Hot White Fluffy Dog Bike Ride

Another hot and dry day for a bike ride. I chose the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” to the north for some variety and rode 36.6 miles pushing the month total to 362 miles, 438 miles short of my goal and the week to 186 miles. At the 10:13 am start it was 88 degrees and when I finished at 1:30 pm it was 96 with the heat index at 110 degrees. Thank goodness I had plenty of ice water with a stop at the Texaco station on FM 1314 after I came off of Gene Campbell Blvd. About 4 miles later I stopped st the Valero station at Sorters Road for a 25 minute break where I bought a very large Gatorade orange fountain drink for $.79, on sale. This 25.4 miles into the ride.

I could’ve started the bike ride earlier but I watched the BinckBank Tour from Europe on Also since I wasn’t riding to the south no need to hurry to see other bicyclists along the route.

Sitting in the shade the light westerly breeze felt good as the cold Gatorade went down. When the time came to leave I had to remind myself that the bike ride needed to finish and the remaining 12 miles were out there waiting for me to go. Riding SE the breeze felt good blowing through my jersey and keeping the sweat from running down my arms.

Somewhere along the route I managed to output 1256 watts for the high. Maybe that was when I sprinted to put my max speed up to 22.8 mph?

Nothing out of the ordinary crossed my path but I did see one cyclist on the streets of Elm Grove Village as I made my way out of Kingwood. We waved at each other. Later in Woodridge Forest a lady was out looking for a missing pet clapping and walking along. A couple of streets later I saw a white fluffy dog running through some yards and I circled back to ask the lady if she was looking for this dog but I couldn’t find her.

National Bike Challenge ranking after today’s ride improved.

National Bike Challenge Raniking

First time I am ranked below 60 for Texas and triple digit ranking for national, before I was above 1000. I can’t make it to #1 for Houston though.

More hot weather on Sunday. I plan bicycling around 25 miles to put the week over 200 miles. map and metrics

Strava Bike Ride Summary

Lower Temperature, Higher Humidity Bike Ride

A pleasant change for August weather for today’s bike ride. The temperature at the 10:47 am start was 84 degrees with 76% humidity so I thought I might need a swimsuit to make my way through all the moisture in the air but I settled for my usual bike clothes. The rain was offshore when I started and byt the time I finished at 1:56 pm it broken up with just patches over the gulf.

Riding the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route for a total of 36.6 miles moved me to 104 miles for August and 138 miles for the week.

The sky was overcast with a spot of blue sky peeking through every once in awhile. Wind was a light 5 mph from the NE not presenting much of an issue. After reading Dr. Mirkin’s email this morning I concentrated on doing some intervals during the ride.

Stopping at the Valero at FM 1314 and Sorters Road for a 30 minute break I drank an orange Gatorade for some extra energy for the last 12+ miles of the ride. I was afraid the longer stop might give the rain clouds a chance to catch me but they were a no show.

Friday’s weather heats up a few degrees from today and the rain chance goes up to around 50% but I plan on biking unless it is raining when I get ready to ride.

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No TdF Withdraw After All Bike Ride

After yesterday’s rest day I thought I would have TdF withdraw pains but when I checked the Tour de Wallonie was being streamed so I watched stage 3 while eating breakfast. After that I got ready and left on the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route bike ride. Looking at the weather radar a severe weather alert showed for two counties to the north with a flash flood warning in effect until 10:15 am. Thinking this might slip south close my planned ride I kept an eye on the sky to the north but nothing came of it. I started the bike ride at 10:21 am with an overcast sky (probably from the weather to the north), 87 degrees and a light 9 mph wind. With the lower temperature I didn’t heat up until well into the ride as the sky started to clear off some.

Making a steady speed to FM 1485 where I turned west to northwest the wind helped me. Riding on FM 1485 I expected the wind to require extra effort but I pedaled with about the same energy. The move to Gene Campbell Blvd. pointed me more to the SW but the wind still didn’t bother me too much probably thanks to the trees lining both sides of the road. Cycling to the SE on FM 1314 I increased my speed some because the wind still wasn’t an issue. This allowed me to increase my average speed to 14.8 mph and keep it there until I rode back into Kingwood finishing the ride at 12:56 pm.

The plan was to ride 30+ miles and I ended up biking 36.2 miles boosting July to 706 miles just 94 miles away from my 800 mile goal.

More bike ride friendly weather on Tuesday and I plan on being on the bike.

Link to map and metrics

Strava Ride Summary

Strava bike ride summary biking bicycling

Clicking Sound Solved and Soaked to the Bone Bike Ride

Maybe I should have taken the hint when it rained while I ate breakfast but it went away and the sun came out. Radar didn’t show any rain so it looked good for today’s bike ride. I left at 10:33 after watching the Tour up to 26 miles left to ride the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route for 37.2 miles. The sky was mostly cloudy and the temperature was 88 but the humidity seemed high as I rode through Kingwood on the way to US59. I felt a few rain drops while biking in Woodridge Forest but being optimistic I pedaled on.

The service road turned damp north of Community Drive from earlier rain but I pressed on. FM 1485 and Gene Campbell Blvd were dry and I made good time to FM 1314 where I turned left. I could see some dark clouds to the south but I figured they would stay away which they did. The road was wet spraying dirt and grime on my shoes and bike. At 25.2 miles I stopped for a break at the Valero station at Sorters Road and FM 1314. I drank orange Gatorade and dried off some of the sweat but the breeze didn’t reach the nook I sat in between the propane tank exchange cage and the ice machine. When I finished the Gatorade and walked to the pumps to get some paper towels to wipe the Stradalli off it sprinkled some but quit. I got on the bike and rode to FM 1314 to continue towards Porter but in the distance I could see rain. So much for wiping the Stradalli off.

Riding in the rain for about 1/2 a mile I got soaked and the bike dirty all over again. At Old Sorters Road the rain slowed to a few sprinkles as I rode through Briar Tree and into Oakhurst where it stopped until I came to Bentwood Oaks Drive where it started raining hard. Biking in the rain from there to Kingwood Drive at US59 I got soaked, with my glasses getting so wet I could barely see. As I made my way south on the service road north of Kingwood Drive I saw a collision on I-69/US59 with two fire trucks and an ambulance with lots of traffic on the servie road trying get around the traffic backup. I wiped my glasses off to see better and cut across three lanes to the u-turn. On the other side of the freeway the rain stopped but I heard thunder to the south and west pushing me to hurry to avoid getting caught in rain again. I manged to get home to finish the ride at 1:46 and it started raining as I hosed off the Stradalli and walked to the garage. By the time I got everything put away it rained hard.

A good note on the clicking sounds from my bike. I took the Stradalli to Bike Werks yesterday on the way to my appointment. Jeremy looked it over and took a test ride. He came back and asked how long I heard the clicking and I said a couple of weeks since I rotated the tires. He looked at the valve stems and said he thought the noise was from the valve stem hitting the the carbon rim. He got two nuts and put them on the valve stems. I took a test ride and the clicking sound appeared to go away. I didn’t think of that solution. Duh!!! During today’s bike ride the sound was gone. What an easy fix.

Now to dry off. Tomorrow’s forecast also includes some rain but I will ride if it is dry when I get ready to start.

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Strava ride summary

Strava Bike Ride Summary biking bicycling cycling