New Jeep, Banged Up Wrist, Emergency Room Bicycle Ride

Back biking today after taking yesterday off. My wife and I went to San Antonio on Monday to pick up our new Jeep Grand Cherokee to replace our 2014 Jeep that was totaled in the August 25th wreck. All went well as far as getting to the dealership and buying the Jeep. After that we decided to go to the River Walk to eat Mexican food at the restaurant we have gone to before. Being several years since our last visit we didn’t know exactly where to go so we parked and went down to the river at Travis Street. Well I went to the river and when my back was turned somehow my fell down the last two steps landing on the concrete. Her right wrist was badly hurt and her shins scrapped and the left knee bruised. Many people helped as they came by with bandaids. The first couple saw us from the other side of the rider and hurried over, they were so helpful and kind. After my wife got up and sat on the offending steps with the cuts bandaged we slowly walked back to the Jeep. We didn’t get to eat that Mexican food. We started driving back home looking for a hospital or emergency clinic to stop and check her wrist but we didn’t see a hospital “H” sign on I-10 until we got to Seguin. The Guadalupe Regional Medical Center wasn’t too far from I-10 and we went to the emergency room. When we walked in there were around 6 people with one young lady in severe pain. Not long after that a bunch of people came in. After waiting awhile we to a room and then she went for x-rays. The PA came back and siad the x-rays didn’t show any breaks but one bone in the wrist is hard to x-ray because of its position and there might be a break there. A lady then put on a “fibercast” for the thumb and we were ready to head home. This was well after 10 PM and 3 1/2 hours in ER. The drive home was long but traffic was very light and we arrived about 2 AM. I wasn’t sure if I would be biking today but everything worked out even with a 10:15 doctor appointment my wife had.

With all of that excitement today’s bike ride on the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route was rather tame. I left home at 12:53 PM under a mostly cloudy sky, 92 degrees (70% humidity) and a SW 7 mph wind. With the later start I kept the route short riding 30.7 miles, about 2 miles less than usual. while the temperature was in the low 90’s it wasn’t the same as in July and August though the high humidity produced lots of sweat. With Fall scheduled to arrive at 8:54 PM on September 22nd the weather usually moderates during this month. But this year we had lower than normal temperatures for the first half and now it looks like higher than normal for the second half.

Making the usual stop at the Huffman Chevron I didn’t want to stay long so I went inside to get a Greensheet newspaper and sit under the pump canopy long enough to drink the water in my bottle planning on refilling it and then leaving. But when I went to refill the bottle the beverage machine was out of service so I settled for tap water and headed out to finish the ride. The water wasn’t bad but I would’ve preferred cold with ice.

The last 11+ miles went smoothly. I saw several trucks hauling flood debris as the Hurricane Harvey flood recovery continues. I read an article this morning that thousands of flooded cars are being taken to the old Texas Motor Speedway in Bryan-College Station and parked waiting for the final disposition, hopefully not to unsuspecting buyers.

I finished the bike ride at 3:28 PM, a little sooner than I estimated and put away the Stradalli. I am making progress on reaching 6,000 miles for the year by the end of September with 5743.9 miles after today’s ride. I have 11 days left to ride 256 miles. I think I can do that.

Strava Ride Summary (click on the image to go to

Strava Bicycle Ride Summary

Texas Bicycling News September 17th 2017

Mozart’s hill gut buster and Morning Fueling Station

Type: Road Level: Intermediate
Expected Turnout: Under 15 riders
Distance: 4 – 12 miles Average Speed: 3 – 15 mph
Terrain: Very hilly
Date: Tuesday, 26 Sep, 2017 Time 8:00 AM
Sadomasochists aren’t the only ones who mix pain and pleasure. Come do a batch of very short, very steep hill repeats, following the Tabata protocol. Warmup on the short ride over , then choose a gear and grind up the hill for about 25 seconds, and recover on the downhill. Repeat as you can stand. And misery loves company; we’ll be each other’s cheering section! Bike Austin’s Morning Fueling Station both before and after at Mozarts’ (7:30 to 9:30).

Let’s go for a social road ride.

Saturday, Sep 23, 2017, 8:00 AM

Performance Bicycle
4750 Fm 1960 Rd W Houston, TX

2 Bicycle Enthusiasts Attending

Social Ride: If you’re hesitant to join a riding group, this is the ride for you! In the beginner group, there is NEVER pressure to ride longer or faster. Our knowledgeable ride leaders will help you navigate through the turns and answer any cycling questions you may have. All types of bodies and bicycles are welcome!Please bring your helmet, wate…

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Let’s go for an intermediate road ride

Saturday, Sep 23, 2017, 8:00 AM

Performance Bicycle
7549 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX

3 Cycling Enthusiasts Attending

Intermediate Ride:Please join us and all are welcome to our Saturday morning, 8am Intermediate ride starting and ending at our shop. We will average 16mph and ride for 90+ minutes. This is a no drop ride and the group will stay together.Please bring your helmet, water and a positive attitude.All bikes and bodies are welcome to join us on the Per…

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Saturday Upper Valley Vuelta Group B

Saturday, Sep 23, 2017, 7:30 AM

River Run Plaza
1071 Country Club Rd El Paso, TX

2 Cyclists Attending

• Distance:  25-30 miles• Roll Out: 7:45 am• Pace: 14-17 mph• Details:    This ride will take you through the upper valley winding around most likely stopping at the Anthony Country Club for a short rest break.  Use the restroom, get a coffee, fill up your water bottles.  We will return to start via a slightly different route.•  This is a weekl…

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Texas Bicycling from Twitter

Beautiful Sunday Bike Ride

I rode the Blue Norcross AL on today’s bike ride on the “Oakhurst – Valley Ranch” course for a total of 27 miles. With those miles the total for the week was 244.4 miles, just .5 of a mile short of the equaling the most miles for a week this year. Maybe I should’ve lapped the block a couple of times to break that record. I now need 287 miles the rest of September to reach 6,000 for the year. Once I reach that level I should be able to ride 7,000+ miles by the end of the year.

The ride started late (12:44 PM) because I worked on my wife’s email program to fix a problem and after church. By then the temperature was 91 with 65% humidity but the wind was calm which was nice in a way except for drying up sweat whenever I stopped. The sky was mostly cloudy. I finished the ride at 2:50 PM and there wasn’t any change in the weather.

Making a quick stop at the Valley Ranch Texaco to refill my water bottle was it for today. A photo before I got back on the bike.

The building has had several fast food restaurants but all have closed. Today as I was riding out of the parking lot there was a sign saying “Coming Soon – Dickey’s BBQ”. They also had a sign on the door to hire workers for the restaurant. Maybe this one will survive?

Leaving the Texaco station I rode south along I-69/US59 on the service road to Northpark Drive. I rode north and then east through Woodridge Forest and then into Kingwood to finish the ride.

No bike ride tomorrow (Monday) but I should be back biking on Tuesday.

Link to the Strava ride summary

Texas Bicycling News September 16th 2017

How bikes are helping Houstonians after Harvey

Leah Binkovitz |

Before Harvey made its way to Houston, dumping unprecedented amounts of rain on the city, Carter Stern, executive director of the city’s B-Cycle program, told the technicians who usually service the bike-share stations to take the storm off.
Roughly half run on solar panels, with a battery charge that can last 24 hours without sunlight. Without service over the weekend, they’d likely be unusable. …

The Mountain Bike Meetup

San Antonio, TX
1,199 Mountain Bikers

The bicycling will be on mountain bikes in several parks around San Antonio and sometimes out of town.  We have beginner, intermediate, and advanced rides.  You need a bicycle…

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Riders Conquer the Coast in event’s 14th year, just weeks after Hurricane Harvey affects area

Tim Acosta |

As the first batch of riders crossed finish line on Saturday, cyclists Sidney Flores and John Gaspar moved nearby and enjoyed a good laugh among friends and fellow participants in this year’s Conquer the Coast.
The duo, like others in their group, wore white cycling jerseys with “Philippines” on the sleeves. Flores, 49, immigrated to the United States in 1994, settling in Corpus Christi after getting married. He and fellow Filipino residents have taken up …

Hale on Wheels off to the races

Doug McDonough |

Cyclists leave the starting gate Saturday morning for the Ninth Annual Hale on Wheels Bicycle Race, the opening event of the 19th annual Cowboy Days Celebration in Plainview. Hale on Wheels organizers were still compiling late entries as the event began, but anticipated this year’s race would be the largest one ever. Course lengths were 63, 45, 30 and 23 miles with cruiser rides of 3.1 and 1.0 miles. Other Cowboy Days events included a parade, live music, vendors, petting zoo, free pictures with Ralph Fisher’s World Famous Trained Texas Longhorns and …

Confrontation between cyclist, pedestrian ends in stabbing on the far West Side

By Alex Luna |

A bicyclist was stabbed on the far West Side late Saturday after bumping into someone on the sidewalk, police said.
The confrontation occurred near the intersection of West Military Drive and Marbach Road around 8:30 p.m.
Sgt. Kris Maurice said the victim was riding his bike when he bumped into a man walking down the sidewalk, resulting in a verbal altercation. That’s when the man who had been walking pulled out a knife and cut the victim’s hand, Maurice said. …

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