Group of 5 Ride Mostly Montgomery County Roads

Today’s bike ride was a Houston Cycling Club Meetup ride. I met four bikers at Kingwood Park High School about 9 AM to ride the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route. The weather was cool with some fog but that started to leave as we were getting ready to leave the high school. The other bicyclists:

We pulled out a few minutes after 9 AM riding through Woodridge Forest on the way to the I-69/US59 northbound service road. Traffic was light once we were on the service road as we made our way to New Caney. A sort stop at the Shell station in New Caney and we headed west on FM 1485. We moved to the shoulder about 1 mile from the Shell station and biked there until making the left turn onto Gene Campbell Road. The 18 wheelers did not come out while we rode west to FM 1314. I slowed the speed a couple of times on Gene Campbell Road to wait for a couple of riders to catch up after a water bottle fell out. The wind also hampered the speed as it came from the south at 8 mph with 16 mph gusts.

Once were on FM 1314 bicycling towards Porter the wind wasn’t in our face as much. We made a stop at the Sorters Road Valero station and then rode on to Old Sorters Road, turned right going to Briar Tree. Passing through Briar Tree a pair of small dogs came to the edge of the road to bark and maybe chase us but I think they gave up quickly as we passed. Entering Oakhurst we made our way to Northpark Drive, Kingwood Place and I-69/US59 to make the u-turn under the freeway to ride to Kings Manor. I changed the usual route to get us back to the high school where we pulled in a few minutes before noon. We said our goodbyes as everyone prepared to go home. One lived in Walden, one lived in Woodstream Village (Kingwood), one lived in Kings Forest and the other lived in west Houston.

By the end of the ride the temperature was approaching 80 degrees and the clothes I started with (long sleeve thermal jersey, leg warmers, jacket and shorts) were soaked. I was comfortable until about half way through the ride when I noticed the sweat coming out of the sleeves soaking my gloves. I hesitated to take my jacket off for fear the wind and wet jersey would feel too cold.

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I am within 21 miles of reaching my February goal of 345 miles. Tomorrow’s (Sunday) weather could repeat today’s so I should be able to ride after church.

Today’s weather.

Ride summary

Winter Legs Wilt on Third Bike Ride in a Row

My winter legs showed on today’s ride with this being the third day in a row bicycling. Biking along the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route I biked north with the wind until New Caney where I turned to the northwest for a couple of miles. This section wasn’t directly into the wind but I knew when I moved to Gene Campbell Road the headwind would be waiting. Today’s bike ride totaled 35.37 miles. with about 20 miles of headwind. Up to hitting the headwind I managed to get my average speed up to 15.0 mph but in the headwind it slowly went down to 14.4 mph at the end of the ride.

I left home at 11:56 and finished at 2:25. The weather during the bie ride.

The blue sky went away replaced with a partly cloudy sky but the temperature bumped a couple of degrees to 81. The wind that taxed my “winter” legs was from the SW at 10 mph with 20 mph gusts. From the 19 mile point where I was on FM1314 is where my legs started to complain. The occasional 18 wheeler passing me on FM1314 helped to suck the wind away from and I could speed up until the effect wore off.

I probably overdressed today with a long sleeve thermal jersey under a short sleeve jersey causing me to sweat more than I might have with a regular long sleeve jersey. I was expecting of the wind chill to be more than it turned out to be. Since I wasn’t riding near Lake Houston I should have factored that in.

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My February goal is 345 miles and today’s riding got me 10% of the way there. We will see how February’s weather allows me to bicycle.

Today's Ride Summary

Grueling South Wind Bike Ride

Grueling bike ride following the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route. Any direction with an “S” in it battled a 15 mph wind with 28 mph gusts. I probably rode too fast on the way to New Caney (north) with the wind pushing me along. I biked 36.25 miles with about 21 miles into the wind. My wife told me the wind was kicking up as I got ready to leave and I agreed but I didn’t feel the brunt of it until I turned onto Gene Campbell Blvd. From that point until the end the wind tried to stop me. For this early in the southeast Texas biking season my legs were not quite ready.

The weather at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (about 10 miles south of where I live). Not much change during the 2:27 long bike ride.

Even with the temperature in the 70’s I wore a thermal jersey with a short sleeve jersey over it. This offset the wind chill and kept me comfortable. Other than the wind and nice temperature the ride was uneventful.

I am making progress towards my 300 mile goal for the month with 164.58 miles to date, 55% of the way there. No biking tomorrow but the weather looks favorable Friday and Saturday, Sunday shows almost 75% chance of rain.

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78 Degrees in Mid November Bike Ride

Around 7:30 this morning it was 50 degrees at my house but the forecast promised it would warm up. By 11:57 when I left on my bike ride the promise happened warming to 75 degrees. I was leery so I wore a long sleeve jersey under a short sleeve jersey and I was comfortable but I think I would have been okay with just the short sleeve one. Since the last bike ride went south and east today I chose the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” to ride north and west for a total of 35.29 miles. This pushed November miles up to 239.1 just 10.9 miles away from my goal. Year to date I am at 7,074 miles. Through Thursday and maybe Friday the warm weather shows in the forecast so more bike riding this week.

No rest stop on today’s bike ride making for a quick overall time and finishing at 2:19. One water bottle kept me hydrated with the sweat evaporating quickly from the low humidity and light SW 7 mph breeze. I had to look wide and far to see a few small clouds in the sky. It warmed a few more degrees to 78 at the end of the bike ride.

November biking in southeast Texas is great with weather like today’s.