Grand Parkway Construction Eats Bike Route

With the good ride yesterday I decided to ride north on the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route which was a little longer at 35.48 miles. Body wise the only problem I had was saddle soreness from a lack of riding. I spent more time standing up pedaling than usual to offset that some. […]

Blown By the Wind Bike Ride

I knew it was going to be windy for today’s ride when I was driving back from the post office and a tree at a corner I stopped at gave a big shower of leaves as the wind raced through the branches. After seeing the large group of riders yesterday I was looking forward to […]

A Tailwind Followed by A Headwind

Saturday and Sunday weather gave me a reason not to ride with Saturday’s high in the low 60’s and Sunday morning the low was 41. Later in the day it warmed up to 70 but by then I had a church meeting to attend. Today the weather was much better with 76 degrees. I was […]

How Low Can That Stuff Get?

One of the things I like to watch when I am biking is the price of gasoline. Earlier this year the prices were moving up but for the last couple of months they have been going down. Each ride I see a new low price. Today on Loop 494 south of New Caney there was […]