Texas Bicycling News Digest April 23rd

HPD officer hits, kills bicyclist in southeast Houston

abc13.com        VIDEO

HOUSTON (KTRK) — The intersection of MLK Boulevard and Reed Road in southeast Houston is completely closed after a Houston Police Department cruiser hit and killed a man on a bicycle around 4:40am this morning.
Houston police say Officer R. Scott was traveling westbound on Reed Road and had the green light when they say a man on a bicycle heading southbound on MLK biked into Reed Road and collided with Officer Scott.
We know the officer’s squad car lights were not on and investigators are working to see if the bicyclist had any lights on his bike. Witnesses tell us the officer was traveling fast. HPD …

Richard DeGarmo seeks financial support following cancer surgery

By VeloNews.com

American cycling pioneer Richard DeGarmo, a former president the United States Cycling Federation — the precursor to USA Cycling — and director of the Tour of Texas, is seeking financial help following surgery for liver cancer.
“Richard gave so many of my generation a fabulous month-long series of races that helped us not only jump start the season, but also our careers,” Olympic champion Connie Carpenter Phinney said. “He provided us host accommodations so that we could stay and race for the entire month of March. He was way ahead of his time and simply loved the sport of cycling.
“[He] gave many of us a forum to race and develop our talents. It will be a very long road and he is in …

Houston lawyer raises more than $100,000 for charity bike ride

by Lindsay Stafford Mader        blog.texasbar.com

The morning after severe thunderstorms and hail caused the first phase of the BP MS 150 charity bike ride to be canceled, cool and clear skies kicked off day two of the annual event, which is typically a 180-mile trip from Houston to Austin. Because of the weather on Saturday, participants started on Sunday at the mid-way point. For the fourth year in a row, Houston lawyer Stephen Susman was the top fundraiser out of approximately 13,000 participants, bringing in $118,009. He was part of his firm Susman Godfrey’s team, named “Swift Justice,” which has raised more than $1.1 million since it …

Wounded veterans cycle out of Killeen, head to Waco

JC Jones | Herald staff writer        kdhnews.com

FORT HOOD — Cyclists taking part in the Ride 2 Recovery Texas Challenge are headed toward their next stop on the six-day journey after a send-off ceremony at Fort Hood’s III Corps Headquarters this morning.
The nearly 200 veterans arrived in …

City of Tyler seeks funding for bike trails

by FAITH HARPER        www.tylerpaper.com

Tyler Bicycle Club cyclists periodically pedal to Faulkner Park to cruise down mountain bike trails together, but the ride can be dangerous.
“There’s no way to get to Faulkner Park other than taking Broadway, which is crazy or Old Jacksonville, which is crazier than Broadway,” Elite Bicycles Store Manager Joe Self said.
The destination could be made safer for cyclists if the city of Tyler receives a grant for federal funds to make new trails to connect the Rose Rudman Trail to Faulkner Park and add a regional trail from …

New Bike Trails Get the Green Light

By Jacqueline Sarkissian        www.cbs19.tv


TYLER (KYTX) – City Council gave the go ahead to apply for a federal grant through Texas Department of Transportation that would expand its biking trails.
Bikers are pleased after hearing Tyler City Council approves more trails in the community. One biker says this is long overdue.
Manager of Elite Bicycle Joe Self says, “especially where they’re talking about adding it along the Old Jacksonville Corridor that’s an extremely dangerous area for cyclists and even drivers.” Self says there has been many accidents at this location.
“There was a kid that was killed last year right where they’re talking about adding the route and also we had one of our local riders get hit right there …

Bike Routes, Bike Lanes, and Signed Routes


Bicycles may be operated on all roadways, except where prohibited. However certain roads may be more desirable for use due to low traffic speeds and volumes and do not necessitate a separated bike facility. These roadways can be designated as shared lane bike routes with route signage and pavement markings to designate shared use of the travel lanes. Shared lanes should not be used as a substitute for conventional bike lanes when space permits.
Typical Use
On streets with low traffic volume (=3,000 ADT)
On streets with low travel speeds (= 35 mph)
To fill a gap or transition between bike facilities
Facility Benefits …

Bicycle Tour Leads Couple through Multiple States

by Lisa Tipton        www.brownwoodnews.com

On a bicycle built for two, Brian and Dena Squire are taking a once-in-a-lifetime, 5300 mile trip through the central part of the U.S., visiting family and stopping along the road to “meet America.”  They stopped in Brownwood Wednesday at a local hotel and were able to share the story of their travels.
The Squires were high school sweethearts and have been married for 33 years.  They lived and worked in Cleveland, Ohio for years before moving to Fort Collins, Colorado to retire.  He had worked for a municipal parks system for 32 years, she had worked in finance, most recently for the Cleveland Browns in their accounting department before retiring.
The pair often bike shorter rides and Brian commuted to work for 32 years by bike.  He stated that he “loves the health aspect of it.”
Their plan is to ride from Fort Collins to Austin, Texas to visit their daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren for a week, then ride to Cleveland where they will visit old friends and …

DORBA Beginner Clinic

Sunday, May 17, 2015, 9:00 AM

Location details are available to members only.

32 Members Went

This clinic is hereby cancelled for the month of May.Several years ago, I decided to only have one postponement per month. Us instructors can only give up making plans for 2 weeks per month. The next Clinic will be June 13th at Rowlett Creek Preserve.For the past few years, I have alway said, in consolation, we need more rain, than we do more cl…

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Dinner+Bikes with Elly Blue Rolls Through Texas for Bike Month


BikeTexas is delighted to announce that we and other groups around Texas will be hosting Elly Blue, Joshua Ploeg, and Joe Biel on their Dinner+Bikes tour in May!
Elly Blue is the author of Everyday Bicycling and Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy, both excellent resources and fun reads. She’s also written for many blogs and magazines, and is very engaging and open on social media. We’ve heard from her at the National Bike Summit and are looking forward to meeting her in person!
From the Taking the Lane blog: “Elly talks about powerful Bikenomics movements around the world, Joe shows a selection of very short documentaries about …

Hospital to give away bicycle helmets at Derrick Days


Navarro Regional Hospital wants to help ensure the safety of local children by giving away free bicycle helmets on Saturday, April 25 at the Derrick Days celebration in downtown Corsicana. The giveaway will be in the children’s activities and carnival area from 9 a.m. to noon.
The helmet giveaway is part of the statewide effort “Hard Hats for Little Heads” launched by the Texas Medical Association in 1994. The program promotes fun exercise and teaches parents and children about the importance of wearing a helmet.
Physicians encourage wearing a helmet for all sports on wheels such as biking, …

Toll project, bike bridges causing MoPac lane and exit closures


The Lake Austin Boulevard exit on southbound MoPac Boulevard will close for at least a month beginning Sunday evening as the highway’s $140 million expansion moves into what will be its most invasive and complicated phase.
Meanwhile, bicycle and pedestrian projects elsewhere on the work-in-progress expressway will force nighttime closures as well, in one case for many months to come. …

Barton Creek Greenbelt 360 Access Intermediate level ride (swim after ride)

Tuesday, Apr 28, 2015, 4:00 PM

Barton Creek Greenbelt – 360 Access
3755-B Capital of Texas Hwy. Austin, TX

5 Mountain Bikers Went

The trail is more technical than Walnut creek., there are more rocks, drops, and roots, so it will wear you down fast. would recommend knee and elbow pads to accompany your helmet.Bring a small towel because we plan on relaxing in the water near the falls after the ride!!!I would estimate the ride to be 9-11 miles in 1 to 1.5 hrs.  Please ensure …

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Friday Night Beginner Ride – Bull Creek Trails

Friday, May 1, 2015, 5:30 PM

Bull Creek
Old Spicewood Springs Rd Austin, TX

9 Mountain Bikers Went

Hey folks,We will start out on a short little track that is very smooth and easy. (a slight step up from Lady Bird Lake paths) If the group is up to the challenge, we can take on some additional trails with minor climbs and some rougher sections.Pace is as slow as the slowest rider.We will be riding some of the paths near the Bull Creek area. I …

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Saturday 4/25 and Sunday 4/26 rides!

by Thomas        steinerranchcycling.com

Saturday actually looks decent so far (it is sammiched between rainy Friday and Sunday though). Let’s break out our bikes and tackle Cozy Cove for a meager 47 miles of hilly fun! The route is short, but you will feel it at the end. Note that Saturday is also the Shiner GASP ride.
If you want to do something more epic, Bob Brown is considering the LiveStrong Alternative route on Saturday (it’s 105 miles and has considerable climbing). He wants to achieve several Strava Challenges for …

Bicycle Advisory Council April: Accident Reports, Trail Updates, Bike Lane Parking, 360 Gets a Shoulder & More

Austin On A Bike

A lot of ground was seemingly covered at this month’s Bicycle Advisory Council meeting, so I’m going to try to keep it brief, just-the-facts-ma’am, and present the basics of what you need to know. There was definitely some interesting stuff, so read on. Here it is, bullet-point style:
Your new mantra will be “Forty Three Eleven”
This one came up off the agenda and somewhat in passing, but I feel it’s very much worth mentioning. It’s still in the works and has yet to get the full approval of Chief Acevedo, but if everything goes right, the numbers “43-11? will soon have meaning for Austin cyclists, as they will be your polite way to reinforce that police should, indeed, file an accident report when you are in a collision with a vehicle. “bike crashes that occurred in a public place, bodily injury resulted, the crash was the result of potential criminal activity, violation of the Texas Transportation Code, city ordinance or actions of another,” as clarified by Lt. Malanka
Once this gets the okay and is issued to APD in a training bulletin, we’ll let you know the full details. Right now, all we have is what we heard, which isn’t much, but it sure sounds like a good thing.
Bike Lane Parking Enforcement & Third Street
CoA Bicycle Program staffer Nathan Wilkes got up to explain what’s been going on with …

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Texas Bicycling Daily News Roundup January 4th

Northeast Texas Trail
by Bruce Moore
A Piecewise Adventure on the Northeast Texas Trail (aka Chaparral Trail)
13 miles (21 km) so far after 9 days from December 26, 2013 to ???
Segment 1–Farmersville, TX to Celeste, TX: Leaving the City

Thursday December 26, 2013, 13 miles (21 km) – Total so far: 13 miles (21 km)
Kristin and I met Kristin’s friend Liz at the Chamber of Commerce in Farmersville, where we talked to Lisa about the trail and tried to figure out if there was a place in Celeste or Wolfe City to drop a car so we could do a one-way ride. We ended up deciding that Kristin and Liz would ride part way out and then come back to Farmersville, while I would go on and explore the trail out to Wolfe City. Lisa printed out a copy of the services directory that the Northeast Texas Trail Coalition has put together to make trip planning a little easier. The list of services can be found here or look for the “Comprehensive Ammenities Guide” on the http://northeasttexastrail.org web site.
We drove the 100 yards from the Chamber to the trail head–it would have been just as easy to park the cars at the Chamber, but we didn’t know that at the time. After unloading bikes and getting bundled up for the 40 degree temperature, we headed out on the great concrete section of the trail that leaves Farmersville. The concrete runs for a couple of miles and then crushed stone for a few more miles.
It had rained about a week before and with cold temperatures, the crushed stone was still a little mushy…not easy on a recumbent trike. Kristin and Liz turned back with plans to meet me in Wolfe City (22 miles) in mid afternoon.
I kept on and soon found the end of the improved section as I crossed into Hunt County from Collin County–the crushed stone gave way to an unimproved two-track with some mud left over from the rain a few days ago.
I soon met up with a family of seven (mom, dad, four girls and a boy) that was hiking the trail over the holidays. They had read about it in a Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine article and decided that it sounded like a fun Christmas vacation adventure. The father had a very detailed plan with water locations and…

Southwest to Southeast USA fall and winter 2013/14
By Katie Farynaz
Riding to visit family and friends in the southern United States of America.
Day 21: Columbus, New Mexico to El Paso, Texas
Day 22 – 23: El Paso, Texas
Day 24: El Paso to Fabens, Texas
Day 25: Fabens to I-10 and Road 34 near Esperanza, Texas
Day 26: I-10 and Road 34 near Esperanza to Van Horn, Texas
Day 27: Van Horn to Van Horn, Texas
Day 28: Van Horn to Marfa, Texas
Day 29: Marfa to Alpine, Texas
Day 30: Alpine to Marathon, Texas
Day 31, Sunday, December 15, 2013: Marathon to Sanderson, Texas
Day 32: Sanderson to Langtry, Texas
Day 33: Langtry to Comstock, Texas
Day 34: Comstock to Del Rio, Texas

8:00am – Harden Dental Team Ride — Corinth Cycling Club
When: Sat Jan 18, 2014 8am to 11am  CST
Where: Ronny Crownover Middle School
Event Status: confirmed
Event Description: This is the weekly training ride for the Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental race team. This is a 62 mile loop on an established route. Expect a fast pace and be prepared to fix your own mechanicals. There are no stops on this ride. -7:30am- http://ridewithgps.com/routes/337788



Texas Bicycling Blog and News Roundup December 21st

Today marks an important turning point for us cold weather wimps: the first day of winter when the daylight portion of the day starts getting longer. Bring it on!!!

Mountain Biking at Franklin Mountains State Park – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

If you are looking for true mountain biking in Texas, check out Franklin Mountains State Park right in the heart of El Paso. From easy going jeep roads to technical and steep single track, this amazing park has something for any type of mountain biker. Get details on biking trails across…

Paid bicycle-sharing system begins in Austin
Associated Press            www.theeagle.com
Efforts by one Central Texas city to go green have led to a pay-to-ride bicycle-sharing program.
The B-Cycle project in Austin began Saturday with 11 bicycle stations mainly in the downtown area. More than 100 three-speed bicycles are available for rental.
All of the cycles from the nonprofit Bike Share for Austin are red.
The environmentally friendly project is sponsored by a…

Cyclist killed in hit and run crash
By Dug Begley        www.chron.com
A cyclist was killed Friday in a hit and run crash in east Houston, and police are looking for the driver of the white vehicle responsible.
Houston police said the man was crossing the 1000 block of Normandy on a bicycle around 7 p.m. when he was struck. He was taken to Ben Taub Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. His name has not been released.
The driver who struck the man did not stop, police said, and could face a felony charge of failing to render aid. Anyone with information may call Houston police at 713-247-4065 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.
(read the comments)

‘A cat has got nothing on me’: German citizen visits Amarillo during cancer world tour
German visits town during cancer tour
By EMILY PRESTWOOD        amarillo.com

Randolph Westphal was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and told he had six months to a year to live. That was 26 years and 28 cancer surgeries ago.
Today, Westphal puts it simply: “A cat has nothing on me.”
The 55-year-old from Germany now devotes his life to biking around the world with his two dogs, sharing his story and promoting…

Bikers gathering Christmas presents for kids
Teresa Sardina Reporter/Weekend Morning Anchor

TYLER, TEXAS (KETK) — The ‘Blazin Bike Ride and Toy Drive’ held their 3rd Annual toy drive at the Children’s Advocacy Center of Smith County on Saturday.

In recent weeks, hundreds of bikers cruised through East Texas counties to bring smiles to kids faces this Christmas.

“A lot of the toys that have been donated will go to our families, we service children zero to three, this is one of the biggest to be able to give them toys on Christmas,” said Andrea Smith, The Andrews Center.

These gifts will benefit the…

Upcoming Rides – Corinth Cycling
Sat Dec 28 – 8:00am – “B is for Breakfast”
A 40 – 50 mile group ride at a B/C group ride pace.
Sat Dec 28 – 8:00am – Cup o Joe
The Cup o’ Joe is a beginner level ride of around 15 miles. The ride heads south to Hickory Creek and stops for drinks at Starbucks on the way home. The ride leader for this ride is Bob Troyer.
Sat Dec 28 – 8:00am – Harden Dental Team Ride
This is the weekly training ride for the Corinth Cycling/Harden Dental race team. This is a 62 mile loop on an established route. Expect a fast pace and be prepared to fix your own mechanicals. There are no stops on this ride.
Sat Dec 28 – 8:00am- Corinth Cycling Group Rides
Corinth Cycling Saturday morning group rides.

Pico de Gallo Century Bike Ride

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Texas Bicycling Daily News Roundup December 4th

TransAm bicycle touring rides in the family
Posted by Rich        spokesman.com

CYCLING — Pedaling a bicycle across the United States is the equivalent of a graduate degree in American Studies, only you’ll be in better shape than when you started.
I made the journey in 1976 betwixt college and career (left), and on Monday my daughter, Hillary, at the same age, finished her TransAm trip 37 years later.
My favorite youngest daughter and her cycling partner Katy Howell reached St. Augustine, Fla., completing the Adventure Cycling Association’s Southern Tier Route across the USA. Hillary started riding in September from San Francisco to San Diego, and then eastward through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, …

The Racing Post December Edition

4 Genco Mongolian Bike Challenge
6 Moving Forward: Into my Off-season
8 Lesson in Pain
10 Cat 1 Teamwork and Victory
14 Springtown Spin
17 Sociological Concepts in Cycling
19 Houston Cross
21 Race Report – Cat 2 Road Championship
26 The Giant Story and What’s new for 2014
28 Pedaling Circles – Ride the Nett
30 SPECIAL REPORT ~ Interbike 2013
35 Tour de Gruene Time Trials
38 Women 4 – Second Time Around
39 MSU Racing – David Barrett
40 Hangin’ On 2014
42 Photo Essay: TRP Winter Crits

Planning To Give a Bicycle for Christmas? Don’t Forget the Helmet!
www.thevindicator.com (Liberty, TX)
With Christmas approaching, many parents are planning to give their child a new bicycle – maybe even their first bicycle. This is an excellent opportunity to teach children about the importance of wearing a helmet to protect their head. According to National Safe Kids, helmets can reduce the risk of severe brain injury by up to 88%, but only 45% of children wear bike helmets. According to National Safe Kids, bicycles are associated with more injuries in children than any other product except automobiles. Other studies from the organization found that nearly half of the hospitalizations related to bicycles are traumatic injury to the brain. Helmets should be considered an…

Dirt Derby
Kids of the Dirt Derby.

Midwestern State University Cycling Team
Join our sponsor, Hotter ‘n Hell 100 and the Wichita Falls Bicycling Club for the Fantasy of Lights ride and Winter Social. 6pm, in the Dillard Parking lot, on December 12th.

Cyclist dies from injuries in weekend hit-and-run
By Carol Christian        www.chron.com
A Houston bicyclist has died from injuries suffered in a weekend hit-and-run accident, police said.
Chelsea Norman, 24, was pronounced dead Wednesday at Memorial Hermann Hospital.
The accident happened about 10:20 p.m. Dec. 1 in the 1600 block of Waugh Drive in the Montrose area, according to a news release from the Houston Police Department.
Police said the cyclist was riding south on Waugh at West Gray when she was hit by an unknown vehicle. The driver left without giving aid.
Norman was a wine specialist at…

UPDATED Bicyclist Dies Three Days After Hit-and-Run in the Montrose
By Craig Malisow         houstonpress.com
UPDATE: The victim has been identified by her boyfriend as Chelsea Norman. He tells us Norman clocked out of work at Whole Foods at 10:17 pm Dec. 1, and was likely hit between 10:20-10:35 pm, while riding home.
She was found lying face up in the bike lane, with her bike 20-30 feet from…

SRAM Recalls RED WiFLi 10-Speed Rear Derailleur
Posted by molly            www.cxmagazine.com

Via SRAM’s press release below, select 10-speed SARM WiFLi medium cage rear derailleurs are subject to a recall. Please spread the word and stay safe.
SRAM worked with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and other global authorities on a voluntary product recall of SRAM RED 10-speed medium cage rear derailleurs. SRAM has determined that there is a potential for the derailleur parallelogram to jam and no longer shift.
This presents a safety issue. As a result SRAM is actively retrieving and replacing all affected SRAM RED 10-speed medium rear derailleurs. SRAM has already begun a…

Soleus adds Strava compatibility to its software
by BRAIN Staff
AUSTIN, TX (BRAIN) — GPS device brand Soleus has added compatibility with Strava to its Sync desktop software. The software upgrade allows users of Soleus’ GPS watches and bike computer to upload activity data from their computers to their Strava accounts.

Soleus launched in 2012 with a line of affordable GPS devices, including the $99 Draft bike computer. The new software is compatible with all Soleus GPS models.

“We couldn’t be happier to form a partnership with Strava as they continue to do great things for our industry,” said David Arnold, founder and CEO of Soleus. “We have been thrilled by the demand for our…

State CX Race is January 4th!
The Violet Crown Sports Association

Link to video of one lap around the course: …

Race Your Strengths and Train Your Weaknesses
by Shawn            www.texasmountainbiketrails.com
As I was packing the car for a 13 hour road trip to Colorado last week, I looked up and saw my road bike hanging in the garage. It’s been hanging there for a while… I travelled a lot for work in November and spent very little time on the bike – any bike. Whenever I rode, I rode the mountain bike – because I like it better.

I am a mountain biker through and through. The only reason I ever got a road bike, was so I could extend my riding season by a couple of months when I lived in Colorado and so that when trails finally opened, I could actually pedal the darn thing up the mountain. When we moved to Texas, I started racing road and had a great time doing it. I met a lot of great people and learned a whole lot. One of the things I learned from a former Pro roadie was that you need to race your strengths and train your weaknesses. Sounds super simple, doesn’t it?

By now, you must know what you’re good at and what you need help with. If you don’t, I urge you to sit down and think about it for a minute. In order to get better at anything, you need to know what you need to improve. For me, it was sustained efforts – that’s what I was not good at and where I was getting clobbered. I could sprint with the…

Race Preview – TERRA X – Dec. 8, 2013
by joeyTWOwheels        texascx.com

If you’re a long-time #TXCX racer, you may realize that something is a bit amiss about this weekend in Houston:

Terra X is on Sunday while Bikesport is on Saturday. Say wut?

Yes, it’s crazy town.
But that’s not all – Terra X is going in reverse.

TerraX 08Dec2013 Flyer-Permitted – Rev 2Both of these long-standing events are very well run and held in solid Houston locations. Craig Fitzgerald of Woodlands Cycling is the Race Director for Terra, and he answered some of our most burning questions:

This course is great for spectators – compact park, an amazing playscape for anyone bringing kids and miles of…

December 7th & 8th Rides
Steiner Ranch Cycling Group
Saturday There was reported 12 riders and they did the Avery Ranch Loop.

Sunday There were about 9 riders and they did the Tour de Steiner Ranch.

DAM LOOP – Saturday December 7th at 8:30am at Cups & Cones

On Saturday December 7, 2013 the Steiner Ranch Cycling Group (SRC) will be co-hosting a ride that will roll out from Cups & Cones at 8:30 am this Saturday. As it is expected to be brutally cold and possibly icy we may cancel the ride for safety reasons. Please check in on our Facebook page and check your emails and this website.

The dam loop a challenging ride and is about 45 miles with over 3,000 feet of climbing. I have included a map but effectively we bike out 620 right on Four Points Blvd. into River Place through Westminster Glenn up to City Park Road to the 360 up to Bee Caves back to…

PBA Bike Build
Plano Bicycle Association

The most Highfalutin Holiday Social Event of the Season…The PBA Annual Bike Build!

Come one, Come all!  What could possibly be more rewarding than to assemble bicycles for children in need?  Drinking FREE BEER and eating PIZZA while doing so!  Whether you have assembled a bike before or not, we need you!  We need Bike Chicks just as much as we need Bike Studs, because we all know that most Bike Studs refuse to read the instructions.

Come with or without tools (however, tools are preferred).  Tools that would be especially handy would be: …

Cranksgiving 2013 Photo Gallery
Austin Ridge Riders

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