Texas Bicycling News July 3rd

Driveway Series | Austin, Texas | July 3, 2015

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A great night of racing, excellent turnout, and remarkably moderate temperatures for July in Texas.

Bagel Ride July 3rd

EP Cyclists

Celebrating our Independence on The Bagel Ride!!! Cycling in El Paso with EP Cyclists. . . . …o7’o

Amarillo BMX phenom ready for world stage

by Jim McBride        amarillo.com

Caleb Wall is preparing, day by day, for one of his biggest competitive challenges yet.
The Amarillo High School student recently placed second at a BMX racing competition in Albuquerque, N.M., qualifying him for the UCI World BMX Championships this month in Belgium.
His dad, Danny Wall, said Caleb, 16, races in the 16 expert category and plans to hit other races in Texas and Las Vegas before setting …

World’s Longest Charity Bike Ride Passes through La Crosse

By Jordan Fremstad        www.wxow.com

La Crosse, WI (WXOW) – Bikers from the Texas 4000 charity bike ride made a stop at Gundersen Health System Wednesday. Students from the University of Texas-Austin will travel 4,500 miles. The event is promoting the fight against cancer and raising funds for cancer research. The Texas 4000 charity is the largest charity bike ride in the world and is twice as long as the Tour de France.
University of Texas student and Texas 4000 participant Christina Pai said the ride …

Texas A&M professor bikes 3,000 miles across America to help raise money for charity

By Steve Kuhlmann        www.theeagle.com

A Texas A&M University professor has completed a 3,000-mile bicycle race after almost two weeks of nearly nonstop riding. The Race Across America, or RAAM, started June 16 in Oceanside, California, and ended Sunday in Annapolis, Maryland.
Along the way, Jose Bermudez helped Bryan-College Station Habitat for Humanity by racking up sponsorships and donations.
Bermudez — a professor of philosophy and associate provost for strategic planning at Texas A&M — said that while his motivation was largely to take on the “ultimate race” for ultra-endurance cyclists, it was an honor to use …

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Up and Over the Hill Twice Bike Ride

Today I rode the “FM1960 to FM686 – Back” route. The weather was hot (97 at my home weather station) and the wind was from the SSE at 13 mph under a mostly cloudy sky. With the wind it didn’t feel that hot probably because the humidity was 52% instead of the 70%+ for the last several days. That didn’t keep me from perspiring though. When I stopped at the Dayton Food and Fuel store at FM686 (the turn around point) that short period (2 or 3 minutes) was enough for the sweat to pour from my arms. Once I was back riding again it dried up some until I stopped for a longer break at the Huffman Chevron.

This route is the nearest to a hill workout around here. Riding up the railroad overpass twice provides a long range view of the flat farmland. It also exposes you to the wind being 50 to 60 feet higher in the air. The hill is about 5 miles east of FM2100 in Huffman and about 2 miles east of FM686. Before the overpass was built several people were killed over the years colliding with trains. The road did not cross the tracks straight and people ignored or raced to beat the crossing arms.

While I took a 30 minute break at the Chevron I sat under the gas pump canopy with the breeze slowly cooling me down and drying my wet jersey and shorts. The Greensheet newspaper was soaked when I stood up to leave. The paper towels I rested my arms on were soaked as well. The cold Powerade was refreshing while I ate my Kashi Trail Mix Bar and whole grain apple cinnamon bar. When I stopped I was at the 29.6 mile point of what would end up being a 41.38 mile long ride. Today was the 7th time biking this route this year. Here is a summary of the rides.

7-3-2015 Route Rides Summary

Since I was biking at a 90 degree angle to the wind direction most of the time my average speed built up to 15.3 mph by the time I got to the Chevron station. It dropped while I took the break but I moved it back up until the 38 mile point where the Kingwood streets and traffic start slowing me down. I ended up averaging 15.0 mph.

With today’s ride I biked 105 miles this month. My goal is 834 miles so this is a good start. Tomorrow is Independence Day and I will probably take the day off from biking going to the Kingwood parade, watch the Tour de France, rest and eat.

Texas Bicycling News July 2nd

Real Life. Real Racers : Matt Moore.

by admin        texasbikeracing.com

As bike racers, we see the same people week in and week out at our own Weeknight World’s and the weekend races, but outside of our teammates and close friends, do you know what the guy or lady pedaling next to you does for their “real” job? 99.9% of us are not pros. What do we do to pay the bills? What affords us the opportunity to be passionate about our crazy sport of bike racing?
TBR’s “tattoo of the week” has run its course so we’re introducing a new weekly segment, “Real Life. Real Racers.” Each week (give or take) we’ll introduce Texas to a member of the cycling community in …

Tour de Fort Worth


07/05/2015 (All day) to 07/25/2015 (All day)

FitWorth is thrilled to announce that we are taking on Mayor Price’s Tour de Fort Worth, in partnership with Bicycles Inc., and 21 days of cycling kicks off on July 5th!
FitWorth will host 7 organized rides, including separate walkable and kid-friendly routes, as listed below. On days without organized rides, we will meet up at local trailheads for 21-mile trail rides with Bicycles Inc. More details will be posted on these routes soon! …

Boy Scouts earn cycling badges

by Tiffany Roney • Reflector-Chronicle        www.abilene-rc.com

Sweat dripped from their faces. Their quadriceps burned. The sun beat down heat upon their shoulders.
In spite of sizzling temperatures and powerful headwinds, four local boy scouts completed a 50-mile bike ride June 20.
Most of the people they were riding with were adults who wanted to challenge themselves and support the Quality of Life Coalition by participating in the Cowtown Classic. For the boys, though, it wasn’t just about spending a …

Pedaling For A Cause

By Stefanie Ponte        www.kulr8.com


Thirty-three days after departing from Austin Texas the longest annual charity bicycle ride in the world rolls through Helena and onward to Anchorage, Alaska.  The rides, all students from the University of Texas will continue to brave the rain, snow, sleet, wind and heat as they pedal more than four-thousand miles in the fight against Cancer.
There are a total of …

Mobility Authority receives grant package for 183 South Project

By ASHLEY SAVA        www.hillcountrynews.com

Last week, The Texas Transportation Commission granted preliminary approval of a $203.4 million loan and grant package for the 183 South Project, an eight-mile Expressway that The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is constructing between US 290 and SH 71.
Locals can expect three new toll lanes and up to three general-purpose lanes in each direction, as well as direct connector ramps at US 183 and SH 71. The project is estimated to cost between $750 and $800 million, not including the financing costs. …

.. This project will include pedestrian bridges, and a seven-mile, 10-foot wide shared use path for pedestrian and bicycle travel. Major trailheads will connect the Shared Use Paths with nearby hike and bike trails.  According to Bike Texas spokesperson Su Wilcox, the …

North Valley Haasville Loop

El Paso Bicycle Club

July 5th
Meet at 6:45 a.m. (Roll out at 7 a.m.) at Rio Plaza, 6205 Upper Valley Rd. All flat route — take Valley Roads (Upper Valley, Borderland, Strahan, Bosque, N. Vinton, Westside, Washington) to Gadsden HS at NM 28, then loop back on Haasville and NM 28. 27 miles, 18-20 mph. Rick Rivas, …

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Completed Yesterday’s Rained Out Bike Ride

After getting rained out yesterday I was able to ride the “Stroker Road – Huffman” route today without any rain though with the 72% humidity I was as wet as if I was biking in the rain. The 41.94 mile ride got an earlier than normal start with my leaving home at 9:43 and returning at 1:22. The sky was overcast but that didn’t hold the brightness back nor the heat at 95 degrees. I thought the wind was not too much until I started riding south on FM2100 from Old Atascocita Road. The pedal cadence dropped down as I struggled riding into the south 6 mph wind and the 18 mph gusts.

Before that I met a group of 8 bicyclists going the opposite direction on Old Atascocita Road east of the railroad tracks. Apparently I wasn’t the only that thought today was a good day for a ride. Later I saw another biker on Ramsey Road. We exchanged waves as we passed. By then I had a tailwind to help me ride at 18+ mph and improve my average speed to 15.2 mph. Turning to the west onto Old Atascocita Road I headed to Huffman and a rest break. I drank all of my water and needed to cool down and rest up for the final 11 miles home. When I got to the Chevron station it took many paper towels to soak up some of the sweat. Standing in one place made the pavement look like a rain shower from the sweat dripping from my elbows and shorts. I rinsed out my gloves and once I sat down I wrung out my wrist bands and created a big wet spot on the concrete. The wrist bands stopped some sweat but it was so heavy that my gloves still got soaked. The dual headbands tried to hold the sweat back but it still ran down the side of my face and nose. Several paper towels helped dry my forehead to slow the flow.

I got a 44 oz Powerade with ice to cool me down while I ate a trail mix bar and whole grain bar for energy to get back home. The cold drink and the breeze blowing through the canopy area eventually cooled me down and almost dried my shorts and jersey. The gloves were on 3 paper towels to dry from the water rinsing. I stayed at the Chevron a little longer than normal while I enjoyed the wind and the cold drink. I didn’t drink all of it though, 44 oz is a lot and I got that size so I could put extra ice in it and still get enough liquid. I refilled my water bottle and headed back home.

At the west end of the FM1960 causeway over Lake Houston I waved to a casual biker on the other side of the road as he rode east and he waved back. About 2 miles later on Kings River Drive another biker passed going opposite of me. We waved.

Today I retired another pair of Bellwether Forma shorts and put a new pair of Forma shorts into service. The retired ones showed the same worn spots on the outside pad seams plus pilling from rubbing something else. That should replace all of the worn shorts for now.

My goal for July is 834 miles, 134 less than June. Last June I rode 834 miles so I chose that as my goal.

Friday’s weather will be great for biking: 93 degrees and partly cloudy sky with a low chance of rain.