Sensors Working, Dog Chasing Bike Ride

Yesterday was a rest day while the remnants of Tropical Storm Cindy left town. We didn’t get much rain (less than 1/2″) so I ran some errands and fixed the Wahoo Speed sensors for both the Stradalli and Blue Norcross. I exchanged a couple of emails with Wahoo Fitness support and they suggested putting the battery in opposite of the usual way for five seconds. I did that and the blue light started flashing from the sensors and I paired them with my Elemnt computer. Back in business with the speed sensors.

The PowerPod not responding was another issue. Connecting the PowerPod to the Isaac desktop software program it seemed to work. I updated the profile and then tried pairing it with the Elemnt. Pairing went smoothly as far as the Elemnt recognizing the power sensor.

Leaving home at 10:53 this morning riding the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route the speed sensor worked correctly but the PowerPod just showed “0” as connected but not wanting to report any power reading. I pushed the start button a couple of times and it went into the setup mode of counting up to 100 as I rode. After reaching 100 it flashed 21, 200 watts and then started to display real power readings for the rest of the ride. The only issue was when I stopped at the Valero station on FM 1314 and Sorters Road for about 20 minutes and started riding the PowerPod needed to restart and I pushed the start button to wake it up. From the PowerPod again sent watts to the Elemnt computer. I am going to see if I can change the “sleep” setting to a longer time period.

A short dog chase surprised me as I biked through Woodridge Forest on Quiet Ledge Drive. A Culligan truck (remember the “Hey, Culligan man” commercials?) was parked on the left side of the street and as I rode between it and a parked car on the right a dog darted out from a driveway growling and chasing me. The chase came to an abrupt end when someone yelled from the driveway and the dog stopped, I didn’t waste any time leaving the spot. This was the first time for a dog chase in Woodridge Forest.

After the tropical storm the weather is heating up. At the start it was 91 and by the 1:56 pm finish it was 98. The south 10 mph wind wasn’t a problem during the ride.

The bike ride went smoothly along the rest of the route. The few 18 wheeler trucks passing me on Gene Campbell Blvd. gave me a wide berth as they usually do and the rest of the traffic is light. Cycling SE on FM 1314 put the wind to my right front quarter requiring more effort when I rode out in the open.

Scattered rain in the Saturday forecast may cause a problem but I want to ride early to avoid it.

Strava Extended Statistics

Strava Extended Statistics

I Wish I Output 20,000 Watts Bike Ride

A familiar route for today’s bike ride along the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” roads but I added a few extra to get the mileage up. I almost hit 40 coming in at 39.52 miles boosting the week to 124.71 miles and June to 229.46 miles.

I started riding at 10:06 and finished at 1:04. The weather was much better than the last two days with lots of blue sky, wind from the NE at 11 mph and the temperature 85 at the start and 92 at the end according to my home weather station.

The PowerPod required a recalculation for some reason but once it was completed the power readings started showing on the Elemnt computer. This caused the max watts to jump to over 20,000 which I corrected using the Golden Cheetah program editing feature.

After riding in the wet on Monday I am hearing a few squeaks from the chain so it is time to wax it again. Probably do that tomorrow.

A short rest stop at the Valero station on FM 1314 at Sorters Road to refill my water bottle with ice and water.

Strava extended statistics

Strava Extended Statistics

Brain Freeze and Gulps of Warm Air Bike Ride

Today’s bike ride followed the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route for a total of 36.79 miles. I used a different set of streets to exit Woodridge Forest. Yesterday I saw a street that was under construction before I left for vacation was now open with new stop signs. On today’s bike ride I took the new streets and exited Woodridge Forest at the corner of Adams St. and Kelly Rd. Previously I bicycled on Adams St. from Woodridge Forest to Kelly Rd. On these streets I saw several new houses near completion that I couldn’t see from Adams St. This route also skips the houses where dogs chased me before but not on every bike ride.

Weather for the bike ride warmed up from Wednesday. 84 degrees at the 11:46 start and 90 degrees at the 2:40 finish. Lots more clouds but the sun did break through sometimes. With this warmth I wore a short sleeve jersey and sunscreen. Wind challenged me when ever I rode south: 13 mph with 22 mph gusts.

A short break at the FM 1314 Stripes station allowed me time to eat a package of snack crackers and refill my water bottle. This was 25.2 miles into the bike ride. Earlier I made a quick stop at the Shell station just east of Gene Campbell Road to drink some water and let my legs recover for the stretch home. When I drank water from my bottle I experienced a “brain freeze” for the first time in many years. It hurt and I took big gulps of warm air trying to warm the roof of my mouth. After a minute or so the brain freeze left and I rode back onto FM 1314.

New Caney ISD schools dismissed for the summer today around 11:30AM so traffic was not a problem when I pass by.

Saturday’s weather is bicycling friendly and I plan on taking advantage of it.

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Strava Extended Statistics

Strava Extended Statistics

Oakhurst Cobbles Jarring Bike Ride

Today’s bike ride followed the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route for a total of 36.82 miles. I rode my bike, the Blue Norcross AL, to get familiar with it and to see if anything needs to be adjusted. I heard a clicking from the bottom bracket area sometimes when I pedaled hard and I suspect the bottom bracket needs to be tightened. I will drop the bike off and Bike Werks in Kingwood later today for them to check it out. It is nice to have two bikes when one needs to go to the shop; no break in bicycling.

I noticed an old problem with the Garmin speed sensor that I moved from my Motobecane 700HT MTB. When cars pass by in the lane beside me the speed jumps around on the Elemnt computer. I was hoping this went away but now I might consider getting Wahoo speed and cadence sensors. What holds me back is the Android version of the Wahoo Utility app to update the sensors’ firmware does not work. Supposedly the iPhone version works but I don’t have an iPhone. Decisions, decisions!!

Weather during the ride warmed up from yesterday with 83 degrees at the 2:15 PM finish. The wind came out of the south at 10 mph with 20 mph gusts. Riding into the wind required extra effort. I sit a little higher off the ground on the Blue Norcross AL form the Stradalli which might factor into battling the wind.

With today’s ride I am closing in on my April mileage goal of 772 miles at 678.28 miles, 94 miles away. If the weather doesn’t cause a problem I should hit my goal.

Nothing out of the ordinary about today’s ride. Biking on 700 x 32 semi-knobby cyclocross tires is different from the Continental GatorSkin almost smooth tires on my Stradalli bike. Riding over the bricks/cobbles exiting Oakhurst was jarring on the Blue Norcross AL compared to the Stradalli carbon frame ride. I might get a headache unless I lower the Blue’s tire pressure a few PSI. This brings back memories of the Cannondale 600 I used to ride many years ago.

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Strava Extended Statistics

Strava Extended Statistics
Strava Extended Statistics

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