Early and Long Bike Ride

Today was the longest ride of the week at 43.41 miles. I rode the “Kingwood – Hare Cook Road – Kingwood” route to the southeast towards Crosby. I started earlier than the other rides this week at 9:07 and got back home at 12:48. Along the ride I saw 36 other bikers, mostly on FM1960 on the Lake Houston Causeway. A few stragglers were on Fairlake Drive and Old Atascocita Road. I left earlier to avoid the heat some and because I decided to watch stage 20 of the Tour after I got back rather than before. It was nice to be back home 2 hours earlier than yesterday when I watched the tour before riding. With this many miles today it puts me at 208.16 miles for the week and 719.26 miles for the month. Now that I am within 115 miles of my 834 mile goal for July I think I will declare Sunday a rest and recovery day. Out of 25 days in July I biked 20 and 9 days in a row. This is the third time I rode this route this year.

At 31.8 miles into the ride I reached the Chevron station in Huffman for a needed rest stop. Before that I only stopped for stop signs, traffic lights and to refill my water bottle at a Shell station on FM2100 north of Hare Cook Road. I was at the Chevron about 40 minutes allowing time for most of the sweat to dry up after using 6 or 7 paper towels to stop the perspiration from running down my arms and legs. I soaked a Greensheet newspaper I sat on so much the pavement was wet when I picked it up. I wore wrist bands which seem to soak up a lot of sweat before it reaches my gloves. The weather screen shots while I was at the Chevron station.

The overall average speed came in at 14.9 mph but it was up to 15.2 mph for several miles and 15.1 mph as late as 41.2 miles before dropping as I slowed the pedaling to home the last 2 miles in Kingwood.

For the last couple of weeks I have noticed the rusty bolts holding the handlebar in the stem. At first I was thinking titanium bolts until I saw the price on ebay.com. I thought I remembered seeing stainless steel metric hex head cap screws at Lowe’s. Last night on the way home from dinner my wife and I stopped at Lowe’s and bought 4 bolts. I took one of the rusty bolts with us and the sizing tool at Lowe’s gave the size as 5M-.80 x 16. When I got home I replaced each bolt individually to not mess with the handlebar setting. The lock washer on the old bolts was a chore to remove but thanks to some 3in1 oil and pliers I moved them from the old bolt to the new bolts. Now when I ride I can look down on shiny stainless steel cap screws holding the handlebar. The stem is carbon fiber. Below are the old and new screws. Tomorrow I am looking at the rear derailleur cable to see why the shifting to smaller cogs is not working right.

Texas Bicycling News July 24th

Teenager killed on bicycle identified


The Texas Department of Public Safety has identified a teenager killed in a recent Titus County hit-and-run and is asking for the public’s help in finding the vehicle involved.
Trooper Sylvia Jennings said Brice Lee Croley, 13, of Mount Pleasant was riding his bicycle east on Interstate 30 about 4:30 a.m. Monday when he was …

Real Life. Real Racers : Colin Bromley & Jason Baker


It was buy one, get one free at the TBR portrait store this week. It’s pretty cool when your buddy is also your teammate and your co-worker. Not to mention, your lab is a team sponsor. Meet Team PHENOM p/b AnalySys Labs’ Colin Bromley and Jason Baker. Both are dedicated commuters so we shot them with their daily rider rigs. …

The Woodlands Township holds Board meeting


The Woodlands Township Board of Directors held a regular Board of Directors meeting Wednesday, July 22, 2015, at The Woodlands Township Town Hall, 2801 Technology Forest Boulevard, at 6 p.m. The entire meeting can be watched on video at The Woodlands Township website (www.thewoodlandstownship-tx.gov).
The Woodlands Township Board of Directors approved a recommendation from the ad hoc Transportation Committee to select Jones & Carter for the development of a pedestrian and bicycle master plan for The Woodlands Township. The Board of Directors allocated $100,000 in the 2015 Budget for professional services as a result of the 2015 budgeting process during which the Board received resident input/requests for pathway connectors to …

DATES Sunday Morning Urban Ride to Bishop Arts District

Dallas Area Tandem Enthusiasts

When: Jul 26, 2015 08:15 AM
Where: Crate and Barrel Parking Lot – Knox Street – Dallas
Sunday Morning Urban Ride to Bishop Arts District Social Pace – NO DROP!
Ride Leaders – Team Wilson, Team Carlson & Team Coose
Route is 20 – 30 miles, approximate distance to be determined at start.
Meet at 8:00 AM        Ride at 8:15 AM
Location – meet at the parking lot at Knox and Travis (behind Chili’s and Starbucks)
Post-ride brunch at Fernando’s

Another nineteen Stars-and-Stripes jerseys earned in Rock Hill on Friday


Nineteen more Stars-and-Stripes jerseys were awarded at the 2015 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships on Friday.

Annette Williams (Kenmore, Wash./Kenmore Velo) took her third national title of the event on Friday when she beat out Beverly Chaney (Carmel, Calif./SJBC) and Jane Vanni-noone (Indianapolis, Ind./First Internet Bank Cycling Team) in the women’s 50-54 individual pursuit. She adds this gold medal to the golds she collected in the sprint and scratch race. …

Women 1/2/3 Master 45-49 Points Race
1.      Dana Walton (E Norriton, Pa.)       Chester County Cycling Foundation       36
2.      Catherine Moore (Waco, Texas)       Fearless Femme p/b Haute Wheels Racing       35

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Missed the Amtrak Train

Repeat the route. That’s what I did today. I changed some of the streets but the route still is “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman”. In my quest for my monthly goal I am trying to ride 32+ miles each day for the rest of July. I rode 33.68 miles today. Changing the early the part of the route I was able to improve my average speed and got to 14.0 mph before leaving Kingwood. Normally I have to overcome the slower start speeds after I get out of Kingwood. My legs felt good today and I was able to ride at 15 to 16 mph early on plus the streets I chose did not have many stops. The stops slow me down and then I have accelerate back up. The Garmin 510 is not kind to me and reduces my average speed. Today marks the 25th time I biked this route name. (Yesterday I said it was 22 times but the Golden Cheetah software has the route name listed twice and I forgot to count both listings.) A comparison of the 25 rides.

7-24-2015 Route Ride Comparison Summary YTD

I am up to 675.85 miles for July. The goal is 834. Year to date I rode 3892 miles.

Hot temperatures remain in place and the light wind (7 mph from the south) is like a convection oven. Humidity was 41% at my home weather station, 102 degrees there too. George Bush Airport was only 97 degrees. Screenshots while I stopped in Huffman for a break.

The little red triangle is a weather alert for high temperature and heat index above 103.

Leaving home at 11:39 I thought I had a chance to meet the Amtrak train when it passed through Huffman. I almost did. I was riding north on FM2100 around the lake Houston Methodist Church when the train went across FM2100. I could see it about 1/2 mile away. Earlier when I crossed the tracks on Old Atascocita Road I should have waited for the train to arrive but I thought I had enough time to get to FM2100 and FM1960. Around 7 miles into the ride I stopped for a phone call. If I had not done that I might have been waiting on the train in Huffman. The train timing in Huffman is not consistent though. I have been there at 1:30 and the train passes by. Missing the train I pulled into the Chevron station to dry off some, eat and drink cold Powerade. I was there about 35 minutes. I got back home at 2:40.

Texas Bicycling News July 23rd

White Rock’s East Lawther Trail: New wider, asphalt pedestrian path is open for business

By Christina Hughes Babb        lakehighlands.advocatemag.com

The new trail is open — maybe the yelling, fighting and crying will ease up now.
It was right about this time last summer that Dallas’ Park and Recreation Board, and later the Dallas City Council, approved up to $1.2 million for one phase of upgrades to White Rock’s East Lawther Trail. Trial improvements, implemented in segments, top the list of 10 White Rock Lake improvement priorities, which the Dallas Park Department announced back in 2010.
Upgrades have steadily occurred over the last decade. For several years now, the west side of White Rock Lake has offered a wide, smooth lakeside trail that runs parallel to the city street, which accommodates faster cyclists and motor vehicles.
East of the lake, however, nearly all traffic — both wheel and foot — has been choosing the public street, which …

Adrenaline junkie, Winter Olympian Katie Uhlaender pursues new sport in Frisco

By KATE HAIROPOULOS        www.dallasnews.com

Not trying is not in Katie Uhlaender’s nature. The three-time U.S. Winter Olympian in skeleton figures she has nothing to lose as she pursues a new sport — track cycling.
The 31-year-old is accustomed to racing down an icy track, head first, at nearly 90 miles per hour, her glossy, red hair tucked into a helmet. But the McGregor, Texas native chose Dallas as a place to build a unique support system and a bridge to her future — the possibilities for which are ever-changing.
Uhlaender now trains at Frisco’s Superdrome, a 250-meter, wooden oval track that …

Cyclefest rolls into Fort Davis in September


The Permian Basin Bicycle Association will put on the 39th annual Cyclefest Bike Tour and Hill Climb Sept. 18-20 in the scenic “Texas Alps” of Fort Davis.
The event benefits Fort Davis emergency management services and firefighters, and Boy Scout Troop 30.
The 100K and 200K Brevets will start Friday morning from Fort Davis.
On Saturday morning the tour kicks off at 8 a.m. at Prude Ranch. Cyclists will ride at their own pace through terrain and distances to match their ability; four routes are available. The ride concludes with a lunch party.
The Mount Locke Hill Climb to McDonald Observatory starts at 9 a.m. Sunday. Riders have …

‘Bike Wars’ looks at friction between cyclists, motorists

by Pam LeBlanc        fitness.blog.austin360.com

If you ride a bike to work in Austin, you’re probably familiar with the friction between motorists and cyclists.
HBO highlights the issue in its latest episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, titled “Bike Wars.” In the episode, Gumbel looks at cities like New York and San Francisco, as they struggle to adapt to growing numbers of commuter cyclists. He also travels to bike-crazy Copenhagen and Amsterdam to …

City Council approves new bike master plan on first reading

by Brooke Crum        www.reporternews.com

ABILENE, Texas – In a meeting packed with discussion, as well as members of the public, the Abilene City Council approved a bike master plan on first reading. The council also took the first step in seeing bond projects approved in a May election reach fruition by securing architectural services.
The public will have a chance to chime in on the bike master plan, which might include new paths or lanes throughout the city, and several other zoning items during public hearings on Aug. 13.
The zoning items will include one from Walmart so it can build a …

Eighteen national champions crowned on Thursday in Rock Hill


Rock Hill, SC (July 23, 2015) – Eighteen more national titles were determined on Thursday as the 2015 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships continued at the Giordana Velodrome in Rock Hill.

In the lone individual pursuit of the morning, Dean Phillips (Wenham, Mass./Team Fit Werx) beat out Karl Baumgart (Scottsdale, Ariz./GPE Racing p/b Athlete Octane) for the gold medal in the men’s 40-44 event. …

Women Master 45-49 Time Trial
1.      Dana Walton (E Norriton, Pa.)       Chester County Cycling Foundation       38.583
2.      Suzanne Goodwin (Mckinney, Texas)       McKinney Velo Club       41.818
Women 1/2/3 Master 40-44 Points Race
1.      Cheryl Fuller-muller (Cumming, Ga.)       Argon18Racing p/b November &Fast Freddie Apparel       35
2.      Camie Kornely (Fort Lee, N.J.)       PSIMET Racing       8
3.      Cindi Vargas (Humble, Texas)       Matrix Cycling Club       7

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