Patient Truck Driver Bike Ride

Today’s bike ride followed the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route for a total of 36.36 miles with a riding time of 2:28:04. High noon is a great to bicycle with the great weather we are experiencing: 79 at the start and 84 at the 3:04 PM finish. The wind was only 5 mph from the SE and the sky was almost totally blue. This is a picture I took while stopped at the Porter Stripes station on FM1314.

Blue Sky at the Porter Stripes

Nothing unusual about the route today. The surface on Gene Campbell Road seems to have a few more rough spots as the asphalt takes a beating from all of the 18 wheelers traveling to the businesses in the industrial park. One of these days I expect (hope maybe is better) to see road work signs go up and new asphalt going down. Not long after I turned onto Gene Campbell an 18 wheeler came up behind me but the oncoming traffic would give him enough time to go around me. I kept my speed around 17 mph to not bog him down too much. After about a mile or more the traffic stopped and he went around me leaving plenty of room. I was glad he was patient.

I thought about taking a rest stop at the Sorters Road Valero station but kept biking to the Stripes station at Valley Ranch Parkway and FM1314. I rode into the shade of the the pump canopy about 1:42 after biking 25.0 miles.

Porter Stripes Ride Data

The great weather while I was eating at the Stripes station.
Porter Weather 10-26-2016 Bike ride
I wasn’t able to refill my water bottle with ice at the Stripes station because the ice machines were broken. Tap water washed down the granola bar and Kashi Trail Mix bar. If it had been full summer weather I would’ve missed the ice but today it wasn’t too bad. I kept my stay short and left about 2:10 to avoid the school traffic at the Briar Tree schools. The school buses followed me to the elementary school so I didn’t have a problem with the traffic there. When I got to the Kings Manor school cars were lined up but I stayed in the left lane to get around everyone before the classes let out. I thought this would put me at the Bear Branch elementary school in the thick of dismissal but when I rode by the school only a few cars were there. They must’ve dismissed early today.

October’s mileage is now 125% of the goal I set. With a few days left and the weather looking great I should continue to add miles. Last year on this date I did not bike. I think the weather was 20 degrees cooler and wet.


Valero Station Rest Stop Bike Ride

I almost started the bike ride before 11 AM but I missed it by a few minutes and started at 11:07. I went back and forth on what route to pick going north and landed on the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” one. I rode 5 miles before leaving Kingwood to set up what would turn out to be a 37.06 mile long ride. The weather continues to be late summer with 90 degrees, mostly cloudy skies and SSE 7 mph breeze. The weather when I stopped at the Valero was slightly cooler and less of a breeze.

Making my way through Woodridge Forest on the way to I-69/US59 my attention moved to the work going on: fence going up, new homes being built, sidewalks being poured and utilities dug.

Once I was on the northbound service road I made good time to New Caney with the help from the breeze. On FM1485 the breeze continued to assist until I made the left turn onto Gene Campbell Road. Traffic was light going west while the east bound traffic was more active. I think one vehicle passed me during the 4 1/2 mile ride to FM1314. I noticed Gene Campbell Road is not flat riding from FM1485 to the Walmart Distribution entrance. It is a long slow incline and required extra effort. The road surface has some soon-to-be broken places that need repair.

Lately I stopped at the Cumberland Blvd. Shell station but today I biked past there and stopped at the Sorters Road Valero. I used to stop there before the Shell station was built. The ride data when I pulled into the Valero:



I got some paper towels from the pump area but I had to throw them away because they were covered in tiny ants. I found a spot between the ice coolers and the propane tanks to eat my snack crackers and water. Being at a different station I got to see different people. After resting and cooling down I got back on the bike and rolled away about 1:10. This would put in front of the school traffic all the way to the end of the ride at 2:08.

After 11 rides this month I am past 67% of the way to my 600 mile goal. Year to date I biked 175 times. Tomorrow the weather should continue and I plan on biking.

SUV Brakes Slamming Bike Ride

Getting ready to bike ride today I put the route together in my mind. I chose the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route and then made a few minor changes. The bike ride came out at 37.18 miles. A not so blustery wind made the ride much nicer than yesterday’s 13 mph wind with 21 mph gusts. Indian Summer weather ruled biking today: 86 degrees at the 11:34 AM start moving up to 90 degrees when I finished at 2:46 PM. The breeze from the SE came in at 9 mph, not enough to really impact the ride. At times I wanted more wind to help cool down.

I took a rest break at the Cumberland Shell station at 22.4 miles into the ride at 1:05 PM. The Elemnt screen when I stopped and the weather while I was resting.

Fruit punch Gatorade and some snack crackers refueled me for the remaining 14+ miles to the finish. As I was getting ready to leave the station I heard a loud squeal of tires and turned around to see a silver SUV sliding towards the Cumberland Blvd. intersection. The SUV was in the right lane and a yellow van was in the left waiting for the red light to change. Not stopping the SUV made a sharp right turn around the pole holding up the traffic lights and onto Cumberland Blvd. and into the grass before slowing enough for the driver to regain control. The SUV got back on the pavement headed into Cumberland. After I left the Shell station and rode across FM1314 to go SE on FM1314 I saw the SUV coming back out of Cumberland on the exit side of the road and back onto FM1314 to Porter. I am not sure what happened but maybe the driver didn’t see the red light in time to stop safely and slammed on the brakes. There was a man by the front of his pickup by the store and we exchanged a few gestures and words about what happened.

The rest of the ride was uneventful. I was early passing the schools in Briar Tree and Kings Manor and Bear Branch Elementary had early release well before my passing through.

With today’s ride I am at 25% of my mileage goal for October of 600 miles. Tomorrow’s weather should repeat today and I plan on a bike ride.

Love Bugs and Dirt on this Bike Ride

Yesterday my wife asked me if I had seen any “love bugs” while I was biking. I told her not yet. Well today I can now answer yes. While I was biking on Gene Campbell Road I encountered about a dozen near the WalMart Distribution Center entrance. I chose the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route today and biked 38.21 miles. This pushed September to 217.68 miles. Year to date I rode 5,884 miles.

The weather was great again today. I started the ride at 10:09 with a partly cloudy sky and 88 degrees. When I finished it was 94 degrees with a south wind at 7 mph. With the beautiful weather I was able to get my overall average speed up to 15.2 mph.

At 11:43 I arrived at the Cumberland Shell station on FM1314 for a rest break. While I was there a young man I met before rode in and we chatted while I was resting. He is from Russia. My Elemnt screen shot and the weather while I was there.

Finishing up my Gatorade I was back on the bike at 12:15 to ride the 14+ miles to end the ride. Across FM1314 Montgomery County workers were digging out the ditch and loading dirt into dump trucks. Got to keep the drainage open for rain. As I rode on the shoulder towards Porter I had to move around the dirt spilled from earlier work. Hopefully the next rain wi;ll wash the shoulder area clean.

With the early start I was in front of the school traffic at all schools. I finished the ride at 1:21.