Texas Cycling News Digest November 23rd

A Summer of Cycling 2014

by Ray Garza            rgvcycling.com

Well summer is over and I’m going through the winter blues. We’ve had spat of rainy weeks and cold weather and that really knocked me off the bike and forced me to do other things around the house. Home automation was one project and the other was making videos out of my pictures.
With my lack of motivation, I turned to my iPhone and a neat little app called Replay. Replay lets you gather up your pictures and video clips and make a video out of in very quickly. All you have to do is select your pics and vids and put them in the order you would like to display them, select one of many themes, audio and let replay do all the heavy lifting  to sync the pics to the beat of the music and adjust the colors to the …

Rally forth

By Megan Gray-Hatfield        www.dentonrc.com

Despite the slick roads and a brief hail storm, an estimated 250 cyclists participated in the Denton Breakfast Kiwanis’ 32nd annual Turkey Roll on Saturday.
The rally started at 9 a.m. at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, 2255 N. Bonnie Brae St. in Denton, where riders chose from 8-, 29-, 39-, 52- and 68-mile courses.
Earlier forecasts predicted heavy rainfall. That’s why volunteer coordinator and club member Mary Harris thinks there was such a low turnout, although not as …

Super Squadra 2015

Marcus Pinus        mpincus.blogspot.com

I am very happy to announce that in 2015 I will be racing with my old team, Super Squadra, based out of Austin Texas. I was given a choice between racing professionally or continue my education at the University of Houston. I ultimately chose the latter.
I learned a lot racing professionally this past season, and I feel that I reached a new level in my own cycling growth. Racing against the best American Criterium racers here in the states, as well as …

Reveille Peak Ranch in the rain

Turnin’ Cranks

Today during the RPR100k, the weather turned rough and it poured rain. Were it not for the lightning, we could have still done the race, but alas with all the nearby lightning strikes, they had to call the race off after 2 of 4 laps.

A Muddy Weekend in the ‘Cross Trenches


ou’ll have to excuse the excess in this photo gallery. There are a lot of shots in here.
Now that I stated the obvious, here’s even more… In Texas, we don’t get much rain, nor do we get many rainy cross races. So when the sky opens and the mud builds up, don’t be surprised to see file tread tires and Red cassettes in the staging areas.
Like house cats, having escaped for the weekend, a lot of people got quite the shock when every corner was suddenly slick and every descent, a myriad of dark brown ruts, with no grass to grip for traction.
Saturday’s race has been called the best of the season. A lotta climbing, as much descending. All in …


Event Reminder

Garmin Activity Profiles Caused Trouble

When I was backing out of the driveway at 10 till 8 this morning the streets were wet and it had rained some about an hour and a half before. I was doubtful of biking today. As I was driving to Humble the sun came out and I was thinking maybe by the time I get home the streets will be dry enough to ride. Thanks to the sun and a 9 mph SW wind the streets were dry when I got home. Riding was going to happen today.

Mu last ride was last Wednesday on the Kingwood Trails. While that was enjoyable I wanted to get on the road. My number 1 route is “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” and that is where I went. I thought it might be a little chilly with the wind and wore a long sleeve jersey, one of my heavier ones. The wind was not that chilly but I was glad I made the choice. Heading back from Huffman I was going into the wind over Lake Houston where the wind picked coolness from the water. The jersey was welcomed there while the wind was not. With not much riding in my legs have lost some power and riding into the wind took a toll. The top muscles of my thighs were hurting. I didn’t know that the wind had increase to 12 mph with 18 mph gusts.

Here are two pictures of the blue sky taken at the Huffman Chevron.

I had a problem with my Garmin 510. It stems from having two activity profiles and not remembering which one I should use. On the Wednesday ride I rode my MTB and switched the bike profile and the activity profile. In the past I had this Problem and I deleted an activity profile thinking this keep me from choosing the wrong one. It didn’t work. On profile is named “Road” (correct one) and the other is “Ride” (wrong one). The Road profile has the screens setup the way I want them and Ride does not. For some reason I selected Ride before hitting the start button. Not too long after starting the ride I saw the screen wasn’t what it should be. I tried to change it but the 510 will not let me change the activity profile unless I stop the ride. When I did that it uploaded the ride data up to that point. Changing to the Road profile and hitting start created a new ride. Thankfully the two programs I use allows me to merge ride data and that fixed it.

Other than the wind being in my face when I left Huffman to finish the ride weather was great. 76 degrees is much better than the temperatures of earlier this week.

I did see two other bikers: one at Atascocita Shores Drive and FM1960 and the other riding north on W. Lake Houston Parkway over the San Jacinto River.

The route today was 31.97 miles long but I am not sure what my average speed was because merging the two data files. November miles are now 141.99 and year to date I am at 6313 miles, 187 from my 6500 mile goal.

Texas Bicycling News Digest November 22nd

Reveille Peak 100 Photos

By Reveille Peak Ranch

The most epic mountain bike race in Texas! Hosted by Terra Firma Racing

River Bend Work Party


Event category: General
Trail: River Bend
Saturday, December 6, 2014 – 8:00am
Work party is being scheduled for December 6th at River Bend trails in Sugar Land

Ft Worth Parade of Lights

Fort Worth Bicycling Association

Friday, November 28, 2014 3:30 pm
Come participate in the 2014 Ft Worth Parade of Lights. The FWBA rides in this event annually and we are going to do it again this year. We need at least 30 FWBA members in their red jerseys riding in the parade. Please decorate your bike with lights!!! Meet at the southeast corner of the First United Methodist Church Parking Lot at 7th and Henderson Street at 3:30 PM. Please note that the time may change due to parade startup requirements. It is always a lot of fun and we will go out to eat dinner afterwards. Check back for more details. …

Sul Ross bike rider pedals toward professional goal

by Steve Lang Special to the Odessa American        www.oaoa.com

ALPINE For Bowie Adams, the Big Bend offers the ideal setting for his passions of protecting/preserving the environment, pursuing his collegiate major and pedaling his racing bike at high speeds.
Adams, a senior Natural Resource Management major at Sul Ross State University, hopes to put vocational plans on hold and focus on professional racing after graduation in May 2015.
Adams, 24, along with teammate Stuart Crane, husband of Lobo Den executive director Helen Crane, participated in the …


Texas Bicycling News Digest November 21st

Photos from the Independence Ride are available….

Schlumberger Cycling Club

Photos of the Independence Ride on 01-Nov-2014 by Jim Mayes, Margaret Pichon et al are available for your perusal at the SCC photo repository (click here)

Sunday Spunday

HTX Bike Social

A 42 Mile training pace bike ride. Expect a constant 20mph plus a few sprints. Typically we make one water stop along the way. We’ll be finishing at La Tapatia on Richamond Ave for post ride tacos. Bring a helmet, clean pace lines and a great attitude. Experience says a light jacket is good for the cool down on the patio.

Bike club to ride with Santa along Concho River


SAN ANGELO, Texas – The San Angelo Bicycle Association will ride with Santa along the Concho River as part of Bike Through the Lights from 4:30-6 p.m. Dec. 7.
Participants will meet at the Central High School tennis courts parking lot, in the 700 block of …

Meet the Candidates: Thursday Night Social Ride Comes to BikeTexas


BikeTexas was delighted to be a stop on the Thursday Night Social Ride this week! About 200 riders stopped by the BikeTexas office to hear from some of the bike-friendly candidates BikeTexas has endorsed in the December runoff election for Austin mayor and city council. Each of the candidates present spoke to the audience, talked to voters one-on-one, and signed up volunteers from among the Social Ride to …


I’m Racing this Weekend in Houston



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