Texas Bicycling News Digest April 15th

Cyclists show off team spirit, jerseys on BP MS 150

By Joy Sewing        www.chron.com

The Karbach Brewing Company’s 170-member cycling team has its priorities in order for this weekend’s BP MS 150.
“We love to ride bikes, we love to raise a ton of money for a great cause, and we love to drink beer,” said the team’s captain, Adam LeSage.
Their team jersey reflects those passions. It’s called the Weekend Warrior American Style Pale Ale jersey, named for the Karbach brew, and features the Houston skyline.
Last year, the team’s Rodeo Clown Double India Pale Ale jersey won the …

Legally Speaking: The door zone

By Bob Mionske        velonews.competitor.com

The Door Zone. What do you need to know about the ‘DZ?’ Just three words: Don’t go there. If you remember anything from this column, that should be it. The DZ refers to the section of roadway that can be reached by a vehicle door opening, and many cyclists spend a lot of time in this serious sector of surprise.
Car doors are great for drivers but not so much for cyclists. Of course, if all vehicle occupants checked before flinging open their door, it wouldn’t be a problem, but that small safety measure is a bit Polyanna-ish. The lack of driver concern combined with a misunderstanding of ‘far to the right’ statutes and …

Bike hooks sold at Home Depot being recalled

by BRAIN Staff        www.bicycleretailer.com

WATERLOO, Iowa (BRAIN) — The maker of bike storage hooks sold exclusively at Home Depot is recalling about 120,000 of the hooks because they can detach and allow a bike to fall.
The recall involves hooks sold under the Husky Securelock brand, used with the Husky Trackwall garage storage system. They were manufactured in China for Waterloo Industries of Iowa. The hooks were …

Abilene police’s bike unit gets $4,100 check

by Christopher Collins        www.reporternews.com

ABILENE, Texas – Though you may have seen them at parades, ArtWalk or other local events, the Abilene Police Department’s Bike Unit is at once “highly visible” but also “very stealthy,” the unit’s supervisor said Wednesday.
Lt. Joe Tauer oversees the 15-officer detail, which takes to mountain bikes at high-population gatherings to keep the peace and interact with the community.
The unit was formed in 1995. Tauer is one of …

The Blackland Classic – Saturday • Apr 11 2015


Partly Cloudy, 67 degrees, wind 7 mph.
» Men Cat 2/3     » Men Cat 3/4
» Men Cat 4/5     » Men Masters 15-18 Junior
» Men Masters 35+ Cat 4/5     » Men Masters 40+
» Men Masters 50+     » Men Masters 60+
» Men Masters 9-14 Junior     » Men Pro/Cat 1/2
» Women Cat 4     » Women Juniors 9-14 Junior
» Women Masters 40+ Cat 3/4     » Women Open

The Blackland Classic – Sunday • Apr 12 2015


Mostly Cloudy, 73 degrees, wind 8 mph.
» Men Cat 2/3     » Men Cat 3/4
» Men Cat 4/5     » Men Juniors 15-18 Cat 4/5
» Men Juniors 9-14 Junior     » Men Masters 35+ Cat 4/5
» Men Masters 40+     » Men Masters 50+
» Men Masters 60+     » Men Pro/Cat 1/2
» Women Cat 4     » Women Juniors 9-14 Junior
» Women Masters 40+ Cat 3/4     » Women Open

B/IG – Know How to Handle Your Bike

Tuesday, Apr 21, 2015, 6:00 PM

River Run Plaza
1071 Country Club Rd El Paso, TX

4 Cyclists Attending

The Beginner / Intermediate Group program meets at River Run Plaza, 1071 Country Club Rd. on Tuesday nights. Lesson begins at 6 p.m., followed by ride at 6:15 p.m. The April 21 lesson is on the basics of shifting, turning and braking. Upper Valley rides offered for both beginner and intermediate level riders.

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200-plus veterans to Ride 2 Recovery on April 21

JC Jones | Herald staff writer        kdhnews.com

More than 200 injured veterans will ride April 21 through Killeen on the nearly 500-mile Ride 2 Recovery Texas Challenge.
Fort Hood will host a dinner on post Tuesday evening, and a ceremony will be held on post at 9:30 a.m. the following morning for the cyclists before they depart for …

Lauren Trout: The One Woman Show at Saila Bicycles


There’s something appropriate about a relatively unknown frame builder working under the name Saila (that’s alias spelled backwards). But though she’s not a household name, Lauren Trout’s got nearly a decade of experience under her belt building some of the world’s nicest titanium bikes. Those years rival or surpass plenty of big name builders with even bigger “personal brands.” Trout learned to wield a torch after getting hired as an entry-level finisher at Seven Cycles. She worked her way up to the production welding department where she spent years honing her …

Dancelli Is Fun

Pit’s Fritztown News

I’m just back from a 20-mile ride in the Rockport/Fulton area, where we are staying at a condo of some of our friends. It was fun, simply fun, to ride the vintage Dancelli again after more than a year. The “old” feeling again of the downtube friction shifters, the fast acceleration of the lightweight wheels, the agile short frame: all that contributes. And the raw data aren’t too bad either, considering that I’m still trying to get back into …

Houston’s Bike Plan in a Nut Shell.


The bare bones of the Houston Bike Plan
The Houston Bike Plan will ultimately deliver a blueprint for how Houston can develop and maintain a complete bicycle network, as well as identify potential funding mechanisms. The end result will include:
A map outlining the bike network that will include trails, on-street facilities, and bike routes.
A Bicycle Toolbox that will identify needed: projects like trails, bike lanes, and safe neighborhood streets; policies like bike parking, facility maintenance, and transit integration; and programs like Bike Share and Sunday Streets.
An Implementation Strategy that will prioritize projects and identify funding sources.
Timeline of the Houston Bike Plan …

Challenging mentality of “you can’t blame people for making a mistake”

Bicycle Austin        bicycleaustin.info

Starting a new thread regarding the recent crash death in Lost Creek.  Someone in a large TX municipal police force (not a cop, but handles crime records) wrote the following about whether the driver would be charged:
“Most likely he’ll receive a Failure to Yield Right of Way citation.
Unfortunately, that’s often the only thing a driver can be charged with on many fatalities.  We’ve had at least 3 motorcycle fatalities in the past 6 months where it was just that – the car didn’t see the motorcyclist, hit and killed them and was issued a FTYROW citation.  It’s awful, but on the other hand, people make mistakes and law enforcement can’t really charge every person who made a mistake with a  crime.  On a positive note, our vehicular homicide unit has just recently been assigned a DA to …

Texas Two Steppin Birds!

365 Days of Birds        www.365daysofbirds.com

Molly and I continue to bike and bird across Texas. We have now finished the Hill Country and are starting to bike NE towards the Ozark Mountains. Here are a few last photos from the Hill Country where “Two Steppin” birds are not the only ones to make music! …

Spring North Tour: Texas – Ozarks – Big Muddy River

By Richard Hoeg        www.crazyguyonabike.com

Texas Invades Minnesota!: Bluebonnets
Took a 17 mile training ride this morning in Granbury, Texas. The bluebonnets are out … as our many other wildflowers. For years I have wanted to bike on roads with fields full of bluebonnets alongside. This morning that desire became reality, and I have also learned that bluebonnets are a kind of lupine. In northern Minnesota purple lupines have become common along the highways in June. I just never knew what …

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Strong Legs on this Bike Ride

During last night a cool front passed through lower the temperature somewhat and dropping a little rain. This morning when I got up it was 59 degrees but by the time I start riding at noon it was up to 74 degrees. The sky was partly cloudy with a light breeze making for a good day to ride. I didn’t ride on Tuesday becuase of rain until afternoon. By the time the streets were drying off it was too late to ride.

I rode a longer version of the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route adding a leg north of the Huffman Chevron on FM2100 and Smith Road to the west. The ride was 33.85 miles long and for a change I was able to get my average speed above 15 mph and keep it there to the end of the ride. It was as high as 15.4 mph and ended up at 15.2 mph as I rode through Kingwood at the end. If I can figure a way to avoid the stops in the last couple of miles I could improve my overall average speed.

The light breeze was from the front that went off the coast and is now coming back. It was a little chilly and I was glad I wore a long sleeve jersey. Sitting at the Huffman Chevron in the shade was cool so I didn’t linger there too long, just enough to eat some snacks and drink some water. My legs felt good today and I had some power. The few rides my left leg has not been up to pushing hard into the wind which probably caused my speed to fall.

From the Chevron station to home is when I increased my average speed the most. The wind was not getting in my way and the uninterrupted stretch allowed me to keep a good speed around 20 mph or more.

April mileage is up to 301.49 and year to date is 1311 miles. Out of 15 days in April I have biked on 9 of them. I hope the second half of April is as good.

Huffman weather when I stopped at the Chevron station

Huffman weather when I stopped at the Chevron station

Texas Bicycling News April 14th

Bike programs in Houston, San Antonio on different paths

by Dug Begley        blog.chron.com

According to recent reports, San Antonio’s bike-sharing system is struggling. Uunless a corporate sponsor can be recruited soon, the program making bikes available for rent at kiosks could be kaput.
It would be a big setback for a city that embraced biking before some other Texas cities, including Houston. Here’s a synopsis from Next City:
Since its launch in 2011, San Antonio B-Cycle has operated primarily off revenue from annual memberships and daily user fees, with some small grants from foundations and contributions from minor sponsors, a financial model that left them nearly $32,000 in the red in 2013. Like many systems, San Antonio has a nonprofit, San Antonio Bike Share, in charge of operations and contracts with a bike-share company, B-Cycle, to maintain the bikes and stations. But unlike …

ARR April Club Ride @ Brushy Creek Trail

Saturday, Apr 18, 2015, 8:30 AM

Brushy Creek Sports Park
2310 Brushy Creek Road Cedar Park, TX

13 Mountain Bikers Attending

ARR March Club Ride @ Brushy Creek TrailWhere: Brushy Creek Sports Park, enter the park and turn left, look for the ARR banner and bikes in the pavilion area.Time: Arrive by 8:30am to prepare yourself and your bike, wheels down promptly at 9:00am.All riders are welcome, you do not have to be an Austin Ridge Rider member to participate in club ri…

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Wounded veteran tries cycling

By Harrison Grimwood Phoenix Staff Writer        www.muskogeephoenix.com

Chuck Ivey was training with the U.S. Army on the side of a mountain in Korea when he tore his meniscus, leaving a lasting injury. …

… Now, Jason Denny, another veteran, is working with Ivey to help his knee. Denny has been training Ivey, a Fort Gibson resident, to bicycle 480 miles in the high heat of the Texas Challenge. …

FR512 Intermediate Ride Emma Long. Open to non-members.

Monday, Apr 20, 2015, 5:15 PM

City Park – Emma Long Motorcycle Trails
7548 Oak Shores Dr Austin, TX

9 Mountain Bikers Attending

Start your week off right with Freeride512 at a casual INTERMEDIATE level ride at City Park (Emma Long) on Monday April 20th. I am describing this ride as intermediate because of the technical nature of the terrain, not the pace of the ride. This will be a no drop ride that will focus on improving skills and confidence by sessioning spots or featur…

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FREE Clinic Brake, Derailleur & Gear Clinic

Thursday, Apr 23, 2015, 6:00 PM

Performance Bicycle
7549 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX

1 Cycling Enthusiasts Attending

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FREE Clinic Brake, Derailleur & Gear Clinic

Thursday, Apr 23, 2015, 6:00 PM

Performance Bicycle
4750 Fm 1960 Rd W Houston, TX

1 Bicycle Enthusiasts Attending

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Why More and More Austinites Are Choosing Bikes to Get Around

By Terrence Henry        kut.org

We’ve all felt Austin’s growing pains: traffic, high rents, rapidly rising home values, and the higher property taxes that come with them. And we tend to drown these pains in queso and beer, so we’re probably putting on some weight, too. But what if there were an easy way out of all of this?
Some Austinites, like Mike Melanson, have found one. “A congestion-free way of getting around, a way that doesn’t cost me money, a …

Ride 2 Recovery – Rider of the Week

Karlous Davis
U.S. army
Name: Charles Davis aka Karlous
Hometown: San Antonio, Tx
Quote to live by: LOVE YOUR ENEMIES
Favorite place you’ve rode: Virginia & Texas
One word describing why you ride: PEACEFUL
Favorite sports team: Dallas Cowboys/San Antonio Spurs
Mentor: MY Parents …

Penticton’s Steve Brown announces Ultra Texas event


Steve Brown, owner and race organizer of ULTRA520K announced Monday that an agreement has been reach with Rick Kent of Austin Texas to host the first ULTRA520K Texas in Marble Falls this September.
“Rick Kent, well known photographer, Ultraman finisher and RAAM Finisher among many other athletic accomplishments is a great fit for this event”, said Brown in a press release. “Rick first expressed an interest in putting on a ultra distance event in Texas right after I established ULTRA520K. We are both very excited to make this announcement as Rick and I have been friends for several years and we both have a passion for the sport.”
While the license will be held and owned by Kent, the race director will be Mario Gonzales, founder of the award winning Marble Falls Triathlon for the past 15 years. “I had a chance to meet Mario on my …

Trail Work & Pay Dirt FR512 at Rocky Hill Ranch

Saturday, Apr 18, 2015, 11:00 AM

Location details are available to members only.

2 Mountain Bikers Attending

We will meet by the main pavilion at 11 AM and then caravan up to the quarry area to shape and pack dirt features. Camp out and BBQ if weather is good. Non- FR512 members must sign a FR512 waiver before working on FR512 trails.If you have tools, bring them. Otherwise we have extras on hand. Cordless drills, ladders, shovels, rakes, picks, dig bars…

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Katy couple rides again in the MS 150

By Kimberly Piña        www.chron.com

When Wayne Freeman decided to start bike riding, his plan was to shed a few pounds and get in shape. Yet, a new hobby transformed into a dedicated passion leading the longtime Katy farmer to cycle 150 miles to raise money for research.
“When I got into cycling, I was working six to seven days on the farm and thought the guys I saw cycling on the street were nuts,” Freeman said. “The last thing I thought of as a recreational hobby was getting on a bike and riding 10, 20, 30 miles but now I have a new perspective.”
A healthier lifestyle, a community of cycling friends and a sport shared with his wife, Suzanne, are part of the new perspective Freeman gained. A cyclist now for more than eight years, Freeman will ride from Katy to …

Fun Bike Ride in Northeast El Paso


04/25/2015 10:00 AM
@ Western Technical Institute
9451 Diana Dr
El Paso,  TX

USA Cycling report: Cyclocross didn’t harm Zilker trees

by Andra Lim        www.statesman.com

An arborist hired by USA Cycling has written a report saying the much-scrutinized cyclocross event at Zilker Park in January didn’t have a “detectable or significant” impact on the soil that helps nourish tree roots.
Those findings dispute the city’s assertion that 57 trees were affected by the Cyclocross National Championships, which involved bicyclists riding across the park, and dismounting and carrying their bikes around obstacles. In the process, …

Ridden & Reviewed: Mini Pump Shootout

by djcurtin        bicyclesportshop.wordpress.com

As the saying goes, when talking about repairing roadside punctures there are two kinds of people in this world: CO2 people and pump people.
For years I was a pump person. Specifically a frame pump person, as I am old enough to remember when such devices were ubiquitous in that mini pumps were truly worthless and CO2 inflators weren’t entirely reliable and the cartridges seemingly weren’t as readily available.
Fast forward to the 90’s and beyond and I had converted. I had abandoned the Zefal and Silica (with Campagnolo head) frame pumps of my youth for the ease and speed of CO2 inflators. No more exhaustion just to reach 65 psi on a road tire and tube set-up needing at least 90 psi. No more breaking …

El Paso firefighters rescue mountain bikers

By Daniel Borunda / El Paso Times

A rescue team was dispatched Tuesday afternoon to help two bicyclists on a mountain trail who called 911 because they felt weak and only had 7 percent power left on their only cellphone, El Paso Fire Department officials said.
The two men, ages 29 and 30, were on a trail on the Tom Mays Trail at Franklin Mountains State Park. The men called for help at about 1 p.m. and the rescue team reached them at …

Cyclists show off team spirit, jerseys on BP MS 150

By Joy Sewing        www.chron.com

The Karbach Brewing Company’s 170-member cycling team has its priorities in order for this weekend’s BP MS150.
“We love to ride bikes, we love to raise a ton of money for a great cause, and we love to drink beer,” said the team’s captain, Adam LeSage.
Their team jersey reflects those passions. It’s called the Weekend Warrior American Style Pale Ale jersey, named for the Karbach brew, and features the …

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Texas Cycling News Digest April 13th

Photos of the Lancaster Country Ride are posted


Denton Bicycle Coalition

Friday, May 1 at 7:00pm – 9:00pm in CDT
1223 Bellemead Drive, Denton, TX 76201
I think and feel that the time is right to organize and grow a unified voice for bicyclists of all kinds to encourage more bike ridership and make the streets of Denton more bike-friendly. I am interested in getting the wheels turning to organize the Denton Bicycle Coalition (DBC) for the purpose of engaging in advocacy, education, and community building in the City of Denton. There are many bicycle-friendly businesses, groups, and individuals, but no …

Photos of Ride Ataxia Dallas are Posted


Mountain biking in Texas

by uclawyer

Nice Trail- amateur mountain biking- Bastrop Texas-Rob

Rob Floan VisionMakerImages

Cycling-new sweden church

Central Texas Bicycle Racing



Success! Mirror Provision Removed from HB 383


Thank you! Thanks to your calls and emails, Rep. McClendon has removed the mirror provision from HB 383. Great work!
We expect some of the bills that matter to people who ride bikes in Texas to come before the House Transportation Committee later this week. Is your representative on the transportation committee? (Find out who your representative is here.) If so, keep an eye on your inbox and the BikeTexas pages for a call to reach out to your rep and ask for his or her vote.
Thanks again, Texas! Because of you, our …

thinkEAST Got Me Thinking About Divides

Austin On A Bike

This past weekend, I made it out to the thinkEAST festival for the final day, somehow crawling out from the rock I’ve apparently been hiding under to not know this awesome thing had been going on for weeks.
For those of you similarly uninitiated, the property where the festival resides and soon a community will sit, according to the thinkEAST blog, “is a 24 acre site located on a former EPA Brownfields that housed jet fuel storage tanks for the nearby Air Force base (now Austin Bergstrom International Airport). For years, the neighborhood smelled of gasoline, residents were getting sick, and …

New Events Added to Texbiker.net Calendar


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