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Due to the threat of severe weather, Bike the Bricks and accompanying activities scheduled for Friday, May 27 in Historic Downtown McKinney has been cancelled. The City of McKinney holds the safety of our athletes, spectators and volunteers as its primary concern.
Live entertainment will relocate to the Courtroom Theater at McKinney Performing Arts Center, 111 N. Tennessee St. The public is invited to attend free concerts by Crystal Yates at 8 p.m. followed by Taylor Phelan at 9 p.m. Seats are limited and based on a first come, first served basis. For more information, visit www.downtownmckinney.com.
For preregistered racers, refunds will be forthcoming.

Downtown Austin pedals past others as most bikeable in the country

By Nicole Raney


Austinites love their bikes, and it’s a good thing, considering we’ve got one of the most bikeable downtowns in the U.S., according to Redfin.
The real estate website assigned Bike Score to cities with a population of at least 500,000 based on road connectivity, availability of bike lanes, prevalence of hills, and number of regular bike commuters. Downtown scored 93 out of 100, nabbing the No. 3 spot.
Redfin credits the City of Austin and its Active Transportation Division for downtown’s bikeability. The division is tasked with creating a safer network of …

A Group Ride – Santa Teresa Airport/Strauss/Border Crossing/LaUnion

Saturday, May 28, 2016, 7:00 AM

River Run Plaza
1071 Country Club Rd El Paso, TX

2 Cyclists Attending

Meet at 7 a.m. at River RunRoll out at 7:15.Ride to Airport Road.  Do all three “Spokes” (Airport/Strauss/Border) and afterward ride down Artcraft to McNutt, Alvarez, Mercantile through La Union to 28 and back.Pace:  18-20 mphDistance:  Around 50 miles totalRide Leader:  Randy Limberg[masked]

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Tuesday Night Downtowner

Tuesday, May 31, 2016, 6:30 PM

“The Rock”
1700 Veteran Drive Austin, TX

1 Austin Cyclists Attending

daylight saving north route is back!!for new riders that havent ridden it before. new route is 23.5mi long w/1450ft. we head out north like the Wed route. which is Expo, Bull Creek, to Shoal Creek. then well take Steck across MoPac and come back on the westside, coming down Mesa cutting through the neighborhood through Mt. Bonnell area and Terry T…

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Roman Forest Loop and Edge 520 Misbehavior Bike Ride

After watching stage 17 of the Giro d’Italia this morning I thought I should ride to Rome. Well actually I rode the “New Caney – Roman Forest Loop – Valley Ranch” route where the city of Roman Forest has many streets named after places in Rome and Italy. I left home at 12:08 riding south to add a few tenths of a mile and a small variation to my usual starting routine. The weather today held the promise to reach 90 degrees for the first time this year (at the official weather station somewhere in Houston) while my home weather station has been there a couple of times already this month and 91 when I checked before leaving today. The sky was mostly cloudy and the airport showed the wind was from the SSE at 18.4 mph. This meant a tailwind on the way to Roman Forest and a headwind on the way back.

The ride to Roman Forest Blvd where I turned right to enter roman Forest was easy at a good pace. Riding east to the loop the wind shifted to my right side but thanks to the many trees along the side of the road I didn’t endure the full brunt of the wind. The ride on Magnolia Bend still offered some relief from the wind with houses and trees breaking it up. At Appian Way I turned left and headed back to Roman Fores Blvd and then back to US59. The wind was now from my left and still wasn’t too much of a problem. Riding under US59 I made the left turn onto the south bound service road and the wind was now coming from my left front without anything in its way except for the overpass retaining wall for a 1/4 of mile or so. Once I was out in the open I slowed some but not as much as I expected. At FM1485 I pulled into the Chevron station to refill my water bottle with ice and water. I stopped at a pump to get a paper towel to wipe some sweat from my eyes and then into the store. Back outside I mounted the bike and headed south to Valley Ranch Parkway.

Once I turned onto Valley Ranch Parkway I got a phone disconnect message on the Edge 520. It usually reconnects not too long after but this time no reconnect message appeared. At the Grand Parkway overpass I stopped and checked the status on the 520 and it showed the phone was disconnected. Fortunately the ride data was still recording so I started up again and rode to the Stripes station at FM1314. I parked my bike and went inside to get a Gatorade drink and Greensheet to sit on at the pumps. As I came out the 520 beeped and said my phone was connected. From this point to the end of the ride the 520 would disconnect, freeze and turn off many times. The 520 shows I rode 39.31 miles but I think there is a mile or more missing. Later when I was in Kingwood the route shows a straight line but the streets wind around so that is missing on the ride data. I kept an eye on the 520 and caught it shut off a couple of times and restarted. The last time was about 2 1/2 miles from home. Frustrating to say the least. I want to enjoy the ride not babysit a bike computer.

Back home at 3:53 I decided to call Garmin support. After holding for 15 to 20 minutes I spoke with rep explaining what happened. She asked some questions and then had me delete the content of the “Activity” folder and “NewFile” folder. Her reasoning was corrupt files were causing the problem. I am not sure I agree but I will see how the next ride goes. I also powered off my Nexus 6P phone too after the call ended.

The Edge 520 screen when I arrived at Stripes and the weather while I ate and drank Gatorade.

At home I checked the airport weather and saw the wind had increased from the south at 15 mph with 21 mph gusts. It was not quite 90 degrees there but my home weather station was higher. No wonder my speed dropped as I tried to keep an eye on the misbehaving 520.

The chance of rain creeps up some on Thursday but I plan on riding. Hopefully the 520 does not make the ride a pain.

Texas Bicycling News May 24th 2016

Waco: Teen hit by SUV while on bicycle is OK

By Brandon Marshall


WACO, Texas (KWTX) A 13-year-old boy was recovering Sunday evening after being hit by an SUV while on a bicycle.
Waco police officers responded to the call at around 7 p.m. near the intersection of Cole Avenue and North 25th Street.
Police said the driver was traveling along 25th when the …

Thomas Vincent Killed in Magnolia, TX Bicycle Accident

Attorney Michael Grossman


Magnolia, Texas — A man riding a bicycle along FM 1774 was struck and killed by a car last Thursday (May 12, 2016) outside Magnolia. Police have recently identified the man on the bike who died as Thomas Vincent, 39 years old.
They don’t many details about the accident available yet, but the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has issued a brief report. …

Chasing the moon. Early AM ride.

A photo posted by Jeff C. (@331miles) on

Adventure 1

By Jazael Martinez


Day 28: Rio Grande Village
Wednesday May 4, 2016, 47 km (29 miles) – Total so far: 1,218 km (757 miles)
I woke up alive!! Apparently the bears didn’t want to eat me, nor cuddle.
I made the slow ascent out back onto the paved road from the area where I camped. The road was bad…. just barely rideable. It was as bad as the worst I had encountered so far.
It was an easy and fast descent for almost all of the 20 miles to the Rio Grande village. I made terribly good time. Yes, it was terrible because I …

The Deuce: DB-2 – The Hills of Los Colinas (5/28)

by MKent


Why wait until the last minute to post a ride? If the wind is as forecast from the south, we’ll follow THIS ROUTE over to McArthur Blvd. (Hey it’s Memorial Day and he’s a dead general), find a few hills and get some good tail winds home.
This route is about 58 miles. We have an …

Is Cycling a Social or Individual Sport? Why Everybody Loves Cycling

by Johnny Guzman


I’m going way deep into the realm of behavioral science for this blog topic. In the last couple of days I have been pondering about ways to understand those who are introverted and those who are excessively outgoing. I have come to the conclusion that it is hard for me to do this because I am sort of in the middle of those two classifications. The sport of cycling also caters to the full range of outgoing as well as reserved indivuals. Cycling is an activity that can be done alone or within a group of people. Even while group riding, not everyone chooses to talk or to …

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Stayed the Course on Stroker Road – Huffman Bike Ride

Last Saturday I made a route change on the road choosing to not ride the “Stroker Road – Huffman” route. Today I rode that route for a total of 42.1 miles. Saturday I made the change because it looked like rain over the route. Today the sky was overcast but not particularly threatening but I rode through some light rain on Old Atascocita Road west of FM2100. It didn’t last long time wise or distance. When I got to FM2100 to cross and continue on the route the sky had broken up some and there was patches of blue and the sun made an appearance.

Prior to reaching FM1960 to ride east I saw another biker on Pinewood Park Drive and we exchanged hellos. When I was on the causeway over Lake Houston still riding to the east another biker was riding the opposite direction. I don’t think he saw me because of the passing traffic but I waved anyway.

At the railroad crossing on Old Atascocita Road I stopped since it was about the same time I saw the Amtrak train the last time. AS i was waiting I started to feel some rain and decided not to wait any longer thinking I would get very wet. Actually I was wet already from all of the sweat. The temperature was in the mid 80’s and the humidity was 72% causing the evaporation of sweat to be almost non-existent.

It was when I crossed FM2100 riding on Old Atascocita Road that I hit the wind. It was from the SE at 14 mph. My riding speed slowed some but it really took a hit when I made the right turn onto Ramsey Road and the wind became a strong headwind. Thankfully It was “only” 3+ miles to Stroker Road where another right turn shifted the wind to my left rear quarter and I could up my speed. At FM2100 I moved to riding north to Huffman and now the wind was pushing me from the right rear quarter. This helped recover the lost speed from the headwind and I arrived at the Huffman Chevron at 2:08 pm at 30.12 miles into the ride. The Edge 520 screen when I arrived at the Chevron station and the weather after I sat down to take a break.

I ate a trail mix bar and a granola bar washing them down when some blue PowerAde. It is interesting to watch the traffic go by and see all of the various people. After about 30 minutes I got back on the bike after refilling my water bottle with ice and water to ride the 11+ miles home. Riding to the west on FM1960 I enjoyed the tailwind until I was on the Lake Houston causeway where the wind liked to whip around the traffic and try to push my front wheel around. I could some trash pushed against the concrete guardrail to my right. Sometimes when the wind was whipping through the trash would move out to where I was riding. A steady hand and quick movements avoiding the trash got me across the lake without any issues.

Expecting the Kingwood High School traffic to be heavy where I cross Kingwood Drive I was surprised when I rode across without any delays from traffic in either direction. From there it is about 2 miles home where I arrived at 3:36. I had started the ride at 11:57.

The weather forecast for Wednesday looks like a repeat of today so I should be on the bike after I watch the next Giro d’Italia stage in the morning.