Texas Bicycling News October 18th 2016

Cross Fort Worth – Grand Prix of Texas Cyclocross


22 – 23 October 08:30 – 17:00
Buck Sansom Park
4099 Angle Ave, Fort Worth, Texas 76106
‘Cross Fort Worth returns to Buck Sansom Park as the second of three stops on the Grand Prix of Texas Cycloross calendar! It’ll be a big statewide race weekend with …

Houston Parks Board breaks ground on another Bayou Greenways 2020 project

Jack Witthaus


A new park is under construction as the Bayou Greenways 2020 project continues. The Houston Parks Board celebrated the groundbreaking of a new segment of Sims Bayou Greenway on Oct. 13.
An existing asphalt trail is expected to be replaced with a new concrete hike-and-bike trail and native wildflowers, according to a release. The 1.8-mile project is located along the bayou from Heatherbrook Drive to Hillcroft Avenue. The new park project is scheduled to wrap up around spring 2017. …

USDOT Announces Mayors’ Challenge Pedestrian and Bicycle Awards at 2016 Safer People, Safer Streets Summit


WASHINGTON – U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced 18 Mayors’ Challenge Pedestrian and Bicycle Awards at the 2016 Safer People, Safer Streets Summit today in Washington, DC.
“Mayors from all across the country met the Challenge for Safer People and Safer Streets by engaging their communities to improve pedestrian and bike safety and show results,” said Secretary Foxx. “As a former mayor, I know local leadership matters to creating a safe, seamless transportation network, and with national road deaths increasing, leadership from cities like these is especially critical.” …

… 2016 Mayors’ Challenge Ladders of Opportunity Award
Large City Winner: Austin, TX
Small City Winner: Brownsville, TX …

TranAm Southern Tier – CA to FL

By David Hui


Day 18 – Marathon to Alpine: Change of plan; taking a bus ride to San Antonio tomorrow
Tuesday October 18, 2016, 40 miles (64 km) – Total so far: 1,049 miles (1,688 km)
Elevation gain 1122
Cities: Marathon > Alpine
I was going to go to Sanderson this morning, but checking the mileage which is like 60 miles out and there is nothing in that little town. The next town is another 60 miles away. Texas is so spread out with small town and no support. I will ride one section for part of the day and will have to stop. Instead of riding through these small towns and wasting precious time. I decided to …

A Ride to Remember

By Ken Kuntz


Day 43: Fort Hancock, TX to El Paso, TX
Tuesday October 18, 2016, 56 miles (90 km) – Total so far: 2,119 miles (3,410 km)
Starting Point: Fort Hancock, TX
Ending Point: El Paso, TX
Riding Conditions: Very cold (52 degrees) in the early morning, warming to the high 70’s.
Miles Today: 56
Quote for the day: “Nothing is too much trouble if it turns out the way it should.” — Julia Child
Steve got up at 3am to catch a flight from Sarasota, FL to El Paso. So we decided we should also get an early start, and I rolled out of Fort Hancock at 6:15am. Dark. My first plan was to get back on I10, and run it most of the way to El Paso, but at the last minute I changed my mind and went with the Southern Tier route. I rode south about a mile and picked up State Road 20, a small road that parallels I10.
It was cold! I had on plenty of clothes, but got chilled anyway. I thought I would warm up if I pedaled harder, and that didn’t work, but I knocked out some miles quickly.
This route was definitely more scenic. The route goes through several small towns (Acala, Tornillo, Fabens, and Socorro), and lots of …

MTB Series Overall Results

Texas High School Cycling League


After some great racing in Waco the series overall results are tabulated and the awards have already been claimed by our top individuals and teams.
Hopefully we’ll post some pictures later but for now here is the results download: …

2016 Texas High School State Mountain Bike Championship Series

Consists of the following Fall TMBRA races:
Camp Eagle
Tyler Speedwaves
Crowning both individual and combined overall team champions!
Individuals and/or teams competing in all five (5) races will have …

Texas Bicycling from Twitter

Asphalt Almost Replaced Bike Ride

I took yesterday off to run errands and rest up but I took a bike ride today on the “Stroker Road – Huffman” route. I missed the grass farms so I wanted to bicycle over there to see what was going on. Well I didn’t see much movement but the grass was still there. The bike ride was 41.62 miles long which was one of the reasons I chose this route. I encountered a couple of road construction places: south bound W. Lake Houston south of Upper Lake Drive and Pinehurst Trail. With fall it must be our turn for road work. Speaking of road work, when I reached FM1960 at Pinehurst Trail I saw some new asphalt on the far side of the road but the lane closest to me was still rough old asphalt. Here’s a picture.

FM1960 at Pinehurst Trail

Riding across FM1960 once the light changed I spotted a void in the asphalt about the size of my hand. I hope they come back and patch it. I am not sure if there will a second layer since this one is very smooth and they painted the lines on it. After making my way through Walden at Lake Houston and approaching FM1960 on Atascocita Shores Drive I wondered if the shoulder from Atascocita Shores to the concrete Lake Houston Causeway would be done. It was and here is what it looks like.

FM1960 at Atascocita Shores Drive

The shoulder is now much smoother than the old one but I think it is narrower.

At the beginning of the bike ride as I was going east on Forest Village Drive less than a mile from the start I saw another bicyclist make a wide swing into a driveway. I saw this biker on other rides but not this close to home. As I rode by the driveway we exchanged waves.

It would be difficult to order much better biking weather than  today’s. The starting temperature (11:03) was 87 degrees, partly cloudy sky with a variable wind. By the time I finished at 2:28 it was up to 94 degrees. I sweated some on this ride. I wore my new Pearl Izumi Gel Select black gloves for the first time. My old gloves were showing bad signs of wear and tear.

The wind wasn’t a real issue until I got rode east of FM2100 where the wind break slowly fades away. One time on Old Atascocita Road a gust of wind hit from the right side and tried to shove me to the left but I held my position though I tilted a little to the left. Riding south on Ramsey Road a crew was working on setting half of a mobile home in place with the other half parked in the road. I made my way around it and enjoyed a brief break from the wind. About 2 miles later I turned right on Stroker Road and the wind was no longer trying to slow me down. Once I was on FM2100 riding north the wind was helping me.

In Huffman I stopped at the Chevron station for a break. It was 1:08 and 29.9 miles into the ride. The Elemnt screen and weather while I ate snack crackers and drank water.

While I was eating the Amtrak passenger train passed through Huffman. I guess it is back to using this track for a while. At 1:38 I rolled away from the station on my way back to Kingwood. I made a good pace until I was out on the Lake Houston Causeway where the south wind slowed me down but I still kept my overall average speed at 15.1 mph. The shoulder on FM1960 from the causeway to the right turn onto Atascocita Shores Drive was new smooth asphalt just like the other side.

When I got to Kingwood Drive I only waited a few seconds to get across since I was ahead of the Kingwood High School traffic. From there it was only a couple of miles to the end.

Texas Bicycling News October 17th 2016

Great team. Grateful of your support. Thank you for being awesome. #teambigherd #bicycle #biking #cycling #Houston

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Just wow. 726,000 views for the men's fixed gear @redbull #redbulllaststand

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BCR CX On the River (HTXCX #4)



Seat stay cam.

The Case for All-Women Cycling Clubs

Julissa Treviño


Bike-share programs haven’t closed up the gender gap. All-female riding groups are stepping in.

We know from a 2009 survey from the Federal Highway Administration that women took only 24 percent of bicycle trips in the U.S. that year. Even bike-share programs, which are meant to draw people who wouldn’t normally ride, have failed to close the gender gap. Three-fourths of people using the three largest bike-share programs in the country are men, according to data analyzed by Buzzfeed in 2014. …

… I started cycling in my hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, in 2011. After I got the hang of basic riding skills, I joined my city’s Critical Mass ride, and then a co-ed pub ride. Even in places with improving bike infrastructure and a lively cycling community, like my Texas city, it’s hard not to …

Texas A&M Now Has Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Lanes

Shaunacy Ferro


Bike lights are so old school. At Texas A&M, the latest bike-safety innovation does one better—the bike lanes glow. Solar-powered luminescent pavement markings soak up solar energy during the day, then emit light after the sun goes down.
It’s the first time this technology has been used on U.S. streets, though other countries—most recently Poland—have been testing similar glowing bike lanes for some time. So far, the technology is only located at one intersection on campus, but presumably if it …

Bicycle Parking in the New Building

Paul Cravens


If you haven’t been following this topic in Idea Central, we had a request for bike lockers in the new building. Bike lockers look like this:
While a location and budget for actual lockers wasn’t in the plans, we did expect to have bike racks in the basement parking area. The basement garage is a secure parking area with a roll down gate. With restricted access to the garage, the bikes …

Austin’s Bicycle Sport Shops opens fifth location

by Val Vanderpool


AUSTIN, Tex. (BRAIN) — Just two months after opening his first store outside the Austin city limits in Bee Cave, Texas, retailer Hill Abell has opened a fifth location near the University of Texas campus. Abell jumped on the opportunity to lease Ozone Bike Dept.’s space on Guadalupe St. after it shuttered earlier this year. At 3,600 square feet, the new store is the smallest Bicycle Sport Shop location. It …

BPSA: Bike shipments down 8% through third quarter

by Matt Wiebe


September-to-September comparisons show double-digit drops in units and dollars.
BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — Suppliers shipped 8 percent fewer bikes over the first nine months of the year compared with the same period in 2015, according to the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association’s September sell-in report. The shortfall represents a loss of $49.9 million in wholesale business for suppliers.
Particularly troubling in BPSA’s September report was the precipitous fall in business during …

TranAm Southern Tier – CA to FL

By David Hui


Day 16 – Van Horn to Fort Davis: Second flat Texas thorn; last of the big Texas climb
Sunday October 16, 2016, 92 miles (148 km) – Total so far: 949 miles (1,527 km)
Posted via email Sun Oct 16 21:07:01 2016 PDT
Elevation gain 4155
Cities: Van Horn > Kent > Fort Davis
Lunch break after turn into hwy 118 …

Day 17 – Fort Davis to Marathon TX: towns are too wide apart with no service in between; stopped at Marathon at 3:30, next town is 55 mi out. Have to stay for the night.
Monday October 17, 2016, 60 miles (97 km) – Total so far: 1,009 miles (1,623 km)
Posted via email Mon Oct 17 16:46:01 2016 PDT
Elevation gain 1060 …

Southern Tier Part II

By Ann Metcalfe


Bastrop State Park to La Grange: Senior Bikers Gone Bad
Friday October 14, 2016, 36 miles (58 km) – Total so far: 71 miles (114 km)
As Mac and I pedaled out of the campground, the State Park Police pulled us over. I know we look a little sketchy. The officer asked Mac questions that implied we had illegally camped in an undesignated site. We had paid all the required fees the day before, and had been assigned a spot in the open campground! After we plead our case, he finally decided we were telling the truth and said they had been informed a pair of “older, around 57” cyclists had camped in a closed area. I wanted to thank him for thinking we look 57, but he seemed young and was taking this offense very seriously. Texas State Parks are ON it, so don’t even think of not paying the fee. Crime doesn’t pay, and besides the showers were worth every penny. It was fortunate that he thought we were the renegade duo, because we were headed in the …

La Grange to Burton: It is the people you meet that make touring so memorable
Saturday October 15, 2016, 32 miles (51 km) – Total so far: 103 miles (166 km)
I have to start at the end of the day, because we just spent a couple hours with one of the most precious people we will ever meet on the planet. Carol Montgomery, Warmshowers host in Burton, Texas, took us in tonight, fed and housed us in her bunkhouse, and gave us farm fresh eggs, and fixings for breakfast in the bunkhouse kitchen. Carol inspired me absolutely. I wanna be Carol when I grow up. She is 86 years old, a retired medical technologist from Houston (originally from Oklahoma), and moved to her gorgeous property in the 80s after she retired. That would sound pretty normal, until you get to the part where she built the house herself, along with the bunkhouse we are staying in and everything else on her 62-acre spread. She joined Warmshowers as a host in 2007, and she figures she has housed about 700 of us crazy touring cyclists in that time. Since then, she has only hosted one guest who gave her trouble – a man who was perhaps a little emotionally unglued. She loves to build things, she said, and in fact was busy today helping friends on a construction project where …

Burton to Navasota: Hot, hot, hot
Sunday October 16, 2016, 49 miles (79 km) – Total so far: 152 miles (245 km)
Today was gorgeous – rolling hills with ranches, cattle and hay bales. There was a slight wind helping us, and clouds in the sky that occasionally masked the heat of the sun, but it was HOT. Temperatures mid-day were over 90, and climbing up the hills when there was no shade or no clouds was tortuous for us. I assume we will adjust! I consumed what I thought was enough liquid, but I sweated it out as soon as I poured it in, and by the end of the day, standing up from a little rest stop, I was dizzy and nearly keeled over. Lesson learned and I will pound down even more water in this heat.
We are staying two days at the Best Western here. I am working remotely for one of my bookkeeping clients, so we need to have good Wi-Fi one day a week. Navasota is close to College Station (Texas A&M) and 30 miles or so from George W.’s presidential library. We had a so-so dinner last night at the …

A Ride to Remember

By Ken Kuntz


Day 41: Rest Day
Sunday October 16, 2016
Yesterday I rode into Van Horn on fumes, so the decision to declare this a “rest day” was an easy one. There isn’t much to do or see in Van Horn, so mostly we just rested today.
But today was a sad day. We learned of the unexpected passing of Jonathan Mackey, who was in Boy Scouts with Joel. Jonathan’s 3 brothers were also in the troop, and we’ve been friends with the Mackey family for almost 15 years. If you have a prayer list, please add this family to it.

Day 42: Van Horn, TX to Fort Hancock, TX
Monday October 17, 2016, 67 miles (108 km) – Total so far: 2,063 miles (3,320 km)
Starting Point: Van Horn, TX
Ending Point: Fort Hancock, TX
Riding Conditions: Good. Upper 50’s in the early morning, warming to 90 degrees. Light headwind.
Miles Today: 67
Quote for the day: “At the risk of descending to unscientific generalizations, 90 percent of Texans give the other 10 percent a bad name.” – Attributed to John H. “Doc” Holliday
We made a relatively early start this morning, hoping to get some miles done before the wind (a headwind) strengthened and temperatures soared (expecting a record high today). Today’s route was on Interstate 10, which I have been worried about for a good while. It wasn’t bad at all. There is a wide shoulder, and the road surfaced is smooth. Yes, the speed limit is 80mph, but we felt safe on the shoulder.
The first 9 miles were uphill, and Liz joined me for that stretch. We got through it easily on our rested legs, and she …

Cyclist critically injured after colliding with vehicle Sunday 10/16/16



Mary Huber Austin Community Newspapers Staff
5:58 p.m Sunday, Oct. 16, 2016 Local News
A cyclist was taken to the hospital Sunday morning with critical injuries after colliding with a vehicle in South Austin, officials said.
Austin-Travis County EMS responded to the crash at 4600 South First Street at 9:30 a.m. Sunday. A woman, believed to be in her 40s, was taken by medics to St. David South Austin Medical Center with …

George Richey Road extension in Longview is bicycle-friendly

By Jamey Boyum


LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) – A much-needed road extension was opened to the public in Longview. The George Richey extension now connects McCann Road to U.S. 259 in north Longview.
City leaders held a ribbon cutting and short ceremony before removing the barricades. The road runs along the new North Longview Business Park and will provide easy access for new industry going into Longview. The five lane road also has a turn lane running its length. The city thinks the road will help attract new business.
“We have submitted this site for several other projects and I think …

Texas Bicycling from Twitter

Texas Bicycling News October 16th 2016

Wednesday Night CX Racing!



Got Sand? | A Cyclocross Race Day Vlog



Day two Bike Around the Bay #start #cycling #bicycle #biking

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Stairway to heaven… Well to the bridge. #hartmanbridge #bicycle #biking #cycling #teambigherd

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Lajitas Mountain Bike Trails Terlingua Texas

Hunting Connect


This is a video of my entire ride which includes me coming across a Tarantula 44 55 I started at the Airport parking lot took loop 3 The north side all of 4 1B 1 2 and connected back with 3 at the parking lot It was about 15 5 miles in length and was absolutely stunning 06 01 Starts to get rocky 09 00 Downhill 09 55 Goes in and out of river bed 12 30 Down into rocky river bed for …

Cyclists enjoy Goliad countryside in annual bike ride



Warm morning light outlined hundreds of cyclists as they waited to start their ride Saturday morning from the Goliad Courthouse Square.
Cyclists from across Texas came to Goliad to participate in the 25th annual Missions Tour De Goliad. The ride looped throughout many parts of Goliad County, with four different routes covering 10, 30, 50 and 65 miles.
“We have people riding from (ages) 7 to 72, from all over …

TranAm Southern Tier – CA to FL

By David Hui


Day 15 – Fort Hancock to Van Horn: Frontage road to Van Horn TX, Central time here and lost another hour
Saturday October 15, 2016, 75 miles (121 km) – Total so far: 857 miles (1,379 km)
Posted via email Sat Oct 15 19:47:02 2016 PDT
Elevation gain 1746
Started at 8:30 this morning, farm road 192 was nice to ride. Only saw 3 cars and 1 tractor for that 20 miles. Stopped to talk to someone in a marked Sheriff truck about the Baja 100 race from Sierra Blanca today. and Willie Nelson is performing concert there. …

Pair of Texans dominate Red Bull’s Last Stand bike race in front of Alamo Saturday

By Chris Quinn


Alamo Plaza was a blur of motion and excitement as nearly 200 cyclists from around the country hit downtown San Antonio for the Red Bull Last Stand elimination style criterium road race.
Reaching speeds of up to 40 mph on a course that circled the Alamo along Houston, N. Alamo, Bonham and E. Crockett streets, the racers (both men and women) wowed a crowd of about 15,000 on Saturday afternoon and evening.
There were four races in total with two Texas natives among the winners. Austin cyclists Colin Strickland and …

A Ride to Remember

By Ken Kuntz


Day 40: Valentine, TX to Van Horn, TX
Saturday October 15, 2016, 39 miles (63 km) – Total so far: 1,996 miles (3,212 km)
Starting Point: Valentine, TX
Ending Point: Van Horn, TX
Riding Conditions: Hot (high 80’s) with a moderate headwind
Miles Today: 39
Quote for the day: “Either this man is dead or my watch has stopped.” — Groucho Marx
The Star Party at the McDonald observatory lasted quite late, so we slept in, and then had a leisurely morning in Fort Davis. We didn’t get back to Valentine until after noon, and by the time I started riding it was already very hot. The temperature, plus a headwind, made for a tough ride.
My pace was …

Safe Routes To Schools


Our Mission and Vision
The mission of the National Partnership is to advance safe walking and bicycling to and from schools, to improve the health and wellbeing of kids of all races, income levels and abilities and to foster the creation of healthy communities for everyone.
The National Partnership is a catalyst for the creation of safe, active, equitable and healthy communities—urban, suburban and rural— throughout the United States….
COA Safe Routes To School Program
The City of Austin’s Safe Routes to School Program educates …

Texas Bicycling from Twitter