Wading Through Rain and Grime to Bike Ride

I tried several times today to ride before I finally got a break in the rain and took off at 1:17 PM. Earlier every time I would start to get ready it would rain. I watched the weather radar and the rain clouds would part and then come back over Kingwood. Around 12:30 I could see the rain had moved to the east and west. It was time to get on the bike and ride.

The streets were still damp but not enough to spray up my back. I was thinking of riding to the southeast to Huffman but the rain clouds seemed to congregate there and I change the ride to the north on the “Oakhurst – Sorters Rd – Valley Ranch” route. I hoped to ride 30 miles but this route just isn’t long enough and I ended up riding 27.45 miles averaging 14.4 mph.

Dark clouds were in the distance as I rode under US59 towards Sorters Road. The plan was to ride north and then turn south away from the clouds. Plans don’t always work though. As I exited Briar Tree and went west on Old Sorters Road I felt a few rain drops. The rain was light and didn’t increase as I reached FM1314. Riding on FM1314 toward Porter I still was in the light rain drops. At Valley Ranch Parkway I crossed over FM1314 to the Stripes store and stopped under the pump canopy for a few minutes to take a drink, rest and see if the rain was going to stop or stay the same. Leaving Stripes I went north on Valley Ranch Parkway under the light rain. The section from Stripes to US59 doesn’t have any shelter to get under if it rains so I thought I would be okay. Turning east from Valley Ranch Parkway on Valley Ranch Bend it was still sprinkling.

My wardrobe selection was a long sleeve jersey, shorts and a jacket. I chose the jacket in case it rained more than for warmth. It was called into service once I turned onto Valley Ranch Crossing for the final stretch to US59. I t started to rain harder but I kept going until I got to the store at US59. I waited under the pump canopy a few minutes and the rain went away. I didn’t wanted to get stopped there in case I had to call my wife to rescue me; the Grand Parkway construction is in the area and the station is hard to get to.

I rolled away from the canopy onto the US59 south service road to Porter. The street was wet and I rode through some mud from the construction traffic. I knew I would need to wash my bike when I got home. The rain stopped and I made it to FM1314 where I waited for the light to change. From there the service road became dry for a mile or so before I got back into the wet pavement. No more rain but wet streets spraying grime on me and my bike.

Under US59 at Northpark Drive and up the north service road to E. Knox Drive and I was within 5 miles of home. Crossing Loop 494 I rode through Woodridge Forest to Northpark Drive and then home. Rolling into the driveway I leaned the bike against the fence and took off my jacket, gloves and helmet to get ready to wash the bike. It was grimy but the hose and soap took care of that. Now a shower for me and I am ready.

I am making progress on February mileage reaching 293.02 miles with today’s ride. Year to date I am up to 435 miles. Weather has not cooperated this week. Monday through Wednesday was cold, Thursday I took my wife to the medical center, and Friday it rained. Tomorrow I take my niece and Brandi to the Top Hands Horse Show at NRG Arena so no biking. Monday another cold front arrives and stays for most of the week. Spring is a month away, when will the weather start behaving itself?


Texas Bicycling News Digest February 20th

Triathlete trains for a new life after accident left her partially paralyzed

by Mat Garcia, KENS        www.khou.com

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio triathlete, once believed to be paralyzed from the waist down, is beating the odds.
In October of 2012, Monica Caban was training for her next triathlon when a truck hit her while she was riding her bicycle on the Interstate 10 access road near Fair Oaks Park Way.
The impact threw her 30 feet and left her partially paralyzed.
In reflecting on the accident from her northeast side home, Caban said, “Two years ago in the hospital, I thought my life was going to be very different.”
It’s been baby steps ever since.
She greets her physical therapist Stephanie Compean every …


Cycling Community: THANK YOU for all the support and best wishes for YOUR Laredo HS MTB Team. It was an incredible 2nd Season at the Texas High School MTB League and our kids did an OUTSTANDING job. Personally, it is extremely rewarding to witness the development of such a fine group of student-athletes and how the community has rallied up to provide them with the best opportunities to succeed.. THANK YOU for your …

Cities sweep streets for cyclists, pedestrians

BY SKY CHADDE STAFF WRITER        www.brownsvilleherald.com

McALLEN — Commuters on Jackson Road saw a strange sight Thursday morning: a caravan of big machines sweeping debris from the street’s bike lanes, which many drivers use as de facto right-turn lanes.
McAllen has had street sweepers clean the shoulders before, but this was the first time several cities have pooled resources to accomplish the task in one fell swoop, Commissioner Veronica Vela Whitacre said.
Under the name Operation Clean Sweep, the street sweepers ploughed through the …

Program stresses importance of helmets, helps area second-graders keep safety in mind

By CAITLIN PERRONE        www.theeagle.com

Close to 3,000 students gathered in Reed Arena on Thursday morning to learn about the importance of wearing helmets in sports, but they didn’t know they’d be ending the day a bit safer with a helmet of their own.
Second-graders from the Bryan, College Station, Brenham, Navasota, Anderson-Shiro, Mumford, Hearne, Snook and Caldwell districts filled nearly half the stadium as part of “Hard Hats for Little Heads,” a …

Armstrong to ride in Livestrong event

By JIM VERTUNO        lubbockonline.com

AUSTIN — Lance Armstrong is getting back on his bike, this time to ride and raise money for the charity he founded and was later pressured to leave.
Armstrong has set up a fundraising team for the Livestrong Challenge ride in Austin in October. It will be …

Cycling in the Southwest

Visit El Paso

here’s a real love of cycling in El Paso! Trails, breathtaking scenery, protected paths – hop on your bike in the Sun City, pick a trail and hit up one of our delicious Mexican food hot spots or craft beer pubs!

ATC Racing’s Junior Women Program

by Allison Atkinson        austintriathlonstore.blogspot.com

I was asked to write a little blog post on ATC’s newest, youngest members and how our Junior Squad came about. I wish I had an exciting story, that I could say I’d always wanted to work with juniors, or that I saw a void in the Austin cycling community for the young ladies who wanted to race their bikes and had no team willing to guide them. Well, those thoughts never crossed my mind. This was one of those unintended yet meaningful collaborations that came about through a collection of “small deeds.”
Sunday Morning: The juniors and I ride trainers on a rainy day out at Austin Tri-Cyclist 360. We are goofing off …

Tour de Cure for the American Diabetes Association


CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) – The third annual Coastal Bend Tour de Cure bike ride will be held April 11th at Whataburger Field.  Proceeds benefit the American Diabetes Association.  A kick-off celebration will be held on February 24th at 5:30 at Brewster Street Ice House.  Visit www.tour.diabetes.org for more information.

South By South Fixed 6

by Cliff        fixedtouring.com

The 6th Annual South By South Fixed ride. 2 Days. 240 Miles.
A weekend of Bike riding and Beer drinking to finish off the weeklong festival.
This year we are starting in Austin and riding North finishing in Dallas where we will stop at a bar in downtown.
Traditionally this is a fixed gear ride, however geared bikes are welcome.
We are going to meet in Austin Friday night at the Motel 6 Midtown Austin. Get up early Saturday, meet at a diner for breakfast then officially start the ride to …

Thursday Morning Ride

Thursday, Feb 26, 2015, 11:30 AM

2 Members Attending

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Texas Bicycling News Roundup February 19th

Fit, Form, and Function

Words and Photos :  Anne Clarrissimeaux        texasbikeracing.com

The right bike fit can make all the difference.
The devil is in the details, they say –– and for bicycle racers, those details and that devil can be maddening. Now that road season is nearing full swing, everyone’s paying attention to those details again. Since the sport of cycling is measured in the smallest of increments, from the weight of a wheelset to the height of the seat, racers want to make sure their equipment is not only the best quality, but also set up properly in order to help them perform at their best.
But what about the racer’s own body? How well does the racer fit the bicycle?
Simply put and quite obviously said, because the power comes from the racer himself, the racer must be in the most ideal position in order to be as efficient as possible and …

Houston Bike Master Plan Funded By City

Cycling Space City

The Houston City Council has voted to fund a Bike Master Plan. A consultant will be hired to develop a master plan to help make Houston easier to navigate by bike.  The city has budgeted $125,00 and Bike Houston has promised $100,000  You can read about it in this Houston Press Article
Interesting to me is the Houston-Galveston Area Council is supposed to kick in $100,000 for the study.  That is the group that came up with …

Cap Metro to host workshop for cyclists who use bus, train

by Pam LeBlanc        fitness.blog.austin360.com

A cyclist loads his bike into a Cap Metro train in this file photo by Ricardo Brazziell of the Austin American-Statesman.
Need tips on loading your bike onto a bus or train?
Not sure how to use a bike cage?
Want to share your thoughts about multi-modal commuting?
Cyclists are invited to a Gear Talk workshop hosted by Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority from 5:30 to 8 p.m. March 3 at Cycleast Bike Shop, 1619 East Cesar Chavez Street. (And …

Lancaster Country Ride (Bike Rally)

Saturday, Apr 11, 2015, 8:30 PM

14 Members Attending

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OTC Kickoff Dinner 2/26/15

Sunday Rides-Winter/Spring 2015** @ Intersection of Sparta Rd & FM 439

W.O.W Central Texas

Mar 1 @ 1:33 pm – Jun 21 @ 6:33 pm
Sunday 2015 Winter/Spring  RIDE TIME!!    Rides will take off at 1:33Pm  sharp!!  Be prepared! Have your tires pumped up, your helmet snapped on, and be ready to roll out!
We start from the intersection of FM 439 and Sparta Road for an out-and-back total of 27-30 miles with smooth road, rolling hills, and minimal (and usually polite) traffic. Ride the whole distance or, if you are a beginner, go whatever distance you are comfortable with and then turn around and go back to the start. You will find that you can ride farther and have more fun when you have someone else riding with you, so we try to put riders in pairs/groups so no one rides alone.  Bring a change of clothes if you would like to hang with the  WOW’s  after the ride at Dead Fish Grill.

2015 Brevet Ride Schedule

Hill Country Randonneurs

200k     2/28/2015     7am     RUSA     No Return to Fitzhugh
300k     3/7/2015     7am     RUSA     Rock-burn 300
200k     4/4/2015     6am     ACP     San Marcos Stretch
300k     4/4/2015     6am     ACP     Fredricksburg 300
400k     4/4/2015     6am     ACP     Come and Take It 400
400k     4/25/2015     6am     ACP     Luling 400
600k     4/25/2015     6am     ACP     Luling 600
1000k     5/9/2015     6am     ACP     In progress

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Texas Bicycling News Digest February 18th

How to Organize a Ciclovia or Open Streets Event

by Melissa Stanton, AARP Livable Communities        www.aarp.org

When roads are closed to cars and trucks (as Brownsville, Texas, does several times a year), people can safely walk, bicycle and even dance in the streets
Every Sunday in Bogotá, Columbia, more than 70 miles of roads are closed to vehicular traffic so nearly two million people can walk, bicycle, skate, dance, play games, socialize or simply sit and relax in the middle of the city’s streets. The event, which began in 1976, is called the Bogotá Ciclovia. …

The Periwinkle Foundation Presents 20th Cycle for Life Bicycle Spin-a-Thon: Funds raised go toward programs for children with cancer


HOUSTON,TX (February 18, 2015) – The Periwinkle Foundation announces its 20th Annual Cycle for Life Spin-a-Thon at 9 a.m. on March 7 at The Houstonian Club, 111 N. Post Oak Lane, to raise funds to provide healing programs and camps for children, teens and families challenged by cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.  Presented by White Oak Energy, this year’s theme is “There’s No Place Like Periwinkle” and welcomes biking and spinning enthusiasts from around the Houston area who are teaming up to support the Foundation.
Along with riders, the indoor spin-a-thon brings together patients, families and Periwinkle supporters for a …

Road to Recovery: A Texoma Man Involved In Biking Accident Speaks Out



Wichita Falls, TX – A Texoma man involved in a cycling accident is happy to be alive. He shared his story with Newschannel 6 and has a message for drivers about sharing the road. It happened nearly two weeks ago on the Access Road along Interstate-44 heading southbound.
Newschannel 6 Jimmie Johnson and the rider went back to the crash site as the rider reflected back on that day.
It has been an …

Uptown lacks benefit of designated bike lanes

By Tom J. Compson        www.houstonchronicle.com

From the window of my Galleria-area office, I can see at least a half-dozen cranes looming over sites of new hotels, condos and offices. It’s exciting to see the new buildings, but it’s not so fun contemplating the additional traffic they are generating on our already overcrowded streets and highways, with more to come as the new buildings fill up with employees and residents.
I have worked here for more than 16 years and can well attest to Uptown’s legendary traffic jams. The most difficult part of my daily commute is just …

2.42 Mile Hike & Bike Trail known as “Brays Bayou Connector Trail” Re-bid


Bid Date & Time: 02/02/15 3:30 PM
Prebid: 01/22/15 3:30 PM
Solicitation Title: 2.42 Mile Hike & Bike Trail known as “Brays Bayou Connector Trail” Re-bid
Owner Solic Number: 1151-00    Status: bidding    Report: 5736833
Country :United States     State: TX    County: Harris
Location: Houston
Set Aside Types: MBE/DBE (Minority / Disadvantaged)
Scope: Approx. 12,700 SY of 5-1/2 inch reinforced concrete paving; Approx. 1,121 CY concrete retaining walls; Associated trees, landscaping, and irrigation; Install underpass lighting; 245 LF of C900-DR18 (class 150) PVC waterline; 55 LF of 24″ HDPE pipe; See attached file.
Notes: A non-mandatory pre-bid conference will be held on Thursday, January 22, 2015, at 3:30 PM, Local Time, at the office of Brown & Gay Engineers, Inc.A DBE contract goal of 8.09%. Sealed bids will be received at the office of Brown & Gay Engineers, Inc.; 10777 Westheimer, Suite 400; Houston, Texas, 77042. This project has a “prevailing wage” requirement. …

Featured Video of the Month in Texas MTB Park Newsletter

hunrugger        forums.mtbr.com

My video made the Featured Video of the Month in Reveille Peak Ranch’s February Newsletter.
Like, subscribe and share I’ll be rich.
February News from the Ranch

Saturday 2/21 [Avery Ranch] & Sunday 2/22 [Coffee Shop Ride]

by Thomas, Steiner Ranch Cycling

On Saturday 2/21 join us for the Avery Ranch Ride!  The ride leaves from Cups & Cones at 8:30am.  There will be two distinct ride groups to accommodate everyone (15-17 mph and 18-20 mph).  Note that the 18-20 mph group may be lightly attended due to the Pace Bend Road Race on Sunday.  This is NOT a no-drop ride, so check the ,,,

Big Southie pre-ride South loop

Sunday, Feb 22, 2015, 9:00 AM

Dick Nichols Park
8011 Beckett Austin, TX

1 Mountain Bikers Attending

2/22, 9 AM, Dick Nichols Park: full South loop w/ concrete Veloway and Bauerle, 20 miles.

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