Rain Ended Bike Ride

My last bike ride was on January 14th. I stayed off the bike due to weather most of those days. Monday started out wet and rainy but dried out around noon. I had a meeting that day and didn’t finish in time to ride. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday it rained keeping me inside. Today the weather changed and after the overcast sky burned off the bike ride started at 12:24 on the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route for a total of <strong>33.39 miles</strong>. The weather at the start and finish:

Three other bicyclists crossed my path during the bike ride, all west of Lake Houston. I waved at them and two acknowledged me but the third rider was not looking my way.

Nothing out of the ordinary on today’s ride. The light breeze was not that chilly coming off the lake when I rode over it on FM1960.

I am closing in on my January mileage goal of 300 miles with 265.69 miles so far.

Tomorrow the weather looks good to ride the Bike Through the Forest and Hills ride in Coldspring. Usually it is cold and/or raining but it looks like a high of 74 and mostly clear sky. It might be in the 50’s at the 8 AM start time but i can work around that. First organized bike ride of 2017.

Links to RideWithGPS.com map and metrics and Strava.com metrics.

Texas Bicycling News January 19th 2017

Construction to begin soon on “University Connections” Bridge on Brays Bayou Greenway

Rachel Compton | houstonparksboard.org

HOUSTON, TX – January 18, 2017 – Construction will soon begin on a new pedestrian/bike bridge across Brays Bayou as an extension of the Brays Bayou Greenway hike-and-bike trails. The new bridge will connect the University of Houston across Brays Bayou to MacGregor Park.
The pedestrian bridge will run parallel to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and the METRO Rail Purple Line. Construction of the pedestrian/bike bridge is funded through a Texas Department of Transportation grant matched with City of Houston bond dollars. Construction is expected to be complete fall 2017. Brays Bayou Greenway is just one of nine bayous being transformed through Bayou Greenways 2020, one of the most …

Trek issues recall of 720 disc and 24h Bontrager Approved TLR Disc wheels due to spoke breakage

By Zach Overholt | www.bikerumor.com

You know how this goes, if you happen to have a 2015, 2016, or 2017 Trek 720 disc, you should stop riding it and head to your local Trek Dealer. The same goes for the wheels that were on the bike, the Bontrager Approved TLR Disc 700c 24h wheels. The reason for the most recent recall is a higher rate of spoke breakage on those wheels which were sold on the 720 or sold separately. Spoke breakage doesn’t usually lead to …

Austin B-cycle adding more bikes and stations, increasing free ride time

Pam LeBlanc | fitness.blog.austin360.com

Hot off a record year for ridership numbers, Austin B-cycle is adding more bike docks, more bikes and more no-charge bike time for users. It’s also changing the cost of a 24-hour pass.
The bike share service is adding capacity to its busiest stations, and installing four new stations in the next two months. Look for the new stations at 13th and San Antonio streets, Henderson between 6th and 9th streets, Congress Avenue at …

Step Up Ride for January 21st 8 AM Start

by jtotaro | www.planobicycle.org

Looks like last few weeks sequence of rain activity might line up just right for us to get a Saturday AM ride in this weekend. Weather channel has it mostly sunny Friday to dry out the roads (and the trail through the park) and, as of Thursday noon, only a 15% chance of rain starting at 9 AM Saturday. Mid 50s temps …

3 things to know about the new Central Texas bike, pedestrian plan

By Amy Denney | communityimpact.com

Formation of the Central Texas region’s active transportation plan is underway, and residents are invited to provide their feedback at 10 upcoming open house events.
1. This is the first Regional Active Transportation Plan for Central Texas.
Active transportation involves using one’s body to get around, including walking and biking. …

Best Ideas Contest gets thumbs-up from IBD Summit attendees

by Marc Sani | www.bicycleretailer.com

TEMPE, Ariz. (BRAIN) — It was billed as the Best Ideas Contest. Five dealers offered attendees at the annual IBD Summit their best ideas to improve their operations and profitability. And the winner as selected by the audience in a secret ballot was . . .
Hill Abell. He shared financial data from his stores, Bicycle Sport Shop in Austin, Texas, on the success of his Trade In/Trade Up program. A quick synopsis: Last year his staff sold $345,000 in …

Southern Tier Winter Tour

By David Hayes | www.crazyguyonabike.com

Day 25 – Marathon to Alpine TX: Vini Vidi Vindy
Thursday January 19, 2017
I know I had an entire post about the wind coming out of Austin. And while it was pretty serious, it was wind made by a weak weather god, because the wind today came straight from Thor. Headwind so strong there was one point where I was pushing my rig up what couldn’t have been more than a 1% grade. Gusts up to 25mph with steady winds in the 15-20 range. Headwinds. But, luckily, it was at least sunny all day and it warmed up by mid-morning so I didn’t have rain or bitter cold in the mix.
I knew, of course, that the forecast called for this kind of wind. And I knew I would be, STILL!, riding uphill all day. Without overstating things, I was dreading the day ahead. I contemplated just staying in Marathon, but I also knew that these winds are supposed to last a FULL WEEK. And while anyone, including me, might question my courage in facing what I thought would be a riding day from hell, no one should question my desire to leave the terrible WiFi of Marathon. Even Langtry…lowly Langtry…had pretty good WiFi in that visitor center I could pirate at night. But Marathon…well, ’nuff said.
So, off I want not long after breakfast at dawn. And it was just as …

Public Hearing on the Bike Plan Brings Many Supporters

Mary Blitzer | bikehouston.org/

A big thanks goes out to the many (we packed the house to standing room only) people who showed up on this bleak Thursday, 1/19 at 2:30 pm, to voice their support for the bike plan and tell decision makers why people on bicycles need safe places to ride and why Houston needs to develop better bikeways.
Watch the full testimony here: http://houstontx.city.swagit.com/htv1/ (The video feed should be uploaded to this link shortly, just click Planning Commission Jan 19 and then agenda item …

Ride to the Monument

Saturday, Jan 21, 2017, 7:00 AM

Bay Area Park
7500 Bay Area Blvd. Houston, TX

1 Cyclists Went

NOTE:  A chance of rain for the event.  If it’s raining, I’ll stay home.  I really don’t like riding in limited visibility.  Cars have a hard enough time noticing us and rain or drizzle make it much worse.A 30-ish mile route, from Bay Area park to the monument. Not many bail-outs along the way.  We will take 2 short breaks, one at the monument or …

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8th La Porte Social Ride

Wednesday, Jan 25, 2017, 7:00 PM

La Porte Municipal Court
3005 N. 23rd St La Porte, TX

1 Cyclists Attending

Join us for the 8th La Porte Social ride! That’s right, still young enough to be counting’em. Should be a nice pace with something in the middle. Like an Oreo with bikes and no innuendo.The weather should be positively balmy, which is great because we’ll have an excuse to stop off and refresh ourselves with ice cream or adult beverages.  Even both…

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Texas Bicycling News January 18th 2017

Comanche Cross bike race gets rolling Saturday

Odessa American | www.oaoa.com

The City of Odessa Parks and Recreation has scheduled the fifth annual Comanche Cross Bicycle Race presented by Peyton’s Bikes from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday at McKinney Park, 625 W. Pool Road.
Registration starts at noon on site. Racing starts at 1 p.m. …

Southern Tier Winter Tour

By David Hayes | www.crazyguyonabike.com

Day 24 – Sanderson to Marathon TX: Transition or Transformation
Wednesday January 18, 2017
Today was pretty much thoroughly uneventful. Which is why I’m going to talk mostly about a conversation I had yesterday with Don Potter of Antarctica fame.
I was up early, had some not-very-tasty breakfast tacos at the local convenience store and was out on the road not too long after dawn. The key element today’s journey was that it was steadily uphill…and by steady I mean “relentlessly”…uphill for the first 40 miles of the 55 miles I rode today. Not anything like the rolling hills of days past, just a steady grind. Wasn’t too bad really although it meant I was in a pretty low gear all day. And low gears mean less speed and a longer day. And while the day began quite chilly and overcast, there was little wind and by noon the sun was out and it was pleasantly warm. I really like days where the weather isn’t a major factor!
I ended up having a pleasant lunch by the side of the road after roughly 30 miles (which took me …

Balance Bicycle Practice Continue

by Matthew | bike4heck.com

I decided to stop my son’s progress on the balance bicycle a few months ago because he wasn’t mature enough to stop riding it. It became a fight every time he was on it. So we re-introduced it recently and he is doing well. Here are some photos. …

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Texas Bicycling News January 17th 2017

Public Hearing @ Planning Commission

Houston Bike Plan | houstonbikeplan.org

Date: Thursday, January 19, 2017
Time: 2:30 PM
Location: City Hall Annex Council Chambers, Public Level
900 Bagby St, Houston, TX 77002

This public hearing before the Planning Commission is the next step in the City’s efforts to help make Houston a safer, healthier, and more accessible bicycle-friendly City. Full completion of the bikeway network would put high-comfort bikeways within reach of over 95% of people and jobs in the City.
Within the short term, there is an opportunity for modest investments to add 381 miles to the current bikeways network. If fully implemented, the planned network would provide over six times more high-comfort bikeways miles than what exists now.
Format: Members of the public may sign up to speak on any agenda item at the meeting. Speakers are allowed two minutes and may only speak once per item. For further details about the Planning Commission public hearing and agenda, please visit the webpage for the Houston Planning Commission. …

San Antonio retailer is Beeline Bikes’ first brick-and-mortar partner

by BRAIN Staff | www.bicycleretailer.com

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (BRAIN) — Beeline Bikes announced Tuesday that Crossroad Bikes in San Antonio is the first brick-and-mortar retailer in the mobile bike shop franchiser’s new Retail Partner Program.
Crossroad Bikes is set to open in February in San Antonio and will participate in Beeline’s program to extend its brand to customers’ homes and onto corporate campuses. Its mobile service van, also set to roll out next month, is co-branded for both Crossroad and Beeline.
The partners will reach out to local businesses to provide employees with …

2016 Staff Recap

BikeHouston | bikehouston.org

2016 was a very exciting year for BikeHouston. So many wonderful events, so many exciting changes, and so many steps forward towards making Houston a more safe and bike friendly city! We asked our staff to let us know what their favorite memory or event was in 2016 (which was not easy). And here they are: …

Be sure to read the captions on the photos.

Southern Tier Winter Tour

By David Hayes | www.crazyguyonabike.com

Day 23 – Langtry to Sanderson TX: Not Quite
Tuesday January 17, 2017
I started the day with a breakfast of fig newtons and trail mix because: 1) there was no way I was going to set up my stove again this morning in order to boil water for the oatmeal I have with me because I needed to get going early if I was going to have any prayer of making it to Sanderson today, and 2) I really hate cooking. It gave me almost enough calories/nutrition to fuel me for the morning, but not quite. By later morning I was ravenous again.
In addition to the fact that Sanderson is pretty seriously uphill from Langtry, the hills were rolling and almost the steepest I’ve encountered; but not quite. Despite that, the were STILL extremely challenging over 60 miles however. The other big climb/hill days I rode were not dearly this length of distance in a day.
The wind was almost as difficult a head/crosswind as I’ve experienced so far, but not quite. Still, there were …

Bicycle Signals Coming to 12 Austin Intersections

By Jeff Stensland | www.twcnews.com

AUSTIN, Texas — Central Texas bicyclists are about to get a green light that’s just for them.
Over the next couple months, Austin’s Transportation Department plans to install special traffic signals at a dozen intersections.
About half of them will be downtown where crews recently completed protected bike lanes on Third Street.
“All the bicycle signals that we are installing are on routes that are major cycle routes that already have protected bike lane infrastructure,” said …

Texas Bicycling from Twitter

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