Love Bugs and Dirt on this Bike Ride

Yesterday my wife asked me if I had seen any “love bugs” while I was biking. I told her not yet. Well today I can now answer yes. While I was biking on Gene Campbell Road I encountered about a dozen near the WalMart Distribution Center entrance. I chose the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route today and biked 38.21 miles. This pushed September to 217.68 miles. Year to date I rode 5,884 miles.

The weather was great again today. I started the ride at 10:09 with a partly cloudy sky and 88 degrees. When I finished it was 94 degrees with a south wind at 7 mph. With the beautiful weather I was able to get my overall average speed up to 15.2 mph.

At 11:43 I arrived at the Cumberland Shell station on FM1314 for a rest break. While I was there a young man I met before rode in and we chatted while I was resting. He is from Russia. My Elemnt screen shot and the weather while I was there.

Finishing up my Gatorade I was back on the bike at 12:15 to ride the 14+ miles to end the ride. Across FM1314 Montgomery County workers were digging out the ditch and loading dirt into dump trucks. Got to keep the drainage open for rain. As I rode on the shoulder towards Porter I had to move around the dirt spilled from earlier work. Hopefully the next rain wi;ll wash the shoulder area clean.

With the early start I was in front of the school traffic at all schools. I finished the ride at 1:21.

Bad Omen But The Bike Ride Goes On

Relying on weather radar is not a sure thing. Before leaving on the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” ride today i checked for rain and nothing showed up any where close to the route. It didn’t take long for an omen of what was to come though. As I rode on the north bound I-69 service road I hit two patches of light drizzle but they didn’t last long and I continued riding thinking it would not rain. The sky was starting to get dark to the north and west but I thought I could ride away from as the route turned west at New Caney and then southeast riding on FM1314.

The ride was going well on Gene Campbell Road until a couple of claps of thunder hit to the west. I still thought I was far enough away that I would stay dry. Once I was on FM1314 riding towards Porter the pavement was damp with the rain just in front of me. The sky was dark ahead but I figured it was east of where I was going. As I passed River Walk it looked like rain ahead and I started thinking of places I could take cover. Just west of the Texaco at Sorters Road the rain started coming down. Traffic slowly passed and I rode across FM1314 to get under the pump canopy. I got a little wet but not as bad as yesterday. After waiting a few minutes I decided to take my rest break there but when I went inside they didn’t have any sport drink fountain drinks so I decided to wait until the Porter Stripes station. After about 10 minutes the rain stopped and the road wasn’t too wet and I left. My Elemnt screen when I stopped at the Texaco station.

8-29-2016 Sorters Rd Texaco

The Stripes station was east about 1 mile. As I pulled into the station I could see more dark clouds to the northeast, north and northwest. I went inside and bought a fountain Gatorade to drink with my snack crackers. Sitting by the pumps I watched the sky get darker. The Elemnt screen at the Stripes station and the weather while I ate.

I rushed eating and didn’t finish the Gatorade so I could leave hoping to beat the rain. All was going well riding through Briar Tree passed the elementary school before parents arrived. Next I needed to get through Oakhurst and then Kings Manor. Oakhurst went quickly and the dark clouds were getting closer. Some more thunder and I rode quickly to Kings Manor. Parents were gathered at the Kings Manor school but the left lane was open. As I rode I thought of places I could take cover if it started to rain. The next place was the Kings Manor Community Center and Pool. Turning onto Kings Manor Drive South the rain drops started falling. I picked up speed but the rain increased. I was about 1/2 a block from the center and I moved to the sidewalk to get cover under some trees and then up to the porch of the center. I got a little wet but again not like yesterday. The came down hard as I waited in the dry area. It slowed a couple times trying to tempt me to leave but I stayed until it quit, about 20 minutes. Then I rode on the wet streets to the finish. Hosing the bike off I then went inside the house. The ride started at 11:36 and finished at 3:22 with two rain breaks.

Tomorrow the rain chance is less than 25%. I plan on biking again but I would like a dry ride.

Link to RideWithGPS map and data.

August Heat “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” Bike Ride

The “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route was on the agenda for today. I did not delay the ride to watch the Tour de Portugal but I did watch the Vuelta de Burgos which started earlier. The ride started at 11:10 and I finished at 2:28. I rode 37.3 miles pushing the week to 71 miles leaving 129 miles to reach 200 for the week. No flat tires today and the rear tire still is rock hard proving that I can fix a flat but it may take several tries.

I stopped at the Cumberland Shell station on FM1314 for a break. It was hot and the shade was refreshing. My preferred fruit punch Gatorade was out and I settled for blue Powerade. I was there for about 35 minutes before leaving for the 14+ miles to home.

Now that I am home I will watch the Tour of Utah. My wife asked if I was getting too much bike racing. I told her when I worked and couldn’t watch the races and now that I am retired I can watch them. I enjoy the races and the scenery.

Home weather — Start and Finish

Big Bug Smack Bike Ride

Another hot day of biking. I did start a little earlier than yesterday as I punched the start button on the Elemnt at 10:15. As I rode around Kingwood preparing to exit I felt a coolness whenever I rode in the shade. I knew this wouldn’t last long though as I headed to I-69/US59 to ride the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route. Today I biked 36.90 miles moving within 54 miles of my July goal of 765 miles. YTD miles total 4,747.

Nothing unusual on today’s ride. I did not see any other bikers either. I did have a big bug smack my sunglasses as I was riding on FM1314 making a loud pop and surprising me.

The rest stop today was at the Cumberland Shell station. It came at 22.5 miles into the ride. The shade and Gatorade washing down a Clif bar was refreshing as I prepared to ride the 14+ miles to home.

Wind was not much of an issue to today at 3 mph from the south. I was producing lots of sweat when I stopped at the rest stop. I used many paper towels to dry off some. I left there around 12:22 riding southeast towards Porter. I was making good time and keeping my average speed at 15.0 mph. Once I got to Kings Manor I had to slow for stop signs and traffic and it started dropping to 14.4 mph when I finished at 1:28.

I will finish watching stage 19 of TdF now. It appears Froome has it in the bag.

My home weather station at the end of the ride

7-22-2016 Home Weather Finish 146PM