Texas Cycling News Digest July 20th

Dallas’ new bike czar is ready to roll

By TOM BENNING, Staff Writer        www.dallasnews.com

Biking down Main Street, Ashley Haire experienced the pros and cons of Dallas’ cycling world all rolled into one.
The city’s new bike coordinator wheeled through so-called “sharrows,” lanes marked for sharing by cars and bicycles, as well as a stretch of dedicated bike lanes. But the options changed from one block to the next, confusing both bikers and motorists.
She pointed to two high-density neighborhoods — downtown and Deep Ellum — that are primed for bike culture to take hold. But she also lamented that riders would need to cross a major thoroughfare and…

A Texas man & his dog stopped in Tulsa on cross-country bike ride


TULSA, Okla. — Mike Minnick, 38, and his dog Bixby stopped in Oklahoma this week during their journey to bike ride across the country.
“This is the most fun thing I’ve ever done and I have no intentions of quitting anytime soon,” Minnick said.
Minnick began the bike ride of his life because he knew he had to make some changes.
“I was considerably heavier than I am now. I was a chain smoker. Diabetes runs in my family and there’s kind of a realization that if I stay on this path my life is right there,” Minnick said.
Determined to change his life, Mike and Bixby left their home in Terlingua, Texas for Lubec, Maine — the easternmost town in…

Tour the Peanut Country

Pedal Pushers

Tour the Peanut Country
Gorman, Texas
July 19, 2014
This was Gorman’s 13th Annual bike ride but the first time we have attended. Never knew until this past weekend what we were missing.
As we were off loading our bikes, I thought I had better take a picture of Christine as she was going on a different route than I was, and therefore, we might not see each other until after my ride. …

7:00am – Harden Dental Team Ride

Corinth Cycling

When: Sat Aug 2, 2014 7am to 10am  CDT
Where: Ronny Crownover Middle School
Event Status: confirmed
Event Description: This is the weekly training ride for the Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental race team. This is a 62 mile loop on an established route. Expect a fast pace and be prepared to fix your own mechanicals. There are no stops on this ride. -7:30am- http://ridewithgps.com/routes/337788

Central Trail Update – Great News

Bike Friendly Richardson

Well, it’s been over a month since the Ribbon Cutting on June 2, and now it looks like the Central Trail (southern extension) is almost complete. It seem like we went weeks with no progress on the few remaining gaps. Now, all that’s left are a few curb finishes, where it crosses Polk Street. …

After Work Trail Ride

Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014, 7:00 PM

Croos Creek Apartments
7401 Alma Dr

5 Members Went

Come join me for an easy pace ride. This will be a concert trail ride that is suitable for all types of bikes. The plan is to ride 12-13 miles at an easy pace. We will meet at the appartment front office in the parking lot.

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Natural Selection

Bike Noob

We were thundering down a semi-rural road on our weekly ride. The road was deserted, for a change no cars or trucks were on hand to buzz us.
Off in the distance, we saw a bicyclist turn to cross the road at a right angle. Although the road was empty, traffic does travel fast: 55-60 mph, and sometimes faster. It’s a two-land road with no shoulder. We thought the cyclist was putting herself in some danger.
But she got to the opposite side of the road, and as we got closer, we could see she had taken out her phone, and was using it to take a…

Round and Round the Lake Ride

Dallas Area Tandem Enthusiasts

When:  Wednesday July 23rd – 6:15 PM Start
Where:  Bath House Cultural Center at White Rock Lake
Leaders:  Nancy & John Griswold
Come join the Wednesday night loop-the-lake this week, Wednesday, July 23, starting at the Bath House Cultural Center.  Be ready to ride the clockwise loop leaving at 6:15, punctually.  If you arrive late or want to intersect with the ride in progress, ride counter-clockwise to find us on the road.  We will include the NW Hwy adder for two 11 mile loops.  If the weather is iffy, we’ll make the call at start time.  If anyone wants to ride, regardless of the weather, TeamGriswold will accompany you.  NO DROPS – but if you want to get an early start on supper you can do one loop or go out the front…get a table for the rest of us.
Supper at The Alligator Cafe next to Albertsons on the southeast corner of Garland and Buckner.

Biking data could inform city planning

By BRANDON FORMBY, Transportation Writer        www.dallasnews.com

As more North Texas cities try to make streets and trails friendlier for pedestrians and bicyclists, the North Central Texas Council of Governments is working to help quantify their efforts.
The regional planning organization is teaming up with cities to provide or loan mechanical counters that can track how many pedestrians or bicyclists use particular trails or street-side bike lanes.
The hope is that the counters will provide data to the top-level city officials who determine how public funds are spent — data anticipated to support growing demands for more trails and bike lanes.
“It’s not just staff saying, ‘This is a good thing to have,’” said Jared White, bicycle transportation manager for…


Event Reminder

Huffman With Humidity

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7-20-2014 ...
7-20-2014 ...
7-20-2014 ...
7-20-2014 ...
7-20-2014 ...
7-20-2014 ...
7-20-2014 ...
7-20-2014 ...

Huffman was today’s destination. I did not ride the usual Huffman route but an abbreviated one 27.33 miles long. Average speed was 15.6 mph. The weather was humid with 95 % at my home weather station and 65% at the IAH weather station. The temperature was 84 when I left home at 11:46 and 88 when I got back at 1:48. My stop at the Huffman Chevron was short because I needed to get back home. I stopped long enough to finish my water bottle and dry off some. No rain today so there have been two days in a row that I did not bike in the rain.

No unusual happenings on the ride. I continue to get compliments on my bike. While I was at the Chevron a young man came in driving an older Ford Ranger with a 4 wheeler in the back. When He walked inside the store he asked if my bike was expensive. I don’t have a good answer but I told him it cost twice as much as my first car. Later when I was in Town Center in Kingwood a young man by Mooyah Burger called out that he thought my bike was good looking. I have owned many bikes but this one has to be the one I have received the most comments about.

Links to Garmin Connect and RideWithGPS.

Mile markers:

  • 186.52 miles this week
  • 493.59 miles this month (222 miles to reach July’s goal)
  • 3868 miles this year

Monday’s weather: 95 degrees and partly cloudy, 10% chance of rain. The TDF is on a rest day so I hope to get an early start.

Texas Bicycling News Digest July 19th

New Feature at Texbiker.net

Now you can see the upcoming bicycling events on a map. In the menu at the top, mouse over the “Event Calendar” and you will see the link to “Upcoming Events Map”. Select this and a new page will appear with a map and pins for each event. Click on the map pin for the event details. The map can be moved with your mouse. Depending on your internet connection it may take 30 seconds for the events to be plotted on the map.

Cyclist clipped by truck: ‘I remember riding up the overpass and I don’t remember anything after that’

By Alex Osiadacz        www.wbtv.com

BULLARD, TX (KLTV) – A bicyclist was clipped by a vehicle while going over an overpass on Highway 69 in Bullard on Monday.
Bullard police say Mark Cathey, 57, of California, was riding on the northbound shoulder when a white Ford truck driven by 52-year-old Samuel Vercher, a Bullard resident, clipped Cathey. Vercher stopped and called 911. Cathey was taken to the hospital.
In the video from a camera mounted on the cyclist’s bike, the truck can be seen approaching from behind Cathey, before clipping him.
“I remember riding up the overpass and…

Rocky Hill Ranch Mountain Biking | Smithville, Texas

by Zane        blazeshack.com

Rocky Hill Ranch is one of the premiere mountain bike trails in Texas.  As you can see from the video posted below the first couple of miles are pretty much straight up hill. There is some fun sections in there, but it is a real leg burner. If you are close enough to make a day trip or weekend trip to this destination it is definitely worth the trip.

This Mechanic Is Making the Ultimate Commuter Bike for Everyone

By Mike Senese        makezine.com

If you’ve ever had to haul a 45-pound steel bike up and down the subway stairs, banged your knee on the handlebars because of a slipping chain, or smeared chain grease all over your slacks, you know (as I do) that bike commuting, as great as it is, can sometimes be a real pain. A reborn bike mechanic wants to fix those hassles with his unique two-wheeler that brings cutting-edge low-maintenance bike technology at an accessible-to-everyone price.
The project, called Priority Bikes, belongs to Dave Weiner, a New York-based software exec who realized he could no longer ignore his yearning for the…

Dirt Divas

by Bill Cullins        Team San Angelo

There’s a unique ladies group in San Angelo that meets on a regular basis for bike rides, trail runs, swim workouts, adventure races, paddling sessions in kayaks, after-workout yoga sessions and just about any other type of fitness activity you can think of.
You might spot some of the them riding the roads or trails in the State Park on Tuesday evenings, mountain biking at Middle Concho Park on Wednesday evenings, swimming around the buoys at the Lake Nasworthy swim beach, kayaking on local streams or competing in local bike, run, and multisport races.
Their ranks include housewives, business owners, veterans, nurses, fitness coaches, university
On any given day, the group will include all ability levels ranging from…

Water fountain Bike Ride

Sunday, Jul 27, 2014, 8:15 AM

Onion Creek Coffee House-area of Saturday Farmer’s Market
3106 White Oak Drive

6 Katy bicyclist fun riders Attending

Meetup Message from:Joe Flores, Member ofKaty Bicycle fun ridersWater Fountain bike ride on Sunday July 27Onion Creek Coffee House-area of Saturday Farmer’s Market3106 White Oak Drive, Houston, TX (edit map)Look for us on the outside of Onion Creek CafeWater Fountain Bike RideLet”s check out the fountains of Houston!From the Height…

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A Biking Route Waffle

I waffled back and forth on today’s route. The reason is that US59 north bound is closed at FM1314 and I thought traffic would increase on Loop 494 as traffic tried to get around the closure at Community Drive and the Grand Parkway construction. I considered riding the grass farm route over by Huffman but after remembering the last US59 closure and the traffic I chose a north route. I wanted to get 40 miles or so but with a later start I knew I wouldn’t go too much farther.

Riding out of Kingwood through Woodridge Forest I then stayed on Loop 494 to New Caney. Loop 494 traffic started to get heavy when I reached FM1314 and stayed that way until FM1485 in New Caney. This wasn’t much of a problem since Loop 494 has a 4 foot shoulder most of the way. There was a dicey moment at the New Caney ISD bus barn stretch when a really wide load truck and trailer passed me. Fortunately there was no oncoming traffic and the truck moved to the left around me. The cargo looked industrial but I am not sure what it was.

At FM1485 the traffic returned to normal as I rode to SR242. I turned left onto SR242 riding to the Old Houston Road traffic light. If I had time to ride longer I would stay on SR242 to FM1314 but I took the Old Houston Road south to FM1314. This road has little traffic. Reaching FM1314 it was a 7 mile ride to the Stripes station at FM1314 and Valley Ranch Parkway where I stopped about 25 minutes to dry off some, eat and rest. At that point I rode 29 miles with a little over 11 miles to home. While I was a Stripes another customer walked over asking if my bike was one of the expensive ones. I said yes and he then asked about riding on my narrow saddle. I told you can get use to it and he asked if it took several years to do that. I answered probably 4 or 5 months. I don’t think he believed me. He walked back to his big Chevy pickup with his two sons. They were friendly as they backed out.

The route totaled 40.26 miles which accomplished my goal and I got home by 2:45 after starting at 11:33. Average speed was 15.9 mph.

After all the rain we had this week and before, today’s weather was unusual for July. It was 80 degrees (97% humidity) when I started and 82 (96% humidity) when I finished. The sky was mostly cloudy and the sun did not have much of a chance to warm things up too much. With the perspiration and moving through the light breeze it felt like a fall day. A couple of times I thought a long sleeve jersey would be nice. A note on the humidity: this is from my home weather station. The IAH weather station humidity at the end was 70%.

Mile markers:

  • 159.19 miles this week
  • 466.26 miles for July (250 miles left to reach July’s goal)
  • 3841 miles for the year

Links to Garmin Connect and RideWithGPS.

Tomorrow’s forecast: 93 degrees, 40% chance of rain. I should bike after church. Another opportunity to get wet. Monday and Tuesday could be warmer and dry.

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