Texas Bicycling News June 2rd 2016

Team Army cycling rolls across the finish line at Warrior Games

By U.S. Army Reserve Master Sgt. D. Keith Johnson, 316th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) PAO


WEST POINT, N.Y. (June 18, 2016) ֠Team Army Cycling took 23 medals at the cycling competition at the 2016 Department of Defense Warrior Games held at the U.S. Army Military Academy at West Point, New York, June 18.
ԉ was pretty confident that we would have a pretty decisive over all victory, but I wasnӴ prepared for that much,Ԡsaid Si Wilson, the head cycling coach. ԅvery class we had a rider in we earned a medal.ԍ
Team Army Cycling had one of the largest teams of Army athletes. Twenty seven athletes competed in five categories: men and womenӳ bicycle open, hand cycle, recumbent cycle, bicycle physical disability and tandem visually impaired. Each service was limited to four cyclists per event. Courses varied from 10-30 kilometers, based on the category. Athletes were slotted into each category based on their wound, illness or injury. …

… U.S. Army Veteran Sgt. 1st Class Katie Kuiper, from San Antonio, Texas, won the gold medal for her event. This was her third year participating in the Warrior Games, and will probably be her last as a competitor. The DoD has implemented a rule allowing an athlete to compete for only two years. …

Advocates say bond funding for Bicycle Master Plan could diversify local biking community


Sharmar Mohamed Hassan doesnӴ know the words in English to describe his bicycle. So he uses his native language, Somali, to tell me itӳ a green road bike. And itӳ his primary form of transportation in Austin נwhich, at times, can be a little touch-and-go.
ԉӭ feeling afraid because thereӳ no bike lanes and thereӳ cars on the road,Ԡsaid Hassan. ԓometimes they yield to you. Sometimes they want to hit you.ԍ
Hassan started biking a few months after moving to Austin in September 2014. He got his first …



I wasn’t looking forward to the time trials this year, mainly because I knew my form to be ‘way off. But then again, I like competing no matter what the outcome. Besides my form, several fast riders turned 70 and entered the 70+ category. When I looked at the roster I estimated I’d be fighting for sixth place (out of twelve).
The individual time trial took place Saturday morning and the team time trial on Sunday morning. Fortunately, us old guys had an early morning start time, 7:40am for me. Our course began south, 10k out and back, for a total of 20k. The temperature moved into the lower 80’s with heavy humidity. I took my normal twenty-five minute warm-up and joined the other guys at the start line. …

This Texan is Riding His Bike Across America for a Great Cause


Houstonian David Baldwin is on a 3,500-mile bike ride across 11 states to raise $13.5 million for The Center. As a large nonprofit located in Houston, The Center marks their mission as ԰romot[ing] the pursuit of choice, growth, and personal independence for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.Ԡ…

Double Lake Work Party


Event category: General
Trail: Double Lake Recreation Area
Sunday, June 26, 2016 – 9:00am
MEET at the Lodge parking lot near the MTB Trail Head. Then we will drive to other side of rec area for wheelbarrow and shovel work on remaining sinkholes and drainage features. Bring shovels, wheel barrows and sunscreen, HYDRATION and BUG SPRAY!!!!
3hr max. Free entry to trail workers.
BRING BIKES – trail reopens after work party
PAYDIRT ELIGIBLE for Spring 2017 TMBRA State Championship Series.

Brushy Creek/Deception Ride

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2016, 6:00 PM

Brushy Creek Sports Park
2310 Brushy Creek Road Cedar Park, TX

1 Mountain Bikers Attending

Meet at 5:45 pm to air up, tune and hit the Brushy Creek Deception trail.Wheels down at 6:00 pm.This will be a ride for folks who want to ride Deception at a fast beginner to intermediate group pace, depending on the crowd. If we get a big group we can split up based on the pace people want to ride.NOTE: This really isn’t a ‘beginner’ trail- it…

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Rotarians ready for ride



Cyclists will be making the trip to Waxahachie Saturday for the 30th annual Cow Creek County Classic bike ride. There is still time to register for anyone interested in taking part in one of the six different rides.
The first group of cyclists is scheduled to depart at 7:30 a.m. from Waxahachie High School on Indian Drive. The ride offers six different route options for casual or experienced long-distance cyclists. …

Andrew Willis talks about last weekӳ Race Across the West

by Pam LeBlanc


About this time last week, Andrew Willis was pedaling his way up a mountain, grimacing because it felt like someone was rolling his foot in crushed glass with every stroke.
The pain, a byproduct of a gout flareup, forced him into a 12-hour break in the middle of the 930-mile Race Across the West. But Willis eventually got back in the saddle, finished the ride and returned to Austin, where today heӳ soaking in the afterglow of his accomplishment. (Heӳ also still sorting through mounds of laundry, but thatӳ another story.) …

The Deuce: 6/25/16, 7:00am, 55 miles

by RonShome


We will ride to White Rock Lake.
The weather forecast says it will be partly cloudy and 77ц at 7am and 87ц (heat index 93ц) at 11am. Winds are predicted to be 9-11mph from the S.
At mile 31.4, immediately after the QuikTrip rest stop. This sprint zone is about 4 miles long. Stop at all stop signs, then proceed safely. Regroup on Lawther Dr just before Mockinbird Ln.

Adventure 1

By Jazael Martinez


Day 37: The Lonesome Dove
Friday May 13, 2016, 102 km (63 miles) – Total so far: 2,013 km (1,251 miles)
As per usual, when I get a hotel I stay in the hotel a bit longer than when I camp. I mean hey, I paid for it! Don’t judge me! 😛 I left just before checkout at 11:00.

I looked around for a local place to get a decent breakfast. I wanted to get a full decent meal that I didn’t have to cook myself before I headed out for what I figured to be a long day. …

Day 38: Where the hell is Laredo?
Saturday May 14, 2016, 32 km (20 miles) – Total so far: 2,045 km (1,271 miles)
It was about 8:30 when I collected myself and set off from the Lonesome Dove. Today I planned on getting myself the remaining very short distance to Laredo. It was about 30 km away. It would really be almost a rest day. …

Going Further with Bike Plan Outreach


Houston Bike Plan team reaches thousands. The Houston Bike Plan may be the plan with the most robust public engagement in Houston history according to City of Houston Planning Director Pat Walsch. Over 4,000 online survey responses, 600+ map comments, an online webinar, 45 community meetings, 60+ events, 12 CIP meetings. And remarkably, 97% of the feedback gathered was positive. …

This weekend’s rides: Triple Bs / Lime Creek! Red Horn!

by Thomas


Saturday we will head out for fun with our favorite ladies on a course resembling this: https://www.strava.com/routes/4732205 After the ride hang out with us at Lakeside for some discounted burgers and beer!
Sunday is our usual Coffee Shop ride to Red Horn (https://www.strava.com/routes/4736117). It is 50 miles and is at a more relaxed social pace than our Saturday rides, but …

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New Sensor Battery May Park Community Center – Huffman Bike Ride

The ride started earlier today leaving home at 10:38 but it was still hot (90 degrees). The scattered clouds and light wind made for great biking weather. I waffled on what route to take until just before I started finally choosing the “May Park Community Center – Huffman” route over a shorter route in the same general direction. I saw one other biker not long after I turned onto Fairlake Drive from FM1960. We waved in passing. This route totaled 39.27 miles.

No issues during the ride but before the ride I replaced the battery in the speed sensor. Since I started using this sensor a few weeks ago I noticed the speed would suddenly drop to a very low speed and then jump back to the higher speed without any change in my speed. This happened using the Edge 520 and the Wahoo Elemnt which made me think it was sensor related. The only user replaceable part is the battery. During today’s ride this happened a few times that I saw but much less than on previous rides. Sometimes it happened when vehicles pass beside me. I don’t know if the vehicle caused radio interference with sensor but the new battery seemed to help some.

I stopped at the May Community Center long enough to fill my water bottle and get a paper towel to wind the sweat from my eyes and then back on the bike to ride to the Huffman Chevron for a rest break. The Elemnt pages when I arrived there.

The rest time was cooling with a breeze blowing through the pump canopy area while I sat eating and drinking PowerAde. I finished about 1:14 and got back on the bike to ride 11+ miles to home. I got home at 2:05.

The home weather before and after the ride.

I am up to 668 miles for June and my goal is 975, 307 miles away. Today marks the 11th day in a row of riding. This is the longest uninterrupted string this year. Friday’s weather forecast looks favorable for another ride.

Texas Bicycling News June 22nd 2016

Bicyclist injured in Leander crash could be charged, police say

Claire Osborn


2:15 p.m. update: The bicyclist that was hit by a car Wednesday morning will probably be charged, Leander police said.
The bicyclist, who has not been identified, was riding on a sidewalk on Bagdad Road when the rider approached the intersection with Crystal Falls Parkway. The bicyclist then illegally crossed the intersection while the pedestrian traffic light was red and was hit by a car, police said. The bicyclist received …

Fort Worth bike cops to head to RNC in Cleveland

Lauren Zakalik, WFAA


FORT WORTH נFort Worth’s downtown bike cops typically spend their days patrolling the calm streets near Sundance Square.
But for about 10 days in July, things may be a bit more tense than the average afternoon.
Tuesday afternoon, the Fort Worth Police Department’s downtown bike unit showed …

Tuesday: Intermediate/Advanced Mountain Bike Ride at the Ant Hills

Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016, 6:15 PM

15200 Memorial Dr
15200 Memorial Dr Houston, Te

1 Houston Cycling Members Attending

This will be a medium to fast pace ride through the Ant Hills of Hershey Park! Bring WATER, spare tube/tire, snacks, etc…Helmets required. Call if you are going to be late so we can wait for you. Wheels rolling by 6:30! See you there

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Lake Georgetown Trails- Cedar Breaks Trail Head – Slow Intermediate level

Saturday, Jun 25, 2016, 8:30 AM

Lake Georgetown Dam
Cedar Breaks Park Road Georgetown, TX

2 Mountain Bikers Attending

This is an unsanctioned ride.   Ride at your own risk.   Don and Nina will be doing the EPIC trail ride wheels down at 8:30 am.Helmet, eye protection and water required.   Knee and elbow pads recommended.  Don will be doing the entire EPIC trail.When:  Arrive by 8:00am to prepare yourself and your bike, wheels down promptly at 8:30 am.The Trail …

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Dick Nichols Park. Intermediate and Advanced Beginner ride(3 to 5 groups) 9 am

Saturday, Jul 2, 2016, 9:00 AM

Dick Nichols District Park
8011 Beckett Rd Austin, TX

5 Mountain Bikers Attending

Helmet, eye protection and a working bike required, spare tube suggested.We will have two or more  groups.After the ride will probably go for lunch somewhere near downtown.This is an unsanctioned ride.  Ride at your own risk.

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Brushy Creek/Deception Ride

Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016, 6:00 PM

Brushy Creek Sports Park
2310 Brushy Creek Road Cedar Park, TX

2 Mountain Bikers Attending

Meet at 5:45 pm to air up, tune and hit the Brushy Creek Deception trail.Wheels down at 6:00 pm.This will be a ride for folks who want to ride Deception at a fast beginner to intermediate group pace, depending on the crowd. If we get a big group we can split up based on the pace people want to ride.NOTE: This really isn’t a ‘beginner’ trail- it…

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Lunch & Learn: The PCC’s Bike Around the Bay Training Program

Pearland Cycling club


Are you interested in learning more about the PCC’s Bike Around the Bay training program that is exclusively for Bike Around the Bay riders? Join us at one of the upcoming information sessions to find out more. It’s free and pizza will be provided!
Session 1:
Saturday, June 25th from 11 am – 12 pm
Galveston Bay Foundation
1100 Hercules Avenue, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77058
Session 2:
Saturday, July 9th from 11 am – 12 pm
NY Pizzeria
1826 Country Place Parkway #102
Pearland, TX 77584
(just south of McHard Road/FM 2234) …

Riding for a cure



After experiencing some blues and barbecue in Clarksdale, a team of bike riders from the University of Texas rode past the lush, green cotton fields of the North Mississippi Delta en route to Memphis and beyond.
But it wasn’t tourism or sightseeing that brought the group of Longhorns on a northeastern trajectory through the Magnolia State, but rather a passionate, urgent mission to save lives.
In fact, they came through Mississippi on purpose. The trek through the Delta led them to one of the most …

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110 PSI Makes A Difference on New Caney – Gene Campbell Road Bike ride

Apparently my finger squeeze tire pressure test is not very accurate. Before today’s I ride I went out to the garage to crush some aluminum cans and then check the tires on the Stradalli. I squeezed them and the tires felt solid but I planned on airing them up. I put the airhose on the valve and the pressure gauge bounced to 60 psi or so. Pumping air into the tire I stopped at 110 psi and then squeezed the tire. It was as hard as a rock compared to a little give before adding air. Same for the back tire and now both tires are very firm. Riding over rough pavement has a new meaning. My theory about tightening the valve cores seems to have a leak. I will now check the pressure more often. This might account for my slightly slower riding speed too.

The “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” was the target for today’s ride. The weather was great again with scattered clouds most of the ride but some dark ones when I was going NW from New Caney on FM1485. Earlier when I came to US59 on Knox Drive I noticed the curb area was damp from rain before I got there. At that intersection where the Freeway Truck Sales lot used to be a large crowd was gathered at the front of the building with several Montgomery County Sheriff cars, a Porter VFD truck and other vehicles. I tried to see what was happening but I could not see over the cars.

Biking north to FM1485 went quickly thanks to the tailwind. The ride from US59 to Gene Campbell Road went quickly as well but the ride from FM1485 to FM1314 took more effort as the wind came from my left. When an 18 wheeler passed me I feel the wind disappear for a few seconds and the pedaling was easier. On FM1314 the wind became a headwind from Gene Campbell road to the Stripes station. I tried to take a break at the Cumberland Shell but their fountain machine was out of service. I went next door to Church’s Chicken and got enough ice to cover the 3+ miles to Stripes. Not knowing the stop would be short I took these pictures of the Elemnt screen at the Shell station.


The real rest stop was at the Stripes station at Valley Ranch and FM1314. The wind that slowed my riding became a cooling breeze as I sat under the pump canopy drinking Gatorade and eating.  The screen shot when I arrived at Stripes.

After resting and cooling down it was time to get hot and tired again. Rolling out to the traffic light to cross FM1314 I thought I would have some time since the sensor doesn’t trip for bikes but a car pulled up behind me and the light change not long after. The 11+ miles to home started. The wind was not too bad even though the route was mostly south into it. There were enough trees and buildings to break it up some. Winding through Briar Tree, Oakhurst and Kings Manor I was back to Kingwood and arrived home at 2:21, earlier than usual thanks to leaving home at 11:02.

Home weather at the start and finish.