Texas Bicycling News July 24th 2017

Bicycle traffic signals will soon light up in Austin intersections


bike traffic light
Newly-installed bicycle traffic signals will begin operating at 12 intersections in Central Austin in the coming weeks.
The signals are designed to help with visibility and predictability for both bicyclists and motorists, the City of Austin Department of Transportation said in a release.
The signals are at the following intersections: …

Glissette Rides A Bike: Welcome to Critical Mass

Glissette Santana | urbanedge.blogs.rice.edu

bike ride
This is the first of a week-long series about cycling in Houston.
I was 15 miles into a 20-mile ride when my friend veered left and hit the front tire of my borrowed bike, rendering it useless. The front tire jolted to a stop as I was launched off the left side of the bike, my right leg taking the brunt of my injuries and my left palm breaking my fall.
I watched as another cyclist nearly run over my fingers. I heard people asking if I was okay. I heard others telling me to get out of the way.
This was my introduction to the behemoth that is Critical Mass. …


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Kaylee’s Day for Kids

Sunday, Jul 30, 2017, 8:00 AM

Northwest Community DORBA Trail
Northwest Community DORBA Trail Frisco, TX

25 Members Attending

Join DORBA and Shawnee Trail Cycling Club for the 4th Annual Kaylee’s Day – a kids mountain biking day!Grab your kiddos and your bikes for a fun filled morning including a kids beginner mountain biking clinic, skills clinic, a Junior racers clinic, bike fit and safety check, ride, prize drawings and more!Please help spread the word! Helmets requi…

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Upper Valley Tour Groups B & C

Sunday, Jul 30, 2017, 7:15 AM

Across from Rio Plaza
Park across from strip center at 6205 Upper Valley Rd (just north of Artcraft) El Paso, TX

1 Cyclists Attending

• Distance: Usually 20-25 miles• Roll Out: 7:30 am• Pace: (Group B 14-17 mph) (Group C 12-14 mph) Note: Group C rides should have a minimum of 2 riders for safety• Details: No Drop Ride. Route will be a little tour of the Upper Valley.  Ride leader will determine route based on abilities of those who show up to ride.  Most routes are flat with f…

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No TdF Withdraw After All Bike Ride

After yesterday’s rest day I thought I would have TdF withdraw pains but when I checked www.cycling.tv the Tour de Wallonie was being streamed so I watched stage 3 while eating breakfast. After that I got ready and left on the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route bike ride. Looking at the weather radar a severe weather alert showed for two counties to the north with a flash flood warning in effect until 10:15 am. Thinking this might slip south close my planned ride I kept an eye on the sky to the north but nothing came of it. I started the bike ride at 10:21 am with an overcast sky (probably from the weather to the north), 87 degrees and a light 9 mph wind. With the lower temperature I didn’t heat up until well into the ride as the sky started to clear off some.

Making a steady speed to FM 1485 where I turned west to northwest the wind helped me. Riding on FM 1485 I expected the wind to require extra effort but I pedaled with about the same energy. The move to Gene Campbell Blvd. pointed me more to the SW but the wind still didn’t bother me too much probably thanks to the trees lining both sides of the road. Cycling to the SE on FM 1314 I increased my speed some because the wind still wasn’t an issue. This allowed me to increase my average speed to 14.8 mph and keep it there until I rode back into Kingwood finishing the ride at 12:56 pm.

The plan was to ride 30+ miles and I ended up biking 36.2 miles boosting July to 706 miles just 94 miles away from my 800 mile goal.

More bike ride friendly weather on Tuesday and I plan on being on the bike.

Link to RideWithGPS.com map and metrics

Strava Ride Summary

Strava bike ride summary biking bicycling

Texas Bicycling News July 23rd 2017


By Trevor Hawes | www.mrt.com

bike bicycle
Jeff and Stephanie Ledford show off the custom bicycles they sell at Buffalo Bur’s. The shop is named for the plant whose prickles attach to bikes of off-road cyclists
To the botanist, it’s Solanum rostratum.
To the recreationist, the buffalobur.
To Jeff and Stephanie Ledford, it’s their homage to West Texas cyclists who ride off-road and who’ve probably picked …


By Denessa Leary | www.mrt.com

biking bicycling cycling
Denessa Leary is the Health & Wellness coordinator at Midland YMCA.
For some, cycling is all about the journey
You could ask 25 cyclists why they ride, and while you may hear a few of the same answers, there is always one that will make you shake your head and smile. I do not ride my road bike to get from point A to point B; I ride for the journey and experiences along the way. Each ride is unique, to say the least.
One local cyclist, Rachel Harvey, describes cycling as “an emotional whirlwind in which you’re always surprised by the outcome, whether disappointed from a mediocre performance or exhilarated from killing it.”
Rachel believes the “difficulties of cycling are always creating new challenges” for your next ride. Rachel completed her …

Cyclists find camaraderie through local group rides

By Simone Jasper | www.mrt.com

bike ride riding cycling biking bicycling
Riders greet each other before making their way along county roads south of Midland with members of the Permian Basin Bicycle Association on June 21.
With the thermometer nearing the triple-digit mark, more than a dozen cyclists recently geared up for a ride in southeastern Midland County.
The preparations didn’t include just slathering on sunscreen and fastening helmets. People in the group also used the rendezvous as a chance to joke with friends who are interested in cycling.
Local cyclists said the scene is a familiar one across Midland-Odessa. Groups meet for rides throughout the week; many of …

Plano students ride cross-country to raise funds for cancer research and awareness

Kelsey Samuels | starlocalmedia.com

bike ride
Katie Russell is exploring American this summer. Armed with a 10-speed bike, lots of water and a passion for change, Russell is among 70 students from the University of Texas in Austin, riding to fight cancer.
Since 2004, Texas 4000 for Cancer hosts an annual bike ride from Austin to Anchorage to raise money for cancer research and cancer awareness.
Smith Ketterer, program coordinator for Texas 4000 said the organization was founded by Chris and Mandy Condit. In the …

Groups make DIY bike lanes to show US cities what could be

Jaime Dunaway | www.houstonchronicle.com

bike lane
DALLAS (AP) — A makeshift bike lane divider made of painted two-by-fours and PVC pipes lasted three days on a busy Dallas street last month before the city removed it, which was two days longer than its creators expected.
The $100 structure was the work of the Dallas Transformation Department, one of several like-minded groups of anonymous Twitter users who have taken a do-it-yourself approach to making …

Tour de Gap

Pedal Pushers | roy-pedalpushers.blogspot.com

Buffalo Gap, Texas
July 22, 2017
Line up time for an 8 a.m. start. Jerry took some better pictures than I did so with his permission, I am using some of his start and riders shots. Thanks for your help, Jerry.
It was reported that about 270 of us lined up for the start. Present from San Angelo in the line up were: …
bike ride

bike ride

Tour de Gap hill wasn’t “two” hard


biking bike cycling bicycling
What are the odds?
Justin Garrett of San Angelo put in his best effort.
So did Evan Goldstrohm of Abilene.
Each, starting at different times, covered a 7.5-mile course that included a challenging chug up Steamboat Mountain in 21 minutes, 21 seconds to tie for first place in Sunday morning’s inaugural time trial/hill climb.
” I can’t believe it,” Goldstrohm said. …

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Texas Bicycling News July 22nd 2017

Longview police’s bicycle unit helps officers increase community visibility

By Clare McCarthy | www.news-journal.com

police bike patrol
Officers Drew Allison and Alex Chorba rode their bicycles across the city Friday, meeting people and establishing connections within the community.
“There are multiple areas that I think benefit from community-based policing,” said Allison, one of the 16 patrol officers who make up the Longview Police Department’s bicycle unit. “Common interaction, whether …

BIG HEARTS: Abilene man pedals towards cause to help children

By: Brittany Pelletz | www.bigcountryhomepage.com

It’s not graffiti. It’s a safety measure for the upcoming Tour De Gap bicycle race in Buffalo Gap.
“Obviously, we don’t have the budget like the Tour de France right now, where they’ll have motorcycles and all sorts of safety vehicles accompany us, the cyclists but we want to make sure the cyclists have a fun and safe experience while they’re doing this,” says Mark Spurlock, Tour de Gap organizer.
That’s one of the reasons why Mark Spurlock takes it upon himself to get the job done before the rubber …

Friday Night Beginner Ride – Bull Creek Trails

Friday, Jul 28, 2017, 6:00 PM

Location details are available to members only.

4 Mountain Bikers Attending

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Video: Nearly 2k cyclists ride in 26th Collin County Classic


bike ride
A large crowd of cyclists came out for one of the biggest and most supported rides in North Texas Saturday morning. Nearly 2,000 cyclists participated in the Collin County Classic Bike Rally. The Plano event is in it’s 26th year at Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve.
The distances for the …

Social bicyclists: Casual ride promotes health, community

By TRAVIS M. WHITEHEAD | www.valleymorningstar.com

biking bike ride
HARLINGEN — Angie Rodriguez sat on her bicycle, waiting to begin a casual ride through town.
“It’s great exercise,” said Rodriguez, 52, whose grandson sat in a cart connected to her bike.
“I think this is really good for the community,” she added, waiting in the parking lot of the Harlingen Public Library with about …

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