Texas Bicycling News September 19th 2016

Plans in motion to revitalize Houston bike trails

by Thomas Gomez


The City of Houston wants to transform itself into a more bicycle friendly city by adding nearly 1,780 miles of bike lanes and implementing new safety policies by the year 2026.
The Houston Bike Plan, which is the official name for this initiative, has been in development since early 2015 with help from both the community and numerous partners such as the Texas Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, the …

America’s Most Bike-Crazy Mayor

By Molly Hurford


For bike love with a Texas twang, head to Fort Worth for one of Mayor Betsy Price’s rolling town hall meetings. Each week, the 66-year-old hosts a casual, 7- to 8-mile ride to meet residents—some on their own bikes, others using B-Cycle bike share—and chat about their ideas on how to improve the city. “When you put spandex on a body like mine, people will tell you just about anything,” she says. On weekends, you might spot …

Ride Like a Pirate


talk like a pirate on a bike day biketexasAvast! September 19 be Talk Like a Pirate Day, so haul yer best Pirate to yer ride and impress yer mates! (We be puttin’ these here fer a laugh. We be not wantin’ ye to do anythin’ that might land ye in traction.) Don’t be forgettin’ yer eyepatch for yer post-ride grog, savvy? And nae stealin’, either–that be the …

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Texas Bicycling News September 18th 2016

Veteran’s 900-mile ride ends in Aubrey

By Matt Payne


With sweat streaming, James Dennis doused himself with bottled water as the lower half of his body ached Saturday after a bicycle ride over the course of two weeks from Chicago to Aubrey.
His journey extracted a heavy toll. A severed back tire mid-trip demanded immediate maintenance, and a late trip to the emergency room was made at his last overnight stop in Oklahoma on Friday because the physical pain he endured exacerbated from the constant strain. …

Tour Das Hugel — To Hell and Back

by damicoaustin


Tour Das Hugel – Welcome to Pain!
What the hell is Tour Das Hugel?
A ride to Hell and back. Does anyone have a roadmap to hell or a Garmin file? Das Hugel is at least 110 miles of Austin’s most brutal hills. (Some swear it’s up to 113 miles and climbing varies from 10k-13k, but who is counting?)
While the ride features some notable (and memorable) individual hills with steep gradients, there are also hills and more hills leading to those hills.
Take solace, however, in that most of the hills are very short in length, so this isn’t like …

RoadRunner Rocks Coming 10/1!

The Spinistry


If you’ve been looking for something new and special, this is it! Gravel grinders in the morning, short track MTB and CX racing in the afternoon. 4R Ranch Vineyards & Winery is our host and the property is amazing. Routes from 17-70 miles with custom podium awards sure to be special, T-shirts, goody bags, brunch, lunch and wine tastings at this fabulous, brand new facility. Club Spinistry members receive a …

Austin bikers start 1,400 mile trek to Denver for prostate cancer awareness

by Jenni Lee, KVUE


AUSTIN – Around two dozen cyclists started their 1400 mile bike ride from Austin to Denver on Sunday morning as part of the fourth annual 1400 miles project. The goal is to get men to start talking about prostate cancer and more importantly, to get tested for it.
Riders left the parking lot of the Red Horn Coffee and Brewing House in Cedar Park and …

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Texas Bicycling News September 17th 2016

@mammajammaride ride guides off to Dripping Spring courtesy of @veloviewbiketours

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Underwire & Tires and @mammajammaride riders doing @bicyclesportshop Women's Ride

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The HTX Bike Fest Takes Over Market Square Park This Saturday

By Katharine Shilcutt


For the fourth year in a row, the HTX Bike Fest will take over Market Square Park for a Saturday filled with BMX races, bike demonstrations and, of course, beer. Even if you’re not a cyclist yourself, the BMX bikers alone are worth coming out to watch as they slide and swoop up and down ramps that will be set up along Preston Street. The festival …

Cycling growing in popularity, but racing numbers are on the decline

by Bill Cullins


Cycling may be transforming itself into less of a competitive sport and more of a “social participation” activity.
The sport has traditionally been driven by sanctioned racing (i.e., by races that have “permits” from national governing bodies such as USA Cycling). It experienced a large growth surge when American Lance Armstrong and other U.S. racers were competing at the top level of …

Singles Bike Rides

by mortalez


I have been trying to get exorcise by riding my mountain bike on the trails at night.
I started a facebook group to drum up interest in singles grouping together to ride the trails or streets in the Ft.worth area. I got the idea from watching a youtube vid where something similar goes on in florida except it’s not singles related. Do you …

The Scoop on Racing

Dirt Side Sisters


When: 08 Oct 2016
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM (CDT)
Location: Rowlett Creek Preserve, 2525 Castle Dr Garland, TX 75040
We are so lucky to live in an area where racing is so abundant. Through out the year there are so many different races put on all over East Texas, you could practically race nearly every single weekend within a couple hundred miles of DFW. Organizations like Terra Firma, DORBA, TMBRA, and Spinistry, just to name a few, work very hard to put together not only …

September Maintenance Clinic – Shocks and Suspension Settings

Dirt Side Sisters


When: 28 Sep 2016
6:30 PM (CDT)
Location: Grapevine Craft Brewery
Ever wonder what all those knobs are for on your fork or rear shock? Come learn the ins and outs of your bike suspension, socialize, and have a drink at the brewery!
Learning how to set up your suspension and how often it should be sent in for maintenance, will give you the freedom to change your settings for different types of terrain, your personal riding style, and enjoy the smoothness that your shocks have to offer for a more enjoyable ride! …

Andy Heines remembered at 2016 Conquer the Coast

By Esther Hackleman


Frank Espinoza unsnapped his helmet and lowered it to his chest for the national anthem. With a hand over his heart, Espinoza turned to face the flag mounted on the back of a white pickup that would lead the pack of racers at the 2016 Conquer the Coast. But Espinoza’s mind was on more than …

Saturday Ride Schedule

Maverick Chain Gang


September 24, 2016
Pirkey Lake – West – 31.6 miles
Meet at: First Baptist Church, 405 W Austin St, Marshall, TX – 8:00 a.m.
IMPORTANT NOICE: This is NOT the usual meeting place listed on the maps. Adds about 2 miles to the route.

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Texas Bicycling News September 16th 2016

Well, that was exciting. #winnerwinner #drivewaylife #squadra #prosandwich #beersohard

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Texas Lawmakers Review Cost Of Eliminating Toll Roads


Texas state Senate committee sees $36.7 billion cost to eliminate toll booths on all highways.

Texas lawmakers interested removing the toll booths from state highways were hit by sticker shock on Wednesday. The state Senate Transportation Committee on Wednesday heard testimony from Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) witnesses who explained that the total cost of going toll-free would be $36.7 billion due to the complex nature of the transactions involved. …

… TxDOT did recently refinance several of the toll roads to save $1 billion without extending repayment periods for the project, but there are other financial considerations. The agency’s report explained toll roads charge motorists billions of dollars over and above the cost of building and operating the road, so removing tolls would mean these funds would no longer be available to subsidize other modes of transportation, such as rail and bicycle lanes. …

Officials outline ideas for making city more bicycle, pedestrian friendly



HUNTINGTON – With an eye toward improving Huntington streets for its pedestrians and cyclists, representatives from the City of Huntington recently highlighted improvements which already have been made and outlined their plans for the future. …

… According to that report, seven studies of places which had enacted cycling/pedestrian initiatives – New York; Fort Worth, Texas; Minnesota; Portland, Oregon; San Francisco; and Austin, Texas – have seen additional retail spending or other economic benefits directly related to the initiatives. In Fort Worth, retail sales increased 163 percent between 20092011 after a bicycle lane and improved bicycle parking were installed. …

Bluff Creek Mountain Bike Escape

3G Bike Tours Katy Texas


Bluff Creek Mountain Bike Escape
November 3rd, 2016 – November 5th, 2016
$300.00 per person
Spend three days and two nights relaxing and riding the trails at Bluff Creek Ranch.
Check in November 3, 2016 at 12:00 noon and check out on November 5th, 2016 at 4:00 pm.
Nightly bonfire, full breakfast, lunches, and dinners prepared by guides. Guides will ride trail and instruct riders on sections or just ride with you to help with the …

This weekend’s rides: Ride Day Choice! Red Horn!

by Thomas


This weekend is the Tour de Cure ride for some of us. I could not wrangle up a ride leader for either day, so just show up at the regular time (7:30am) and place (Cups & Cones). There will be people there ready to ride and you guys can pick an interesting route together.
Sunday is our usual Coffee Shop ride to Red Horn. It is 50 miles and is at an …

#shortshred – Pace Bend Braahpidge

by TC


Had to sneak away to get some footage for this week’s #shortshred. Hit up one of my ole stand by’s, Pace Bend Park. Not a lot of elevation, so …

Cyclists get ready for Conquer the Coast 2016

by Eddie Cruz


A record number of riders were signing up and picking up their packets Friday morning for the 13th annual H-E-B Conquer the Coast event.

CONQUERORS! Good News – Weather forecast has substantially improved. Rain chances and wind speeds have both come down. It’s still …

Saturday Night/Sunday Morning 9/18 2am 34th Annual Full Moon Cruze

by dougmc


I should have posted this earlier — the ride is a day away, Saturday night!
t’s that time of year again, and the ride you’ve been waiting for is coming … the 34th Annual Full Moon Cruze bike ride!
This year, the ride will happen on Saturday night/Sunday morning, September 18th, 2016. Assemble at about 1:30 am at the James D. Pfluger Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge and we’ll ride out at about 2:15 am to 2:30 am.
If you only make one bicycle ride a year …

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