A Tale of Woe from a Texas Biker

It’s 5 days into 2015. I am starting to get cabin fever from not biking. Today I looked at my riding history from January 2014. Back then I rode 329 miles but I am beginning to doubt that I can replicate that mileage this year. The weather has not reached 60 degrees yet and the […]

Getting Ready for the Ride

I was packing up the bike for Saturday’s Pineywood Purgatory and after removing the rear wheel I kept getting chain lube all over me. For sometime I have not been happy with the lube because it gets on everything and it is difficult to wash off. There are spots on the Stradalli that seem to […]

Is It Okay If I Whine a Little?

It’s a good thing I rode the miles on Monday to reach my February goal of 370 miles. Since then the weather has not been biking friendly to me. As I write this the sky is overcast with a light rain that ended about an hour ago. The forecast 70 degrees is not happening being […]

Hotter’N Hell Hundred Activities on August 24th

We drove to Wichita Falls on Friday, August 24th. This year I decided to use my Flipcam to record some of what we saw. There are three videos. The first one shows some of the cars along US287 on the way to Wichita Falls. These come in all shapes and sizes. some carry one bike […]