Texas Bicycling News July 23rd 2016

Training ride #mellowjohnnysbikeshop #mammajammaride

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Training ride #mellowjohnnysbikeshop #mammajammaride

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Thank you #juniorleagueofaustin for hosting rest stop #mammajammaride training ride #mellowjohnnysbikeshop

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Leg day every day

By Senior Airman Devin Boyer, 17th Training Wing Public Affairs


GOODFELLOW AIR FORCE BASE, Texas (AFNS) — (This feature is part of the “Through Airmen’s Eyes” series. These stories focus on individual Airmen, highlighting their Air Force story.)
His mind goes blank. All that exists is the terrain around him and the two wheels spinning below him — that is, until his body stops sweating completely.
“It caught me so off guard; I got nauseated and wanted to vomit,” said Staff Sgt. Kyle Emmel, a cyclist from Bismarck, North Dakota. “I realized, ‘Oh God, I’m at dehydration … I’m one step from a heat stroke right now.’” …

CenAus- Thursday Night Social Ride by Social Cycling ATX.


August 11, 2016
Thursday 7:30 PM (on various days)
Festival Beach
Lady Bird Lake
Austin, Texas
A ride from the Facebook group Social Cycling ATX. Meet at Plaza Satillo at 7:30p.m. leave at 8:00 p.m. sharp. Ride routes change weekly with a final stop that usually involves some complimentary Lone Star. Bring an ID and lock if you plan to join in the after ride festivities.
More info on the rides at the group’s Facebook page: {http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=56122823659](http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=56122823659)

Adventure 1

By Jazael Martinez


Day 71: Corpus Christi!
Thursday June 16, 2016, 75 km (47 miles) – Total so far: 3,181 km (1,977 miles)
Today I would set out to finish what I had set out to do the day before, get to Corpus Christi!!
Setting out on my new spoke I hoped for the best. I was a bit nervous to be honest. I recalled how Tom, who I had ridden with earlier on the trip, had broken two spokes back to back. I was a bit nervous but all I could do was ride, and see how it went. …

Bicyclist in serious condition following hit-and-run crash on Southwest Side

By Tyler White


SAN ANTONIO — A bicyclist is in serious condition Saturday after being run over by a vehicle in a hit-and-run crash on the Southwest Side, according to police.
Police at the scene said a 50-year-old man was riding his bike in the middle of New Laredo Highway sometime before 3 a.m. when a blue vehicle crashed into him. …

Tour de Gap bike race was a family affair

By Scott Kirk


BUFFALO GAP — Fernando Sil’s debut in bike racing occurred Saturday morning at the 34th Tour de Gap.
The Mexico City native, now an architect in Dallas, figured at least one thing would set him apart from the other 300 riders.
“I’m probably the only one here on a mountain bike,” he said.
Sil was in the race with his girlfriend, Zia Reeves and her parents, Jim and Beth Reeves of …

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Almost Reached My Mileage Goal Bike Ride

I biked the “Atascocita – Walden – Huffman” route again today and this time I stopped and took pictures of the turtles on the log and they are really on my phone.

Turtles on a log

Several of them dove into the water as I unclipped from the pedals. I was far enough away I thought they couldn’t hear or see me plus I was behind the bridge railing.

I was delayed starting the ride by swim practice. I took my niece to the YMCA for Special Olympics and did not get back home until 11:15. While I waited for swim practice to finish I watched stage 20 of the TdF on my Chromebook. I started riding at 11:51. The temperature was a nice cool 95 degrees by then. It didn’t feel so hot while I was moving but whenever I stopped there was no doubt.

With the later start I chose this route to get 30+ miles and ended up biking 31.37 miles. This puts me with 22 miles of the 765 mile goal for July. So far I rode 221 miles this week.

The Huffman chevron is where I stopped for a rest break. A large fountain drink of blue PowerAde washed down a Clif bar and a whole grain fruit bar. I think I am getting burned out on both of those. I thought I took pictures of the Elemnt screen but they are not on my phone like the missing turtle photos from a couple of days ago. The break came at 20.1 miles into the ride and I stopped at 1:18 PM. I did manage to get the Huffman weather while I was resting.

7-23-2016 Huffman Weather

As you can see the wind was not much of a factor in today’s ride. Heat was though. Looking ahead to Monday and Tuesday rain is in the forecast but only around a 50% chance. I rolled away from the Chevron station about 1:54 heading west on FM1960. The ride went as planned and I finished the ride at 2:41. Before going inside I watered a couple of plants that are suffering from the dry conditions. At my house July rain is .02″ for the month.

I may ride tomorrow after church although watching the final stage (courtesy of my DVR) may keep home.

Home Weather Ride Start and Ride End

Texas Bicycling News July 22nd 2016

Cyclists ride in honor of man injured in hit and run accident

By Nikela Pradier



CORPUS CHRISTI – The cycling community rallying around Andy Heines, who was critically hurt while riding his bike on Wednesday morning.
Heines is the Communications Director for AEP Texas. He’s also known by many in the community as an avid cyclist.
He was planning to join a group that rides together every Thursday evening. On the day after his accident, the cyclists held a moment of silence for Heines and rode in his honor.
One of Heines’ co-workers, …

83 years old and climbing



Octogenarian racer attempting Telluride 100 this weekend
When Fred Schmid shows up for coffee at the Butcher and the Baker Wednesday morning, heӳ got all the trappings of a pro cyclist; the silver belt buckle he received for finishing the Leadville 100 mountain bike race in under 12 hours, a Carmichael Training Systems sponsor cap and distinct stripes on the neckline of his jersey, which denote his world champion status.
Telluride is no stranger to hosting world-class athletes. But Schmid is a special case. This world-class athlete is 83 years old. …

… When he was 61, his wife Suzanne noticed him peering longingly into the window of the local bike shop in Waco, Texas, much like a little boy at a candy store. Knowing he was getting worried of losing his fitness with age, she bought him a Cannondale full-suspension mountain bike for Christmas. It was 1994. …

Ride Interview- BlazinҠSaddle 75- Granbury, Texas

By Jennifer Jones


And they say Texas is flat!!! Are you ready for one of the most inclined rides in Texas?
Well if you are, you need to check out BlazinҠSaddle 75 in Granbury, Texas. This ride is used by many as a stair step for Hotterӎ Hell 100 and can show you what youӲe made of. This scenic route through Granbury, Texas is destination for many, and what better way to experience the lake and the hill country than on your bicycle?!
Recently, I was able to speak with Scott Pangle, the founder of BlazinҠSaddle 75. Check out a …

The 9th Annual LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour

Pit’s Fritztown News


That was quite some time ago now, as it was on April 2 this year, but for a variety of reasons I have not been able to blog about it yet ֠what I originally had intended to do immediately. But now, finally, I am going to write about the 9th Annual LBJ 100 Bicycle Tour. …

Trail plan would link county, NM, Juárez

Lindsey Anderson, El Paso Times


Connecting trails, bike paths, parks and historic sites from Las Cruces to Tornillo to Juárez is the focus of a new initiative from the El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization.
The Active Transportation System aims to link existing paths around El Paso County and the region, promoting carless transportation such as biking and …

Laguna Vista hosts first bike rodeo



Learning to ride a bicycle is a rite of passage for a child. That moment when mom or dad, running behind you, hanging onto your seat to steady you as you wobble the first few feet, finally lets go. Suddenly you’re pedaling furiously, heart racing, experiencing that rush of adrenaline as you realize you’re riding on your own for the first time.
While bike riding is great for fun and exercise, these days, with so many distracted drivers talking and texting behind the wheel bicycle safety is more important than ever, according to Laguna Vista senior officer Frank Lerma. So the …

Cove House now accepting registrations for annual bicycling event

By LYNETTE SOWELL Cove Leader-Press


On the morning of Saturday, August 13 bicycling enthusiasts from all over Central Texas and beyond will converge at First Baptist Church to kick off the annual Cove House Classic Bike Tour.

The event is a fundraiser for Cove House Emergency Homeless Shelter, which will receive all proceeds from the event. This is one of the shelter’s largest fundraising events of the year, in addition to its annual banquet each fall.

Registration for single riders is $30, with a fee of $40 for tandem riders. Registration may be completed online now or …

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Big Bug Smack Bike Ride

Another hot day of biking. I did start a little earlier than yesterday as I punched the start button on the Elemnt at 10:15. As I rode around Kingwood preparing to exit I felt a coolness whenever I rode in the shade. I knew this wouldn’t last long though as I headed to I-69/US59 to ride the “New Caney – Gene Campbell Road” route. Today I biked 36.90 miles moving within 54 miles of my July goal of 765 miles. YTD miles total 4,747.

Nothing unusual on today’s ride. I did not see any other bikers either. I did have a big bug smack my sunglasses as I was riding on FM1314 making a loud pop and surprising me.

The rest stop today was at the Cumberland Shell station. It came at 22.5 miles into the ride. The shade and Gatorade washing down a Clif bar was refreshing as I prepared to ride the 14+ miles to home.

Wind was not much of an issue to today at 3 mph from the south. I was producing lots of sweat when I stopped at the rest stop. I used many paper towels to dry off some. I left there around 12:22 riding southeast towards Porter. I was making good time and keeping my average speed at 15.0 mph. Once I got to Kings Manor I had to slow for stop signs and traffic and it started dropping to 14.4 mph when I finished at 1:28.

I will finish watching stage 19 of TdF now. It appears Froome has it in the bag.

My home weather station at the end of the ride

7-22-2016 Home Weather Finish 146PM