Greeted by a Siren

As I pulled into the driveway at the end of the ride I heard our security system siren blaring. My wife had left before I got there so I hurried inside and turned the alarm off. I called the monitoring company to tell them I was home and the alarm was a mistake. I suspect [...]

3 Days of Leg Resting

Thank goodness for a few days of rest before I tackled today’s ride. The legs were called on for several stretches of headwind pedaling. I saw a Houston Chronicle alert that the wind was going to kick up this afternoon but it said northwest Harris county would be more likely to be where it was. [...]

Honeysuckle and Mowed Grass

Yellow honeysuckle blooms littered the bike path as I made my out of Kingwood. Is this a sign of spring? Later I saw about a dozen people mowing their yards. The smell of grass filled the air and I breathed deeply. Today was the first ride of March and the weather axiom of in like [...]

Soakin’ Up the Rays

Just past the 25 mile point I rode into the Stripes station on FM1314 west of Porter. After walking inside for a Diet Pepsi I grabbed a Greensheet newspaper and sat down outside. The sun was nice and warm which was a big contrast from earlier in the week. Today the temperature varied from 42 [...]