Hotter N Hell Hundred Expo and Criterium Friday

We arrived at the MPEC area around 5:00 on Friday. Searching for a parking space is as challenging as the Saturday endurance ride. We finally tracked down a spot where the occupier was leaving and pulled in as close as we could to the oversize pickup truck in front of us that wasn’t parked […]

The Rubbing Rear Bike Wheel Saga

Yesterday I posted this on

Rear Tires Rubbing the Inside of the Left Chainstay I ride a Stradalli RP-14 Carbon bike. A few months ago I noticed a spot on the inside of the left chainstay where the tire rubs. I think the problem might be from a wide tire. The tires that […]

A Tale of Woe from a Texas Biker

It’s 5 days into 2015. I am starting to get cabin fever from not biking. Today I looked at my riding history from January 2014. Back then I rode 329 miles but I am beginning to doubt that I can replicate that mileage this year. The weather has not reached 60 degrees yet and […]

Getting Ready for the Ride

I was packing up the bike for Saturday’s Pineywood Purgatory and after removing the rear wheel I kept getting chain lube all over me. For sometime I have not been happy with the lube because it gets on everything and it is difficult to wash off. There are spots on the Stradalli that seem […]