Made It to 6004

This ride got an earlier start than usual. I left home at 10:03. Before leaving I was wondering the temperature was going to warm up but it warmed up nicely once the sun was above the trees. The sky was littered with scattered clouds and a ENE wind at 9 mph. As I was warming [...]

Perfect Timing to Not Get Soaked

I delayed the start today because there was scattered rain showing on the weather radar. The sun kept shining over our house and no rain came so I rolled out the driveway at 11:26. As I exited Kingwood on Adams St. I encountered the first wet street but it didn’t last long. By the time [...]

Fall Wind Blows

No problem over heating today. During the night a cool front passed through dropping 1.23″ of rain at my house and the temperature as well. By the time I left at 11:11 the streets were dry. During today’s ride it was in the lower 80’s with a 15 mph wind from the NNW. This made [...]

Route Selection Plays A Part

Selecting a route plays a big part on the average speed. I rode to the north on my “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route with a slight modification on the streets I used to exit Kingwood. Getting out of Kingwood does not offer a lot of choices so I rode through Elm Grove Village [...]