Texas Bicycling News January 16th 2017

Lance Armstrong still clocking big training miles despite lifetime ban

By Cycling News | www.cyclingnews.com

Texan does 185km in six hours with Lawson Craddock
Lawson Craddock (Cannondale-Drapac) and fellow Texan Lance Armstrong shared a bike ride this weekend in Austin, the 45-year-old former pro said Sunday evening via social media. …

Saturday Ride Schedule

Maverick Chain Gang | maverickchaingang.org

January 21, 2017
Pirkey Lake – West – 31.6 miles
Meet at: First Baptist Church, 405 W Austin St, Marshall, TX – 9:00 a.m.
January 28, 2017
Brad Spann – 27.3 miles
Meet at: Evangelical Presbyterian Church, 4700 Victory Dr, Marshall, TX – 9:00 a.m.
February 4, 2017
Pope City – 32.1 miles
Meet at: North side of Walmart parking lot, 1701 SE End Blvd, Marshall, TX – 9:00 a.m.

I normally do not include triathlon news but this applies to Texas bicycling.

Texas triathlon retailer offers franchises

by BRAIN Staff | www.bicycleretailer.com

DALLAS (BRAIN) — Playtri, an endurance sports retailer, coaching service and event producer, is opening triathlon store franchise opportunities this year. The company plans to focus on selling franchises in Texas and surrounding states at first.
Playtri was founded in 2000 as an endurance coaching company. In 2004, Paytri added event production and in 2011 the company opened its first triathlon retail store.
The company now as …

Southern Tier Winter Tour

By David Hayes | www.crazyguyonabike.com

Day 22 – Del Rio to Langtry TX: The Universe Speaks…Again
Monday January 16, 2017
I didn’t rise too early today, mostly because I stayed up too late last night in my hotel room watching Goliath, an awesome series on Amazon Prime. But I did manage to make it out of Del Rio and be on the road by 8:30am. Not too bad really!
Today was a day of firsta, and of quite a bit of soul-searching. The first “first” was meeting not one, but two, sets of fellow travelers. The second “first” was that Jerry & Ruth were the first travelers I’ve met so far who were traveling in my direction. Though I’m traveling faster than they are, and not exactly following the same route; for today it worked out perfectly. It was so pleasant…and weird!…to have people to talk with while riding. To chat with over dinner as we camped at the Community Center in the tiny little town of Langtry. And the final “first” was actually using my backpacking stove and cooking utensils that I’ve been hauling around for three weeks.
Naturally, I HAD to use them…no other choice here in Langtry since there is no …

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Texas Bicycling News January 15th 2017

Southern Tier Winter Tour

By David Hayes | www.crazyguyonabike.com

Day 21 – Del Rio Rest Day: When Football Reigns Supreme!
Sunday January 15, 2017
My body is really used to early mornings now. It woke up very early on its own and I was out before dawn…like usual…foraging for a big breakfast. I’m doing so much physical exercise each day I’m always ravenous when I wake up. I had a very pleasant conversation with my waitress, who has visited with plenty of bike tourers who come through Del Rio throughout the year. She hasn’t seen any too recently, but she knew right away that I was on a tour when she saw me ride up.
My goals for today are as follows:
– Cheer the Cowboys on to victory!
– Get a load of laundry done. I sweat enough in my cycling clothes each day (not to mention the occasional rain) that I need to at least put things in the dryer pretty much every day. I do have a spare set of cycling bib shorts and cycling jersey, but I try and keep those stored away for an emergency while I just keep washing and/or drying the other set each day.
– Replenish my Fig Newton supply. They really are …

All smiles at the beginning of a wet #raa2017! #roadseasonbegins #athletearchitectureracing 📷: @iwonahill

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Texas Bicycling News January 14th 2017

Irving’s Campion Trail: The Dallas Bike Ride You Never Saw Coming

by John Wachunas | www.spinlister.com

The modest city of Irving, Texas can easily get lost in the massive suburban sprawl surrounding the Big D. Unless, of course, you’ve come here for the cycling.
Unbeknownst to most Dallas visitors, the Campion Trail in Irving is poised to offer some of the best bike riding in North Texas. Its proposed 22+ mile pathway will eventually connect the West Fork and Elm Fork tributaries of the Trinity River, however even in its current disjointed state it still offers a formidable ride. The freshly laid concrete is …

A magical ride through USA and life

By TOM HALEY | www.rutlandherald.com

Imagine the scene: You’re pedaling your bicycle on a Texas highway and a car passes with the lyrics of “Against The Wind” by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band spilling out the window. It was one of the big hits of that year and a cyclist’s anthem if there …

COMPETITIVE MTB LOOP – 24 Hours in the Canyon

24hoursinthecanyon | www.youtube.com

TxDOT looks at improving Texas 6, Clay Road intersection

By Karen Zurawski | www.chron.com

Options to improve the intersection of Texas 6 at Clay Road will be presented by the Texas Department of Transportation during a Jan. 24 open house meeting at the Bear Creek Park Community Center, 3055 Bear Creek Drive, from 5:30-7:30 p.m.
A legal notice says the open house is intended to present proposed project alternatives and to obtain comments.
“The study will evaluate the no-build alternative as well as build alternatives to …

Southern Tier Winter Tour

By David Hayes | www.crazyguyonabike.com

Day 19 – Vanderpool to Camp Wood TX: “Only” Is Relative
Friday January 13, 2017
It is “only” 38 miles or so from the Lost Maples area north of Vanderpool Texas to Camp Wood Texas, my desired stopping point for the night. At home, in a paceline riding the Germantown HS loop to include the Mt. Leopard extension (about 42 miles total), I could make it in no more than 3 hours, and most probably less.
But that word “only” leaves a lot out.
Getting on the road before dawn, I was full of dread for the day ahead. First, as I departed the Foxfire Cabins at dawn it was raining. And it kept raining off and on all morning. Now, that in and of itself isn’t too bad. But I also knew I had three of the steepest climbs I’d face during my entire trip ALL between Vanderpool and Camp Wood (see the attached pic of the Elevation Chart). So, “only” 38 miles might be a …

Day 20 – Camp Wood to Del Rio TX
Saturday January 14, 2017
Though I dreaded my planned ride yesterday (rain + wind + steep, long ascents), I figured I’d have a good chance of making it even if it was really tough.
However, when I started this morning I really thought I might not make it at all. Though I knew the rain would likely not last too long in the morning, and I also knew the wind would help me a bit in some places in addition to slowing me down in others (unlike the past three days in which it always was bad), I also knew this was my longest ride I’d be trying to get done so far. 78 miles.
Again, trying to plan out my ride days ahead was an important factor. Sure, I could have stopped in the tiny town of Bracketville after 48 miles today, but that posed one possible major problem. As I learned in Camp Wood, tiny little towns may give me no phone signal at all AND the wifi might be useless-to-nonexistant. The need for wifi/some sort of decent phone signal was important because I knew Sunday would be a rest day.
Now, remember, my original plan had me taking a rest day every 10 days. That, of course, is …

The University of Texas at Austin Cycling Team


What an incredible week out in leakey, tx for some #basemiles at team training camp before road season begins! and a …

Masons grateful

Don Talley | tdn.com

Longview Masonic Lodge No. 263 members thank everyone who supported last year’s “Bikes for Books” program which promotes increased child literacy throughout the county.
The “Bikes for Books” program provided two bikes for second-grade readers at each Kelso, Woodland, Kalama and Longview elementary schools.
This program could not have realized its success without the support of school principals, second-grade teachers and a number of community leaders who helped in a number of ways including PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center (represented by Dave Collins), and the Woodland and …

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Warm Here But Chilly Elsewhere Bike Ride

Weather can vary a lot in Texas. Around the Houston area today the temperature was in the 70’s while in the Austin area it was in the upper 40’s to low 50’s. I took advantage of the warm weather to go on a bike ride using the “New Caney – Tavola – Valley Ranch” route for a total of 33.54 miles. This map shows the wide range of temperatures at the end of the bike ride.

Houston and Austin temperatures

Space City Weather blog had forecast this saying the cold front would not make it to the Houston area. Even with the warm temperature I wore a thermal long sleeve jersey and a short sleeve jersey over top. I am a temperature wimp and the wind still felt chilly as I biked through it. The wind was from the SE at 10 mph which was great on the ride to Tavola but the ride back was when the chill became noticeable.

I started the bike ride at 12:07 and finished at 2:29 under overcast skies most of the time. No other cyclists crossed my path during the ride. I am making progress to meet my 300 mile goal for the month with 232.3 miles so far. I am thinking about riding the Bike Through the Forest and Hills – Coldspring, TX ride next Saturday. It has been several years since I rode that ride and the weather looks favorable so far.

Link to RideWithGPS.com map and metrics. Link to Strava data.

Today's bike ride summary