Trading My Bike for Shoes The Next Few Days

For the next several days I am off the bike due to surgery today. I am not supposed to pull or exert effort on my left arm while the stitches heal. The reason for the surgery was to remove Squamous Cell Cancer from a spot on my inner left forearm. Since bikers ride outside […]

Can a Person Be Fit and Fat?

As you have probably read or heard, America has a weight problem. Sometimes the statement is made that a person is fit and fat. I see some people that might be in this category on some of the rides I go on. I try to think of how these people may be in this […]

I dropped Eggs from My Diet Years Ago – Was I wrong?

According to an article from Dr. Gabe Mirkin, eggs do not cause heart attacks. He cites “the Physician’s Health Study followed doctors for 20 years and showed no association between eating eggs and heart attacks or strokes. However, the doctors who ate lots of eggs did die earlier than those who avoided eggs, possibly […]

Cyclists’ Bone Density Questions

I was reading over the New York Times and starting reading an article by Gretchen Reynolds titled “Bones?Is Bicycling Bad for Your “. Ms. Reynolds writes about a study Aaron Smathers did that sudied bone density amongst cyclists and compared the results to other sports participants. I have posted information about this subject previously […]