FM 1314 and the side streets. Average watts got up to 109 but settled at 103 by the end of the ride.

With the cooler weather I didn’t stop to refill my water bottle and the ice water was still cold at the 1:44 Pm finish.

Mileage standings after today’s ride:

  • 250 miles in November, goal is 360 miles
  • 7,070 miles YTD, goal is 7,430 miles

More warm weather this week and I plan on taking advantage and ride.

Getting Close to YTD Goal Bike Ride

It was easy riding going north on the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route. The temperature warmed to 77 at the 11:38 AM start, clear sky and a stiff south wind at 12 mph with 22 mph gusts. My goal was to ride at 34 miles and I actually biked 38.3 miles. This puts me with 50 miles of reaching 6,800 YTD miles by the end of October.

I backed off of the thermal long sleeve jersey since it was warmer settling on a long sleeve jersey and a short sleeve one over top. It was about right even after I warmed up. Sometimes when I rode in the shade a hint of coolness made me appreciate the long sleeves but I probably could’ve toughed it out if I just wore a short sleeve jersey.

The wind was not a problem until I made the left turn onto FM 1314 from Gene Campbell Blvd. From that point on I rode into the wind. This helped my overall average watts but capped my average speed at 15.1 mph. At one point my average watts showed 103 but dropped down to 96 by the end of the bike ride.

No rest stop today since I was not too tired and had enough water to reach the finish. When I got there at 2:23 PM the temperature was 82 and humidity was 44%, still low for Houston. I did stop in Oakhurst long enough to take these pictures.

Friday biking looks questionable with a cool front moving through during the morning.

Pumpkin Spice Whoopie Pie Bike Ride

Summer refuses to leave but that is okay. Today’s bike ride went north on the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route. The start temperature was 85 at 10:42 AM and the finish temperature 91 at 1:44 PM with humidity at 63% and the wind 4 mph. No other cyclists along the route.

I rode smoothly along the route getting the overall average up to 15.0 mph stopping at the Valero station on FM 1314 at Sorters Road 25.4 miles into the ride. The picture below shows all of the firewood stacked up and the big sing for the pumpkin spice whoopie pie. I didn’t buy the whoopie pie but instead bought an orange Gatorade to carry me to the finish. A different form of sugar. I found out it takes about 15 minutes to drink a 32 oz cold Gatorade without getting a brain freeze which I almost did at first sip.

Bike Ride Valero FM1314

Once I was back in Kingwood I had to detour along Kingwood Drive where the workers are replacing the greenbelt. I will need to avoid the area for a few days.

Tomorrow a cool front may pass through keeping the temperature in the 80″s but probably no rain. I am at 6,304 miles YTD leaving 500 miles to get to my 6,800 mile goal by the end of October. I should go biking on Tuesday to get closer to my goal. So far I rode 221 miles this month.

Strava Ride Summary (click on the image to got to

Strava Bicycle Ride Summary

Goal Busting Bicycle Ride

I made the goal! Bicycling the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route I rode 36.1 miles boosting my YTD to 6011 miles. This sets me up for my next goal of 7000 miles by the end of the year. October will be the month to ride the most miles with November and December trailing off as the weather and daylight move into winter. For September I am at 732 miles exceeding my 700 mile goal. With two more potential bicycling days left I can increase that.

Rolling out at 10:56 AM my legs felt good. The NE wind at 6 mph was not enough to be a problem and I improved the average speed all the way to when it hit 15.1 mph where I maintained it until I hit 32 miles entering Kingwood. The mostly cloudy sky kept the temperature in lower with 83 (80% humidity) at the start moving up to 89 (68% humidity) when I finished at 2:04 PM.

At 24.4 miles I stopped at the Valero station on FM 1314 and Sorters Road for a break. They were out of 32 oz. cups so I got a 44 oz one but didn’t fill it all the way to the top, $.79 for any size makes this an easy decision. I sat outside in the shade drinking the orange Gatorade while eating the two fruit and grain bars I brought. I stayed about 30 minutes, a little longer than I planned because I returned a phone call.

I tried something different with my cell phone. My Nexus 6P phone has a battery problem where it shuts down when the battery status shows anywhere from 40% to 25% without any warning. My spare phone is a Moto G4 using a Project Fi data SIM while the Nexus 6P uses a Project Fi regular cell SIM. I paired the Moto G4 with the Elemnt computer and everything works the same. Phones calls on the Moto G4 use the data network instead of the cell network. I have a replacement phone on order but it will not arrive for a week or more so I will use the Moto G4 until it arrives. Very smooth transition.

No biking tomorrow but should be back on Friday.

Strava Ride Summary (click on the image to go to

Strava Bicycle Ride Summary