Slow Moving Construction Hems Biking In

After biking two days to the southeast today I went to the north and northwest as far as the Grand Parkway construction would allow. I rode what I call the “Oakhurst – Cumberland – Valley Ranch” route. I took a look at the Grand Parkway FM1314 overpass and can report not much has happened since my last visit. Not sure what is the holdup because the middle of the road piers are in place and the shoulder ramparts look done as far as I can tell. They have about 7 months to meet the 2015 completion promise. I am looking forward to getting some of my biking routes back.

The route today was 32.77 miles long with roads on the route not much changed. Probably the road with the roughest surface is Old Sorters Road with a few dips in the asphalt but nothing dangerous as long as you watch the road. No dogs loose along the route today either. There is a large Pit Bull on Adams St. heading into Woodridge Forest that runs out to the end of his chain with a menacing growl, bark and snarl.

My legs were recovering today from the 39 mile ride yesterday. I had a strong pace but couldn’t get the speed high enough nor long enough to keep the average speed at 15.0 mph or above. The wind was from the SSE at 12 mph and slowed me down when I rode into it. There were some long stretches of road for me to get up to 17 or 18 mph but the ones into the wind overcame what I built up then. I did get to 15.0 mph average speed for a short time but fell back riding south on the US59 service road from Valley Ranch to Northpark Drive. I ended up averaging 14.7 mph.

I took a break at the Texaco along US59 at Valley Ranch entrance. When I went inside to refill my water bottle the lady behind the counter asked how far I usually ride. I said 32 to 34 miles most of the time. She then asked how old I was. She was surprise when I said 68. After eating two snack bars and drinking some water I was off for the last 8+ miles home. This was into the wind all the way. Hard pedaling but I made it. I passed Kingwood Park HS about 15 minutes after they let out so traffic wasn’t too bad. I left home at 12:25 and got back at 3:08.

No biking tomorrow. My wife has a oncology treatment at the medical center. 50% chance of rain on Thursday as well.

Weather when I stopped at the Texaco station in Porter

Weather when I stopped at the Texaco station in Porter

Texas Bicycling News April 21st

Trek issues recall of QR on disc-brake bikes

by BRAIN Staff

WATERLOO, Wis. (BRAIN) – Trek is working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to recall bikes spec’d with quick releases that have a lever that opens greater than 180 degrees and can be caught in a front disc brake if left in the open position.
The company said that the issue is not a manufacturing defect on the QR but due to improper use or adjustment. Riders who leave the QR in the open position can potentially have the lever caught in the front disc brake while riding.
Trek found out about the issue when it was investigating an accident. Spokesperson Eric Bjorling said the company notified the CPSC about the potential problem. Trek has learned of three cases involving the relevant QR. According to the …

Richardson City Staff Presents Bike Plan To City Council

On Monday, April 20, 2015 Richardson City Staff presented their Bike Plan to Richardson City Council. The presentation was a combination recap of what they’ve done, as well as their next steps.
It was nice to see how important bicycling is to our city officials and how they continue to see the value of what it brings to our community. It was also nice to see that our little grassroots, advocacy group has …

Ride for Reading

Velo Paso

Saturday, May 16 at 9:00am in MDT
El Paso Downtown Artist and Farmers Market
117 Anthony St, El Paso, Texas 79901
Join us Saturday May 16 at 9:00am at the El Paso Downtown Artist & Farmers Market to deliver books to children eager to read.
Ride for Reading is back for a special EP Bike Month delivery! This time we will be delivering to La Fe Preparatory School.
Meet: 9:00 am El Paso Downtown Artist and Farmers Market, 117 Anthony Street, El Paso, Texas 79901
Ride: 9:30 am approximately 1.2 miles to the school
Arrive: 10:00 am La Fe Preparatory School, 616 E Father Rahm Ave, El Paso, TX 79901
We will be greeted by the children of La Fe Preparatory, excited to receive the …

FR512 Intermediate Trail Ride Brushy Creek

Monday, Apr 27, 2015, 5:15 PM

Brushy Creek Lake Park
3300 Brushy Creek Rd. Cedar Park, TX

7 Mountain Bikers Attending

Join Freeride512 for trail riding and sessioning Monday April 27th at Brushy Creek Park in Cedar Park. We will be riding at an intermediate pace but we will stop and session periodically. Ride will be between 6-8 miles and will be “no drop”. We will meet in the west parking lot by the skatepark. Bikes rolling at 5:30. Helmets and water are required…

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Texas dad tackles bike thief after catching him on security camera        video

AUSTIN (KXAN) – One Austin homeowner is thankful his security system has a camera after it helped him get his daughter’s bike back. Craig Buesing was working in the office of his Avery Ranch home Sunday afternoon when someone went inside his garage. The security camera picked it up and alerted him.
“When I looked up, I saw a kid in the garage getting on my daughter’s bicycle,” said Buesing. “[So I] ran out the door as fast as …

FR512 Intermediate Ride City Park

Monday, May 4, 2015, 5:15 PM

City Park – Emma Long Motorcycle Trails
7548 Oak Shores Dr Austin, TX

4 Mountain Bikers Attending

Join Freeride512 for an INTERMEDIATE level ride at City Park (Emma Long) on Monday May 4th. I am describing this ride as intermediate because of the technical nature of the terrain, not the pace of the ride. This will be a no drop ride that will focus on improving skills and confidence by sessioning spots or features in a group setting. Membership …

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FR512 Trail Work & Pay Dirt at Rocky Hill Ranch

Saturday, Apr 25, 2015, 11:00 AM

Location details are available to members only.

4 Mountain Bikers Attending

If you haven’t heard, FR512 is building new trails at Rocky Hill Ranch!  Freeride512 builds and rides progressive mountain bike trails and features in and around Central Texas. We educate mountain bikers on the disciplines of all-mountain, downhill, and freeride mountain biking and help riders to progress their skills.We are currently building a c…

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More than 100 veterans to bicycle through JC

By Matt Smith

Ride 2 Recovery celebrates its seventh anniversary this year and its sixth year of traveling through Johnson County.
Veterans bicycling from San Antonio to Fort Worth will visit Rio Vista, Cleburne and Keene this week.
About 60 veterans participated in the inaugural 2009 Texas trek. About 175 are expected this year.
The veterans are scheduled to arrive at Rio Vista ISD’s Eagle Field about 1:56 p.m. Thursday for a …

The Future of W. Alabama and Bikes


One follow-up from the public engagement CIP meetings was to track what is happening along W. Alabama. To remind everyone – this is the rebuilding of W. Alabama from Weslayan to Spur 527 and will be designed and built in three phases. Full details on the Re-build Houston website here.
BikeHouston and supporters of safe bicycling had a great turn-out at the CIP meetings and many spoke in favor of returning the bike lanes to W. Alabama. And the good news is that there will be bicycle facilities along W. Alabama!
FYI: Bike facility – just means anything that supports a person on a bike from …

Bikeabout TX

By Gordon Hodge

Day 5- Round Rock, TX to Bastrop SP,TX: trying to get out the hills
Monday April 20, 2015, 53 miles (85 km) – Total so far: 196 miles (315 km)
weather- 52-75, overcast, windy out NNE.
I left comfy hotel around 10 am heading east on hwy 79 towards Hutto and Taylor, then south to Bastrop. I rode past the TX ranger minor league park for the Express. Looks very modern. tonight is $1 dog night and Bark at Park. Maybe another time. The wind was beating me pretty good and I didn’t the energy. I stopped in Hutto, bought stop-n-rob sandwich and went city park for midday break, even though I was 12 miles in the day. Upon leaving, I decided to head on farm roads to hopefully lessen the miles and wind effect. Not much effect, but the ride was prettier. I just grinded out the miles on rolling terrain. The hills were not as …

Day 6- Bastrop SP day off: Nice day to rest
Tuesday April 21, 2015
I took the day off from riding except for the 2 mile roundtrip to eat a hearty lunch. There is a very good place called the Roadhouse right outside of the entrance to west entry of park. I had my normal cheeseburger/fries and it was very good. Other good items on menu also. I sat there for some time uploading Monday’s blog and catching up on other news. No WIFI, but I used my Galaxy Note II phone as a mobile hotspot and it worked great. Back at camp I washed clothes, charge electronics and read my Kindle all at the restroom. All and all, a relaxing day as …

Houston Area Bike Commuters

by the sci guy

I did a search of this sub-forum, and didn’t find an existing thread for Houston area commuters. I know there’s not a lot of us, but I thought maybe a thread where we could post our bikes, and talk about our routes, and ask questions would be nice.
And who knows, we might see each other out there!
Here’s my ride: …

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Biking to Grass Farms With Some Wind

I went on a longer ride today on the “Stroker Road – Huffman” route through the grass fields north of Crosby. Getting to the turn around corner at Stroker Road and Ramsey Road required extra effort due to riding into a strong wind. I wasn’t sure how strong it was but I got a hint when I stopped at the Huffman Chevron and took a screenshot of the weather. It showed 10 mph from the SE and when I got home the IAH weather sowed SE 14 mph with 22 mph gusts. No wonder I was tired when I reached the Chevron.

A clear sky overhead and 78 to 80 degrees provided a great setting to bike in. I wasn’t the only bicyclist out. The first one I saw was on Ramsey Road south of Old Atascocita Road. The next one was on Old Atascocita Road and the last was on Kings River Drive.

Once I made the turn on to Ramsey Road from Stroker Road the headwind turned into a nice tailwind. I was able to build up my average speed from that point. I got it as high as 15.4 mph where it stayed until the 37 mile point in Kingwood. The starts stops from there to home dragged it down to 15.2 mph over the 39.08 mile route. With today’s ride I am at 73 miles for the week and 436.92 miles for April. Year to date stands at 1447 miles.

The rest at the Chevron was really enjoyable. I sat in the sun eating and drinking to prepare for the last leg home. The wind would be in my favor most of the time. Even with the traffic noise it was relaxing to sit there. I had to force myself up and on the bike. Once on the bike I was able to keep a steady pace at 17 to 19 mph on FM1960 west.

I wore a long sleeve jersey because I thought the wind would have a chill in it and I was right. This is probably the wind from the Sunday front coming back ashore. Tomorrow it should warmup to the mid 80’s with a chance of rain. More biking weather.

Weather when I stopped at the Huffman Chevron

Weather when I stopped at the Huffman Chevron

Texas Cycling News April 20th

Ride 2 Recovery bicycle trek provides respite for veterans’ bodies, minds

By SAM PESHEK        (Video)

A 490-mile bike ride may not seem cathartic to the average person, but it works for Ronald Prothero.
After 28 years in the Army, Prothero needed an outlet to repair what he described as damage to his mind and body. He found his respite in a long-distance cycling challenge called Ride 2 Recovery. Even the name fit.
Prothero was one of 200 veterans who completed the 85-mile leg of the trek from Houston to College Station for the seventh UnitedHealthcare Ride 2 Recovery Texas Challenge on Sunday to raise awareness and …

Accident hampers cyclist’s trek to ride across Texas for charity


A bicyclist riding across Texas for charity has faced many twists and turns — and a devastating accident on the road — along the way.
Jonathan Cathey of Bozeman, Mont., started Armadillo Adventure, a nonprofit organization. He said he’s taking a 1,000-mile journey across Texas, from Dallam County to South Padre Island, as a tribute to his father who died in January 2008. His father introduced him to rock climbing and mountain biking.
“He was my best friend and my dad,” Cathey said. “It was …

Veterans Cycle 490 Miles Across Texas

By: Brooke Wellborn

Mile after mile these wounded warriors continue to pedal, churning up the endless landscape of the Lone Star State.
Although the exercise is great, for many of them, the ride is about so much more.
Jonathan Dade is a United States Navy Veteran, who is cycling in this challenge. He says, “When I first came out of the military I was struggling with depression, struggling with all the kinds of thoughts people struggle with. You know, where do I fit in, what do I do?”
Jonathan Dade served six years in the Navy. He started cycling to …

Bike on the Seawall!!

Sunday, Apr 26, 2015, 8:45 AM

Target in Galveston
6128 Broadway St Galveston, TX

5 Cyclists Attending

Bike on the Seawall RideWe will meet at the Target store parking lot which is off 61st street exit on I-45. Make a u-turn and this is the second exit after the causeway. We will bike to Moody Center for a quick break. We will not take 61st to Moody. From there we will bike to the seawall and bike on the seawall at 10 MPH all the way to McDonalds f…

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Bikeabout TX

By Gordon Hodge

Day 3- Hamilton,TX to Lampasas, TX: More hills and T-storms
Saturday April 18, 2015, 27 miles (44 km) – Total so far: 82 miles (132 km)
Weather- 57-83, winds light, slight headwind. sunny Stats-3:19 saddle time, 8.0 mph average which is improved after lighter load. started day with decent brekkie next door at Mexican restaurant. Legs felt tired but once started pedaling they felt OK. There was road construction to Evant, about 15 miles. Most of the time was very good as the road crew had just rolled new black top, very smooth. At other times I had to cross to north bound side and go south, but had 15 foot shoulder. I ran into my first bike tourer. Mike doing a 3 day hotel ride from Austin to Dallas. He was traveling light doing 80 miles per day. He rode from Amsterdam east across Russia 8 years ago on the same bike he was on today, a Trek 520.Mind you, this area is not an region or route I would expect to run into other bikers. I was trying to get to Lampasas to meet up with family who had rented a weekend VRBO house. It is an annual trip for Legato Winery Crawfish Boil. My …

Day 4- Lampasas to Round Rock, TX: great ride downwind
Sunday April 19, 2015, 61 miles (98 km) – Total so far: 143 miles (229 km)
weather- sunny, high of 85 with cool north winds 15-20 Stats- 60.7 miles, 9.3 avg,6:33 seat time.
Did not get away from family until 12 noon. But as usual my sister and best friend bro-n-law cooked up a huge breakfast. I headed south on Hwy 183 out of Lampasas, a busy 4 lane route to Austin. I expected good shoulders, but there were very few. The road was quite dangerous for cyclists, but traffic behaved very well and moved over. I was constantly glued to rear mirror the whole way. Twice I had to bale out in the grass as there was no room for vehicles to move over. No real close calls as I was vigilant and prepared. I found and alternate road to take when first chance came. There were services until Briggs at mile 20. There I stooped and there was Lucy, driving a sag car for Her boyfriend is riding a tandem with …

Reveille Peak Ranch social pace MTB Ride.

Sunday, Apr 26, 2015, 10:00 AM

Reveille Peak Ranch
2046 County Road 115 Burnet, TX

6 Mountain Bikers Attending

I am leading a social paced ride with Hill Country Outdoors that will include everything out there including the less easier to follow loops.Most of the trails are intermediate to advanced.  You should be proficient on your mountain biking skills and know how to deal with mechanicals a flats on your bike as well as carry all the tools and parts ne…

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Open Streets 2015

Bike Friendly Fort Worth

Matrix Challenge – Saturday • Apr 18 2015 Results

» Men Cat 2     » Men Cat 3
» Men Cat 4/5     » Men Juniors 10-14 Open
» Men Juniors 15-18 Cat 4/5     » Men Masters 35+ Cat 4/5
» Men Masters 40+ Cat 1/2/3/4     » Men Masters 50+ Cat 1/2/3/4
» Men Masters 60+ Cat 1/2/3/4     » Men Pro/Cat 1/2
» Women Cat 1/2/3/4     » Women Cat 3/4
» Women Juniors 10-14 Cat 1/2/3/4     » Women Juniors 15-18 Cat 1/2/3/4
» Women Masters 40+ Cat 3/4

Matrix Challenge – Sunday • Apr 19 2015 Results

» Men Cat 2     » Men Cat 3
» Men Cat 4/5     » Men Juniors 10-14 Open
» Men Juniors 15-18 Cat 4/5     » Men Masters 35+ Cat 4/5
» Men Masters 40+ Cat 1/2/3/4     » Men Masters 50+ Cat 1/2/3/4
» Men Masters 60+ Cat 1/2/3/4     » Men Pro/Cat 1/2
» Women Cat 1/2/3/4     » Women Cat 3/4
» Women Juniors 10-14 Cat 1/2/3/4     » Women Juniors 15-18 Cat 1/2/3/4
» Women Masters 40+ Cat 3/4

Ride 2 Recovery cycles through Central Texas

By KXAN News        Video

GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — Wounded war veterans are cycling across Central Texas. The Ride 2 Recovery helps vets with mental and physical injuries go through the therapy of cycling.
The 500-mile ride started in Houston and rolls into Georgetown on Monday with a police and fire escort before continuing to Killeen.

Southbound MoPac lanes to close April 20 and 23 for bike/ped bridge installation

by Amy Denney

The final two lane closures on southbound MoPac are scheduled for April 20 and 23 to complete the installation of the bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Union Pacific railroad tracks.
Starting at 8 p.m. April 20 the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority will close the center and right lanes of southbound MoPac between Parmer and Braker lanes as well as the southbound frontage road and turnaround lanes. Between 9-10 p.m. all southbound MoPac lanes will close so …

Issues with Houston’s Bike Facilities


Below is a compiled list of issues with existing bicycle facilities in Houston. This list was compiled by BikeHouston staff based on experience and facebook comments. Please keep sharing and adding missing issues. This list is being given to the City and the consultants working on Houston’s Bike Plan. It is being collected as part of the existing conditions report. The issues should be addressed by the plan through resulting policy changes, an updated bicycle facility toolbox, and map of where to put new or improved infrastructuredirty_bike_lane.
Bike Lanes: …

Cattle Egrets & Barbie Cars!

365 Days of Birds

We are 15 days and over 650 miles into our bike tour through Texas, the Ozarks, and finally along the Missouri River. Today was a good day for riding and the back roads provided both birding and “purple cow” viewing opportunities! For Molly and me, a purple cow is a unique, somewhat unusual roadside attraction.
Early in the day we stumbled upon where Barbie Cars go to die, a Barbie Car Graveyard! See the photo. Later in the afternoon Molly spotted some Cattle Egrets. It was fun to observe these …

Do the right thing: Ban parking in Austin’s bike lanes

Austin On A bike

Everywhere you look, there’s car apologists.
“I drove delivery for a while, the drivers need somewhere to park,” they retort.
“Just take the lane and go around,” they sneer.
“If you were a homeowner along a bike lane, where would you have your guests park?” they question, before redirecting. “Take it up with the city!”
And these apologists, just as often as not, take the form of bonafied in-the-flesh cyclists.
I “take the lane and go around” all the time. I have no problem with that. But I will ride regardless of bike lane, shoulder, or otherwise, and I’m not here to toot my own horn about how badass a cyclist I am. The question is never how you, the expert urban cyclist, will fare when the bike lane is blocked, but about how your elderly parents and their grandchildren would fare were they …

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